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6 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Anthony Benedettini. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Anthony Benedettini, often where they are interviewed.

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6 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Anthony Benedettini. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Anthony Benedettini, often where they are interviewed.

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#50: Biohacking - A Day in the Life of Anthony Benedettini

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This is episode 50 and we've got Anthony Benedetini as our special guest. We met Anthony from his previous work with Dry Farm Wines and Perfect Keto, and now specializes as a stress and clarity coach and PEMF technology consultant.

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In this episode Anthony defines what the trendy term biohacking means and he also shares a day in the life of what that looks like for him. A non-negotiable biohack for Anthony is meditation, journaling, grounding/earthing, and visualization. Other biohacks discussed: time management, walkup/sleep routines, red light therapy, digital detoxes, non-toxic skincare, ketone esters and cold water therapy. 

For professional Inquiries contact - Jessica Dogert, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist:; or Marisa Moon, Certified Primal Health Coach:

Disclaimer: Consult with your doctor or functional medicine practitioner before trying any of the remedies or protocols mentioned in this episode. Jessica Dogert and Marisa Moon are not physicians or medical practitioners. This information and recording is for informational and educational purposes only.

Points of Discussion: 
What is biohacking? 
- a way to take control of your own health
What is PEMF technology?
- Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields recharge cells to help with:
*autophagy, better nutrient absorption, etc
- getting connected with the earth, dirt, etc.
Red light therapy,
- Increases melatonin production for better sleep
*Take a listen to episode 45 to learn more about Joovv & infared
Brief, Intense exercise
- Tabata
- Our skin eats everything we put on it; read ingredients.
- Homemade shave cream [check out Anthony's Instagram story highlights]
- Cold water showers
- Ketone esters
- Magnesium Float Tanks

Get connected with Anthony:

Take Home Message: 
Only by experimenting for yourself, and tracking the results, will you be able to find what works especially for you. Anthony is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to biohacking and becoming your own doctor. 
If you'd like to work with Anthony to gain clarity, purpose and focus - be sure to reach out to him on Instagram: @anthony.benedettini

We look forward to having Anthony back on our show soon to discuss in great detail what PEMF technology is and how it can benefit each of us to recharge our cells to function optimally.

Jessica's site:
Marisa's site:
Marisa's Intermittent Fasting Course:


Intro/Exit Music  - "Ukulele Whistle" by Scott Holmes
Jul 11 2019 · 45mins
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Rise & Shine 011 with Anthony Benedettini

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Today's mix is brought to you by a good friend, Anthony Benedettini. Anthony and I have danced at many a show together, and it is my pleasure to welcome him on for the first full guest mixed episode; 011.

I thoroughly enjoyed this mix, and I expect you'll feel the same. Top work, Anthony.

The full tracklist is below. Enjoy :)


MK - Back & Forth Kayper - Out My Mind EDX - Who Cares Camelphat, Elderbrook - Cola Futurecop!, Caveliers of Fun - Atlantis 1997 (Lifelike Remix) Marc DePulse, Rafael Cerato - Wanderlust Fatima Yamaha - What's A Girl to Do (Mentol & DJ Pado Remix) Amtrac - Hold On Kenze, MAKJ - On & On Calippo - Mesa Verde Kyau & Albert, ft Jeza - Make It Home Tonight (Shato & Paul Rockseek Remix) Grum - Straight to Your Heart Pete Tong, Emanuel Satie - Time for Love Porter Robinson ft Urban Cone - Lionhearted (Art Remix) Andrew Bayer, Matt Lange, Kerry Leva - In and Out of Phase Above & Beyond, Spencer Brown, RBBTS, Mat Zo - Long Way From Home X Superman Afrojack - Radioman (EDX's 5un5hine Remix) Michael Calfan - Resurrection (Axwell Remix) Eric Prydz - Every Day Pryda - SW4 Grum - Price of Love Disclosure - WHere You Come From Joris Voorn - Dawn (Green Mix) RUFUS DU SOL - No Place (Will Clarke Remix) Sons of Maria - Resemblance Arty - Kate (2015 Remix) Kaskade - It's You, It's Me

Lane 8 Minimix: Deadmau5 - Strobe (Lane 8 Remix) Virtual Self - Ghost Voices (Lane 8 Remix) Lane 8, POLICA - No Captain (Anderholm vs Dirty South Remix) Lane 8 ft Lucy Stone - Nothing You Can Say Lane 8 - With Me Lane 8 ft Patrick Baker - The One (Klangkarussell Remix) Cubicolor - Got This Feeling (Lane 8 Remix) Lane 8 ft Solomon Grey - Diamonds Lane 8 ft RBBTS - Visions

May 28 2019 · 1hr 29mins
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#20 – A Tribe story with Anthony Benedettini

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Episode 20 - Anthony Benedettini

Anthony has had an extremely interesting life. From selling knives door to door to Perfect Keto, to rolling around Paleo F(x) and meeting people left and right - Anthony comes by and drops some knowledge on the team. Is there really a 0 carb wine? Did he go to the same school as Brent?! Find out now!

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May 28 2019 · 1hr 15mins
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The Ketogenic Diet with Anthony Benedettini from Perfect Keto

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In this episode, Anthony Benedettini from Perfect Keto and I will be discussing the Keto diet which is becoming very popular amongst those who want to lose fat and weight. We will be discussing what Keto is and how you could implement this in your diet

You can connect with Perfect Keto and Anthony by heading over to the show notes page;

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Apr 02 2019 · 27mins
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Perfect Keto Life with Anthony Benedettini

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Eve Mayer and Bridgette Hardy of interview Anthony Benedettini of Perfect Keto for the Life In The Fasting Lane Podcast Episode 4.

On this episode we talk about keto, low carb, fasting, and whether you really need special products or not to do keto.

Included in this discussion is blood sugar testing, should you use low carb bars, fasting, do you need exogenous ketones and using ketones for dementia.

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Jan 14 2019 · 32mins
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#67 Anthony Benedettini - Carnivore, Fasting, Perfect Keto

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Anthony Benedettini, future sommelier, has been a health seeker since he was 21 years old.Certified in teaching human nutrition in the application of behavior change.

He currently works at Perfect Keto where he manages professional relationships.

AB, as friends call him, calls himself "Experience engineer. Coffee Cultivator. Keto specialist. Careful Carnivore. 100% Chocolate or nah."

Jan 10 2019 · 1hr 11mins