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BM Talks Cycling: Jeremy Go of Go for Gold and Ric Rodriguez of 7 Eleven–Cliqq–air21-Roadbike Philippines share their insights on how they build Continental Teams that compete in international races

BM Broader Look

Welcome to Breaktime Musings, a segment of the BusinessMirror BM Broader Look podcast. Today’s podcast puts a spotlight on professional cycling. It is based on the BusinessMirror Cycling talk show streamed live via the BusinessMirror website and Facebook page every Monday. The show is moderated by BusinessMirror Sports Editor Jun Lomibao and by National Commissaire for Road Sunshine Joy Vallejo. We podcast today the fifth episode of the BusinessMirror Cycling talk show, which had Jeremy Go of the Go for Gold Continental Team and Ric Rodriguez of 7 Eleven–Cliqq–air21 Road Bike Philippines Continental Team as guests.


16 Feb 2021

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RankUp #17 - Rethinking SEO Strategy with Ric Rodriguez


We welcomed Ric Rodriguez to the RankUp podcast for episode 17 to discuss his unique take on SEO strategy. You can listen to the full interview on your podcast app of choice, or right here on this page. And now, for the first time, you can keep reading to see the first 20 minutes of the interview in text form, or use the contents block below to skip to a paritcular topic of interest. Introducing Ric Ben: Can you give us a quick overview of how you got to your current role and what that means for you now? Ric: So first things first. I'm Search Director at Vashi, which means my responsibility is across paid search and organic search. I'm also overseeing our performance channels as well. [Before Vashi] I was predominantly an agency-side marketer, including being employee number four at Three Whiskey, so I was agency through and through. I also spent a year at Yext, a technology vendor in the search space. While I was there, I was effectively their European evangelist talking to businesses about all the wonderful things that search can do for them. How do you start out with SEO in a new industry? Ben: What it was like for you getting to grips with the SEO requirements for a site that you're now Search Director for, you were new to? Ric: Whether you’re agency or in-house, you have to learn quite quickly. That was the challenge with me. I can't claim to have been a super expert on the jewellery industry…I bought jewellery before I and thought I knew a lot, but as with all different subjects, there's tons of tons of information out there that you need to know. I've learned to approach these challenges in a way in which I put myself in the mindset of the customer and then figure out what's out there. So let's take a general example. You might know nothing about mortgages. And so the first thing you do is say, “What would I do if I actually needed the mortgage?” The first thing I'll be doing is looking at what's in the search results. I then go to YouTube, and lots of different places to start to piece these ideas together and build my knowledge, and then you start to follow the rabbit holes as you figure out more. Over time, you get to learn the industry and what's out there in the competitive landscape. Exploring the search landscape like a customer Edd: It sounds like you're approaching it from a joint view where there's a professional level to which you need to know stuff, where you’re in-house or agency. If you're going to provide good service, you need to get a base level understanding of what you're working in. But you’re also able to replicate what a user on the street is doing pretty closely because you're having to do the same searches as customers who don’t know the industry.I've mentioned before that I was sitting next to a friend when he was shopping for a jacket and I saw him go to image search, and I thought, “Why are you searching that way?” But it's these ways of thinking like a customer or trying to get to know how a customer shops within that industry that gives you the biggest wins.Ric: We often think of search often as a search engine and therefore we have a very clear view of what the output is. I prefer to think of search as a verb, not a noun, because it is ultimately a way in which anyone can look for information and find it. It could be anything from traditional search engines like Google, to third party comparison sites, or image search in your example.


28 Jan 2021

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The One Where We Discuss SEO Horror Stories With Ric Rodriguez


This week, Hannah and Sarah have the absolute pleasure of interviewing Ric Rodriguez, Head Of Search at VASHI, Co-Author Of An Amazon Bestseller, Speaker, Head Judge & Mentor.The episode begins with the hosts learning more about Ric with a quickfire round of personal questions, where we learn everything from unpopular opinion to secret talents and unpopular opinions.Questions then move onto finding out about his career, how he became a co-author of an Amazon bestselling book, what he likes most about judging, how he got into the industry and what he loves most about SEO.With it being Halloween, the theme of this episode is SEO horror stories and ghosts of ranking past.Ric discusses what are some of the old SEO techniques that people still do and shares SEO horror stories that he has experienced, what the fix/solution was and what he suggests is best for safeguarding your website from these horrors in the future.Of course this week’s feature is Halloween related. What does Sarah have up her sleeve for Hannah and Ric, only one way to find out...ResourcesMastering In-House SEO (book)Where to find RicLinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ricprodriguez/Website: https://ricrodriguez.co.uk/Twitter: https://twitter.com/RicRodriguez_UK


2 Nov 2020

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The Future of Search with Ric Rodriguez


Learn about the future of Search and how to ensure your SEO strategy is right-sized for the coming changesin this epsiode - “The Future of Search with Ric Rodriguez”.The way that we use search engines is changing rapidly. The growth of diversification of the information on the internet and the way in which we intercat with it, is driving significant change in the art of SEO.  YouTube SEO, Amazon SEO and Voice SEO are all off-shoots of traditional SEO. To explore all this and more we interview Ric Rodriguez, SEO Expert and Head of Search of VASHI.Hosted by Aleksandra King, sponsored and produced by Digital Agency, MintTwist and Broadcast PR Agency Shout! 


23 Jul 2020

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Meet Ric Rodriguez - One of the UK's Top Technical SEOs

Fly High Media Talks

Meet Ric Rodriguez, he is one of the UK's leading SEOs and is working at NYSE-listed technology company Yext, delivering industry-changing products to the world. Ric is very passionate in his approach to search, after starting out in social media, he moved to link building and a few years later he worked his way up as a Senior SEO Director at iProspect. Along the way, he has had success with brands such as L'Oreal and Regus.  In July 2019, Ric joined the NYSE-listed technology company Yext, who enable brands to deliver verified answers to customer questions about them both on and off their site. Ric, in 2020 became the co-author of the book "Mastering In-House SEO", he regularly speaks at events around the world and contributes to well-known search blogs such as Search Engine Journal and Search Engine Watch.  Mastering In-House SEO: http://masteringinhouseseo.com/   Upcoming Speaking Event: https://omr.com/en/events/digitalmasterclasses/   Ric's Twitter: https://twitter.com/ricrodriguez_uk  Ric's LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ricprodriguez/   Ric's Website: http://ricrodriguez.co.uk/ ——————————   SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channel: https://www.flyhighmedia.co.uk/SUBSCRIBE   ——————————   About Fly High Media    We specialise in search engine optimisation (SEO), paid search (PPC), Facebook advertising and social media consultancy. Our web-branch of our business which is handled by Fly High Web provides website development and website hosting solutions for SMEs.    ——————————   Agency Website: https://www.flyhighmedia.co.uk Facebook: https://www.flyhighmedia.co.uk/Facebook Twitter: https://www.flyhighmedia.co.uk/Twitter   LinkedIn: https://www.flyhighmedia.co.uk/LinkedIn Instagram: https://www.flyhighmedia.co.uk/Instagram ——————————   Matt’s Social Links:   Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/matthewjpyke/  Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/matthewjpyke/  LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/matthewjpyke/  Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/matthewjpyke/ ——————————


10 Jun 2020

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Reviews in SEO Today and Tomorrow (Ric Rodriguez with Jason Barnard)

With Jason Barnard...

Ric Rodriguez with Jason Barnard at Digital Elite DayRic Rodrigues talks to Jason Barnard about reviews in SEO.Ric is the first guest to ask specifically for the song. Apparently it haunts his dreams! Ric is really into local SEO, and so he is a big fan of reviews. I start on the obvious advantage – reducing Google Ads costs. Ric suggests takes it much further. He gets very excited about the amazing insights we can get from analysing the reviews data we have. Trustpilot have seen a 40% uptick in organic traffic due to the E-A-T updates … Three factors for local search – proximity, NAPS, credibility (and accuracy, so four!). Google are looking for trust in you as a brand, and trust in the information it has about you. Reviews help enormously with both. I mention inferred reviews back in June, two months before Bill Slawski’s article about Quality Visit Scores Patent (Granted: July 30, 2019). Then we get into Android tracking – both direct and indirect, touching on probabilistic and deterministic wotsits for tracking (I get a bit confused). We debate whether Jim Carrey in Yes Man could be tracked by his behaviour. Then into the BIG (and most interesting) chunk of the conversation – aggregating and using review data ourselves, where reviews are being used by Google, and where they might be taking this. Reviews are the pulse of your clients. By doing analysis of the sentiment pre and post offline marketing campaign, you can measure the success. Reviews feed into E-A-T, the Knowledge Graph, brand measurement, We agree that everyone in SEO should be looking into reviews. During the conversation, Bill Slawski comes up a few times, and every time, we both get unreasonably enthusiastic.


27 Aug 2019

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Wonderful World of SEO with Ric Rodriguez

Digital Marketing Punkcast

SEO is NOT Digital Voodoo. I invited Ric Rodriguez onto the podcast this week to talk about the wonderful world of SEO. I was very excited to bring Ric onto the podcast this week, who is the superhero of the SEO world. His job title actually is DIRECTOR OF SEO. How much more proof do… The post Episode 10 – Wonderful World of SEO with Ric Rodriguez appeared first on Digital Marketing Punk.

1hr 6mins

6 Nov 2018