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The Nebraska Way - Episode 25 - Gregory Brown

The Nebraska Way

Dr. Gregory Brown joins Governor Ricketts for episode 25 of the Nebraska Way to discuss K-12 health education, fairness in girls' sports, and other key issues in education and science. Thank you to Heidi Merrill for the use of "Cornhusker Strong" as the intro song for "The Nebraska Way."


1 Sep 2021

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Gregory Brown interview - Episode 462

Reading And Writing Podcast

The 462nd episode of the Reading and Writing podcast features an interview with Gregory Brown, author of the novel THE LOWERING DAYS.Support this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/reading-and-writing-podcast/donationsAdvertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brandsPrivacy & Opt-Out: https://redcircle.com/privacy


8 Aug 2021

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Gregory Brown on Colonialism and the Story of the Land

The Arik Korman Show

Writer Gregory Brown shares why the story of the place where you live is so important, how to talk to our kids about creating a world where every culture is valued, and how to co-exist with the Indigenous community in a way that's equitable. Gregory’s debut novel is The Lowering Days.


23 Jul 2021

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#99 Self-Care for Depression & Mental Health | Dr. Gregory Brown

The Darin Olien Show

If we’ve learned anything this past year, it’s that we need a bigger spotlight on the significance of mental health. There’s no one size fits all fix for depression - different things work for different people. However, a larger focus on self-care as a society could be a game-changer. As a psychiatrist, Dr. Gregory Brown's own struggle with depression shapes his entire focus on the importance of mediation, spirituality and movement when it comes to managing your mental health. With his column in Men’s Health magazine, he helps spread his message of self-care. || LINKS || https://www.menshealth.com/author/223630/Gregory-Scott-Brown/ || Full Show Notes -


20 Jul 2021

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145: Diversity, Digital Transformation & Transcending Cerebral Palsy with Gregory Brown

Business Infrastructure - Curing Back Office Blues

Gregory Brown’s mother was told her son would never graduate high school. Not only did he finish high school without attending special education courses, but he also graduated from college. He never let cerebral palsy hinder him. Ultimately, his childhood love for computers led him to become a digital strategist. In this episode, Greg shares his process for selecting technologies to digitize your operations. He also reveals how to tap an underutilized talent pool – those with disabilities. https://businessinfrastructure.tv/ Ep. 145.


18 Apr 2021

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Gregory Brown - Author of The Lowering Days

The Premise

Richard Russo called Gregory Brown’s debut novel, “...a lush, almost mythic portrait of a very specific place and time…” and you’ll get a good sense of that listening to Gregory speak about The Lowering Days. He tells Jeniffer about his process and the characters in the novel and the parts they play. He also explains how he researched the local Penobscot culture to get it right, as someone who’s not Indigenous. 


30 Mar 2021

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Engaging the Hope Within Us, an Interview with Deondra and Gregory Brown

One in Ten

On today’s episode, “Engaging the Hope Within Us,” our guests are award-winning classical pianists and siblings Gregory and Deondra Brown of The 5 Browns. When we think of classical music, we often think only of the beauty of it, not also of the pain and vulnerability that it can express and evoke. The 5 Browns shook perceptions of the classical music world when they revealed that all three sisters had been sexually abused as children and sought justice in their case. This brave act shattered stereotypes and elevated the issue of child sexual abuse in an audience where it had previously been little discussed. Our conversation today touches some core questions. How does music connect us to our own humanity? How can music help heal survivors in broken places that nothing else seems to reach? And how does the love and supportive family, as allies, help survivors thrive?  Topics in this episode: The 5 Browns (1:29) Deciding to disclose (4:34) Advice for allies and survivors (8:04) The power and benefit of music (21:45) The Little Tin Box and supporting CACs/CJCs (33:44) Learn more about our work (48:28)  Links: The 5 BrownsThe Little Tin Box Tracey Tabet is the administrator for the Utah Children’s Justice Center (CJC) Program, where she oversees the state’s Children’s Justice Centers and serves as the director of the Utah Chapter of NCA  Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) is the term we use at the national level, but some states use Children’s Justice Center (CJC) For more information about National Children’s Alliance and the work of Children’s Advocacy Centers, For more information about National Children’s Alliance and the work of Children’s Advocacy Centers, visit our website at nationalchildrensalliance.org. And join us on Facebook at One in Ten podcast or email us at oneinten@nca-online.org.  Support the show (https://www.nationalchildrensalliance.org/donate-now/)


12 Mar 2021

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10. Sacred Cliturgy: Every Body Holy with Elizabeth Gregory Brown

Sanctuary Woman with Morgan Strehlow

It’s time for Sacred Cliturgy, a monthly bonus episode of Sanctuary Woman where we discover what would happen if we talked honestly about sex with one another. You see sexuality is inherently VERY GOOD. But, let’s face it - it’s complicated. It’s especially complicated when we don’t talk about it.  So I asked the question: What if Christian women started talking about sex - like for real? What if we talked about and understood our own bodies, our own sexuality in a more healthy and holistic way - not in spite of our Christian faith, but in light of it? What if that led to better sex, better sexuality, better sex education, better single lives and better marriages? We need to talk. In this episode, I bring my good friend Elizabeth Gregory Brown on the podcast for a conversation. Elizabeth holds a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy, has been teaching college students about sexuality and theology for the past 8 years, and writes about God and sex on her blog Every Body Holy.  You can find Elizabeth on Instagram @ElizabethGregoryBrown and @EveryBodyHoly.  Connect with Morgan: @sanctuarywoman on Instagram Sanctuary Woman on Facebook @mostrehlow on Instagram @morganstrehlow on Twitter morganstrehlow.com Join the Sanctuary Woman Community on Facebook.


26 Feb 2021

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Ep #2 - Behind the Warrior - SHARE Military Initiative Program for TBI with Dr. Gregory Brown

Behind the Warrior

Our interview with Dr. Gregory Brown, Neuropsychologist with the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, GA provides a great overview of their program SHARE Military Initiative. This program focuses on a holistic approach in treating Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), brain health and other symptoms that contribute to overall health of U.S. active duty military members and veterans. Resource : Shepherd Center - www.shepherd.org SHARE Military Initiative Support the show (http://weblink.donorperfect.com/BehindTheWarrior)


18 Aug 2020

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Gregory Brown: Chief of Police, Leesburg VA

Loudoun Impact

It was a privilege to interview Chief Brown last week.   We sat on the back patio at Shoes Cup and Cork on a 90 degree day doing our best to social distance with masks.  These are challenging times but Chief Brown emphasized that the Leesburg Police Department will continue to provide professional, fair and objective service to every one that lives in or visits our community.If you see Chief Brown out in the community, be sure to say hello.   He is very approachable and typically has a few minutes for a quick conversation.


5 Aug 2020