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EP50: Ways to Commit to What Lights You Up with Emily Adams

True Stride

Feeling restless is typically a subconscious coping method for mental stress. In those times of mental stress, the mind passes through each moment so focused on the external world that the guidance calling from inside goes unnoticed. Taking inventory of our inner world allows us to recognize a bigger picture, see where we should fill a void, and identify a few unsettled feelings. Now is a good moment for a Wise Walk. On the True Stride podcast, we take a Wise Walk to slow down and check our reality. True Stride is that feeling you get when you’re aligned in your heart with all that you do, and you feel energized and happy with each and every step that you take. I’m your host, Mary Tess Rooney, and I connect with Emily Adams to go on our Wise Walk for this guest episode. Emily Adams contributes to the world as a coach, inspiring speaker, and writer. She spends time helping other women see their own potential, do healing work and inner work, and scale their business. She shares the story of her exit from Amish culture at 17 years old, and reflects on lessons of aligning with an authentic life. On our Wise Walk, Emily and I share our thoughts on these questions and more: Where in life did you realize you needed healing, and how did you go about that? When aspects of your life no longer align with your core self; what are the questions and conversations that move you closer to alignment? Which reflections can help someone process the feelings that come up during a Wise Walk? How do you overcome fear to step into your present power? How can you connect with a community or support system that propels you more into what lights you up? Everything starts from realization. Where are you restless, stuck, or struggling? What’s one choice you can make in order to feel the feelings? How can you create or join a community to build confidence once you commit to yourself?  Take a Wise Walk to uncover a new sense of freedom. Within that freedom is the opportunity to voice our value and a path to connect with an inspiring community. From there, we can explore what it looks like to move forward in our journey. In this episode: [00:23] - Welcome to the show! [03:04] - Emily Adams comes to share her life of wide experiences. [05:01] - Emily shares the moment of realizing the difference of noticing the need for healing and being ready to do the healing. [07:06] - The first step is to acknowledge where you are at and commit to going somewhere else.  [09:19] - Emily explains her mindset during her exit from Amish culture at 17 years old. [11:41] - In hindsight, Emily realizes a previous coping method also protected her individuality from the surrounding circumstances.  [13:50] - Feel the fear, thank the fear, then still encourage yourself to take the next steps. [16:39] - Emily warns about what avoiding feelings can lead to and explains why acknowledging feelings redirects to freedom. [18:11] - When equipped with the right mindset and support, people can move closer to their full potential. [19:15] - Emily competes in powerlifting. She describes what ignited her fitness journey and how it interconnects with her spiritual journey. [21:34] - Having a sense of community can help empower the commitment to yourself. [23:31] - Communities empower you, but can also help you build confidence and push forward. [25:12] - Emily talks about how investing in herself and her business propelled her into a new space. [27:46] - Here are questions Emily suggests to get on track in the journey to freedom and embracing your True Stride.   [29:11] - Invest in your Value Vault so you can attract the people into your life that want to connect with you. [32:00] - Thank you for listening! Memorable Quotes: “We’re always on this journey of healing because we’re constantly learning and we’re constantly evolving.” - Mary Tess “When we grow and evolve, we not only do it for ourselves, but we do it for everyone around us. We become that light; we become that person.” - Emily “Who we are and what lights us up, is what gives us the ability to connect with someone else.” - Mary Tess “Do not wait to do the work. Do not wait to see your own value. When you see your own value, your entire life shifts.” - Emily Links and Resources: Mary Tess Rooney Email Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram Emily Adams Email Emily Adams Show podcast Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter | YouTube | Pinterest


9 Sep 2021

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Surviving or Thriving: A Conversation with Emily Adams

Embracing Enough

Growing up in the Amish culture, Emily always questioned why her family and community lived differently. She always felt a little different growing up, not all that interested in the traditional roles of sewing, cooking and cleaning that Amish girls are taught to do. And yet, she always found herself wondering was there more to life out there? At 17, she found out, taking the decision to leave the culture and everything she had known her entire life. It was the bravest and scariest thing she ever did. In this episode, Emily and I talk about the mental strength that it took at 17 to question it all, leave the only family and world she knew for uncertainty. She reflects on how her ability to believe in herself when no one else believed in her became the thing she could always rely on. Navigating an abusive marriage, becoming a single mom, putting herself through school, landing a job in the corproate automotive industry were all faced by Emily head on, and she knew she could get through it because of that trust. Now, having left the corporate world to become a coach, speaker and writer, Emily reflects on how for the first time in her life she's found true happiness and feels like she is living her fullest life on purpose. We talk through her journey of surviving to what she now fully embraces is her THRIVE chapter. I know you'll love this conversation. To learn more about Emily, head to her website at www.emilyadams.net or on Instagram @inspireempowerimpact  As always, for more about Dina, you can check out: Instagram: @enoughlabs Website: www.enoughlabs.com And if you're interested in learning more about Dina's 1:1 Empowered You Coaching, schedule a FREE 45-minute Discovery Call here: https://calendly.com/enoughlabs/discovery-call/


29 Jul 2021

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Emily Adams

Dead America

In today's episode, we are speaking with Emily Adams. Some of the things we discuss include discovering who Emily is and her life growing up in the Amish culture. Emily talks about struggling in the Amish culture, not feeling empowered. Women are not empowered in the Amish culture. Emily tells us about the many different types of Amish culture. Emily discussed the time when she was grounded as an Amish child. We find out how strict the Amish culture really is. We find out you don't have a choice, and you don't have a voice in the Amish culture. You are told what to do. Emily tells us that you have to let the anger you feel towards your past go. We discuss how you need a collaborative relationship with your children. Emily talks to us about changing the parenting pattern you were raised with. We discuss how men have made it hard on women. And as men, we need to help support and empower women for better relationships. Emily tells us about what it was like working in the automotive industry as a woman. Emily tells us having confidence does not happen overnight. We also discuss having the right mindset. Emily talks about the victim mindset versus the unempowered mindset. Emily discusses the struggles she faced ending a bad marriage. We talk about facing your fears in life and discovering how powerful you really are. We talk about divorce and how hard it is. Emily talks about cycles that affect children inside the home. We hear about the hard question Should I stay or should I go? We discussed understanding that you are worthy. Emily talks about putting the children first and speaking with your children with the truth. Emily tells us not to give in to talking bad about our partner in front of our children, allowing them to discover their own thoughts and opinions. Emily talks about when she discovered that she had something bigger to give the world. We talk about self-love. You must love yourself first. And it's not about self-indulgence. We talk about what inspired Emily to start her podcast. Emily tells us about her 30-day self-discovery course. A 30-day course with tools will help you find who you are and step into your true power. This was a great talk I had with Emily, and we talked about some great things. I hope you enjoyed it.Linkshttps://www.emilyadams.nethttps://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-emily-adams-show/id1527444051DisclaimerThe views expressed on Dead America podcast are the views of the person expressing themselves.We are here for entertainment only for any Medical or Mental Health concerns you might have. We always recommend seeking local listings for a qualified provider in your area.We will always consider other points of view on any subject. We do not necessarily agree with our guests all of the time. We value everyone. All of our guests deserve respect and a platform to voice concerns.This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Podtrac - https://analytics.podtrac.com/privacy-policy-gdrpChartable - https://chartable.com/privacy


14 Jul 2021

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It's Amazing What She Can Do With an Old Tablecloth - Meet Menswear Maverick Emily Adams Bode

WARDROBE CRISIS with Clare Press

Lock up your linens! Emily Adams Bode has designs on your grandma's tablecloths. And her quilts. America's favourite emerging menswear talent made her fashion name upcycling characterful old domestic textiles and dusty deadstock - winning a CFDA award and a Woolmark Prize while she was at it. The result is menswear with meaning, designed to be passed down the generations.This is a lovely quirky conversation about what inspires her as a maker and collector, the joys of upcycling and the layers of meaning in hand-worked and customised clothes. Thank you for listening to Wardrobe Crisis. Find our website here. Don't forget to subscribe! And if you listen in Apple Podcasts, please consider rating & reviewing. Love the show? Get in touch in IG @mrspress & @thewardrobecrisisSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


30 Jun 2021

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104: Freeing Yourself from Self-Judgement with Emily Adams

Happy, Purposeful and Free

She didn’t want to be a Mom anymore and as she told her friend this very thing, she couldn’t help but wonder what was wrong with her. Emily Adams a single Mom, shares about the pressure she had on her from outside influence and from herself. We talked about that crucial moment that shifted her entire life to the point where she left her corporate job and turned to coaching others. She shares about what self love really is and what that looks like for her and how she used self-forgiveness to turn around the self-judgement she faced every day.  Emily is a coach passionate about helping others step into their own power and become the best version of themselves. Born and raised in the Amish culture she always wondered if there was more to life and could one find true happiness? Knowing she was made for more she made the decision at 17 to leave the culture and everything she had known her whole life. After leaving the culture she got her GED with hopes to go to college but then became pregnant at the age of 18 and married at 19. A year and half into the abusive marriage she knew she had to get out but felt stuck since she just found out she was pregnant with her second son. Fast forward two years she left the marriage and became a single mom. New to being a single mom and still having the feeling that she was made for more she made the decision to change her life and she joined a gym and enrolled in college. Four years later she graduated from Purdue with a Bachelor's degree as a single mom working full time. She also lost over 65lbs. and found a passion for powerlifting. Landing the corporate job she always dreamed of having, she soon realized that she was called to make a even a bigger impact in the world. She made the decision to leave the corporate world. After years of chasing happiness wondering what her calling was she found one of her purposes in life was to inspire other through teaching, coaching, speaking and writing as she inspires others to change their perception and step into their own power and live a purpose filled life. Website: https://www.emilyadams.net/ Also, did you know there are THREE ways you can connect with me outside of the show? #1 - Over on my fave social media platform - Instagram @katrinalelli  #2 - My FREE Facebook group, “Happy, Purposeful & Free” is for women who listen to the show, are looking for a community to grow, uplevel and live life more on their terms. #3 - Questions, comments, topic or show suggestions? Email me over at katrina@katrinalelli.co Be sure to Subscribe to the show to get updates on new episodes and head on over to ITunes and leave me a 5star review for your chance to win a breakthrough session with me


17 Jun 2021

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How to turn a gifted collaboration into a paid one with Emily Adams

Girls Building Empires

You better get your notebook and pen out because this week’s episode is jam packed with some super valuable information! Emily Adams (@emadamsxo) has been on both sides of influencer marketing and knows the ins and outs on how to be successful. With a background in business Emily shares the secrets on how to find your niche, gain a loyal following, create a media kit, how to negotiate with brands, and how to land your dream brand deal! Emily shares her story on how she got into the social media industry and also how she recently launched her very own social agency! (@summerhousesocialagency)We would LOVE to hear your feedback! Send us an email: podcast@girlsbuildingempires.com & make sure to rate and review. New episodes out every Tuesday!
Make sure to "subscribe" so you don't miss an episode.Find us on Instagram: @gbepodcast and @madisonvreidTrack: Lucid - Metro Vice [Audio Library Release]
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8 Jun 2021

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Favorably Fearless with Emily Adams

It Might Be You

Life coach Emily Adams joins host Leah McIntosh to chat about what it means to be favorably fearless.Episode Key Points:- You don't have to be fearless. [01:00]- Emily's background in the Amish community. [08:00]- The hard work of finding who you are and have self-love for yourself. [20:00]- Forgive those around you but don't forget to forgive yourself. [26:00]- Freedom in self-forgiveness. [30:00]- Make room for something new and something better. [36:00]- Realize fear is an emotion, don't allow it to keep you stuck. [40:00]New episodes release on Thursdays!Follow me on Instagram at @SuperiorThinkerInc and keep up with all things, Leah and the podcast.Follow Emily on Instagram at @Inspireempowerimpact or https://www.emilyadams.netThanks for listening! 


27 May 2021

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Leaving The Amish Culture To Live A Life Of Freedom And Self Love With Emily Adams

4 The Love Of Thriving

In this episode, we talk about: Leaving the amish culture to live a life of freedom Staying stuck vs the fear of the unknown The journey to true, unconditional self love Balancing life and self love rituals Growth mindset vs. fixed mindset Letting go of toxic situations Resources: Instagram: @inspireempowerimpact Website: www.emilyadams.net/about Affirmation Card Deck: www.4theloveofthriving.com/affirmationcarddeck Show Notes: Emily Adams is a mindset and business coach who is passionate about helping others work through fear so they can step into their full potential. We leverage her experience about how she has navigated leaving the Amish culture to living in her true purpose and freedom. We cover topics about self love, teaching your children the concept of self love, overcoming the fear of the unknown and understanding the difference between a growth mindset vs a fixed mindset. Question Highlights: How did you muster the courage to leave the amish culture? What is the true essence of self love? How to do you balance self love having children? How do you define whether you’re operating from a fixed mindset or an abundant mindset? Guest Bio: Emily Adams is a mindset and business coach who is passionate about helping others work through fear so they can step into their full potential. From leaving the Amish culture in the middle of the night at 17, pregnant at 18 and single mom of two boys at 22, she went from 8th grade education to graduating from Purdue University, landing the corporate job she always wanted and after realizing it didn't bring her happiness she took the leap of faith and left corporate to spend more time with her boys and make a bigger impact in the world. Through each phase in her life she has had to make the choice to face fear straight on or stay paralyzed in it. She came up with a process that helped her work through fear which led her to helping others do the same thing. Follow me on social media @4TheLoveOfThriving on Instagram and check out www.4TheLoveOfThriving.com ADD 'SO LONG' to you Spotify playlist: https://spoti.fi/3iLvwOV  --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/4lot/message


2 Apr 2021

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Mom's Can't Be ATHLETES with Emily Adams

Runner's University

I'm interviewing awesome women out here doing the thang for Women's History Month!Emily Adams, Mindset Coach and overall just awesome bad mamma jamma! What you will learn and be inspired by:How she left the Amish culture to seek more in her lifeHow she went from GED to college graduate, married to leaving a toxic marriage and becoming a single mom of 2 How she lost 65lbs and found powerliftingHow her confidence and mindset shiftedWant to find out more about Emily?www.emilyadams.netShe has an awesome podcast: The Emily Adams ShowIG@inspireempowerimpactFacebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/mindsetandbusinesstribe/?ref=share


17 Mar 2021

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Episode 12- Emily Adams (classical music vs low incomes part 2)

Things Musicians Don't Talk About

The second episode in a three-part series, exploring the issues surrounding low incomes and the classical music world. Does our upbringing hold us back in the profession or propel us to push and subsequently work harder?Today I am speaking with Emily Adams. Emily is currently studying for her Masters in Musicology at the University of Oxford, where she recently completed her undergraduate studies. She is a keen violinist, currently studying with Paul Barritt. Her musical career has involved both solo and ensemble performances. In 2019, Emily performed the Mendelssohn Violin Concerto with Somerset County Youth Orchestra, and throughout her time in Oxford she has enjoyed making the most of the city’s thriving music scene.Coming from a working-class background, the various scholarships and bursaries she has received, such as Awards for Young Musicians, have been vital in enabling her to further her musical development. Thanks to this support and contributions towards the many costs involved with music education, Emily has been able to continue to benefit from private lessons, masterclasses, and orchestral training.


19 Oct 2020