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#28: Skin That Glows w/ Kendall Brown, skincare guru and medical esthetician at Karee Hays

Go Call Your Sister

If you've listened to this podcast at all, you know how much we LOVE talking about skincare so we brought on Alli's go-to girl for all things skincare, Kendall Brown. Kendall is a skin care goddess and a medical esthetician at Karee Hays Esthetics in Nashville, Tennessee. If you want radiant skin like Faith Hill, Lily Aldridge and Kristin Cavallari, Karee Hays is your one stop shop for everything from facials and lasers to Botox. On this episode Kendall shares her skincare tips from product and procedure recs to nutrition and supplements. Get out your Notes app - you're going to want to jot these down! To learn more about Karee Hays and book and appointment with Kendall, visit www.kareehays.com. Don't forget to follow @kellenbrown0712 and @kareehaysesthetics! 

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19 May 2022

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Secrets of Creating an Effective Team | Karee Hays

MedSpa Leaders

Some medspas are focused on the bottom-line at the expense of what a client really needs, says Karee Hays. That might provide a short-term boost in revenue, but it’s not the way to create a sustainable business.The Key Success PrincipleTo best serve your clients, you need an effective staff. You get that by empowering and encouraging your team so they feel like they’re a part of something. You don’t just tell them what to do.


7 Oct 2020

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40. Karee Hays: Fighting Maskne, Shaving Your Face + Creating that Glowing Skin

Living with Landyn with Landyn Hutchinson

She’s BACK - Karee Hays, Landyn’s skin extraordinaire is back on the podcast. She is the SKIN QUEEN in Nashville and the number one person Landyn trusts with her face. This week, they’re covering teenage acne, shaving your face (yes you read that right) and even the dreadful mask-ne (that’s right, the acne caused by face masks).   Plus Karee has graciously given a promo code for her products- use code LWLPOD15 for 15% off everything at kareehays.com This episode also includes:  + The Opus laser treatment that Landyn has been using   + Accutane  + What to do with your mask-ne and how to treat it  + Moving from your summer routine to fall routine  + Chemical peels + getting that perfect skin glow  + Taking time + taking care of yourself  For more information, including links to everything Landyn talked about, visit: www.livingwithlandyn.com/ep-40-karee-hays-fighting-maskne-shaving-your-face-creating-that-glowing-skin

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5 Oct 2020

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3. Karee Hays: What I Wish I'd Known a Decade Ago about Skin Care

Living with Landyn with Landyn Hutchinson

Healthy. Radiant. Beautiful. These are the three words that describe the luminous complexions that are the hallmark of today’s guest. Can you guess who? Get excited for THE Karee Hays of Karee Hays Esthetics- a full-service luxury medical skincare center in Nashville, TN. She is a mother, a wife, one of Landyn's biggest cheerleaders, an inspiration in business, and THE guru in all things skin! In today’s episode, Landyn and Karee dive into how Karee grew her business to be a premiere destination in Nashville, ways to combat mom-guilt, the products you need to keep your skin healthy and fresh, dermaplaning, and so much more! This fact-filled episode will give you all of the knowledge and the ammunition that you need to take care of your beautiful skin whether you are just starting out, or if you’re a long-time skincare junkie! Be ready to walk away inspired to achieve your goals, equipped to age gracefully, and searching for a delicious Rose and new scent! Follow Karee here! https://www.instagram.com/kareehays/?hl=en For a limited time, snag 10% off some of Landyn's favorite products from Karee's site with code LANDYN10! Click the link here! https://www.kareehays.com/products-1?category=Landyn%27s+Faves%21 Snag all the details from the episode here!   https://www.livingwithlandyn.com/episode-003-karee-hays-my-fairy-skin-mother


11 May 2020

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Karee Hays: A Skincare Expert Shares Her Secrets to Success

Her Story of Success

At the age of 38, Karee Hays went back to school to pursue her passion for skincare and launch a new career as an esthetician. “I was definitely the oldest one in the entire school,” she recalls, but pushing past her comfort zone proved to be worth the risk. Starting with a one-room salon and word-of-mouth recommendations from clients, her business quickly blossomed. Today, Karee Hays Esthetics has a state-of-the-art facility, a sought-after product line and a client roster that includes celebrities like supermodel Lily Aldridge, reality star Kristin Cavallari and musician Kacey Musgraves. Karee explains how a recession motivated her to make a career change, why she decided to open her own business and why she found it difficult to relinquish personal control and bring new employees into her company. She reflects on the effects her working life has had on her children and expresses gratitude for the support of her husband, “who has always been my biggest cheerleader.” As a bonus, listeners will also get Karee’s tips on the must-haves in an effective skincare routine, from retinoids to exfoliation.


5 Mar 2019