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How to Communicate with Players - Drew Saylor - 167

Patrick Jones Baseball

Hitting Coordinator Kansas City Royals - Drew Saylor  In this episode of Patrick Jones Baseball, I interview Drew Saylor, Hitting Coordinator for the Kansas City Royals. Drew Saylor shares his baseball history, including working with the Pittsburgh Pirates and Colorado Rockies organizations, he discusses the ways he has become a better hitting coach, ways to improve communication with players, the importance of the mental game, and his hitting philosophy. Episode Highlights:Drew Saylor shares his background in baseball. Drew really appreciates how supportive his wife has been in his career.  While he was a manager, was he a hitting coach as well?  What caught him off guard when he became a manager? Drew found he became a better hitting coach when he became a manager.   How does he guide his players in their mental game?   Has he had experiences where he has had to trust his coaches to implement what he wants the players to execute? How can you get better about finding out what players need?    We are very adaptable as human beings.  What did his role entail with the Pittsburgh Pirates? Create a positive team environment. How does he get his team fired up? What is his hitting philosophy?  When he is working with a player, what would be a typical cage session be like?  3 Key Points:Get to know how players perceive things and customize training to their needs.  One thing COVID-19 has taught us is that essentially human beings need physical contact and spatial closeness to one another. Supplying the needs of his players has helped Drew Saylor learn more about who he is in the process.  Tweetable Quotes:(Wife) “She knows the demands and the sacrifice. I say this a lot to our coaches, we don’t make the sacrifice when we sign up for this job. It’s our wife and our kids that sign up for that sacrifice.” – Drew Saylor  “I really absorbed myself into the hitting space and I wanted to learn, not even just the teaching methodologies, but sequencing and tunneling.” – Drew Saylor“You can’t expect a player to know how to handle failure if the only time he handles failure is at 7pm, because of the heightened sense of these stats count, this is how I’m being evaluated.” – Drew Saylor Resources Mentioned:patrickjonesbaseball.comDrew Saylor Social Media: Linkedin Twitter See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


26 May 2020

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Royals Farm Report Podcast: Talking some hitting with Drew Saylor

Royals Review: for Kansas City Royals fans

Royals minor league hitting coordinator Drew Saylor joined Alex and Joel to talk about what we can expect from the hitting prospects in 2020. He was a minor league manager of the year in the Dodgers organization and also spent time coaching in the Pirates and Rockies organization, and he brings a wealth of knowledge of Kansas City. Get excited folks, it's going to be a fun year! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

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25 Jan 2020

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Drew Saylor- MiLB Manager and Hitting Coordinator, Pittsburgh Pirates

Ahead Of The Curve with Jonathan Gelnar

This episode is brought to you by baseballcloud and Axebats. Go to axebat.com and use our code AOTC at checkout to save 10% on your purchase of Axe Bat training products including all of the Axe Bat Speed Trainers and wood bats!  iTunes  Stitcher Google Spotify During this episode of Ahead of the Curve, I interview Drew Saylor, Player Development and Assistant Hitting Coordinator with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Drew provides listeners with an inside look into recruiting and communication strategies, how he is able to maneuver between both of his job roles, how to train players to get their mind and body in sync to respond in game situations, and what it takes to improve timing and rhythm as a hitter. Episode Highlights: How did Drew Saylor get involved in baseball and coaching? Drew Saylor discusses his dynamic relationship with his wife. What were some of the first things he did when he got hired? How are some of the recruiting conversations like when you are a new hire? What are the unique tasks of having two different roles within the Pittsburgh Pirates organization? How can you maximize communication for development from a macro and micro level? What are ways Drew addresses hitting issues? How is the communication successfully executed with players? How can players be trained to develop timing and rhythm? What are ways to help players learn to adjust to various situations in the moment? What are ways to get players excited about training and implementing competition into their training? Which books have had a strong impact on Drew Saylor? What are things that are done in training that his players love? Which additional resources have benefitted Drew Saylor? 3 Key Points: Being transparent and vulnerable add to being a trusted leader. Coordinators aren’t just problem fixers. They are also a higher-level form of overall support and feedback.   It’s not about trying to speed up your swing. It’s about trying to give yourself more time for your A-swing to get the contact. Tweetable Quotes: “A lot of what we’ve done is create the culture, create the relationships, and then now we are trying to build out how we view and how we evaluate our people.” – Drew Saylor (10:00) “A lot of what I’ve done as a leader is be able to go, ‘Hey I’ve failed this way. I have messed up this way. I have fallen short of the mark this way,’ and have those transparent moments.” – Drew Saylor (12:15) “For me, what I’ve tried to accomplish as a coordinator is to not lose that feel of that day-to-day.” – Drew Saylor (14:08) “One of my big goals is spending time with the hitting coaches and with the managers, and say, ‘Hey, how is the chemistry of the club? What are some of the hot spots? How can I support you?’” – Drew Saylor (17:19) “I like to think about failure as moving forward.” – Drew Saylor (19:42) “It really starts with their ability to, swing at something they can hit hard.” – Drew Saylor (22:14) (Timing) “I think that when players are not necessarily on time, or they don’t have the ability to get on time, one of the first questions that we try to ask them is, ‘When are you starting?” – Drew Saylor (33:13) “When the idea comes from within, there is more investment. But you’re also helping the player indirectly think through a batting process of their swing.”– Drew Saylor (36:25) Resources Mentioned: Ahead of the Curve Podcast Twitter: @AOTC_podcast Linkedin: Drew Saylor Twitter: @DrewSaylor19 Books: “Thinking Fast and Slow” by Daniel Kahneman“The Traveler’s Gift” by Andy Andrews


18 Jul 2019

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Episode 23: Drew Saylor, Manager in the LA Dodgers Organization

The Farm System

— On this episode, we sit down with Drew Saylor. Drew, is the manager for the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes, High A affiliate of the LA Dodgers. He spent the last four years coaching in the Rockies’ minor league system. He was hitting coach for rookie-level Grand Junction in the Pioneer League in 2012 and held the same position for Class-A Modesto in the California League in 2015. In between, he managed for two years at Tri-City, Colorado’s short-season Class-A affiliate. Remember to share this episode, follow us, and rate this episode! Don’t be afraid to leave a little feedback either! Twitter.com/farm_system Instagram.com/thefarmsystem/ Facebook.com/thefarmsystempodcast


12 Jul 2018

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