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Summer Replay Series: How to be an adult with Ebonie Allard

You Are Not A Frog

Over the summer we’ve curated a series of past You Are Not A Frog episodes to help you reflect, take stock, and to help you get some headspace as you prepare for what’s bound to be a busy and challenging Autumn. These episodes are some of my personal favorites and I’m so pleased to be able to share them again. This week….How to be an adult with Ebonie Allard. I LOVE this episode with podcaster and master coach Ebonie. She’s got a very different take on life and offers a new perspective about how to be more you (even as an adult!). We’re talking about understanding ourselves more so that we can really thrive in life, ditching the expectations of others, and fully owning our choices in life. Listen to this episode here if you’d like a fresh perspective on what it means to thrive as a grown-upGrab a cuppa, get the deckchair out, relax and enjoy!Find the original episode shownotes hereFind more episodes hereFind out more about our training programmes hereSupport the show (https://youarenotafrog.com)


17 Aug 2021

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Episode 36: Conversation with Priestess of Alchemy®, Ebonie Allard

Curious, Connected Conversations with Katy Henry

This is episode thirty-six of Curious, Connected Conversations, and Katy is in conversation with Priestess of Alchemy®, Ebonie Allard.In this conversation:Learning to recognise your giftsNew ways of businessReturning to the truth of who you are...and much more.Connect with Ebonie via her website, community-led personal growth company, and Instagram.Connect with Katy on her website,  Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook.Music credit: Joseph McDade


9 Jul 2021

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How To Take A Sabbatical From Your Business With Ebonie Allard

Coffee and Converse

Dreaming of an extended break from your business but not sure how to take more than a day off? Ebonie Allard walks you through her 5 week sabbatical from her business from why she needed it to how she prepared and what she thinks returning will be like.Key TakeawayA true sabbatical takes careful planning and setup. Start small by preparing your business for more manageable breaks. We talk aboutWhat burnout looks like from someone who’s been there twiceWhy you might need a sabbaticalHow long it takes to plan for it and what to think aboutHow your clients may react and what to do about itWhat happens when you return from an extended breakEbonie’s lifestyle boundary for her businessThe worst cookie-cutter advice Ebonie’s been given on her lifestyle businessLinksTo read the transcript and explore other episodes go to dianemayor.com/86


24 Jun 2021

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Nobody is Wiser About You Than You with Ebonie Allard

Wisdom Weavers

I was lucky enough to sit down with International Coach and Priestess, and just full on embodied woman, Ebonie Allard. What a gift. I got to spend a week with her on the beach, soaking up sun, good laughs, and a whole lot of wisdom. This episode is pure gold. We talk about the idea of holding multiple truths, what humanity needs in order to evolve, and what self-responsibility and freedom really means. Ebonie Allard is an award winning International Coach. She’s a Misfit turned Maven, an author, an artist, and a Priestess.She’s the creator of The Misfit to Maven Way, The Value Filter™ system and the CEO and Founder of Misfit for Life. She empowers self selected Misfits to free themselves from invisible cages; flourish and thrive.It is her mission to help 100,000 Misfits know that they belong, reclaim their power and live fully rounded, FUN and self-governed lives.Professionally; when she is not advocating for Misfits, you'll find her being The Priestess of Alchemy. Personally; she's a pussy cat - curled up in a sunny spot or off chasing her tail or a rainbow.instagram: @ebonieallardwww.ebonieallard.com www.misfitforlife.com www.adultingwithebonie.com


6 May 2021

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What If I Get Hacked with Ebonie Allard

Coffee and Converse

Ever entered your social media password and got an error message and felt your stomach drop? What would you do if, instead of a typo, you’d been locked out by a hack?In this episode of the What If Mini-Series, Ebonie Allard walks you through her experience of having her social media accounts hacked. She thought they were after her credit card details. They weren’t, it was much worse.Key TakeawayA contingency plan is as much about what you can prevent as what you can prepare for.We talk aboutHow the hack was discoveredA walkthrough of the crisis as it unfoldedHow the crisis was finally resolvedWhat you can do now to protect your businessThe surprising lessons Ebonie learned from the experienceLinksIf this topic makes you nervous, I want to invite you to make a plan for the things that you can't plan for by joining my live workshop on May 18th.I'm going to talk you through:What a crisis really is (and why it's not what you think)Real-world examples that have happened to entrepreneurs just like you (because you're secretly thinking this stuff only happens to bigger businesses and celebreneurs)A simple step-by-step process to build a plan for the things you can't plan for so that you have peace of mind when your head hits the pillow or the sh!t hits the fan.Head to dianemayor.com/planTo read the transcript and explore other episodes go to dianemayor.com/70


29 Apr 2021

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Episode 26: Human Connection and community over competition with Ebonie Allard

The Human Connection Experience Podcast

In this episode, Jo is in conversation with Ebonie AllardIn this Episode:- Why community works over competition- Working to our strengths- Finding spaces to experience full range living- The power of community....and much more,Find Ebonie on her website and on Instagram.Music credit: Joseph McDadeConnect with Jo on:InstagramFacebookTwitterEmail


25 Jan 2021

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How to be an adult with Ebonie Allard

You Are Not A Frog

Something a little different this week -we’re going back to an interview that was recorded just before the COVID crisis hit us. In this episode, Rachel is joined by Ebonie Allard, an award-winning life and business coach, author of Misfit to Maven: The Story of AARCH to AAHH and host of the popular podcast ‘Adulting with Ebonie’We chat about how to live lives that feel as good on the inside as they look on the outside which includes taking just the right amount of responsibility for yourself and for others. We discuss the control problems that people in high stakes, high stress jobs often have – either taking too much control or not enough control and think about the core values that will help us to filter all our decisions and determine what our success is in life. Once you know what your core values are, it becomes much easier to decide what to say ‘yes’ and what to say ‘no’ to. Ebonie’s three top pieces of advice are:Become curious about stuff in your life – without judgementGet clear on what you actually want. What are your needs? What are your desires?Know your BATNA (Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement). What’s your next best option if Plan A doesn’t look like it’s going to work…?We are sending out a weekly email with new resources, tips and useful content especially for doctors and healthcare professionals throughout the COVID-19 crisis. If you’d like to receive this and other resources about thriving at work then please sign up hereYou can watch this podcast episode on YouTube herePodcast linksGet the COVID Team Wellbeing Toolkit which includes instructions on how to run a team check in chat hereListen to Rachel’s interview on ‘Adulting with Ebonie’ here https://adultingwithebonie.com/the-one-about-fight-or-flight/Here’s Ebonie’s podcast https://adultingwithebonie.com Find out about Ebonie’s work here https://ebonieallard.com Follow Ebonie on twitter Misfit to Maven: The story of AAGH to AAHH book View our recent Shapes Webinars on how to support your teams through the COVID crisis and sign up for the forthcoming webinar here https://www.shapestoolkit.com/support-your-team-webinar 24 hour support for NHS staff: Call 0300 131 7000 between 7am and 11pm or text FRONTLINE to 85258 24/7. BMA Wellbeing Service - https://www.bma.org.uk/advice/work-life-support/your-wellbeingThe NHS Practitioner Health Programme - https://www.practitionerhealth.nhs.uk/ Sign up for downloadable CPD reflection forms plus more tools and resources - https://www.shapestoolkit.com/podcast-CPD-formsFor more episodes of You are not a frog, check out our website Support the show (https://youarenotafrog.com)


9 Jun 2020

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Adulting (And Actually Loving It) with Ebonie Allard

Moon and Manifest Podcast

When we were kids, most of us couldn't wait to grow up. But, once we became adults, the magic seemed to evaporate, right? Replaced by paying bills, heavy responsibilities, and a distinct lack of FUN... being grown up might not be all it was cracked up to be, but it doesn't have to stay that way!  In this laughter-filled, truth-bomb-dropping episode, Ebonie and Lola riff on how to bring play back into our adult lives and what responsibility actually brings us (when we choose it fully). Ebonie Allard is an award winning International Coach. She’s a Misfit turned Maven, an author, an artist, and an advocate. She’s the creator of The Misfit to Maven Way, The Value Filter system and host of the popular podcast ‘Adulting, with Ebonie.’  She empowers self selected Misfits to create businesses and lives as unique and extraordinary as they are; that genuinely feel as good on the inside as they perhaps look on the outside. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


1 Jun 2020

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Adulting with Ebonie Allard

The As We Live & Breathe Podcast

We're joined by Ebonie Allard, Business and Life Coach and Adulting Extraordinaire, for an Adulting Special Podcast.⁠ ⁠ Ebonie discusses how to eliminate guilt, drop the shame and 'adult' up so we can get on with the fun stuff, combining our playfulness, wildness and creativity with responsibility and accountability so that we can truly thrive.⁠ ⁠ 


20 May 2020

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Recession Series: Being A Misfit Entrepreneur And Having Fun With Your Online Business With Ebonie Allard

The MindFuel Entrepreneur (Formerly Hack Your Online Business)

On today’s episode, I have Ebonie Allard, an award winning International Coach and the creator of The Misfit to Maven Way, The Value Filter™ system and host of the podcast ‘Adulting, with Ebonie.’ She empowers self selected Misfits to build businesses and lives that feel as good on the inside as they perhaps look on the outside. Her mission to help people like you know that you belong, and that you get to live a fully rounded, three-dimensional, successful, FUN and self-governed life. We chat about building a purposeful, sustainable, fun online business that makes us happy to run as a business owner, and what online entrepreneurs can do to create a more purposeful, sustainable online business.


18 May 2020