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295. Dan John on destiny and the hero’s journey

The Sifu Mimi Chan Show

Coach Dan John and I are back discussing life, destiny, cannibalism… and of course The Sword in the Stone! In T.H. White’s book, he raises the question: are you prepared for your destiny? It prompts an in-depth conversation on the hero’s journey. I love dissecting this book with Dan which entails so much more than reading a story. The post 295. Dan John on destiny and the hero’s journey first appeared on Sifu Mimi Chan.


2 Aug 2022

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307: Dan John on High-Velocity Learning, Games for Explosive Athletes, and Training Synergy

Just Fly Performance Podcast

Today’s episode features strength coach, track coach and writer, Dan John.  Dan is a legendary contributor to the world of human performance, having written numerous top-selling books in strength development, such as “Easy Strength”, as well as having coached and taught athletes for decades.  He has been a multi-time guest on this podcast, and is one of the greatest influences on the way I see the process of sport performance today.In the world of athletics, it becomes very easy to dissect elements of performance or biomechanics down to a level of minutia where things can actually lose effectiveness, efficiency, or both.  In large, fast, multi-joint movements, for example, we reap value that is often times “greater than the sum of its parts” when we are talking about the best way to achieve functional lower body development (such as using a squat or deadlift, rather than several machine based exercises to train the same muscles).  Fast sprinting is a more effective way to train the hamstrings than breaking hamstring training down into a series of strength exercises (although you can certainly do both).  In a similar vein, a game like volleyball or basketball is often times better than the sum of its parts in terms of agility and plyometric training.  Within the scope of complexity and velocity, the human body is forced to adapt to a higher level than a “broken down” versions.In his vast experience, Dan John has been able to see what “big things” in training are truly important, and how we can close the gap that so often appears between common training practices and competition.  He knows how to combine key elements in training and one’s life outside of training to create synergistic effects.On the podcast today, Dan speaks whole-part-whole teaching, and how training get actually get dissected to the point where we are creating gaps in actual competitive performance.  He will talk about the role of games (not specific to one’s primary sport) in athletic performance, in the off-season, in-season, and as a form of conditioning.  From there Dan goes into motor learning wisdom in coaching, and how he uses elements of velocity, complexity, rhythm and relaxation to help athletes adapt to better technical proficiency, as well as dealing with over-analytical athletes in this process.  Finally, Dan finishes the show with some practical wisdom on sets and reps in the grand scheme of program design, as well as some thoughts on periodization.  It’s always an honor to have Dan on, and listen to his coaching wisdom from decades in his craft.Today’s episode is brought to you by SimpliFaster and Lost Empire Herbs.For 15% off your Lost Empire Herbs order, head to lostempireherbs.com/justfly.To try Pine Pollen for FREE (just pay for shipping), head to: justflypinepollen.comView more podcast episodes at the podcast homepage.Timestamps and Main Points:4:00 – Whole-Part-Whole teaching, and principles of not overly dissecting movements in the process of athletic development9:19 – Principles on synergy, and the “sum of the parts” being greater than the individual elements, when it comes to a sport or major human movement16:08 – The importance of games in athletic programming, and how game play can fulfill many conditioning needs of athletes without over-complicating the process22:21 – How the “fundamentals” of free play and overall athleticism are critical in the general development of athletes28:50 – What Dan’s throw practices look like in terms of the proportion of drills or constraints vs. traditional throws33:45 – How giving athletes more complexity can be a cure for “monkey brain”, or over-thinking athletes43:43 – Dan’s take on the “Rewzon study” on variable long jump training, and how it carries into his throws practice54:23 – Advanced, or “magic” drills in track and field, or sports performance1:04:10 – Dan’s thoughts on where to get started with “sets and reps” in ...

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19 May 2022

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#64 - Dan John: The Constraints of Minimalism

The Strength Connection

In the 64th episode of The Strength Connection Podcast, Mike and our special guest Speaker, Best Selling Author, Master RKC, Religious studies instructor for Columbia College of Missouri, Dan John, will talk about minimalism in training and more.Join us in this insightful and captivating talk! In this chapter you will discover:(1:00) Introducing our special guest, Speaker, Best Selling Author, Master RKC, Religious studies instructor for Columbia College of Missouri, Dan John @coachdanjohn(1:20) The Strength Connection Podcast: #41 - Dan John: The Art Of Writinghttps://podcasts.google.com/feed/aHR0cHM6Ly9mZWVkcy5idXp6c3Byb3V0LmNvbS8xODYwOTgxLnJzcw/episode/QnV6enNwcm91dC0xMDAzMjM5NQ?hl=en-PK&ved=2ahUKEwihx6rG67f3AhVwgf0HHYGpAWsQjrkEegQICxAF&ep=6 (2:30) About minimalism(2:55) The prisoner's dilemma(4:00) Minimalism: the definition(4:20) “To me, minimalism is when there's a constraint put upon you.” - Dan John @coachdanjohn(6:55) Olympics weightlifting: a minimalistic sport(7:45) The MED(9:15) Ultimate frisbee(10:05) Teaching at a catholic school(10:50) “What constraints do very much is open you up.” - Dan John @coachdanjohn(12:40) Shout out to James R Fuller @strongman_archaeology(13:20) Shout out to Jerzy Gregorek Facebook: @hardchoiceseasylife(15:35) “Minimalism is being constrained and then intelligently overcoming that constraint.” - Dan John @coachdanjohn(16:00) Conversation with an Olympics athlete(17:05) “If you have everything, where would you put it?” - Dan John @coachdanjohn(17:20) Advantages of having less(18:40) “When you decide you have to cut.” - Dan John @coachdanjohn(18:55) Dan’s experiment idea(21:15) “To be ultra creative and tap into that, you have to be in the boring zone for a little.” - Michael Kurkowski @mike_strength_connection(21:45) The Twilight Zone(23:10) “Hell is winning every time at roulette.” - Dan John @coachdanjohn(23:45) Dan’s father’s report(25:10) Shout out to Kobe Bryant #KobeBryant(26:40) “Sometimes just having the free will and all the choice of all the time in the world to do it means that it's never going to get done.” - Michael Kurkowski @mike_strength_connection(26:55) The poem contest(29:45) The paper reading session(30:55) Villanelle: a poem(32:20) “Everybody is an expert until it’s heavy.” - Dan John @coachdanjohn(32:55) Feedback on the online dork society(33:55) Shout out to Joe Mills(35:25) Shout out to Mario Martinez(37:00) Shout out to Denzel Allen @powerofstrenght(38:35) Overrated exercises, according to Dan(39:25) The exercises that Dan hate(41:10) Turkish get-ups(42:00) Economics 101 in fitness(46:20) Turkish get-up with Dixie cup(47:30) Overprepared people(49:10) Three types of struggling people(53:10) Secrets of the Kettlebell book(1:00:15) Dan’s future plans(1:00:30) Never let go by Dan John @coachdanjohnhttps://www.amazon.com/Never-Let-Go-Philosophy-Learning/dp/1931046387 Where to find Dan John? @coachdanjohn

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28 Apr 2022

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279. Coach Dan John on the unfairness of life

The Sifu Mimi Chan Show

This is my tenth episode with Coach Dan John and it is my favorite so far. Be ready to cry, laugh, and think with us during this hour. Dan is extremely thoughtful and insightful and I have been on an extraordinary journey with him exploring the philosophies of The Sword in the Stone by T.H. White. The post 279. Coach Dan John on the unfairness of life first appeared on Sifu Mimi Chan.


19 Apr 2022

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Dan John - Episode 598

Behind The Shield

Dan John is an elite athlete, author and revered strength and conditioning coach. We discuss the impact of war on his family, training the youth athlete, physical education, gut biome, rehabilitating the tactical professions and so much more.

1hr 17mins

7 Apr 2022

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EP 68 Dan John: Always A Place At The Table

Lift Free And Diet Hard with Andrew Coates

Legendary strength coach and educator Dan John joins the podcast to share wisdom from his 40+ years as a coach. Dan talks about getting a wide variety of coaching experience early, of "Being so good they can't ignore you" a famous Steve Martin quote, in regards to cutting through social media novelty, and how he values problem solvers and thinkers, not problem finders and memorizers. Dan also shares some nuanced thoughts about his legacy and the importance of giving credit to people for their work. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thefitnessdevil/support


1 Mar 2022

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#41 - Dan John: The Art Of Writing

The Strength Connection

In the 41st episode of The Strenght Connection Podcast, Mike and our special guest Speaker, Best Selling Author, Master SFG, Religious studies instructor for Columbia College of Missouri, Dan John will talk about why writers don’t get paid anymore, book piracy, vertical communities, Dan’s writing and editing process, pure present, how to live blissfully dissatisfied, The Life of Brian, A Fish Called Wanda, and more.Join us in this insightful and captivating talk!In this chapter you will discover:(2:05) Introducing our special guest Speaker, Best Selling Author, Master SFG, Religious studies instructor for Columbia College of Missouri, Dan John @coachdanjohn(2:35) 40 Years With A Whistle: Life Lessons from the Field of Play by Dan John (2:50) Attempts: Essays on Fitness, Health, Longevity and Easy Strength by Dan John(2:55) Nothing works anymore(6:20) Book piracy sites(6:50) Life of Brian(7:30) Writers don’t get paid anymore(8:25) Fight Club: A Novel by Chuck Palahniuk @chuckpalahniuk(8:35) Jack Snyder’s Justice League @snydercut(9:35) Commit!!!(10:40) “I can tell you in 30 seconds the best training program you will ever do in your damn life. But then it is up to you to do it.” - Dan John @coachdanjohn(12:00) Dan about the Lord Of The Rings(13:20) Dan’s plan-making process(14:00) Details matters(14:30) The delicious grape story(15:45) What’s next?(17:10) “Talk about people who live in the pure present.” - Unknown(17:15) Pure present(18:30) Live blissfully dissatisfied(18:50) Earl Nightingale Series on Youtube(18:50) Goal setter vs goal achiever(20:40) On Writing: a memoir of the craft by Stephen King Twitter: @stephenking(22:05) About editing(23:20) A Fish Called Wanda(25:00) Never Let Go by Dan John @coachdanjohn(25:40) Change in Dan’s writing process(27:10) “Retyping a good article, retyping a good short story is mindblowing to help you.” - Dan John @coachdanjohn(29:30) Failed education system(30:00) “The English teachers have gotten so weird with their red pen and their concern apostrophe-s that they miss the point that the student was writing a suicide note.” - Dan John @coachdanjohn(31:10) The Journey Of Socrates by Dan Millman Twitter @pwdan(32:00) The hidden life by Dan Millman @danmillmanpw(33:45) Misconception about creativity in America(35:00) To make it simple is a hard word(35:15) Limit your free will to be productive(37:20) The catalyst to Dan’s mindset(39:40) “You are the sum of your habits.” - Dan John @coachdanjohn(40:50) Shout out to Tyler Wall @tylerjameswall(41:50) Dan is always learning and experimenting(45:50) The 20/80 rule(46:10) 1,600 calories, 16,000 steps plan(46:30) Minnesota starvation study(48:50) Sustainability and consistency(49:30) Good Theology concept: horizontal and vertical communities(51:00) The vertical community about weight lifting(52:25) What’s a vertical community(54:35) Dan’s family; an example of vertical community(56:15) You often don’t listen to the vertical community(58:10) “Embrace the obvious.” Dan John @coachdanjohn(1:00:00) What did Dan do during the pandemic?(1:00:50) How Dan started losing weight(1:03:45) Dan’s everyday goal system(1:05:35) Decluttering doubled Dan’s income(1:07:26) “Foundation make a fortune but to make a foundation you need a brick.” - Dan John @coachdanjohn(1:10:00) Shoveling after the lake effect storm(1:11:05) Dan’s upcoming book(1:12:15) 10 bad days or 355 good days?(1:13:10) “I write to break through writer's block” - Dan John @coachdanjohn(1:13:45) Where can you find Dan John? @coachdanjohn(1:13:55) Special discount code

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8 Feb 2022

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Dan John on Building Work Capacity with Kettlebells

The Pat Flynn Show

Pat and Dan talk about the importance of work capacity and how kettlebells can help. For 101 FREE kettlebell workouts visit http://www.101kettlebellworkouts.com 


1 Feb 2022

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Dan John's "Group Workout" and Live QnA

The Pat Flynn Show

This episode started great but became crappy because Pat got disconnected. Fortunately, Dan saved the day by staying online and answering live questions from listeners! For 101 free kettlebell workouts visit http://www.101kettlebellworkouts.com 


26 Jan 2022

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Dan John on Protein Targets, Intermittent Fasting, and Dealing with Haterz

The Pat Flynn Show

Pat and Dan discuss how to handle haters and trolls, appropriate protein targets, intermittent fasting, and more. For 101 FREE #kettlebell workouts visit http://www.101kettlebellworkouts.com 


18 Jan 2022