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6 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Adam Krause. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Adam Krause, often where they are interviewed.

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6 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Adam Krause. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Adam Krause, often where they are interviewed.

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#CFPOA #48 Why Sleep is so Important for You and Your Child with Adam Krause

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In this episode Gabe interviews Adam Krause, a PhD candidate in Psychology at UC Berkeley, working with Professor Matthew Walker at the Center for Human Sleep Science. Dr. Walker wrote the book, "Why We Sleep", which motivated Gabe to reach out to Adam.

Adam's educational background is in philosophy and cognitive science from UC Berkeley, and his current work leverages multi-disciplinary techniques to examine the impact of sleep deprivation on human health and brain function. He is particularly interested in the physiology of pain, the interplay between sleep and the immune system, and in exploring the many functions of sleep.

Gabe and Adam discuss the different types of sleep, sleep needs for children and adolescents, sleep paralysis, sleep's impact on pain and recovery, good sleep habits, and much more.
As always, you can get in touch with Gabe for any individual or group coaching or team workshops at aclearmind.com

Aug 11 2020 · 1hr 20mins
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“Supercharging Your Referral Network” w/ Adam Krause 167

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This week on the show we have Adam Krause, partner at Krause and Kinsman law firm, a personal injury and mass torts firm based in Kansas City MO and Raleigh NC. In today’s episode we’ll talk about starting a firm straight out of law school, building a referral network from scratch, incorporating virtual employees with a physical office, and whether or not you need to change your case management software.


Hacking’s Hack:

Zapier. It’s super easy to get started and you can get incredibly complex if you want to. It’s the backbone of our entire intake and case management system. It’s not nearly as intimidating as you might think. It’s a productive rabbit hole.

Tyson’s Tip:

Huji Cam. It’s an app that simulates taking pictures on an old Fujifilm camera. Great for taking less boring pictures to post on social media and to share with friends.

Adam’s Advice:

-Use MyFitnessPal. Its been great for me, especially while I’m traveling.

-Upwork. I’m able to build a dream team from freelancers and I don’t have to worry about getting someone under qualified.

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Oct 09 2019 · 40mins

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Season 2 Episode 1 - Adam Krause

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Adam Krause played two-plus seasons for the Nailers, and this spring, he won an NCAA National Championship as assistant coach for the University of Minnesota Duluth.
May 31 2019 · 31mins
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Bonus Episode - A Conversation with John Pata and Adam Krause

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Now THIS is a bonus episode.  Mike and Noah sat down with Gags filmmakers John Pata and Adam Krause to talk about holiday films (we recorded this in December and then the holidays got busy, my bad) filmmaking preferences and everything in between.  Plus, John and Mike, back on a podcast!

You can get all the latest Gags news on their facebook page, just search Gags - movie in FB.

Jan 07 2019 · 1hr 26mins
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Ep 164 – The Revolution Will be Hilarious (w/ Adam Krause)

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Author Adam Krause joins the Wrong Boys to explain the close link between comedy and democracy, why authoritarians are almost never funny, and how comedic skills can help us create a kinder, gentler, and more rational future.

Then, he helps us point the way home

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Aug 24 2018 · 1hr 32mins
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An Interview with Adam Krause, Esq. PI Podcast Session 20

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Jun 01 2015 · 44mins