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Q&A: Dan John's 4 Quadrants; When to use Knee Wraps?; Our Hobbies, and more! - The MM Podcast

The Muscle Mentors Podcast

Welcome to The Muscle Mentors Podcast!In this Q&A-based episode, Luke, Paul, Alex & Ryan answer questions from our followers on Instagram.Want to come and train with us next month? Make sure to book onto our November 2021 Hypertrophy Training Camp: https://www.themusclementors.co.uk/hypertrophy-training-camp-bookingWe answered questions on topics such as:- Who would we Sh*g/Marry/Kill out of James, Calum & Ross?,- What are Dan John's 4 Quadrants, and how can they help you and your clients better navigate the coaching experience?- What are our hobbies and how do we find them to be helpful for us?- When is using knee wraps, knee sleeves, and elbow sleeves inappropriate?Make sure to follow us on Instagram (@themusclementors) if you want to ask questions for future Q&As. Alternatively, you can ask us in person by getting involved in the Live Education Sessions and Study Groups we hold on our Education Portal (www.themusclementors.co.uk) every week.Thanks for tuning in to listen. We hope you enjoy the episode and, as usual, take some value from the conversation.Thanks to our partners & sponsors as always:Precision Prep UKCheck out the epic Pro Prep Range here:https://precisionprep.uk/collections/pro-prepUse code 'musclementors15' for 15% off your first order. Then code 'musclementors' for 10% off any subsequent orders.Supplement Needshttps://www.supplementneeds.co.uk/Use code 'musclementors' for 10% off all orders.RaOpticshttps://raoptics.com/Use code 'musclementors' for 10% off all orders.Thanks for listening and see you on the next one!– The Muscle Mentors


9 Oct 2021

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Dan John on What Kettlebell Exercises are Best for What

The Pat Flynn Show

Pat and Dan discuss what kettlebell exercises are best for what. For 101 FREE #kettlebell workouts visit http://www.101kettlebellworkouts.com 

1hr 1min

15 Sep 2021

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Dan John Answers Your Fitness Questions

The Pat Flynn Show

Dan John first discusses his "movement matrix" before taking questions from the audience on ideal nutrition, best kettlebell swing weight, and how to get your first push up. For 11 time-crunched, challenge-based kettlebell workout visit http://www.chroniclesofstrength.com/challengeworkouts 

1hr 6mins

24 Aug 2021

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BarBend Classic: Dan John on 10,000 Kettlebell Swings and Strength Origins

BarBend Podcast

Dan John is one of the most respected coaches in strength & conditioning. Over the course of his 40+ year career, he's become well known for straightforward, effective protocols and programs that strip away the fluff to proven principles. He joins the podcast to talk about the popularity of his 10,000 kettlebell swing program, the simplest path to recovery and performance, and what to focus on when you have limited time to train.


9 Aug 2021

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Dan John on Being Brilliant at the Basics

The Pat Flynn Show

Pat and Dan talk about why mastery is not moving away from the basics but deeper into them. Then questions from the audience on everything from best lifting footwear to why 2x20kg kettlebells are the ideal set.  For 101 FREE #Kettlebell workouts visit http://www.101kettlebellworkouts.com 


13 Jul 2021

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241. Dan John on grief, journaling and education

The Sifu Mimi Chan Show

Dan John discusses loss during the pandemic and how to cope with grief. We continue to explore the philosophies of […] The post 241. Dan John on grief, journaling and education appeared first on Sifu Mimi Chan.

1hr 7mins

6 Jul 2021

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Ep 15: Social Media, Fantasy Fitness (AND MORE) with Dan John

The Equipped with Strength Podcast

In this episode we take a big picture look of fitness with Dan John. We talk about the norms of modern fitness and the reality of what it means to be fit. The rules of good health don’t need to be complicated. By looking at your health from a holistic, simple, and honest perspective you can get a clear view of your fitness priorities instead of focusing on unrealistic and destructive “Fantasy Fitness”. 0:00  Introduction3:04  How do you weed out a good coach7:47  Social Media and Fantasy Fitness16:30 How has your faith influenced training and coaching?22:36 What happens when you fail? Obstacle planning28:28 Reconciling chasing status goals with the vanity metric of being healthy33:43 What should you do if you have fallen off track? How to be well-rounded in 1-2 workouts a week. 37:11 There is no perfect workout program41:32 Life happens, keep going46:58 What is “fit”ness48:00 ConclusionDan John is a professional coach, trainer, and religious scholar who has written and co-written books like “Never Let Go”,  “Mass Made Simple and Easy Strength”, “Can You Go?”, and “Now What?”. He has a background as an athlete and holds the current American record for the Weight Pentathlon. Dan teaches people about weights and kettlebells on his training site Dan John University, and passes his knowledge through numerous workshops and publications worldwide. You can check out and follow Dan here:http://danjohn.net/https://www.danjohnuniversity.com/=================WHERE ELSE TO FIND ME, YOUR HOST:Join the Body Trust Movement: https://equippedwithstrength.comWorkout Membership: https://equippedwithstrength.com/enrollAll Programs and Coaching: https://equippedwithstrength.com/workout-programs/


16 Jun 2021

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78 | Dan John, Strength Coach & Author

The Momentous Podcast

Our guest this week is Dan John. Dan has been a strength coach for over 40-years and was an All-American Discus Thrower. Dan has also competed at the highest level of Olympic Lifting, Highland Games, and Weight Pentathlon, in which he holds an American record. Dan is also the author of more than 10 books - the latest of which is titled Attempts - Essays on Fitness, Health, Longevity and Easy Strength.Our host this week is Phil White, an Emmy-nominated author and frequent contributor to the Momentous Blog. Phil has co-authored a number of bestselling books like The 17 Hour Fast with Dr. Frank Merritt, Waterman 2.0 with Dr. Kelly Starrett, and Unplugged with Andy Galpin & Brian Mackenzie. Find Dan:InstagramFacebookYouTubeDan John UniversityFind Phil:WebsiteInstagramTwitterFind Momentous:LiveMomentousInstagramFacebookTwitterYoutube

1hr 11mins

19 May 2021

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303: Dan John on Barbell Complexes, Loaded Carries, Goblet Squats, and More

The Absolute Strength Podcast

In this episode, I sit down with strength coach Dan John.


28 Apr 2021

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Heavy Carries, Walking and Dan John

Consummate Athlete Podcast

Strength Coach & Author Dan John discusses Strength, Walking, Heavy Carries, Peaking. We also discuss his training and body composition changes for an upcoming lifting contest.  Dan's Website - https://www.danjohnuniversity.com/ www.consummateathlete.com for Show Notes Support: a) Share an episode b) Rate & review c) Get our Book! Becoming a Consummate Athlete https://amzn.to/36B1Wat d) Book a Phone Consultation with Peter https://calendly.com/smartathlete

1hr 12mins

27 Apr 2021