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378: Living With PVRPOSE With Juan Grey

Innerbloom Podcast

Juan Grey is the creator and founder of PVRPOSE, a card game for those who dare to go deep.Juan stops by Innerbloom to share his perspective on life, success and presence, as well as how he came up with his connection card game, PVRPOSE.https://pvrposethegame.com/ www.instagram.com/juangrey***We are now offering VIP days! A VIP day is when Ambrosia and Alexa travel to your home to spend an entire day with you, to help you level up emotionally mentally and spiritually.Email us at innerbloompodcast@gmail.com to inquire about booking a VIP day!***Connect with the Arcturians through our private membership community:www.patreon.com/innerbloompodcast***We started a podcast network called Constellation!Follow us on instagram:www.instagram.com/constellationlightwork***Ask us a question on HeyHero!heyhe.ro/innerbloompodcastUse code INNERBLOOM at checkout and receive 30% off your question on HeyHero!***Follow us on Instagram:www.instagram.com/innerbloompodcast***Check out our new merch! https://www.innerbloompodcast.com/shop***Join our FREE 7 Day Fun Challenge!https://www.innerbloompodcast.com/7-day-fun-challenge***Follow us on Youtube to check out our Alien / Light Code Activation video:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaO7t6VtOA6tEoaxLy_6ZlA***For private EFT sessions with Alexa:www.alexasoothes.comFor private psychic readings with Ambrosia:www.ambrosiamatthews.com***Uplevel your nutrition with our Purium superfood products!Use code BLOOM to get 25% off your order:ishoppurium.com/products/ultimate…le-transformation


19 Apr 2021

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Interview with Entrepreneur Juan Grey

Have the Balls to Talk about it

Join us on “Have the balls to talk about it” with Dr. Andrew Steinberg and Nick Drossos and our amazing experts and fascinating guests. We will discuss men’s health issues including prostate, heart and sexual and other great topics of interest (sports, business, motivational). We will even be discussing women’s issues, that men want and need to know more about.


13 Jul 2019

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#13 Thoughts In my Head (TIH) episode with Juan Grey on Creating & Bending Your Own Reality

Words 2 Success

- Juan Grey - Perception video - This is the first episode of the new segment called: "Thoughts in My Head" that is an opportunity for Juan Grey to speak his mind and to answer questions from the "W2S" True Tribe about many interesting topics to be shared with everyone. At a glance, some relevant thoughts in this episode: Number "13" represents unlucky for many people, but you decide what it represents. In the end, you decide the significance you give to something. Perception is everything. Your Perception and your Thoughts create your reality and you can bend it. You truly have the power to create the life that you want. It is not what happens to you, it is how you decide to take it and what actions you take to fight that. You can say ''that happened to me'' or you can say ''that happened for me'' Find a way to progress. There are gonna be odds, big downs, but if you want it bad enough, those downs will be worth it. Those odds are life testing you... And more much more related wisdom is shared in this episode... VAMOS!!For more information about the relaunching of the GW company, you can check @:"GREATNESS WITHIN" 


5 Mar 2019

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Hilliard Guess' Screenwriter's Rant Room

In this weeks episode, Hilliard and Chris chop it up with Juan Grey, actor/writer/producer, who is currently one of the cast on The Russo Bros hit SYFY Series DEADLY CLASS.   A former athlete, Juan made the leap to acting in a story you gotta hear to believe! This episode is full of wisdom coming from a young cat who’s all ready a successful entrepreneur!     If you are enjoying this labor of love, please consider support the Rant Room with a donation - we spend innumerable hours and tremendous resources on it each week, an every little bit of support helps enormously. If you already donate: THANK YOU.   Direct Link: www.bit.ly/SWRR-242     Don't forget to listen to...   Alex and Nick's PaperTeam podcast   Pilar Alessandra's On The Page podcast   Shout out to the Micheaux Mission Podcast for keeping it on point with their discussion of Black films!   Chris Derrick on Twitter Lisa Bolekaja on Twitter   Hilliard Guess on Twitter       The Screenwriters Rant Room on Facebook   The Screenwriters Rant Room on Twitter --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/screenwriters-rant-room/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/screenwriters-rant-room/support

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18 Feb 2019

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E-Commerce Talk Ft Juan Grey

The Limo Show

In this episode, I am the guest of Juan Grey and I will be sharing with you my journey in E-commerce and some mistakes and advice I could give to entrepreneurs who want to start out. In this episode, I am the guest of Juan Grey and I will be sharing with you my journey in


9 Dec 2018

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#2 Juan Grey On The Journey Of Success

Know Your Legacy

SUMMARYJuan started his first business at 12 and then went through a series of vices and fell off the wagon before coming back stronger. Throughout his teenage years he successfully mastered the game of business and now is an aspiring actor, screenwriter and producer.NOTESHow Juan first got into Instagram [0:55]Juan’s background story [5:44]How Juan started his import & export business [13:@0]How Juan got into acting [22:02]Juan’s goals and discussing power of belief [32:40]Going through a rite of passage [41:40]How Juan wants to be remembered [45:36]QUOTES“In any business you gotta learn what’s working best by trial and error” [5:20]“The main thing from all that honestly has been hunger and doing stuff that most people think is crazy” [31:53]“If it wasn’t for something you did I wouldn’t be here” [44:44] - use for promoBOOKS MENTIONEDThe Alchemist [34:55]PEOPLE MENTIONEDRonaldinho [4:09]Paulo Coelho [34:55]FOLLOW JUANInstagram @juangrey | @words2success


11 Feb 2018