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302 -- The Courage to Level Up -- Matthew Encina

The Allan McKay Podcast

Matthew Encina is a content creator, educator and creative director with over 15 years of experience of directing, designing and animating.  He previously served as the Chief Content Officer at The Futur and a Creative Director at Blind. He has taught through video content, articles interactive workshops, and as well as speaking engagements, helping grow The Futur YouTube channel to over 1 million subscribers. He focuses on the subjects of creativity, organization and process. Matthew studied Graphic Design at the Art Center College in Pasadena, CA. In this Podcast, Allan and Matthew talk about embracing growing pains, leaning into your fears and surrounding yourself with mentors that challenge you to get out of your comfort zone. For more show notes, visit www.allanmckay.com/302/.

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8 Jun 2021

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Technically Creative with Matthew Encina

Muko's Corner

In this episode of Muko's Corner, we're talking about creativity. It's something that's been becoming a bigger theme in my life since starting my Youtube channel, and I honestly love learning more about it. Growing up it might have felt like you had to choose to either be a creative person or a science/logic person like you're either right-brained or left-brained. As I get older, I'm realizing that life is not nearly as binary as I thought. I've brought on Matthew Encina as our guest and we'll talk about this myth and how we've both found our middle ground. Matthew Encina is a creative director, designer, and content creator. He makes thoughtful content to share insights and stories from his journey as a creative professional, to help others find their way. Find more of Matthew below! Twitter: https://twitter.com/matthewencina Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/matthewencina/ Website: http://matthewencina.com/ YT: http://youtube.com/matthewencina Follow Mayuko @hellomayuko on Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter! To support the show, join the membership club and get access to the video recordings and more! Muko's Corner is created and hosted by Mayuko Inoue, produced by Hiroto Tran and Han Kim, edited by Peter Fynn, and assisted by Shun Yamamoto.

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24 May 2021

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Episode 61: Refueling creativity with Matthew Encina

Hustle: Inside The Industry | Career Tips with Pawi and Tristan

Former The Futur creative director Matthew Encina breaks down the artistic process and teaches us how to find balance in passion and profession.


5 Apr 2021

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The ULTIMATE Desk Setup, Tech & Productivity Hacks, Morning Routines (feat. Matthew Encina)

FEATURE // Justin Tse

00:00 - Intro03:08 - Who is Matthew Encina?04:17 - The most important characteristics in building a desk setup08:17 - How has Matthew's setup changed over time?14:06 - Cues for getting into a working flow16:52 - Tech & Productivity23:17 - What Matthew has learned the most from YouTube35:54 - The importance of a morning routine39:55 - The importance of an evening routine43:14 - Eliminating Distractions53:44 - Outro


1 Aug 2020

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Active Learning with Creative Director Matthew Encina

The Darkroom Podcast

This episode of The Darkroom Podcast was made possible by our new podcast partners, Epidemic Sound. The team at Epidemic is helping us bring on some of their amazing creators as guests for the show so this week we’re excited to kick it off with creative director and design educator, Matthew Encina. Matthew is the former creative director at Blind where he worked with clients like Xbox and Coldplay and is now the Chief Content Officer at The Futur, a design education company. We get into Matthew’s first childhood moments of interacting with the design world and how an innate curiosity has led him to be the creator he is today. His work has been featured in Rolling Stone, The Wall Street Journal, MTV and many more. Matthew gives his advice for anyone looking to not only learn a new skill but to maximize the retention of any online or in person learning. As an extremely organized person, we get into the ways in which Matt organizes his life, work, and state of mind. Enjoy the episode! For a free month of Epidemic Sound, click the link here. For more on Matthew’s Background, see the show notes below:  Matthew Encina Social handle (IG, twitter, Youtube): @matthewencina Websites: matthewencina.com The Futur: Social: @thefuturishere  Website: thefutur.com Channel: YouTube.com/thefuturishere 20 year journey of my career, from high school till now: Part 1: https://youtu.be/QowXUHYEzT8 Part 2: https://youtu.be/1YWB-ybZKPw


23 Jul 2020

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034: Making Money in Mograph Part 4 w/ Matthew Encina

Motion Hatch: Helping Motion Designers Do Better Business

For part four of the mini-series, Making Money in Mograph, we’re going to talk about how you can earn an income in a few non-conventional ways as a motion designer, using content creation. As a content creator, you can put your skills to use to attract clients and even earn passive income. Matthew Encina is the chief content officer at The Futur and creative director for Blind. He started off his creative career fifteen years ago as a print designer before transitioning into motion design. Since then he’s been heading up some amazing projects helping clients with their branding strategy through motion design and creating courses and content to help other people in the industry grow their profession. In this interview, we discuss how we as motion designers can make content for our businesses and how that can help us stand out as an expert in this industry. Maybe it will even help you generate passive income one day. The key is identifying what makes you unique and relevant to a specific audience, then sharing what you can do in a way that appeals to them. We also talk about building an audience through Instagram and how you can get started right away with Instagram Stories. Furthermore, we chat a bit about how and why to offer a presale and the importance of having a diversified income. In this episode: What content marketing is and why we should care about it as motion designers How teaching what you do will help you become a master of your craft Identifying what makes you unique so that you can find the audience that’s perfect for you Using Instagram Stories to connect with an audience and show them the face behind your work How content creation can turn into passive income for freelance motion designers The advantages of offering a presale of a product in order to test out your ideas and make money right away A diversified income as an essential part of having financial security as a freelancer Quotes: “The reason why I feel that content is important is to establish yourself as an expert in the industry.” [7:05] “So I don’t think that you should try to filter out ahead of time who the audience is and what exactly they want. What I would do is just focus on yourself - what makes you unique? What are things that you spent time and money to learn? Look at those things. Can you teach that to somebody else? Part of that teaching process is where you master your craft.” [13:26] “It’s really important to embrace who you are, not trying to become vanilla and trying to find something new to say, because everything has already been said. Just share it the way that you  want to say it or that you see it because your POV is the thing that’s really important.” [19:52] “There’s so many cool people out there. I think if people were just more vulnerable and open about who they are, they might develop a stronger connection to the community around them and the people who resonate with them.” [25:58] “I think it’s very important to diversify where you might be getting income from. So some of it could be passive; some of it could be opportunity based; some of it could be consulting.” [34:50] Links:  Find Matthew Encina online Follow Matthew on Instagram | Twitter | Linkedin | YouTube The Futur Follow The Futur on YouTube | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter Blind The Win Without Pitching Manifesto by Blair Enns DotCom Secrets by Russell Brunson Handel Eugene BROGRAPH Episode 31: Adam Plouff – Battleaxe – Making Money in Mograph Part 1 Episode 32: Zack Lovatt - Technical Director - Making Money in Mograph Part 2 Find the full show notes here Keep up with everything Motion Hatch Follow Motion Hatch on Twitter | Instagram If you haven't already, would you mind leaving us a rating and review? It really helps!


26 Feb 2019

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Being Creative Director, Brand Strategy, and working with Coldplay with Matthew Encina

Design Huddle - Top Rated Design Podcast

Matthew Encina is a creative director and brand strategist at Blind. He has created interactive experiences & video content for brands, tech, and video games. He is also a content creator at The Futur, where he teaches about creativity, pitching and motion design. He creates videos regularly on their YouTube Channel and writes articles on Medium. He's had the privilege to share his story as a speaker around the world. Including a TEDx talk about the interactive music video he created for Coldplay. Featured Guest: Matthew - @matthewencina Instagram: @Ryan.Warrender & @BrandonGroce Support this Podcast: bit.ly/support-designhuddle Recommended Reading: Don't Make Me Think  Send us feedback and help us become the Best Design Podcast - designhuddlepodcast@gmail.com The opinions stated here are our own, not those of our companies. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/designhuddle/support

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25 Feb 2019

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EGGS 058: Ben Burns and Matthew Encina of The Futur

EGGS - The podcast

This week on EGGS we have Ben Burns & Matthew Encina of The Futur and Blind (Santa Monica, CA)—BOTH EQUALLY CREATIVE SUPERHEROES. We delve into the guys' backgrounds to get to their origin stories and see what make them tick. We talk business, law enforcement, design, meeting Chris Do and the value of mentorship, working at Blind with global brands and building the future of education. Its a great talk with a couple great guys and we had an absolute blast chatting them up. Check it out. Rate, share, review and subscribe on #iTunes, #SoundCloud, #Stitcher and #GooglePlay Our Guests: Ben Burns & Matthew Encina from The Futur https://www.thefutur.com/ Ben Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mrbenburns Twitter: @mrbenburns_ Matthew Instagram: www.instagram.com/matthewencina Twitter: @matthewencina Sponsored by: Eggs is brought to you by audible - get a FREE audiobook download and 30 day free trial at audibletrial.com/eggsshow The Plugs: The Show eggscast.com @eggshow on twitter and instagram On iTunes: itun.es/i6dX3pC On Stitcher: bit.ly/eggs_on_stitcher Also available on Google Play Music! The Eggs Podcast Spotify playlist bit.ly/eggstunes Mike "DJ Ontic" shows and info djontic.com @djontic on twitter Ryan R2 SLC/BCN r2mg.com @r2mg on twitter @r2mediagroup on instagram ryanroghaar.com @ryanroghaar medium, instagram, twitter

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21 Jun 2018

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Matthew Encina - Focus On Solving Business Problems, Big Problems and World Problems | PASSION BEHIND THE ART 057

Passion Behind The Art Show | “A Story Can Change Your Life.”

Matthew Encina from the Blind and The Futur join the podcast. "Focus On Solving Business Problems, Big Problems and World Problems."Learn more about Matthew: https://www.matthewencina.com/ https://www.thefutur.com/product/creative-consulting-matthew-encina/Join the Community:http://passionbehindtheart.com/ https://www.instagram.com/dpcreates/ https://www.instagram.com/pbtapodcast/ https://twitter.com/PbtaPodcast https://www.facebook.com/groups/pbtapodcast/


1 May 2018

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122: Matthew Encina

Feasting On Design

Today on the Creative South Podcast, we’re wrapping up our conversations with the team from Blind and the Futur, with Creative Director, Matthew Encina. We chat about how his path from college on kept intertwining with Chris Do’s, from studying under him at the Art Center, to an internship and freelance work, to his current role as creative director, how he learned to properly manage a team and not micromanage people, the goals and future plans for The Futur & much more. You can find out more about Matthew on Twitter @matthewencina and be sure to check out the links in the show notes for more ways to keep up with him. You can keep up with the podcast on Twitter and Facebook @CreativeSoPod, and follow Creative South on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @CreativeSouthGA or over at CreativeSouth.com, and I’m @jfrostholm on Dribbble, Twitter, and Instagram. Thank you to JakPrints, Astute Graphics, and Ecosia for sponsoring this episode. Find out more about Mathew Encina and The Futur: matthewencina.com Instagram LinkedIn thefutur.com - The Futur on Facebook The Futur on Twitter YouTube blind.com

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12 Mar 2018