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Tanya Snyder Tells Us What the Deal is with Biden’s New Infrastructure Plan

Your Political Playlist

President Biden’s newly announced American Jobs Plan is a massive investment into everything from roads and bridges, broadband, clean water, child care, and more. Today, Emily is sitting down with transportation expert and reporter at Politico, Tanya Snyder. They dive into why infrastructure matters in terms of climate change, broadband, and equity. And not to mention, they talk about why infrastructure is sexy!Your Political Playlist connects you with diverse and unfiltered conversations with inspiring women who are making waves in politics. Host, Emily Tisch Sussman brings her decades of experience at the progressive forefront to her thoughtful conversations with women at the seat of power and activism. Every week, Emily sits down to talk about new policy ideas and what women want to see from the Biden-Harris administration. Building on the activism from previous seasons Emily is continuing to bring change makers to the table to show listeners how they can have an impact in politics. Be a part of the conversation by following us on Instagram @YourPoliticalPlaylist.


15 Apr 2021

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The Challenges of Biden's Infrastructure Plan: With Guest Tanya Snyder

The Rick Ungar Show Highlight Podcast

What are the challenges of Biden's infrastructure plan? Rick speaks with Tanya Snyder


31 Mar 2021

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47: Is AV Hitting a Dead End in Congress? with Tanya Snyder, Politico


Autonomous vehicles have to navigate more than just the roads. They have to make their way through Congress, too. There's been some twists and turns...and maybe a dead end on the horizon. We recently spoke with Tanya Snyder, a transportation reporter for Politico, about the ups and downs of AV policy on Capitol Hill. What is Congress doing now? Anything? Who are AV companies turning to now? LINKS: Tanya Snyder "AV industry turns away from Congress" Politico Politico Morning Transportation newsletter


15 Aug 2019

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The Outlook in Washington with Politico's Tanya Snyder

Engineering Influence from ACEC

ACEC sat down with Tanya Snyder, Politico's congressional correspondent covering transportation and infrastructure issues in the House and Senate, for a frank discussion about the outlook for an infrastructure bill and recent events in Washington.  


31 May 2019

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#023: Tanya Snyder, Transportation Reporter, POLITICO Pro

The Mobility Podcast

This week we spoke with our good friend Tanya Snyder, a Transportation Reporter at POLITICO Pro, about the state of the Senate's FAA Reauthorization bill, the future of infrastructure funding, cargo bikes(!!!), and whether Shark Week is better than Infrastructure Week.You can follow Tanya's work on Twitter @TSnyderDC and by subscribing to POLITICO Morning Transportation.


24 Jul 2018

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Episode 100: Moving Sidewalks with Tanya Snyder

Talking Headways: A Streetsblog Podcast

This week we’re joined by Tanya Snyder to look back a bit on 100 episodes of the Talking Headways Podcast. We also talk about DC Metro, Moving Sidewalks, and your transportation habits when you move to a new house.


13 May 2016