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Time Bandits with Matthew Gabriele and David Perry

Historians At The Movies

What is it about time travel movies that entices us all? I guarantee if you start thinking about your favorite films there's a time travel movie in there somewhere. Besides, isn't history a way of traveling to the past and thinking about what we would've done in those circumstances? This week, we're getting medieval on the HATM Podcast with two historians who are rethinking the Middle Ages. They've got a new book, The Bright Ages: A New History of Medieval Europe, and they picked one crazy movie to talk about: Time Bandits. Buckle up.About our guests:David M. Perry is a journalist and historian. He is the co-author of The Bright Ages: A New History of Medieval Europe, out now from Harper Collins. Perry was a professor of Medieval History at Dominican University from 2006-2017. His scholarly work focuses on Venice, the Crusades, and the Mediterranean World. He’s the author of Sacred Plunder: Venice and the Aftermath of the Fourth Crusade (Penn State University Press, 2015). Now he works for the University of Minnesota, convincing students that studying history is good for them and good for their careers (it is!).Matthew Gabriele's research and teaching focus on religion, violence, nostalgia, and  apocalypse (in various combinations), whether manifested in the Middle  Ages or modern world. This includes events and ideas such as the  Crusades, the so-called “Terrors of the Year 1000,” and  medieval religious and political life more generally. He also has  presented and published on modern medievalism, such as recent white  supremacist appropriations of the Middle Ages and pop culture phenomena  like Game of Thrones or video games.And these guys have a new book on the way next year: Oathbreakers: The Carolingian Civil War and the Collapse of an Empire in the Middle Ages. These dudes are awesome. Give it a listen.

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4 Jan 2023

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084: Tackling the Cost of Doing Business Crisis with David Perry

The Insurance Broker Podcast

Are you concerned about the rising cost of doing business? Are you unsure about how you can advise and support the small businesses most deeply affected by this crisis? In this episode, we’re very pleased to be speaking with David Perry, Managing Director of the FSB Insurance Service, about the rising cost of doing business and the role of insurance in confronting and mitigating this crisis. In conversation with Boston Tullis’ Sarah Myerscough, he focuses specifically on how smaller firms struggling with paying their insurance premiums are navigating this crisis alongside the various other political and economic calamities currently unfurling. Furthermore, he explains the steps which both brokers and insurers can take to ease the pressure on small businesses during this period, with reference to a recent report conducted by the FSB which assesses the impact of the hard insurance market on SMEs. Quote of the Episode “Our biggest concern is that smaller firms quite often need as much advice as bigger firms, because a lot of them do all sorts of very different things. They just don't do it quite as much as a very large business does. But they still have the same complexities, the same issues to face, and they need to have people to talk to.” Throughout the episode, David repeatedly emphasises that the size of a business should not impact upon the attention it is paid by insurers and brokers. There is not, and cannot be, a generic, one-size-fits-all approach to tackling problems for small businesses, all of which have their own unique intricacies and issues which should be reflected in their insurance cover. As such, SMEs should be treated as a priority, rather than a sidenote, during the cost of doing business crisis, and must be given sufficient advice and support to ensure that they are paying for appropriate cover. Key Takeaways The UK market is predominantly made up of VSMEs, so it’s really important to understand how the rise in premiums and other issues relating to insurance affects this target market. In the recent survey conducted by the FSB (Federation of Small Businesses), 30% of respondents noted that they couldn’t understand their policy. Additionally, one in six had been forced to switch their cover due to availability or price, but they’d had to take a cover reduction. SMEs and VSMEs are cutting costs in order to pay for their insurance, highlighting a recognition on their behalf of its value and importance. This should be reflected in how brokers and insurers support small businesses, particularly during this period of immense economic turbulence. A key means of doing so would be to streamline the rhetoric of policies and make them more comprehensive to those not literate in more complex insurance jargon. That being said, insurers must not conflate streamlining with oversimplification. In the episode, David notes that insurers are always trying to keep their question sets down when accommodating e-trade. As such, they’re not always able to get the information needed to equip a business with the right cover. The simplification of e-trade systems can mean that small businesses aren’t always asked the right questions, leading them to be directed to a mid-market or branch team who are generally busier with larger, more complicated projects. Yet, if such clients are advised to purchase a potentially unsuitable policy, it won’t be obvious to them. This possibility of misunderstanding can also contribute to the current PR crisis facing the insurance industry, addressed in a recent episode of the podcast featuring Brett Sainty. Time is of the essence for SMEs and VSMs, so the simpler the process of insuring them, the better, provided that they are receiving the right advice. Furthermore, small businesses are always evolving. Detailed question sets are needed to tease out the finer details of each business to ensure that the right insurance policy is purchased. Even as it becomes swamped by other political and economic issues and changes, the conversation around the cost of doing business crisis needs to be kept alive. If you are a small business needing advice and support during this period, the FSB offers a wealth of helpful blogs and articles, linked below. Best Moments/Key Quotes “We've done a bit of work on the results [of the FSB report]. And they did show, as we all expected, that the hard market was having its impact on businesses and small businesses. In particular, three out of five of the respondents said that their premium had risen. And over half of those people said it had risen by more than 10%.” “Even before the COVID crisis, the hot market was sort of kicked off by a bit of a crisis in the PI market. We've been shouting about that since January 2020. And it still seems to be a problem.” “These are busy, busy people – they've not got a department of people placing their insurance. The person that's buying the insurance is often the same person that's making the stuff or delivering the stuff or building the stuff, and haven’t got time, so the simpler we can make it, the better. And we're all in favour of that, provided that the person that we're talking to is giving the right advice.” ‘In our survey 24% of SMEs were cutting other costs in order to pay for insurance, because they recognise the value of it and how important it is.’ Resources FSB: https://www.fsb.org.uk/ The FSB Insurance Service: https://fsb-insurance-service.com/ FSB Blogs: https://fsb-insurance-service.com/fsb-insurance-service-blog/ The FSB Survey into the cost of doing business crisis - Report: https://www.fsb.org.uk/resource-report/paying-a-premium.html About the Guest David Perry is the Managing Director of the FSB Insurance Service, with 30 years’ business experience and previously holding senior positions in Torlot Foy, Minority Venture Partners, Towergate Insurance, and more. About the Host Sarah Myerscough is the Sales and Marketing Director of Boston Tullis Group. The founder of The Insurance Brokers Podcast, she brings a wealth of marketing experience and a fresh perspective on marketing in the insurance sector. Boston Tullis works with insurance brokers to offer solutions to business development ceilings, particularly in the rapidly developing fields of video marketing and thought leadership. Website: https://bostontullis.co.uk/ Evaluation Link: https://s.bostontullis.co.uk/s/podcastevaluation 


11 Oct 2022

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E266 - Partnership marketing is a surefire way to increase revenue in your business | with David Perry

The One Big Tip Podcast with Jeff Mendelson

David Perry is a legend in the video game industry. David created multiple numbers one hits, and after 39 years, he is still one of the best-known video game developers in his field. These days, David is focused on his eCommerce partnership network, Carro.com, used by over 30,000 Shopify brands. David equates his success to the people around him, who he calls hurdle jumpers. These people understand that there is a problem, but instead of just pointing it out, like a newscaster, they will work to solve it. With the right team behind you, you get to create innovative partnerships. In this One Big Tip podcast episode, David shares his strategy for growing your business by creating partnerships with complementary brands. David took the innovation that he used in the gaming industry and put it into Carro, his eCommerce business. In the gaming industry, the only way to stay ahead is to invent things all day, all the time. David now looks for new, inventive ways to help businesses use partnership marketing with other brands that run along the same theme. The concept is really simple once you break it down. Instead of chasing followers, or becoming an affiliate for a company, create something so you can retain the customer. That is what Carro does. It is a marketplace for partnerships in eCommerce. This gives you complete control and 100% of the profits of the item you are selling. You get to create a relationship with the customer instead of handing them off to another brand or company. The only caveat is you need to choose your partners strategically so your business flourishes. Another tool that helps grow your partnership is branding. You need to clearly understand what is current and what is in demand. So if you’re selling electric toothbrushes, you will want to partner with a toothpaste company, not an electric shaver company. If you want to see your sales go up, look for the brand that’s in the hot seat because it becomes an obvious match and an easy sale. That’s what drives good eCommerce forward. The secret to solid partnership marketing is choosing brands and items that complement your core product. If you’re selling beach totes, then you should be partnering with companies that manufacture the items that go in the beach tote. Partnership marketing is a way to increase sales exponentially. Most companies miss this concept because they consistently try to sell the same item differently versus selling different products that go together with your core item to new markets. That’s the basis of David’s One Big Tip, learn how to use partnerships to grow your business. In This Episode:[2:25]  David shares his professional historyDavid retired after hitting the pinnacle of his careerEntreprenurialship doesn’t rest[6:52] Instagram is about influencingTo be successful you need to do more than influence; you need to know how to convert your audienceThe best influencers are expert marketersShare who you are to connect with your base[13:02] The secret is to keep your customers as your ownIn affiliate marketing you get a piece of the action - to be truly successful you need to keep the whole pieCreate partnerships, so you sell the item entirely, and your profits will grow[20:12] Branding is the key to a successful partnershipYou need to choose items that complement your productMost notably the brand you choose should be desired [24:00] Stop trying to find new ways to sell the same itemDevelop innovative ways to sell your partnership productsSupport the show


13 Sep 2022

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279. Interview with David Perry: From Humble Beginnings to the $380M Exit of Gaikai and the Recent Launch of Carro - an E-Commerce Disruptor with 30K Shopify Brands

Raw and Real Entrepreneurship

In this episode, Susan interviews David Perry, a 30-year veteran of the gaming industry. He started by making games just for fun – he had no idea there was any money to be made. His first game, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, went on to be number one in the charts. He continued his path doing things “just for fun” and was also the creator of the popular games like the Matrix, Terminator and cult classic, Earthworm Jim. He started asking himself, if movies and music could be streamed, why not video games?  From that idea, he created Gaikai. David went on to sell Gaikai to Sony PlayStation for $380 million and that company has been instrumental in creating the livestream foundation for video gaming in the cloud. David is now the CEO of Carro, a new e-commerce partnership network used by over 30K Shopify brands with over 320M visitors a month. Carro (GetCarro.com) helps brands with their e-commerce and sales by partnering with other brands in the network. David credits his success to having fun doing what he loves. You will ultimately find opportunity where you least expect it, and innovation through trying to build on that opportunity until you cannot beat it. Bio David Perry is the CEO of Carro, a new e-commerce partnership network used by over 30K Shopify brands. GetCarro.com helps brands gain attention, sales, and new customers by partnering with other brands in the network. “The goal is to keep users on your store, adding all the things they need directly into your cart. Carro provides all the other products they want that you don’t currently sell.” Sony PlayStation acquired Perry’s previous company Gaikai to establish leadership in the future of streaming video games from the cloud. This service is called PlayStation Now. Follow David Perry Facebook https://www.facebook.com/getcarro/ Instagram https://www.instagram.com/getcarro/ Twitter https://twitter.com/getcarro LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/dperry/ Website https://getcarro.com/ Connect With Susan: Facebook https://www.facebook.com/SusanSlyLive Instagram https://www.instagram.com/susansly/ Twitter https://twitter.com/Susan_sly LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/susansly


22 Aug 2022

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Episode 305: David Perry Interview #2

Slasher Scotty

Scotty is back with another interview and his guest is returning guest, David Perry, who played Jason Campbell in 72 and Calvin in Scream:  Legacy.  David discusses with Scotty his preparation for 72 and how to act in a pandemic horror film, the stereotypes of being black and the first to die in a horror film, which Amityville film that he's been a part of is his favorite, and much, much more.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/slasherscotty/support


3 Aug 2022

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Skill, Risk & Strategy: Using Gamification Principles to Win in Business w/David Perry #187.

Strategy and Leadership Podcast

On this episode of the #Strategy and #Leadership Podcast, David Perry joins us to talk about how your company can leverage gamification principles to delight customers, hedging risk through long-term strategic partnerships, and sharing his story from making video games to selling his cloud gaming service to Sony.David Perry is the CEO of Carro, Shopify's largest cross-selling sales platform for major brands, influencers, and publications. He has worked in the video game industry for over 30 years and has created games such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Matrix, The Terminator, and Aladdin.After selling his last company to Sony PlayStation for almost $380 million, he was interested in switching from video games to eCommerce. More than 30,000 brands use Carro (providing them with technologies to sell more by working together as a network).Learn how Carro is revolutionizing how brands partner with influencers here: https://www.getcarro.com/► Subscribe to our channel for weekly videos on strategy & leadership: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOHLNRrpk3rGUdg7qUQjiog/?sub_confirmation=1// Connect with us:► Contact us: https://www.smestrategy.net/contact► Connect with Anthony on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/anthonyctaylor604/// About SME STRATEGY CONSULTING: SME Strategy is a management consulting firm that specializes in helping organizations develop and implement their strategic plans. We work with teams to facilitate conversations about strategic direction and business strategy so that our clients can focus their energy on what will move them forward faster. ► Work with us: Are you looking for someone to facilitate your strategic planning process? https://www.smestrategy.net/strategic-alignment-program► Check out our Strategy & Leadership Podcast: https://open.spotify.com/show/4yND4JKofh64gcvyvcLMqW► Check out our online course on how to successfully lead your next strategic planning process: https://courses.smestrategy.net/courses/Aligned-strategy-course


29 Jul 2022

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How To Level Up Your Search For The Ideal Influencers | David Perry

eCommerce Podcast

How do you know who the best influencers are for your business?In today’s video you’re going to hear all about brand and influencer partnerships and how to find the perfect influencer for your company. Influencer marketing has become one of the most popular ways to market products on social media, but it's not always easy to find the right person or people for your brand. We're going to go over a few ways that can help make finding them easier so let me show you how it's done.ABOUT DAVIDDavid Perry is the CEO of Carro, a new e-commerce partnership network. With over 30K Shopify brands using the service, Carro helps brands gain attention, sales, and new customers by partnering with other brands in the network. Sony PlayStation acquired Perry’s previous company Gaikai to establish leadership in the future of streaming video games from the cloud - a service called PlayStation Now.Perry is no stranger to success; he has been one of the driving forces behind some of the most innovative gaming technology to date. His work on Gaikai has helped shape the future of gaming as we know it. We can't wait to see what he does next!Here's what we cover in this episode:Influencers are often better at identifying which brands their followers will enjoy than the companies themselves. To get around this problem, Carro was developed to match influencer popularity with customer preference by analyzing large volumes of social media data .The platform, Carro was built to help influencers discover new brands and products they love through personalization. Brands are able reach out with their insights on different demographics in an authentic way that would make them feel special- which leads into one of today's top discussions: artificial intelligence (AI) versus human interaction!Influencer marketing is changing and now leaning towards social commerce as followers are becoming eager consumers who want access any given moment. Today many people may be able to get away with posting product selfies without being too pushy but this will eventually lead to a more diverse group of people interested in purchasing from an influencer because they get a a full view of the product by engaging with the content. Enjoying listening to our conversation about Influencer Marketing :-)For complete show notes, transcript and links to our guest, check out our website: www.ecommerce-podcast.com.Show sponsor: eCommerce Cohort - a lightweight membership group with guided monthly Sprints that cycles through all the key areas of eCommerce designed to help you deliver eCommerce WOW. More info at www.ecommercecohort.com


14 Jul 2022

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The Future of Ecommerce for Influencers with David Perry

Eventual Millionaire Podcast

Episode Highlights: Perry talks about his video game industry career and business, How and why to he switched industry - from video games to eCommerce, How he tapped into influencers for his new business, Carro, How to find your element in your industry to start a business, How to make an investor get interested and invest in your business... https://eventualmillionaire.com/the-future-of-ecommerce-for-influencers-with-david-perry Thank you so much for watching!


30 May 2022

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David Perry is the CEO & Co-Founder of the eCommerce Network Carro

This Commerce Life

An unusual guest for us, David Perry is the CEO & Co-Founder of the eCommerce Network Carro. He talks about influencers, brands and retailers and how he sees the dynamics changing in the next few years.  You can find David here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dperry/

1hr 12mins

17 May 2022

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Andrew Cusack (with David Perry): NOLS - $30,000 Blister in the Yukon

Hot Drinks - Stories From The Field

Andrew Cusack was born and raised in Sudbury, ON, and studied Outdoor Recreation and Natural Science at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, ON. He spent more than ten years working in outdoor education for organizations across Asia and North America, including NOLS Project DEAR, Asia Pacific Adventure, Hong Kong International School, Hong Kong University and Kingfisher Outdoor Education Centre. Upon leaving outdoor education, he worked the following ten years with the United Nations Refugee Agency, responding to humanitarian crises in multiple countries. In 2020 he left the agency and relocated to Victoria, BC, where he now works as a city planner for housing policy. In this episode, David Perry joins us, a former student on the course Andrew and I worked together in the Yukon's Ogilvie Mountains. As you will hear, David was a part of a significant medical evacuation on this course, and I thought it would be nice to bring him on and hear the story from a student's perspective. Currently, David has a unique business making 3D-printed violins, which we touched on in the conversation.  OPENFAB PDWhttps://openfabpdx.com/fiddle/ Full Circle Everst  https://www.fullcircleeverest.com/

1hr 28mins

12 May 2022