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Geoholics Anonymous - Jaime Staples & PartyPoker

The Geoholics

What...a...show! If you have ANY interest in the game of poker whatsoever...this episode is for you! Jaime Staples, professional poker star with over 100K Twitch followers and net winnings of over $1M joined the guys for a discussion covering all things poker. We talked about how Jaime & his brother won a $150K prop bet, how Jaime became a successful full-time poker player and is "living the dream", game basics and high-level strategies, the skyrocketing growth of online poker, his biggest "cashes" and "beats", Jaime's passion for being a poker ambassador and so much more. BS was off romancing TLK for their 10-year wedding anniversary, so the now infamous Mark Taylor (Ep 004 & GA 02) joined the crew adding some great perspective. PJ needs to go to space before he drives us crazy, and DD can't make sense of the word "vlogger". Music for this episode by ABBA!!!

1hr 6mins

16 Jul 2021

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Jaime Staples / Poker Player / Twitch streamer / Content creator

Jeff Gross - The Flow Show

2hr 36mins

20 May 2021

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Bencb and Jaime Staples (pokerstaples)

Raise Your Edge Podcast


1hr 22mins

22 Feb 2021

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Cardschat with Jaime Staples

CardsChat - Poker professional interviews from The World's #1 Poker Community

On episode #10 of the CardsChat podcast, we have the pleasure of welcoming Jaime Staples. A veteran of the online poker streaming scene on Twitch, Jaime is proud to represent Team Online with partypoker. During our conversation, we learn what Jaime’s role with partypoker is all about and how it compares to the work he did for four years with PokerStars. We also learn some interesting behind-the-scenes info about Jaime’s excellent Twitch streams, Weekly Poker Showdown, and hear about Jaime’s aspirations and goals over the next half decade.


21 Oct 2020

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S02E06: Jaime Staples

A Hero's Journey

Play Run It Once Poker Today: runitonce.euTrain With The Best on Run It Once Training: runitonce.comTimestamps:0:01:07In what ways is Jaime difficult to live with?0:02:21How is he when it comes to vulnerability, and how does it tie into his perfectionism?0:05:45How much of his own self-censorship comes from public perception vs his sponsorships deals?0:11:42Has his success as a Twitch streamer increased the degree to which he filters himself?0:13:20The reality of trolls in the poker community, and the necessity to prepare oneself for their responses when making creating public content.0:15:10Where did Jaime grow up, and how did that environment shape?0:17:44Did he face any specific challenges being the eldest sibling in his family?0:18:27His parents were both teachers.  Did this increase the amount of academic pressure that he felt?0:20:06Is there anything of particular importance that he remembers his parents teaching him?0:24:03How would he apply the things he’s learned from childhood to the manner in which he might approach parenting his own children?0:25:58How much does money factor into his thoughts about success and fulfillment?0:29:57What was his relationship with money like when he was growing up?0:34:29Did money play a major role in the social structure of school when he was growing up?0:36:09Did he purposely use his love of golf as an excuse to avoid people?0:38:01Does he find himself thinking that he’s here to do something special?0:39:15Does he ever worry that he might be running out of time to do something special with his life?0:42:38When did his golf dream end, and how did that unfold?0:44:47How did he deal with the transition from adolescence into the “real” world of needing to get a job, etc?0:47:34How did his parents view his dream of becoming a professional golfer?0:49:56How did it feel to know that their belief in him in this area was lacking?0:51:14At what age did he start getting into alcohol and partying?0:52:15What was his relationship with alcohol and other vices like once he got into them, and how might that relationship have shaped him?0:55:40Jaime has recently quit smoking after previous unsuccessful attempts.  What has he done differently this time around?0:58:19What has Jamie’s experience with love been like?  Has he ever had his heart broken, etc?1:01:21Was he bothered by the fact that he wasn’t particularly successful romantically during his youth?1:02:50How did he originally get into poker?1:04:04What is his most memorable moment from watching poker on TV?1:05:24Before he became a pro, were there any moments of success that helped keep his dream alive?1:07:47A conversation about how massive a difference it makes if you have support from your parents, etc, when chasing your dream.1:09:29What was the inciting incident in his Hero’s Journey as a poker player?1:12:49What does he think he would have done if poker hadn’t worked out early one?1:13:04What training site did he use, and who were his most influential coaches?1:14:21When did Twitch become a part of his poker life?1:16:56What was the most natural thing that came to him when he first started streaming?1:17:34What did he find most challenging about streaming when he first started?1:18:53A conversation about the vulnerability and honesty required to disarm those who are looking to criticize you, or to incite conflict.1:22:05Do vulnerable and honest streamers tend to be more or less popular on Twitch?1:23:47A conversation about how vulnerability and honesty as a streamer offers value to viewers in terms of building a relationship with the streamer.1:26:26How does the “business” aspect of poker and streaming fit into his overall pursuit of the game?1:29:05A conversation about how Jaime has always set high goals for himself.1:30:14Where does his confidence to achieve such lofty goals come from?1:32:12Was timing a big factor in his confidence when he initially set his goal of becoming a Poker Stars sponsored pro?1:34:38Can he recount the experience of Poker Stars approaching him for sponsorship?1:35:54Despite the excitement of the situation, was he still able to keep enough calmness of mind to ensure that he was getting a good sponsorship deal?1:37:27In regard to his Twitch-specific Hero’s Journey, was there ever a moment in which he refused the call to action?1:39:43How does he feel when looking at the success levels of other poker streamers?1:40:56Who have been the biggest mentors or influences in his streaming career?1:43:42What are his goals for the future?  What does he still want to achieve?

1hr 45mins

21 Sep 2020

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#69 Jaime Staples: OG Poker Streamer and PartyPoker Pro

Chasing Poker Greatness

Today’s guest on the Chasing Poker Greatness podcast is one of the pioneers and most recognizable faces in the world of Twitch poker streaming Jamie Staples.Jaime and his younger brother Matt (Who’s a former CPG guest) are PartyPoker sponsored pros and I wanna say a couple of things straight away:1) I had never met or interacted with Jaime in any way before he and I had this conversation.2) It became painfully obvious to me as our conversation went on as to why he has such a massive following: The man is as authentic and as genuine as it gets.He’s a man who cares about having a positive impact on the folks he crosses paths with, and wants to leave poker in a much better place than he found it.In my opinion, these are the folks we ought to be championing and supporting as much as humanly possible if we truly want poker to survive and thrive far into the future.In today’s episode, you’re going to learn:- Why you’re destined for failure if money is your sole driving force to improve at this game.- How younger brother Matt REALLY began working at Poker Staples Worldwide.- How a big public failure involving a prop bet with Bill Perkins has caused Jaime to examine the root causes of unhealthy lifestyle decisions.- And much, MUCH more!So, without any further ado, I bring to you a man after my own heart who won me over as a fan for life through a single interaction … Jaime Staples.New CPG Cash Game Courses!Preflop Bootcamp: https://bit.ly/Preflop-BootcampFish in a Barrel: http://bit.ly/fish-in-a-barrelNeutralize Flop Leads: https://bit.ly/2OkN8Yt

1hr 25mins

22 Jul 2020

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Léo Lombardozzi, Pierre Pam Mattei et Jaime Staples

Club Poker Radio

Le staff de Club Poker Radio invite ce jeudi trois sharks : Léo Lombardozzi aka Ya 2 écoles : le vainqueur de la Top Shark Academy, va écumer durant un an le circuit pro avec à ses côtés le gratin du poker professionnel. Pierre Mattei aka PAM : 25 ans, marseillais, spécialiste cash-games ... Pam travaille son jeu avec des solvers et joue uniquement quand il en a envie, probablement trop peu à son goût. Jaime Staples : joueur pro canadien spécialisé dans la diffusion de ses parties en direct sur Twitch. Animation : Comanche et ShiShi. Réalisation son : Zaki Réalisation Stream : Piercy Générique et jingles : G-Process.

2hr 1min

14 Feb 2020

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Ep 18 - Is Phil Ivey Broke??? Plus Twitch King Jaime Staples, Listener DMs, And Online Nostalgia

Cracking Aces

On today's episode we talk about some poker world drama- is Linus Loeliger a cheater and why was Phil Ivey backed for a $50k? We get emotional talking about Ivey and how awesome he is and how sad we'd be if he's actually broke. We then tackle listener DMs- how not to be "scared money" and Jake's path to being a successful poker pro. After some online nostalgia, we are joined by Twitch Gawd and prop bet master Jaime Staples. We talk the Twitch life and winning a $150k weight loss bet. Finally, we chat about live tournaments being played online until the money. It's a good one, enjoy!

1hr 24mins

12 Sep 2019

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Jaime Staples - Poker Player & Twitch Streamer

Jeff Gross - The Flow Show

1hr 46mins

27 May 2019

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Episode 118 – 19/04/2018 – Jaime Staples

Poker in the Ears

James and Joe are back after a three-week break, which means there's plenty to talk about, including the recent #EPTSochi live stream, which had its highlights (Appendix Guy) and lowlights (Igor Kurganov's pathetic attempts at performing the 'Chop Pot' song). Meanwhile, Joe tells some behind-the-scenes tales from his new TV show, including the story of 'The Spaghetti Sauce Incident'! The boys also discuss the amazing achievement of the Staples brothers, and check in with Jaime, now that the #UltimateSweat is receiving mainstream media attention, and has resulted in a NEW year-long bet. There are details of the #SundayMillion 12th Anniversary: Take 2 and the next $500 #PokerInTheEars freeroll. Plus, Jordan Cameron from Montreal answers questions about the comedy classic 'Caddyshack' in this week's edition of 'Superfan vs Stapes'. Please don't forget to rate, review and subscribe to the podcast.

1hr 16mins

19 Apr 2018