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Episode 654 – Gettin’ Nerdy with Brian Cunningham

Legion of Substitute Podcasters

The Subs are joined by former Legion editor (among MANY other books) Brian Cunningham, to talk about all things Legion, how to use spreadsheets to support your comic habit, and what to do if your original art doesn’t come with trade dress.

2hr 31mins

26 Apr 2021

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Ep 41 – Failing Forward in Building a Small Business with Brian Cunningham

BIG Truths of Small Business

Brian Cunningham, the owner of Restoration Concrete in Atlanta and a worship pastor, shares loads of excellent learnings in his journey to build his small business from scratch in his 50s. He shares his many failures and success on his way to "Failing Forward."

1hr 6mins

15 Apr 2021

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Episode 104: Brian Cunningham: Let's Talk Crime Syndicate

Portrait of an Editor

Brian and I discuss the origins of the new DC Comics' CRIME SYNDICATE mini-series. We talk plots vs. scripts and why he feels there's an upside to using a plot in this collaborative medium, especially when giving artists choices. Finally, he reveals what he learned from Paul Levitz when it comes to writing and juggling the massive cast of The Legion of Super-Heroes.

1hr 38mins

7 Apr 2021

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TNT 2.0: Episode 79 with Brian Cunningham - AWARENESS QUOTIENT


Today we welcome Brian Cunningham… On his journey from Parking Lot Attendant to CEO, Brian has studied the leadership experience at every level within a complex organization. As a life-long student of leadership and an explorer of numerous paths of expanded awareness, Brian has sought to discover the deeper possibilities and foundational drivers of extra-ordinary leadership service. A key component of his purpose is to actively contribute to the revolution in leadership understanding and practice. This has led to the authoring of two books on the foundations of exceptional leadership and the development of the AQ (Awareness Quotient) Model of leadership development. In this episode we cover a lot of ground... - AWARENESS quotient is about foundational drivers for exceptional leadership - In life…I noticed myself asking “There’s got to be something more.” and this led to my exploration - My goal has been to serve whomever is in front of me in any way and every way that I needed to - Awareness quotient model consists of 4 pieces: o Internal environment and awareness o External environment o Integration: internal and external environments together. The dance of humanity! o Clarify – use focus and attention on purpose for how we see and experience the world - Development progression is a part of everyone’s life experience. Crawl then walk then run. Use this developmental progression for AQ as well! - AQ – observe your internal environment; expand this awareness, your feelings, thoughts, beliefs, biases, values. To connect with Brian - Linked in: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brian-cunningham-7478651b/ - Website: awarenessquotientleadership.com/ For more of Rhys Thomas: www.truselfcoaching.com For more of Teresa Quinlan: www.iqeqtq.com


4 Apr 2021

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BRIAN CUNNINGHAM on Sportsday SA (03.03.21)

Sportsday SA

Brian Cunningham joined Blighty & Wilds as part of our Sport Stars of Small Business interview series, all thanks to Officeworks.


3 Mar 2021

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The WIZARD Files | Episode 12: Brian Cunningham

WIZARDS The Podcast Guide To Comics

For Episode 12 we're going back to the beginning of Wizard, with a man who was there before the magazine even existed! Brian Cunningham was a stalwart during his 15 year career as an Editor for the Guide To Comics and gives us his oh so humble take on the rise and fall of this influential publication. Plus, Brian reveals the culprit behind the biggest prank ever perpetrated in the Wizard offices and more behind the scenes fun!★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★

1hr 13mins

1 Mar 2021

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Leading With Purpose And Leading For Service: Understanding Your Awareness Quotient, The Missing Link To Extraordinary Leadership with Brian Cunningham (#18)

Health City Podcast

Today’s guest is Leadership author, Hospital CEO, and industry thought-leader, Brian Cunningham. Brian started his career as a hospital parking attendant and his genuine love for the impact that healthcare workers made on the lives of their patients is what drove him to become a provider, and ultimately an executive. Brian is an incredible leader with an incredible mission; to be of service to all. This mission has led him through all levels of the healthcare industry and is a guiding principle for his work as an executive. During our conversation, we discuss: His journey through all levels of the healthcare industry Finding and acting on his purpose Transitioning roles from provider to executive leader His perspective on leadership Authoring two leadership books The Awareness Quotient, a new perspective on leadership Leading with a purpose of service

1hr 9mins

3 Feb 2021

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Ep. 005 - Brian Cunningham - Systems, Processes, Rags to Riches

Mindset Moments with Tyler Wayne

On today's story you'll get to know Brian Cunningham and hear about how Brian was not born rich or wealthy. And while he wasn't rich or wealthy, what he did have, was PURPOSE! He had what it took to envision himself where he wanted to go!  You'll learn of how systems and process saved his life and ultimately saved his business! And you'll also hear his thoughts on the importance of investing. Investing in a COACH that is!  Make sure you tune into this one!  Subscribe to the podcast and please leave a review on Apple Podcasts. Make the decision TODAY that you will _______(fill in the blank)!! 


29 Jan 2021

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Episode 13: Brian Cunningham

The Scottish Garden Podcast

The guest for this episode is Brian Cunningham, one of the regular presenters on the BBC Scotland TV programme Beechgrove and Head Gardener at Scone Palace in Perth.We discuss his career in horticulture, how he puts his stamp on the Scone Palace gardens, how he ended up on Beechgrove and we also talk about a brand new project - the Scottish Garden Show due to take place next May at Scone Palace.  You can find Brian aka @gingergairdner on Instagram and Twitter or watch him on Beechgrove on BBC iPlayer.  Beechgrove can also be found on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  The Scottish Garden Show is scheduled to take place on 29th, 30th and 31st of May at Scone Palace - you can find more details and updates on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.Email the Scottish Garden Podcast: scottishgardenpodcast@gmail.com


6 Nov 2020

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Art of Conversation LIVE - Episode 12 - Brian Cunningham - Managing Director of Allen Recruitment Consulting

Art of Conversation LIVE

In our next instalment of the Art of Conversation Podcast we are joined by Brian Cunningham, Managing Director of Allen Recruitment Consulting. Specialising in a variety of sectors, Allen Recruitment have a wide range of clients and candidates across the globe. In fact, this variety has allowed Allen Recruitment to achieve their two most successful months in June and July of this year, despite the pandemic.


24 Aug 2020