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Meb Faber - Quant Savant

The Business Brew

Meb Faber joins The Business Brew to discuss his views on investments, geographical diversification, trend following, and much more. Meb's podcast, The Meb Faber Show https://mebfaber.com/podcast/, was one of the first financial podcasts Bill listened to.  That show has featured many incredible thinkers, different styles of investments, and more recently many private market investment discussions.  In addition to his podcast, Meb writes often and highlights his favorite investment writing (see https://www.cambriainvestments.com/investing-insights/).  Another fun thing Meb does is post things he disagrees with his peers about.  You can find that thread at https://twitter.com/mebfaber/status/1108070025770856448?s=21. Meb is incredibly smart, nice, and everyone that knows him speaks highly of him.  The Business Brew hopes this conversation adds value to your day.  We also hope it adds a different element to your thinking.  But as importantly, we hope it highlights Meb. Meb, thank you for the education you've shared.  And thank you for joining the show. This episode is brought to you by Koyfin, one of the fastest-growing platforms for financial data and analytics to research stocks and understand market trends. Check out Koyfin.com to see what a Bloomberg-lite, with tons of high-quality fundamental data and a powerful graph engine looks like. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fRJKoalFBgs for Bill and Rob's podcast.  This is the podcast that will highlight how Koyfin works.   Album art photo taken by Mike Ando.  Please see https://www.mikeando.com/

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7 Oct 2021

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Meb Faber: 'To Be a Good Investor, You Have to Be a Good Loser'

The Long View

Our guest this week is Meb Faber. He is co-founder and chief investment officer of Cambria Investment Management, which manages exchange-traded funds and separate accounts. In addition to his duties at Cambria, Faber is a prolific author who has written influential books on tactical allocation and endowment-styled investing, among other published works. He also hosts the popular Meb Faber Show podcast, is an active participant in financial Twitter, and is the architect of The Idea Farm, a web-based research resource he developed for investors. Faber is an experienced angel investor in small, private businesses as well as an investor in alternative assets like farmland and rare coins. He graduated from the University of Virginia with a dual major in engineering science and biology.BackgroundBioBooksThe Meb Faber Show podcast@MebFaberThe Idea FarmCelera Corporation GattacaRichard ThalerJames Montier Current Environment and Market ValuationsTriumph of the Optimists, by Elroy Dimson"The Best way to Add Yield to Your Portfolio," by Meb Faber, mebfaber.com, July 6, 2017."Should a Robot Be Managing CalPERS Portfolio?" by Meb Faber, mebfaber.com, June 8, 2015."Should Harvard’s Endowment Be Managed by a Robot?" by Meb Faber, mebfaber.com, Sept. 29, 2016.Jim Rogers "I Don’t Feel Overweight," by Meb Faber, mebfaber.com, July 8, 2019."The Case for Global Investing," by Meb Faber, mebfaber.com, Jan. 10, 2020."Designing a Portfolio With Crypto, Cannabis, and Value in Mind," by Evie Liu, barrons.com, July 1, 2021."Stocks Are Allowed to Be Expensive Since Bonds Are Low…Right?" by Meb Faber, mebfaber.com, Jan. 6, 2021.Twitter thread on contrarian investment beliefs "Journey to 100x," by Meb Faber, mebfaber.com, July 1, 2021."Stock Market Valuations," by Meb Faber, mebfaber.com, March 21, 2020.Shiller P/E RatioResearch AffiliatesAAII Sentiment Survey Galapagos: A Novel, by Kurt VonnegutTrend-Following"A Quantitative Approach to Tactical Asset Allocation," by Meb Faber, papers.ssrn.com, Feb. 1, 2013."How Does a Market Get Cheap? The P in P/E," by Meb Faber, mebfaber.com, April 4, 2016."OPTO Sessions: Meb Faber on Spotting Market Bubbles," cmcmarkets.com, Aug. 28, 2020."The Biggest Valuation Spread in 40 Years?" by Meb Faber, mebfaber.com, Jan. 25, 2019."The Case for Global Investing," by Meb Faber, mebfaber.com, Jan. 10, 2020."Is Buying Stock at an All-Time High a Good Idea?" by Meb Faber, mebfaber.com, Nov. 4, 2019."You Would’ve Missed 961% in Gains Using The CAPE Ratio, and That’s a Good Thing," by Meb Faber, mebfaber.com, Jan. 6, 2019.Global Asset Allocation, by Meb FaberDow Theory "Diversify, Tilt, Relax--Meb Faber’s Case for Global Investing," by Aaron Neuwirth, efttrends.com, Jan. 14, 2020."FAQs on Share Buybacks for Lawmakers, Journalists, and Investors," by Meb Faber, mebfaber.com, Aug. 5, 2019.Qualified Small Business Stock (QSBS)AngelList Unclaimed.orgThe Coffee Can Portfolio," by James Kirby, csinvesting.org, Fall 1984.Favorite Interviews"Episode #39: Ed Thorp, Hedge Fund Manager, Author, & Professor, ‘If You Bet Too Much, You’ll Almost Certainly Be Ruined,’" The Meb Faber Show, mebfaber.com, Feb. 8, 2017."Episode #343: Dr. Nathan Myhrvold, Intellectual Ventures, ‘Pizza in the United States Is What Convinced the World That Pizza Was a Great Thing,’" The Meb Faber Show, mebfaber.com, Aug. 25, 2021.

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7 Sep 2021

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Meb Faber on Value Investing, Diversification and Expecting the Unexpected

The Altogether Show with Eric Satz

Investor. Writer. Researcher. Strategist. Family man. This week’s guest wears multiple hats—all at the same time. Known for his blog, podcast, and several books about the craft of investing, Meb Faber’s voice appeals to investors and non-investors alike. Investing is “all about narratives,” Faber says, “Look at historical contexts and global weather, stakeholder interests and your own motivations.” A veteran strategist with a love for reading, Faber is a big proponent of portfolio diversification and learning to be a “value investor.” Born in Colorado, Meb moved around a lot as a boy and landed in North Carolina for his adolescent years. After graduating from the University of Virginia with a double major in Engineering Science and Biology, he changed direction and became an investment strategies expert. Today, he lives in Los Angeles with his wife and three-year-old son. Listening to Meb’s conversation with Eric,  you’ll quickly hear why he is such a natural fit for Alto’s mantra, “you do you.” In this episode, value investor Meb Faber shares market wisdom applicable not only to stocks, bonds, and building your portfolio, but also to life itself, from farming to family and beyond. If you want to know the secret to being ready for the unexpected—take a listen. Anything else you need please let us know!


17 Jun 2021

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Meb Faber: A Framework for Outperformance

Real Vision: Finance, Business & The Global Economy

The Interview: Jason Buck of the Mutiny Fund welcomes Mebane Faber, co-founder and chief investment officer of Cambria Investments, for an in-depth conversation on the methods diligent investors can use to build and maintain wealth in all market environments. Faber breaks down his rigorous quantitative models to share fresh insights on bonds, equities, real estate, and commodities as well as the role these assets play within a portfolio. Faber and Buck discuss the importance of negatively correlated assets such as put options, which are a key feature of the Cambria Tail Risk ETF ($TAIL). Key learnings: Equity valuations are stretched thin, but buying at all-time highs has historically yielded surprisingly good returns. Faber thinks non-U.S. stocks are underrepresented in the typical U.S. portfolio and argues that for most individual investors, steady contributions to their portfolio matter much more than eking out that extra percentage of return.Recorded on 14 April 2021. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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13 Jun 2021

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One on One with Meb Faber – All Things ETFs, Momentum & Value

The Allstarcharts Podcast on Technical Analysis Radio: Current Market Analysis For Traders

JC Parets · One on One with Meb Faber – All Things ETFs, Momentum & Value This week on the podcast I sit down with Meb Faber, Co-Founder, CEO and CIO of Cambia Investments. In addition to his “Day job”, as he puts it, Meb has authored 5 investment books, a countless amount of white papers, and is also a very popular follow on Twtter @MebFaber. This was really fun for me because Meb is an expert at a lot of things that I am just not, like what happens behind the scenes at ETFs, angel investing and academic studies. He brings up some great points about providing strategies that work, but that people also want/need. He has some strong opinions about share buy backs instead of distributing dividends, learning through acting and participating, and how lucky him and I are that we took the CMT decades ago when it was a lot easier than it is today! This was a lot of fun. Meb is a chill dude, but don’t let him fool you, he’s one of the smartest guys in the room! Enjoy! Click here return to the episode page


30 Apr 2021

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Shareholder Yield and Tail Risk With Kirk Spano and Meb Faber

Let's Talk ETFs

Cambria Funds co-founder, CEO and CIO Meb Faber joins Margin of Safety Investing's Kirk Spano to discuss his firm's tail risk and shareholder yield ETF suites. Funds covered include: TAIL, FAIL, SYLD, FYLD and EYLD. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


7 Apr 2021

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Investing 2020s With Kirk Spano Episode #2: Shareholder Yield And Tail Risk With Meb Faber

Marketplace Roundtable

Cambria Funds co-founder, CEO and CIO Meb Faber joins Margin of Safety Investing's Kirk Spano to discuss his firm's tail risk and shareholder yield ETF suites. Funds covered include: TAIL, FAIL, SYLD, FYLD and EYLD. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


29 Mar 2021

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Episode 778 - REAL Stonk Talk With Cambria Investment CIO Meb Faber

Drinkin' Bros Podcast

Ross Patterson and Dan Hollaway are joined by Meb Faber, co-founder and the Chief Investment Officer of Cambria Investment Management, to talk about GameStop and AMC, Reddit affecting the stock market, what Robinhood did wrong, and how he invests in stocks, businesses, and crypto.  ghostbed.com/drinkinbros Drinkin Bros Listeners - Go to LUCY.CO and use Promo Code DRINKINBROS to get 20% off all products on your first order, including gum or lozenges! Go to Gabi.com/DRINKINBROS -- You're probably overpaying on car and home insurance. See how much Gabi can save you. It’s totally free to check and there’s no obligation.

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3 Mar 2021

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Meb Faber, Cambria Investments: Quantitative Investing, $TAIL Risk & Tim Tebow

The Investors First Podcast

Our guest today is Meb Faber, Founder & Chief Investment Officer at Cambria Investment Management. He also hosts one of the top investment podcasts called The Meb Faber Show.   In this episode, talk about Meb’s quantitative approach to investing, embracing both value and trend following. We dive into one of his funds, $TAIL, and the entire thought process of how, when, and why to hedge your portfolio. We also talk about the benefits of a shareholder yield approach, and why he has started to do some private investing in over 200 companies. As we wind down, we have a fun quick Q&A on why he would describe himself as something other than a quant, why he would love to get in on SpaceX’s cap table, and how he loved the Tim Tebow days with the Denver Broncos. Today’s episode is hosted by Colby Donovan, Corporate Finance Associate at Truist Bank, and co-hosted with Chris Cannon, CFA, Chief Investment Officer at FirsTrust and board member for CFA Society of Orlando. Follow the CFA Society of Orlando on Twitter at @CFAOrlandoFL Resources Discussed: Invest With The House: Hacking The Top Hedge Funds Nobody Wants To Invest In Your Sh*t Overview of the $TAIL ETF

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7 Jan 2021

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Behind the Markets Podcast: Robert Shiller & Meb Faber

Behind the Markets Podcast

Show from 12/18/20This is the last episode of 2020 and Wharton Finance Professor Jeremy Siegel wraps up the year with his market outlook . He gets into the SolarWinds and FireEye software breeches, the stimulus bill, vaccines, and more. Then Jeremy Schwartz and Jeremy Siegel talk to a Nobel Prize winning economist about his updated market views and valuation models. Plus a discussion on the recent CAPE ratio research.Guests:Robert Shiller - American economist, 2013 Nobel Laureate, academic, and best-selling author. As of 2019, he serves as a Sterling Professor of Economics at Yale University and is a fellow at the Yale School of Management's International Center for Finance.Follow him on Twitter: @RobertJShillerRead one of his many books: http://www.econ.yale.edu/~shiller/books.htmMeb Faber - Founder and Chief Investment Officer at Cambria Investment ManagementCheck out his Podcast "The Meb Faber Show:" https://mebfaber.com/podcast/ Read his book "Global Asset Allocation: A Survey of the World's Top Investment Strategies:" https://www.amazon.com/Global-Asset-Allocation-Survey-Strategies-ebook/dp/B00TYY3F3CFollow him on Twitter: @MebFaberFollow WisdomTree on Twitter: @WisdomTreeETFsFollow Jeremy Schwartz on Twitter: @JeremyDSchwartzAsk Siegel: If you have a pressing finance question we invite you to email us: asksiegel@wisdomtree.com See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


19 Dec 2020