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85 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Dan John. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Dan John, often where they are interviewed.

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85 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Dan John. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Dan John, often where they are interviewed.

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4 Week Challenge RECAST: Staying Fit During a Pandemic, with Dan John

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Jan 15 2021 · 54mins
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Dan John | Author, Coach, Professor, Kettlebell Legend

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On the season 2 finale, I welcome in Dan John. He is a world renowned strength coach & athlete, an author of 14 books, an online religious studies instructor for Columbia College of Missouri, a Fulbright Scholar, an All-American discus champion, and many more accomplishments. His resume is too long to list here. He has also created The Workout Generator available at https://www.danjohnuniversity.com/ which is an excellent resource for anyone looking for a program built for their available equipment and goals. We dive into Dan's background as a thrower, his ability to distill topics down to there essential elements, some of his favorite book recommendations, and his 60 years of lessons in 50 words. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did.

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Jan 13 2021 · 1hr 8mins

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EP 491: Dan John on a 3 Year vs 3 Day Approach to Fat Loss

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Pat and Dan discuss works in the fitness industry (including some of their own) they feel are underappreciated. Then, a listener question on what's needed to retain muscle while losing fat, in which Dan John recommends a 3 year "coaxing" approach to losing body fat, instead of a 3 day "fight or flight" burst. 


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Recently, I wrote a short (read: 30 pages) eBook called Introduction to Kettlebells, which is now available on Amazon for a whopping — brace yourself! — $1.

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Short story: Introduction to Kettlebells is a quick and dirty reference guide to the core single kettlebell techniques — exercises like the swing, snatch, clean, get up, squat, etc — and a simple, 7-day training cycle for getting strong and tough.

Inside the eBook are instructional pointers, pictures of each technique, and links to video tutorials. Finally, a simple and straightforward collection of workouts for improving general physical preparedness with just one kettlebell.

While this eBook is aimed at beginners, I think even veterans will get something out of it, since it’s always good to brush up on technique and return to basics.

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Jan 12 2021 · 1hr
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EP 489: Dan John on Overhead Squats, High Volume Kettlebell Swings, and Submaximal Training Loads

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Pat and Dan discuss why the overhead squat is both an awesome diagnostic tool and exercise to improve full body strength. They then discuss how to program overhead squats, the value of training with submaximal loads, and their respective high-volume swing challenges. 

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Jan 05 2021 · 56mins
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Legendary Weightlifting Champ Dan John at 63: Why Gyms Should Cater to the Fit-Over-50 Market -- Plus, BHU Bars, Sober January, Ep. 15

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Dan John is a champion athlete and veteran trainer with a ton of knowledge, tips and encouragement to share on being fit over 50. Dan is an All-American discus thrower. He has also competed at the highest levels of Olympic lifting, the Highland Games, and holds the American record in the Weight Pentathlon.

Dan -- inventor of the goblet squat, frequent contributor to fitness publications -- now gives workshops around the world, writes books, hosts The Dan John Podcast, and works with private clients from all walks of life including professional athletes and military personnel.

He remains active and competitive at age 63, despite injuries and setbacks that affect everyone a little later in life, even elite athletes.


The Dan John Podcast

Sober January


BHU bars

WebMD article: Will COVID Stifle Usual January Rush to Gyms?

Jan 05 2021 · 38mins
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EP 486: Dan john on Adult Fat Loss, Easy Strength, and Intermittent Fasting

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Pat and Dan are once again joined by special guest Dr. Jim Madden to discuss how to achieve effective, sustainable fat loss for adults through a reasonable combination of easy strength, brisk walking, and intermittent fasting. The conversation also explores what good use occasional challenges can serve.

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Dec 29 2020 · 1hr 3mins
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234: Dan John on The Art of Letting Go, Relaxation, and Conquering the “Monkey Brain” in Power Performance

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Our guest today is Dan John who is a strength coach, track coach, master’s track athlete, best-selling author, and all around sage of wisdom on all-things strength training for athletics and life itself.

Dan’s work has been profoundly impactful on my coaching, and training practice.  The older and more experienced I get as a coach, the more I find his reduction to the essentials, as well as global thinking, extremely valuable.  Dan appeared on podcast episode #96 with one of my favorite conversations since the start of this podcast series.

If you’ve been around elite coaches and athletes for long enough, you start to realize trends that go beyond the sets, reps and training prescriptions that work their way into the results that are being achieved in competition.  Elite athletes are strong enough for their sport, as well as being (hopefully) adequate in general physical measures, but they also tend to have elite levels of relaxation and tension management.  Many times, the best competitors carry a different outlook on competition itself.

For today’s show, Dan covers ideas on the art of “letting go” and achieving better performance through superior relaxation and tension management.  He also gets into some of the creative coaching practices he utilized for his throwers, such as playing unique games, “range” throwing, constraint based turns in the circle, and super-setting kettlebell work with throwing.  Finally, other important elements, such as the importance of being “deprived” of a good training environment, and elastic athletic performance are addressed in this conversation with a strength and track legend.

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Timestamps and Main Points

6:00 Things Dan thought was under-appreciated or went under the radar in the original “Easy Strength” book, (and a discussion on the idea of what is truly important in training, and not digging too far into details until basic standards of performance are met)

13:00 The usefulness of games for track athletes in regards to their overall conditioning with a level of specificity to their sport, and examples of games that Dan would play with his track athletes

17:00 The power of not having expectations in having one’s highest performance

24:00 Thoughts on the “right amount” of effort in one’s skills and events in competition

0:36 The art of deprivation, etc. in regards to training equipment or commonly used exercises

45:00 A chat on the integration of kettlebell training into athletic movement

50:50 The art of relaxation in throwing, sprinting and even weightlifting exercises, as well as a unique coaching system for varied tensioning in the athlete’s body during lifts
“I coach the hands and feet, I try to make them like mini-trampolines (a lot of bounce to the hands and feet)”

“The shoulders and the hips, I use the old Chinese medicine term, the “4-knots” tight enough to stay on, loose enough that you can un-string them”

“We as Americans have this love affair with these dressed up fancy programs on a spreadsheet… and it’s all crap… until they are throwing over 200,210 (feet) we don’t have to worry about the small details”

“With my throwers, we do almost zero conditioning, but on Friday’s, we always play a game”

“When you have no expectations, you let things happen (specifically in context of track and field throwing)… life at its highest end.. it’s effortless”

“It’s the art of practicing letting go… I think that a true meditation might be as good as (that extra little bit of conditioning) because practicing letting things happen, especially in track and field (is important).’

“Track and field is nothing but “bows and arrows”. When you high jump, you turn various parts of your body into a bow and arrow,
Dec 23 2020 · 1hr 6mins
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EP 484: Dan John on Why Fitness Is Like Taco Bell, Focused Training Blocks, and the Myth of Carryover

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Pat and Dan are joined by specialist guest Dr. Jim Madden, author of Ageless Athlete, to discuss the importance of focused training blocks for getting more out of your fitness routine, why fitness is like Taco Bell, and how to avoid falling into the myth of carryover when it comes to preparing for athletic endeavors.

Check out Generalist University at: https://www.chroniclesofstrength.com/generalistuniversity 

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Dec 22 2020 · 57mins
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EP 470: Dan John on Holiday Survival and Dumb Practicality

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Pat and Dan discuss the usefulness of "dumb practicality" and offer some tips for thriving during the upcoming holiday seasons!

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Nov 25 2020 · 54mins
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Fitness, Strength, and Attempts - Dan John

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Strength Coach, Writer, and Lecturer Dan John join us to discuss coaching, what fitness is, staying healthy, and doing what matters for your sport.    Check out "Attempts" - https://amzn.to/32SNFoI  https://www.danjohnuniversity.com/ - Dan's Website        Get our Book - "Becoming a Consummate Athlete " http://consummateathlete.com/book   Support the Show: a) Share an episode or post you like  b) Rate & review C) Donate at www.wideanglepodium.com/donate
Nov 17 2020 · 50mins