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William Scott Grob 051421

Alabama's Morning News with JT

Director of ACAMS, the worlds largest membership organization for anti-financial crime professionals, Dr. William Scott Grob talks about the rise in Human Trafficking during the pandemic.


14 May 2021

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75. William Scott Goldman, Founder of Goldman Law Group

LA Business Podcast with Robert Brill

Our guest, attorney William Scott Goldman, is a pioneer of branding law and represents a wide variety of creative clients. Check out how his grassroots marketing efforts have pivoted in recent times.


21 Apr 2021

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69. William Scott Goldman, Founder of Goldman Law Group

LA Business Podcast with Robert Brill

What is branding law? Check out this law group founder's innovative approach for his creative clients.


2 Mar 2021

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MURDERER: William Scott Smith - Serial Killer Hunt in Salem

Murder in 20 Podcast

Rebecca took a job working the graveyard shift and wasn't scheduled to work that night, but had switched shifts. It was a normal night. That is until sometime after 3:20am when serial killer William Smith walked in. #williamscottsmith #rogernoseff #sherryeyerly #rebeccadarling #katherineredmond #truecrime #truecrimepodcast


27 Jan 2021

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William Scott Wilson, author of Walking the Kiso Road

Books on Asia

Amy  talks with William Scott Wilson, author and translator of over a dozen books on Japan and China. They briefly discuss a few of these including, Hagakure: The Book of the Samurai (by Yamamoto Tsunetomo), The Book of 5 Rings (by Miyamoto Musashi), and Cultivating Ch’i: A Samurai Physician’s Teachings on the Way of Health (by Kaibara Ekiken) before they zero in on the writing of Walking the Kiso Road. In this episode the author reveals a surprising fact about himself that we never knew before! (hint: If you like to kayak, you’ll definitely want to check this out). Recorded on May 31, 2019.You can see more of Wilson's books here: https://booksonasia.net/book/walking-the-kiso-road/And Issue 5: Hikes, Pilgrimages and Journeys in Japan here: https://booksonasia.net/category/issues/issue-5/Podcast Show Notes here (warning: spoilers): https://booksonasia.net/podcast/hon-podcast-5-william-scott-wilson-author-of-walking-the-kiso-road/#more-1889The Books on Asia Podcast is sponsored by Stone Bridge Press, publisher of fine books on Asia for over 30 years: www.stonebridge.com


19 Jan 2021

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Episode 38: Framed For Murder! Interview w/ William Scott

Reigning Blood

Come listen to the story of a man that was framed for murder in a town not too terribly far from the Reigning Blood crew.


5 Nov 2020

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Ep. 13 - Simulating the Human Brain ft. William Scott Thompson

Abstract: The Future of Science

Our guest this is week is none other than expert listener and pattern-seeking PhD candidate William Scott Thompson. Will is interested in understanding recurring motifs in the brain, rather than its specific functions. He is currently working in a lab at a research institute in Sweden, contributing to the longterm multinational goal of mapping the human brain! On today's episode we discuss the Human Brain Project, what goes into building a high-resolution, three-dimensional atlas of the brain, the forebrain structures known as the Basal Ganglia and the evolution of such structures, pain mapping, the difference between epigenetics and gene editing, simulation neuroscience, communication at every scale of the nervous system, the anatomy of a brain cell, the future of academia and much more!  NEW! This episode now has a discussion forum, so check out the following link to access and contribute to an international collaborative debate on the following thesis: "One day, it will be possible to fully simulate the human brain." https://www.kialo-edu.com/p/24fb041a-8fc8-4ba5-85b6-f40e83ba1e95/20484--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/abstractcast/message


23 Aug 2020

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Bonus Episode: Seann William Scott (Mild Swearing)

True Scotsman Podcast

During a three minute break whilst Roisin uses the bathroom, Johnny and Fraser make some surprising discoveries about actor and comedian Seann William Scott


15 Jul 2020

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My Thorn In the Flesh with William Scott Baggett (Season 6, Ep. 100)


Listen to hear how the Lord is behind you no matter what you face in life. Author William Scott Baggett tells the story of how he overcame polio and persevered through the challenges he faced leading to helping people endure their pain with his service dogs from his book "The Great Rescue: How Polio became my greatest rescue and my greatest blessing in life.." From these stories hear the Lord will have your next step ready before you level up.


8 Jun 2020

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William Scott Day

True Crime All The Time

William Scott Day was in trouble pretty much his entire adult life. He spent over 90% of it in Michigan prisons. Most of the time he spent outside of prison was because of his numerous prison escapes. His last escape was his most daring as he was able to talk a hospital supervisor into smuggling him out. While on the run, Day murdered at least six people during his 39 days of freedom.Join Mike and Gibby as they discuss William Scott Day. This man was a master manipulator who was able to talk people into doing what he wanted them to do. During his time on the run, Day used the Greyhound bus system to travel the country. He would walk from bus stations to find his victims, and after committing his murders, he stole money from his victims to finance his run from the law.You can help support the show at patreon.com/truecrimeallthetimeVisit the show's website at truecrimeallthetime.com for contact, merchandise and donation informationAn Emash Digital ProductionSee Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.

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13 Apr 2020