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Be the Author of your own life! - with Emily Tamayo Maher

So... that got me thinking!

We are talking about prescription medication addiction, living in India, working for the UN and failing forward. Todays special guest- book coach and best seller in women’s spirituality- Emily Tamayo Maher.


14 Mar 2021

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Make your story mean something. With Emily Tamayo Maher

Integral Women Soundbites

You're the author of your life. Go deeper into your experience and make this the story you want it to be. Make it mean something. Writer's Block! Facebook Integral Women Podcast, where women from around the world share insight and wisdom in the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee, with your Host, Sierra Melcher Comment on the show or ask a question of our guests. Send in a voice message Follow + listen anywhere you listen to podcasts. Leave a review and let us know how we are doing. If you want to support this podcast, donations are gratefully welcome. See what other projects Integral Women have in the works: Twitter Instagram Facebook Integral Women Or drop us an email --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/integral-women/message


23 Apr 2020

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Spotlight on my women: Writing, creativity and the chakras - with Emily Tamayo Maher


Today, in Karlosophies, Karly changes things up and starts a mini series showcasing some of the women who have helped her 'find her freq'. We kick of with this episode that featured originally on Keeping Good Company. It's an open and honest conversation about what it's like to write a book, and an exploration on creativity and it's relationship to the chakra system.


6 Nov 2018

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Finding your voice and sharing your story with Emily Tamayo Maher

Keeping Good Company

Karly brings us an inspiring chat with her author coach, Emily Tamayo Maher. Emily is the creator of The Meaning Method, a program she uses to help aspiring authors turn their personal life story into the books they were meant to write. This chat is simultaneously grounded in the practical and wonderfully woo-woo.Today, on Keeping Good Company, Karly and Emily delve into the common blocks people face when writing a book and creating more generally, with an overarching theme of tying in the chakra system and the power of imagination.1:27 Emily shares her passion for coaching aspiring authors to write their book and her path from stressed out teacher to working fulltime in her own business. Karly and Emily reminisce about how the universe brought them together.3:45 Karly and Emily riff on the power of taking some small action when you’re feeling stuck or overwhelmed by self-doubt.6:25 Karly shares the effect of finishing her book and releasing it in audiobook format and Emily shines a light on the transformative power of telling the story of your life.10:00 The conversation turns to the creative process. Karly shares the process she has recognised in her own creative life – the summer and winter of her creations. Emily praises Karly’s personal ethos to move faster than her inner critic. They reflect on their own experiences of throwing themselves over the wall.14:40 Karly and Emily partake in a fascinating conversation about the chakra system and the flow of ideas through the chakras. Emily touches on empowering your imagination and the function of the imagination to perceive and command. Emily also shares her belief that you are supposed to make real your dreams.23:15 Karly reflects on the acceptance she experienced by having awareness around her creative process. Her creation tap is turned fully on and she can detach from the self-doubt.24:45 Emily shares her inspiring approach to turning her clients doubt centre into a clear vision centre through energy work; empowering imagination to become more creative. She also shares how she has personally used her methods in her own life to leave teaching and create a fulltime business for herself.28:38 Karly asks Emily what common blocks people face once they’ve moved past self-doubt. Next follows an enlightening conversation about finding your voice, procrastination, faith and flexibility.32:24 Karly and Emily dive deeper on finding your voice and message: tips on finding it, does it actually need to be found and is it an everchanging thing. Emily highlights the importance of curiosity and courage.37:03 Emily affirms Karly’s experiences around finding your voice and adds her own experiences to the conversation.39:15 Do you have a book in you? Karly and Emily invite you to start writing. Emily encourages you to “trust the crown, write it down”43:27 Emily focuses on the need to make the process fun and shares one of her practical tips for maintaining the joy.43:59 Karly reflects on what a gift it has been to be coached by Emily and write the book she wanted to write while feeling completely supported. If you’d like to work with Emily or check out her free resources, you can find her at https://www.meaningmethod.com or join her Facebook group, The Writers Block.And as always, you are invited to join in the conversations that happen outside of this podcast, in Lisa and Karly's Keeping Good Company facebook group. Please answer questions on your way in.


14 Oct 2018

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Guts & Grace - Episode 18 - Your Story is Your Strength with Emily Tamayo Maher

Guts & Grace

When I heard Emily's story, I was floored. I would never have guessed that a woman as vibrant, passionate, and expressive as her had struggled so much. It never ceases to amaze me that each one of us has lived through things that others could only imagine. But here's the thing. When we share our stories, we don't need to imagine anymore. Instead, we connect more deeply.We see ourselves in each other. We sense our common humanity. We begin to feel less alone, and together, we rise.In this episode, we dive deep into seeing our story as our strength. We ask some big questions, like:How do we allow our stories to transform us?In such a practical world, how can we begin to trust our imagination? What happens when we manage to do that?And Emily drops a nugget of wisdom that inspires me and gets me back in my groove anytime I'm struggling to know the answers to the big questions. When you don't know what to do or what to say, her advice will open your creativity right up.Emily Tamayo Maher is a writing coach and award-winning author. She helps coaches, entrepreneurs and fiction authorpreneurs turn their own life-changing stories into books. She's also certified in energy work to help bust through creative blocks. Her clients have written memoirs, personal development, self-help, and fiction. As a consummate adventurer and expatriate, she’s made her life in Bogotá, Colombia with her husband Mauricio and son  Martín.Check out Emily's Facebook group for writers:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1551663191558573/Follow Emily on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/TheMeaningMethod/Check out her website: https://www.meaningmethod.com/


26 Sep 2018