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Queen Andrew Scott

Queen4Queen: The Podcast

The incredibly talented Queen Andrew Scott joins Cookie Couture on this week’s episode of Queen4Queen! The divas dish on the evolution of the Seattle drag scene post-COVID, Queen Andrew recounts some of her very first (and some of her very weirdest) drag gigs, and she shares how her sobriety has helped her drag level up. Support the show on Patreaon: patreon.com/Queen4Queen And follow Cookie on Instagram: @CookieCoutureQueen Interested in advertising on the podcast? Write to us at Queen4QueenPodcast@gmail.com


30 Aug 2022

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Andrew Scott (CEO of Operation Mobilization USA)

Mere Christians

Jordan Raynor sits down with Andrew Scott, CEO of Operation Mobilization USA, to talk about the startling percentage of early church growth that came through mere Christians, the practical implications of the fact that your “passions have been redeemed," and whether or not the Great Commission negates the First Commission.Links Mentioned:Andrew Scott on LinkedInAndrew Scott on InstagramScatterScatter GlobalWhat is Scatter Global all about?Scatter Foundations Video SeriesGlobal Jobs BoardDiscovery CallOperation MobilizationErik Rees on LinkedInS.H.A.P.E.The CallThe Holy BibleEvangelism in the Early ChurchThe Word Before WorkGarden CityDual TransformationJordan Raynor


29 Jun 2022

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Made for This - Andrew Scott

Passion City Church DC Podcast

This week we are joined by a good friend of our house: Andrew Scott, President and CEO of Operation Mobilization. Andrew brings an encouraging message about the identity that God has given us, and how it has the power to change our purpose no matter where we find ourselves in life. Key Verses // Genesis 1:26-27, 2:15, Ephesians 1:4-5, 1:11-12, 2:10 —Do you feel frustrated by a pattern of personal failures, overwhelmed by a chaotic culture, or disillusioned by a lack of meaning in everyday life? Your struggles do not mean you’re doomed. They’re actually a sign that you are alive. Now it’s a question of whether you will struggle well. Pastor Ben's new book, Rest & War, is a field guide designed to equip you to walk elegantly through the battlefield of life. Rest & War is out now, order your copy today!https://www.restandwar.com/—Give towards what God is doing through Passion City Church: https://passioncitychurch.com/give-online—With Passion City Online you can join us every Sunday for gatherings at 9:30a + 11:30a! Join us at https://passioncitychurch.com/dcSubscribe to our Youtube channel to see more messages https://www.youtube.com/passioncitychurchdc—At Passion City Church, we believe that because God has displayed the ultimate sacrifice in Jesus, our response to that in worship must be extravagant. It is our privilege, and our created purpose, to reflect God’s Glory to Him through our praise, our sacrifice, and our song. Follow Passion City Church: https://www.instagram.com/passioncitydc/Follow Ben Stuart: https://www.instagram.com/ben_stuart_/Passion City Church is a Jesus church with locations in Atlanta and Washington D.C.  More info on Passion: https://passioncitychurch.com


21 Jun 2022

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Recognising and Shifting the Stories that Hold Us Back - Interview Andrew Scott

The Restless Midlifer

It's episode58.   Another 'Friday bonus' interview, this time with author and coach Andrew Scott. Andrew is the author of Shifting Stories: How changing their stories can transform people (see www.ShiftingStories.uk) and works with clients to help them identify and shift troublesome narratives. Dave and Andrew explore how this can be applied to shifting self-sabotage when it comes to personal goals such as health improvement or weight loss.David Algeo is a Restless Midlifer, searching for answers and adventure. His mission, should you choose to join him, is to seek out ways to get life back on his terms, heading in a more fulfilling direction and enhancing his health in the process. Dave is a writer, coach, and constantly curious person, striving to encourage others to live big - by identifying the small but significant things that can transform the life we are living. Join Dave as he explores how to regain the spirit of adventure and childlike curiosity whilst managing the "grown-up" responsibilities of life. Dave's approach to making changes in life, health and direction, are rooted in his 'sprout sweater philosophy. Check out his 'Crackerjack' video here https://youtu.be/OZM4ObMSu6U to learn more about the basic metaphor. Check out episodes 30 and 31 to learn more about Dave's approach.Visit podcast or search for 'Restless Midlifer' in your favourite podcast feed. To find out more about the podcast, and episode show notes visit www.restlesmidlifer.com/podcast. Drop Dave a line at dave@restlessmidlifer.com to ask questions, offer feedback or suggestions for future podcast content.Don't forget, a great review really helps the show reach more people. If you are enjoying the show and haven't already, please visit review to rate and review.


3 Jun 2022

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E8 Staying Sane Through a Pandemic by Podcasting with Andrew Scott

Who Makes A Podcast

Podcast Quick Start Checklist: https://www.whomakesapodcast.com/start/ Full Show Notes: https://www.whomakesapodcast.com/e8/ My guest today is Andrew Scott, content creator, professional voice actor, self proclaimed multimedia nerd, and co-host and producer of the Keep Your Hat On podcast. With three of his friends, Andrew started Keep Your Hat On at the start of the pandemic as a means to stay engaged in thoughtful and empathetic conversation around important events. Andrew is also a professional voice over artist and broadcast radio enthusiast, and we talk about the impact radio has had on himself, and on podcasting.

1hr 14mins

20 Apr 2022

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Aaron Peters and Andrew Scott - Architecture Competitions

Hearing Architecture

Our guests in this episode are Aaron Peters from the Queensland based firm Vokes and Peters, and Andrew Scott from the New South Wales based firm Panovscott. Aaron and Andrew worked together on a submission for the 2017 National Gallery of Victoria’s annual architecture commission. They share with us the benefits of collaboration, working on a 2 stage competition, and how working on competitions can feed other work even when a practice doesn’t win. The interview is taken care of by Sam McQueeney who is an EmAGN committee member based in Queensland who also works at Vokes and Peters.


31 Mar 2022

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The Buick Grand National with Andrew Scott

Classic Car Corner

What's a Buick Grand National? Glad you asked! This week's guest Andrew Scott is going to tell us all about these rare machines, including what *really* lies under the hood of one, the difference between the GN and the GNX, and what one will fetch at auction (hint, it's going to take a bit more than the average second mortgage!). Join the conversation and learn all about these singular, beautiful and eclectic motor vehicles! This episode is brought to you in part by Springdale Automotive. With over 25 years in the auto repair and maintenance business, Springdale Automotive is the perfect place to care for the vital workings of your treasured classic cars in the Louisville  Kentucky metro area. Classic Car Corner is proudly sponsored by G.D. Herring, providing insurance for not only your classic cars, but all your life's most valuable treasures, including life, home and collectibles. Visit them today for a customized quote.


26 Feb 2022

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Episode 16 - White Marble, Andrew Scott

On The Button - Video Marketing Podcast

In this episode we speak to Andrew Scott, managing director at White Marble Consulting. He speaks about the challenges when using video in the finance sector, the importance of consistency, and trends for 2022. Available with video at bigbutton.tv/resources/


23 Feb 2022

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Andrew Scott - Stop Searching for Purpose

SouthCrest Church Podcast

SouthCrest Church Sunday morning message, 2/20/22. Speaker Andrew Scott teaches us to stop searching for our purpose, because, as a created child of God, God has given us our purpose. Andrew calls on us to know our identity in God, so that we can live out our God given purpose.


20 Feb 2022

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You Were Made for This - Andrew Scott

Passion City Church Podcast

As we continue our series, "To The Ends of The Earth," CEO and President of Operation Mobilization, Andrew Scott joins us to remind us of history's most successful evangelists, and our opportunity to join the story of God worldwide. —With Passion City Online, you can join us every Sunday live at 9:30a and 11:45a, and our gatherings are available on-demand starting at 2p! Join us at https://passioncitychurch.com/online—Subscribe to our channel to see more messages from Passion City Church:https://www.youtube.com/passioncitychurch1—Looking for content for your Kids? Subscribe to our Passion Kids Channel:https://passion.link/passionkidsonline—At Passion City Church, we believe that because God has displayed the ultimate sacrifice in Jesus, our response to that in worship must be extravagant. It is our privilege, and our created purpose, to reflect God’s Glory to Him through our praise, our sacrifice, and our song.—Follow Passion City Church: https://www.instagram.com/passioncity/Follow Louie Giglio: https://www.instagram.com/louiegiglio Passion City Church is a Jesus church with locations in Atlanta and Washington D.C.


12 Jul 2021