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Episode 297: Does it Serve We? with Bryan Reeves

The Art of Masculinity

On this episode, we talked about: Having real conversations with people What should I share with my partner? Listening underneath the details The balance between communication and understanding Having successful strategies for a good life Sharing information in a healthy way Stepping mature manhood Getting a safe experience around brotherhood The power of brotherhood Connecting with other men Being committed to nurturing brotherhood What does it mean to be a man? Every man need brotherhood, it's essential We need to know that we're not alone Knowing what I am feeling Capacity to create art with our being "We´re supposed to have an extended village that supports us through all of the transitions and doubts that we have" "Having questions we can ask ourselves to evaluate: does it serves to lie?" "Start to have real conversations and to call another man in real conversations" About Bryan: Bryan Reeves is a transformational life and relationship coach. You can follow and support Brian at:  Podcast: Men, This Way  Books:  Choose Her Every Day (Or Leave Her)  Tell the truth (Let the Pieces Fall Where They May)  https://bryanreeves.com/ @bryanreevesinsight Let's connect over on Instagram: @Johnny.Elsasser


4 Aug 2022

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Director Bryan Reeves Ep. 026

The Royal Interview Series

his short film “Seventy Times Seven”, living in Las Vegas & more

1hr 13mins

24 Jul 2022

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Choose Her Every Day (or Leave Her) w/ Bryan Reeves

Untamed & Unashamed

Today's guest wrote a blog titled "Choose Her Every Day (or Leave Her)" that went viral, being read by over 30 million people worldwide. That blog has now turned into an amazing book.Marriane Williamson says,"HE'S A WARRIOR FOR LOVEIN EVERY SENSE OF THE WORD".Please help me welcome Bryan Reeves to untamed and unashamed!We discuss:-What it means to Choose her every day, or leave her-What women can do if we don’t feel chosen in that way-What it looks like for a man to bring his full raw sexual power to his woman-Why it's so hard for a man to hear from his woman that her needs do not feel met-masculine checkout syndrome-How men can take initiative & create daily connection-“Real relationship begins where your fantasy ends”-How to know what is fantasy and what are our needs in relationship-steps for clearing resentment and shifting the energy of the relationship-how Men's groups changed his life-what to look for In a men's group-Relationship needlesAffiliates:Gene keys Courses:https://genekeys.com/the-dream-arc/ref/1707/Dame Sex Toys Dame Products • Get In Touch With Yourself CODE: “JADE”Pleasure Wands & Yoni eggs: https://waands.com/?ref=MvvfOgLGokjDQQCODE “JADE” for a discountCBD DirectHemp.com - A Better Way to CBDCODE “JADE” for a discountHigherDOSE Infrared products:CODE “JADE75” for $75 offIntro music: Milckmusic.com@milckmusic on TikTok, ig, fb, TwitterSomebodysbeloved.comProduction:Reel In Motionhttps://instagram.com/untamedandunashamedpodcast?utm_medium=copy_linkAdvertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brandsPrivacy & Opt-Out: https://redcircle.com/privacy

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18 Jul 2022

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Ep 113 Relational Dynamics with Bryan Reeves

Cheaper Than Therapy with Vanessa and Dené

Bryan Reeves is a former US Air Force Captain turned life coach, author, podcast host, and blogger with over 30 million readers. Since 2014, he has been coaching couples and men to help them discover and live out their dreams. His new book “Choose Her Every Day (Or Leave Her)”, discusses men’s challenges with intimacy and boundaries and thriving in intimate relationships.We talked with Bryan about what happens in a society where we look to our intimate relationships to be the containers in which we find adulthood - when that’s not what they’re supposed to be for, the trouble with us attempting to maintain a “two person village,” the healing that comes from men learning to trust other men after a lifetime of experiences that have taught them not to, and why we’re drawn to partners that have the qualities we long to experience within ourselves - but then we immediately reject those qualities within them.This conversation provided potent insight into the ‘why’ behind the relational dynamics we’ve all struggled with. We know you’re going to find it as valuable as we did.You can connect with Bryan on social media @bryanreevesinsights or through his website bryanreeves.com. His book, “Choose Her Every Day (Or Leave Her)”, is available for purchase through all major online booksellers. Bryan also hosts the podcast, “Men, This Way”, available wherever you listen to your podcasts.Are you interested in joining a live virtual group class with us? We lead a variety of wellness sessions every week in TAT Lab. Visit tatlab.app or @thetatlab on Instagram to learn more about the safe, supportive community created to help you on your journey to a better version of yourself. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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13 Jul 2022

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408. Born to Thrive - With Bryan Reeves and Patricia

The Embodiment Podcast

Patricia talks with Bryan truth, relating, relationships and about thriving and how embodiment practices allow integration, presence and connection. Book "Choose Her Every Day" https://bryanreeves.com/book Book "Tell the Truth" Amazon https://bryanreeves.com/

1hr 4mins

12 Apr 2022

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24 - Bryan Reeves - from BOYS to MEN.

Kid Carson

"If You Want To Thrive in Life & Love … BE WILLING TO Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone." - Bryan Reeves My favourite conversation to date.  I hope you enjoy. To connect with Bryan, find all his info KIDCARSON.COM Kid


28 Mar 2022

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29. How to invite love into your life & create healthier partnerships w/ relationship coach Bryan Reeves

Find Your Magic

At 26, Bryan Reeves was a Captain in the world’s most powerful Air Force with money, acclaim, and plenty of women who were interested in being his partner… yet he was miserable, and - his words- he sucked at intimacy. After losing everything, traveling the world, building a multi-million dollar business, and losing everything again, Bryan started doing some deep internal work on why he never quite felt like “enough” and how his behavior and patterns were impacting his chosen romantic partners. Today, after having triumphed through multiple dark nights of the soul, Bryan helps men, women, and couples create thriving lives and intimate relationships. His blog about men and relationships has gone viral multiple times over, and his work has helped thousands upon thousands of people create and call in healthy, fulfilling relationships… …which is why I wanted to talk to him this Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is a, shall we say, “complicated” holiday for me. Without getting too in the weeds of my personal experience, I’ll just say that this is my first Valentine’s Day single in over a decade and it’s forcing me to unpack a LOT of deeply rooted beliefs I didn’t want to acknowledge I had around being in a relationship and self worth. As women, we’re often given the message that we need to make ourselves attractive so we can be worthy enough to be “chosen”. That we’re supposed to stay small and convenient so as not to rock the boat. That we are the keepers of harmony in the home, and that emotions- especially “negative” emotions like sadness, stress, or grief - upset that harmony. In this episode, Bryan and I dive deep into gender roles, how men and women experience overwhelmingly similar patterns when it comes to their relationships (of course there’s room for nuance but most people, when it comes down to it, have really similar roadblocks), and how we can start to break those patterns and start inviting healthier, more fulfilling relationships into our lives. This is deep work, Magic Makers. I’m stupidly proud of you for wanting to wade into the deep end with me. Come on in, the water’s fine. CONNECT WITH BRYAN: https://www.instagram.com/bryanreevesinsight/ https://bryanreeves.com/ Bryans book, “Choose Her Every Day (or leave her)”: https://bryanreeves.com/book Connect with Kelsey: Kelsey’s Website: http://www.kelseyformost.com Kelsey’s Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/keformost Kelsey’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kelsey.writes/ Kelsey’s Courses: https://kelseyformost.com/courses Original Themesong composed by Jules Grant https://www.instagram.com/j.u.l.e.s.g.r.a.n.t/ Produced by Hayleigh Hayhurst https://www.espressopodcastproduction.com/

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14 Feb 2022

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EP107: Open Your Heart To Love And Connection featuring Bryan Reeves

The Authentic Man Podcast with David Chambers

"How can I experience more harmonious and connected relationships?" "How can I connect to my emotions?" These are a couple of questions that men often ask me. So I brought in Leading Relationship Expert, men's and couples coach and author, Bryan Reeves, to discuss how we men can open and to love and connection. The key topics are: 🤲🏾 How men are not taught to be good in relationships 🤲🏾 How women can support men in opening their hearts 🤲🏾 Why spiritual work creates separation 🤲🏾 Why men fall into the trap of seeking money, success and status over Bringing more love into their lives 🤲🏾 Where a man should be putting his focus on when in a relationship 🤲🏾 The chronic lack of relationship connection 🤲🏾 Why men feel so isolated 🤲🏾 How men can open themselves up to love and connection 🤲🏾 Why men need spaces to feel 🤲🏾 Why Bryans work ins confronting to men Connect With : Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bryanreevesinsight/ Website:  https://bryanreeves.com Programme: https://bryanreeves.com/elevate : "ELEVATE 2022: A Coaching Journey For Men Committed to Thriving" Connect With David - The Authentic Man: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theauthenticman_/ Website: https://www.theauthenticman.net/ For Coaching: hello@theauthenticman.net Upcoming Events:  Tantra 101 - Beginners Guide to Solo Tantra 5th Dec 5pm uk time - https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/tantra-101-beginners-guide-to-solo-tantra-tickets-181623429567 Being Authentically Attractive - 9th Dec: 7.30pm uk Time  https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/being-authentically-attractive-tickets-195907975027 How to create a conscious relationship - 12 Dec - 5pm uk time - https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/how-to-create-a-conscious-relationship-tickets-190435717357

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1 Dec 2021

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It's time to man up with Bryan Reeves - EP 20


Welcome to this epic episode with my dear brother Bryan Reeves who's mission is to serve the world one awakened man, one illuminated woman, one thriving relationship at a time. This conversation was all about two men talking about "MEN"! So I am super excited to share this one with you cause me and Bryan went down the rabbit hole what it means to be a man, the different dynamics we carry within and how to show up in a relationship. But that's not it, we were touching up on all kind of different topics throughout our conversation which you can listen to now.  Enjoy our conversation and make sure to share it with other men who need to hear this! Thank you Bryan for all your wisdom and the experiences you shared with us and I highly appreciate the mission you took one in this lifetime. For all my brothers out there who are interested in Bryans work, he is offering a one year journey for men called 'Elevate 2022" in which he takes a selected group of men on a big adventure to have a profound experience of true freedom. So if this is something you would love to join, check out the link down below to get more informations.  ELEVATE 2022 / https://bryanreeves.com/elevate2022/ YOU WANNA LIVE IN YOUR GREATEST POTENTIAL & SELF WORTH? - I have the right thing for you!   My Inner Self Journey is my way to help you to bring your attention inward to connect with yourself on a deeper level. This bond you are going to strengthen with your Inner Self allows you to remember the greatness that lies deep inside of you which leads you to self-worth, self-confidence & self-believe to create the life you were always meant to live.   Book your free discovery call here - https://calendly.com/reneschrenker/di... YOU ARE NOT ALONE ON THIS PATH CALLED LIFE!   So for all of you who would love to come together with heart centred people to discover the roadmaps of their inner self, share their personal experiences & just get inspired by each other - this is your place to go.   Join the Inner Self Community here - https://inner-self-community.mn.co/?a... For more informations about me & my teachings Newsletter - https://mailchi.mp/486a5322fe36/stude... Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/rene.schren...

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4 Nov 2021

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21: What the F*** Just Happened? (w/ Bryan Reeves)

This Feels Important

Kari discovered this guest listening to a podcast episode titled, “Inside Male Emotions.” And in this episode, you will keep saying to yourself, “What the fuck just happened?” Bryan Reeves is an author, workshop facilitator, and relationship insight ninja. This conversation will pour love and life into you. It will show you that you don’t have to shrink yourself for love. That relationships are best practiced as an invitation, not an obligation. That boundaries are the pathway to intimacy. And this is only the start. Bryan shares why he doesn’t believe in 50/50 relationships, how to know when to give more or let the relationship go, how to exist in a relationship in your fullness, and so much more. If you have boys or men in your life, this conversation will provide invaluable insight to raise them well. And if you have relationships with men, this conversation will encourage, inspire, and bring you to hope, no matter where you find yourself on your romantic journey. Get comfortable, grab a hot cup of tea, and relax into this powerful conversation. ABOUT BRYAN Bryan Reeves has had a fascinating life journey, through the military, higher education, private business and entrepreneurship, and across cultures, oceans, continents. He’s survived multiple dark nights of the soul and thrown himself into the transformational fires of intimate relationships, over and over and over. And not only lived to tell tales about it all but triumphed to create a life he loves with the exquisite woman he waited a lifetime for. He’s been blogging about his journey, and his awakening as a Man, for 10 years, with over 30 million readers worldwide. You can learn more at his website, his podcast, and on Instagram. ABOUT THIS FEELS IMPORTANT This Feels Important is an exploration into the hairy, scary, weird, and sometimes orgasmic journey of navigating our ever-evolving relationships to self, others, and the world around us. Your hosts, Kari Keating and Tory Dube - along with a lineup of epic guests - open the floor for honest discussions about the taboo feels (sex! money!), the painful feels (miscarriages! divorce! grief!), and the fun feels (psychedelics! sex again!) that are inevitable, necessary and freaking important as we all navigate the highs, lows and in-betweens of the human experience.  #thisfeelsimportant SHARE YOUR FEELS WITH KARI AND TORY Find the show on Instagram Share with Kari Share with Tory CREDITS Podcast edited and mixed by 51 features. Connect at andrew {at} 51features {dot} com.

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7 Oct 2021