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S1E3: Tracy Sorensen: Personification, the Posthuman and the Poseidon Adventure

The Australasian Posthumanities

Tracy asks, 'Do one's abdominal organs "belong" to oneself?' In A Thousand Plateaus, Deleuze and Guattari refer to the Body Without Organs - a mysterious and confounding concept. Interestingly, they're careful to explain they have nothing against organs; it's the assemblage that is the problem, because assemblages tend to concentrate or enact power. In my novel, working title The Pouch of Douglas*, the affected organs in a cancerous human body tell us about their own lives and trials. It is a cancer memoir with a difference: the "romantically suffering" human subject is radically decentered; she is glimpsed only ​indirectly, as a character offstage in this drama, or perhaps as venue for the drama. More information about the Australasian Post-Humanities at aposthumanities.org.


17 Oct 2020

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Thresholds: Sally Neaves interviews Tracy Sorensen


Tracy Sorensen is a much-loved author, activist, filmmaker and journalist who is currently completing a PhD in Craft and Climate Change communication. She is a vital part of the Bathurst community having been the president of BCCAN (The Bathurst Community Climate Action Network) and co-founder of The River Yarners (a knitting activist group) and has been vocal and involved in protecting our waterways, parks and nature reserves here in the Central West.


12 Jun 2019

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Tracy Sorensen — "Writing climate fiction, living climate reality"


Filmmaker, writer, academic, journalist and activist Tracy Sorensen is a woman of many talents. She touches on, and in some cases dives deeply into many of these areas in her chat with Rich. Her personal experience in learning about and coping with climate change is insightful and relatable and her gift for communication is obvious. Hear her perspective on the power of arts in talking to people on the importance of climate change, a view shared by the Climactic hosts and one we think you'll enjoy hearing. (And Tracy delivers a Climactic exclusive right at the very end!) If you've got thoughts about the episode, and would like to join in the conversation, check out our new Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/273154463431041 Credits: Caleb Fidecaro — Producer Rich Bowden — Co-Founder Mark Spencer — Co-Founder Abigail Hawkins — Designer Greg Grassi — ComposerSpecial Guest: Tracy Sorensen.Support ClimacticLinks:FEED4FARMERS — We are calling on the western region community and businesses to join our farmers hand in hand to battle the devastating effects drought is taking on our NEIGHBOURS, FRIENDS AND FAMILIES! We will be asking for donations to supply feed for farmers stock to ease the burden. The squawkin' galah | Tracy Sorensen – writer, film maker, academic — Hi there! My name’s Tracy Sorensen. I write, make videos and teach media in Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia.Bathurst Community Climate Action Network | Taking steps towards a low-carbon, sustainable community — Bathurst Community Climate Action Network has been working on a local response to a global challenge for just over 10 years.Tense wait in the court house to hear the final verdict | Western Advocate — The action was part of a last-ditch effort by the tiny village of Wollar to save itself from a new open-cut coal mine on its doorstep.Storyland | Harper Collins Australia : Harper Collins Australia — An ambitious, remarkable and moving novel about who we are: our past, present and future, and our connection to this land.Staying with the Trouble: Making Kin in the Chthulucene by Donna Haraway | ReviewSupport the show: https://www.climactic.fm/p/support-the-collective/


1 Aug 2018

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Tracy Sorensen on The Lucky Galah

Compulsive Reader talks

Tracy Sorensen drops by Compulsive Reader Talks to read from and chat about her new book The Lucky Galah. The conversation is wide ranging but we talk about such things as her fabulous main character Lucky, about anthropomorphism and the relationship between the human and natural worlds, about 'hooking up' with author Charlotte Wood, about the Varuna writer retreat and retreats in general, about the Canarvon dish, magic realism, space travel, and lots more.  Tracy Sorensen's website is: http://squawkingalah.com.au/


27 Mar 2018

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Ep: 52 Tracy Sorensen – The Lucky Galah

The Book Podcast

It’s 1969 and a remote Australian coastal town is poised to play its part in the Moon Landing. An influx of expat NASA employees working at the tracking station on the sand dune just out of town shake things up.  A pink and grey galah cockatoo emerges from a cage at the back door of the Kelly household and uncovers some tightly-held secrets.Continue reading

27 Feb 2018