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Ryan O’Donnell - Calling Games

The Farm Team

Episode 46 - Ryan O’Donnell - Calling Games Guest: Ryan O’Donnell @chuckinnumbees Presented by: @hockey_ai Partnership: @Verberohockey Promo Code: SHEEN Link In Bio to Listen - Please remember to like, comment, rate, and subscribe. Your support is greatly appreciated! In today's episode of The Farm Team podcast I am honored to be joined by color commentator for the Western Hockey Leagues, Lethbridge Hurricanes, Ryan “Chuckin Numbees” O’Donnell. Ryan is entering into his 3rd season with his hometown Hurricanes and it will be his 9th season doing play-by-play announcing. In the 2013-2014 season Ryan started out his broadcasting career with the University of Lethbridge Pronghorns Men’s Ice hockey team and had been a staple in the program ever since. Due to unfortunate events and mis-guided decisions from the U of L administration they chose to drop the Ice Hockey program leaving players, staff, and fans looking for alternatives to stay in the game. The Southern Alberta Irishman was born and raised in Lethbridge, and has been a namestake in the development of amateur golfers from the area. Ryan grew up spending most of his time during the spring and summer months on the golf course at the Lethbridge Country Club where he learned the game from some of the best. Ryan’s vibrant and successful golf career was just highlighted by making the cut for the Canadian Mid-Amateurs at the Fort McMurray Golf Club a couple of weeks ago. Ryan has proven to be an instrumental member of the sports community in Lethbridge and surrounding area. His passion for sports and ability to effectively communicate have armed him with an incredible talent and can provide fans with the authentic game experience over the air waves. Ryan’s knowledge of the game and network of colleagues puts him on a promising path in the sports and entertainment industry. I look forward to our conversation today about all things hockey and golf.

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1 Sep 2021

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133: How to Automate Your Email Selling – Interview with Ryan O’Donnell

Persuasion by the Pint

This week Ryan O’Donnell join us on the show to discuss how to automate your email selling. Ryan is the Co-Founder & CEO ​of two tech platforms used by thousands of companies for generating a consistent sales pipeline.  SellHack is a Chrome browser extension to build targeted prospect lists and Replyify automatically sends out your cold emails so you’ll never forget to follow-up again.He is a growth marketer obsessed with helping sales professionals and business owners sell like a robot while still sounding like a human.  Ryan built SellHack because he wanted to be more efficient when prospecting, generating leads, and growing his own business.After a quick stint on Wall St. where he cut his teeth making 500 calls a day as a broker, Ryan saw the opportunity in technology and has been building Internet businesses for the last 10 years.  On this episode, we’ll be discussing how he’s built his business and also how these two technologies can help automate your email selling. In addition, our listeners can get free access to Ryan’s “7 Day Cold Email Mastery Course” by visiting https://get.replyify.com/7daycourse/.You can learn more about Sellhack by visiting https://sellhack.com/; and Replyify by visiting https://replyify.com.


15 Jun 2020

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The Dog Real Talk: episode 16: Ryan O’Donnell

The Dog Real Talk - TROMPLO

Welcome to the 16th episode of The Dog Real Talk! My name is Agnieszka Janarek and I am your host! My guest today is Ryan O'Donnell AKA RYANO! I had a pleasure to ask Ryan about what is Applied Behavior Analysis - ABA, what stands behind these three letters! About Ryan: "I’m RYANO – a digital nomad based in Reno, Nevada. I have a masters in behavioral science, with an emphasis in perspective taking, allowing me to combine the best-practices of psychology with creating emotion-driven and effective content. I currently specialize in providing complete top-to-bottom videography services for mental and behavioral health organizations and am a part of dissemination teams describe below. When I'm not hosting, capturing, or speaking at behavioral science events, you can find me outdoors and soaking up time with loved ones." Resources:


5 Feb 2020

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#038: The Behavioral Science of ABA: Interview with Ryan O’Donnell

Turn Autism Around

In this episode, we hear from Ryan O’Donnell about his efforts to communicate about the Behavioral Science field using podcasts and videos. The content he produces is varied; some being directed to parents and other caregivers and some directed to BCBAs. He also gives presentations about autism all over the world, so he’s very knowledgeable about the field and where it’s headed. 


24 Sep 2019

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7: Focus & Move Fast w/ Ryan O’Donnell

Digital Titans: Meet the New Wealthy

Today’s guest is Ryan O’Donnell, who has generated more than $50 million in sales among the companies that he’s worked with — and he’s only 19 years old! Ryan is the founder of Apex4Kids, a company that offers on-demand personal development videos for kids. He’s here to share with us his remarkable story about how he developed a passion for copywriting, advertising and marketing at an incredibly young age, and some of the secrets to his success that he’s picked up along the way. You’ll learn why you don’t necessarily need to like school to succeed anymore, why you need to move super fast as an aspiring entrepreneur, why you need to start with something proven if you’re just starting out, and why you need to be willing to lose money in order to make money. This one was a blast! Enjoy!


12 Sep 2019

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How to Sharpen Your Outreach Approach with Ryan O’Donnell

The Sales Conversation Podcast

“Every salesperson can benefit from making their outreach efforts more focused and efficient. Whether that entails building client lists or focusing on automation, today’s episode will give you the information you need to improve your sales outreach.” Episode Overview In this episode, Bruce Scheer talks to Ryan O’Donnell about the value of building a focused client outreach system. Ryan is the co-founder of Replyify and SellHack, two services designed to help sellers automate their outreach process. Since 2006, Ryan has worked in software solutions for salespeople with a focus on optimizing sales processes and improving efficiency. Optimizing Your Outreach Approach for Better Sales Nearly all of us have wondered what we can do to make our outreach process more successful. After all, outreach is fundamental to a salesperson’s professional life, yet turning outreach into sales can sometimes feel like a confusing puzzle. Many salespeople run into inefficiencies in their sales outreach methods at the “top of the funnel of sales.” Essentially, salespeople sometimes begin the outreach process with an overly broad view of the clients they intend to target. As a result of this broad perspective, salespeople hinder their ability to reproduce sales success by putting themselves in the position of needing many different strategies for too many client types. What can you do to make your outreach process more effective? For Ryan O’Donnell, the critical flaw of the broad “funnel” can be corrected by focusing your outreach on clients who are similar to the clients you already have. What are some of the critical ingredients of outreach? Successful client outreach requires the following three components: The Right Focus The chance of a future sale from your outreach efforts will depend on how well you know your customer base. Ryan O’Donnell argues that salespeople must identify the metadata behind their existing clients to effectively focus their outreach efforts on similar clients. The Right Messaging Learning to customize your sales messages to match the different roles in a company or target the right people is an essential skill. Messaging relies on understanding your existing or potential client’s psychological motivators, which can vary from person to person. The Right Systems Many salespeople spend too much time on functions that could be automated. Without an efficient system, you will spend time on things like reply emails when you should spend more time preparing for meetings, developing relationships with your existing clients, and so on. Let’s take a look at each of these components in more depth! What can you do to establish the right focus for your outreach efforts? Ryan O’Donnell says there are two significant steps for focusing your outreach. Build an Existing Clients List First, you should create a spreadsheet containing information about 10 to 20 of your existing clients. To acquire that information, you can use websites such as LinkedIn. The spreadsheet should include the following details: First and last name Title Company Company Size Industry Location Keywords Groups they are part of Once you have put together a list of these details, you can use the functions of the spreadsheet to filter your existing clients and look for patterns. These patterns will help you find the types of clients you need to approach as part of your outreach strategy. To put it another way, you can use the spreadsheet to identify the segment of people who make up a considerable percentage of your overall revenue. Build a Potential Clients List Once you have identified the types of clients to focus on, you should search LinkedIn for people and companies that fit that focus. Create a list of potential clients based on your findings and use the same spreadsheet format as your existing clients list. Once you have done so, you can begin to find patterns among potential clients, which can open new ways to find new clients. There are two approaches to building a potential client list: 1. Account-Based Sales Approach Using a list of companies that you target and sell to in order to find the best buyers at those companies for your outreach efforts. 2. Person-Based ApproachFinding details that describe a person so you can identify the right types of buyers for your sales strategy. In both cases, a LinkedIn search and spreadsheet format will help you find more people and companies to approach. More importantly, establishing a clear focus will increase your sales success because your sales and outreach strategy will be based on an existing track record with a particular clientele. When analyzing your potential clients, consider these questions: What product or service are they selling? On what types of clients do they focus? Does their advertising give you a sense of how they are targeting their clients? Answering these questions can lead to a better understanding of who your clients are, what will matter to them in a sales situation, and how you can adjust your outreach method to connect with their motivations and needs. How do you create the right messaging? The key to crafting the right messaging is to customize your message for the different roles that exist within a company. You should target each person on your client list differently because they each have different needs and expectations. To put it another way, each has different psychological motivators. They might be: Motivated by data Motivated by social interaction Motivated by price According to Ryan O’Donnell, introductory messages should avoid long formats and beg mail and focus on creating value at every touchpoint. Short, easy-to-digest messages present a clear call to action and can link to longer content the client can read if properly enticed. You can create value in your introductory and reply messages by Summarizing and restating Offering a different point of view Offering something new for a client to think about in terms of their business needs or personal motivations One way to do this is to put yourself in your buyer’s shoes while thinking about the last time you received a cold email. How did you react to the content? Did the length impact how you received the information? Another thing you can do is approach your existing clients to gain direct feedback. Determine why they bought from you in the first place and why they continue to work with you or your company. Acquiring feedback on these topics will help you identify the strategies you need to provide targeted messaging meant for people and companies with different psychological motivators and personalities. Using these data points to construct new messages will also increase your response rate to cold emails. How can you start developing a system? Effectively, you need to automate what can be automated to reduce the amount of time you spend on things that are time-consuming and less unnecessary. According to Ryan O’Donnell, the absence of automation in your sales system can waste 2-5 hours a week on unnecessary tasks. Automating more of your sales system leads to higher efficiency and can include automating cold and reply emails, sales prospecting, and client list building, among others. There are numerous tools you can use to automate your sales system. SellHack, for example, can help you build client lists, find leads, and send cold emails. Additionally, Replyify can help you create email campaigns and devise an efficient email system. If you want to learn more about how to develop your sales system, consider contacting Ryan O’Donnell about the services that he has to offer (see below). Key Takeaways: Focus your outreach efforts by using a spreadsheet to build a list of existing and potential clients. A client list can help you identify patterns in the interests and needs of your current clients, which you can use to find potential clients to approach. Such a focus will make your outreach efforts more effective. Understand that a variety of factors motivates your clients. Your introductory messages have to take into account these differences to have the desired impact on potential clients. One way to work on creating the right messaging is to put yourself in the shoes of your buyers. Learn to automate your process to reduce the amount of time you spend on emails, sales prospecting, and other functions that are less necessary. Automation can cut back the hours you waste every week so you can use those hours for more productive activities such as preparing meetings. Resources: Ryan’s Links: Connect Ryan O’Donnell on LinkedIn Visit Ryan’s company at Replyify.com Learn more from Ryan at his blog Check out Ryan’s free 7-day Email Crash Course For More Great Content Don’t forget to subscribe, rate, and review this show on Apple Podcasts. Here’s a cool short video that shows you how to do this. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and will help me promote the show to others who will benefit from the insights provided by my guests. Credits Audio Editing and Production by ChirpSound Show Notes and Additional Writing by Shaun Duke from The Duke of Editing


25 Jul 2019

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Ep. 24 – Ryan O’Donnell (Part Two)

Mind Your Own Business

In Part Two Scott interviews Ryan O'Donnell, Co-Founder/CEO of SellHack & Replyify


8 Dec 2018

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Ryan O’Donnell – The daily BA; Saving the world with Behavior Analysis!

Animal Training Academy

CLICK HERE for the podcast writeup Ryan O’Donnell Bio Ryan or Ryan O hails from northern Nevada in the grungy, yet surprisingly classy, (and newly renovated) Reno, Nevada. Ryan says he like his climate like I like my data: evolving, uncompromising, and progressive. He has a Master of Science; that is, an M.S. in Applied […] The post Ryan O’Donnell – The daily BA; Saving the world with Behavior Analysis! appeared first on Animal Training Academy.

1hr 23mins

3 Sep 2018

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Ep. 2 – Ryan O’Donnell

Mind Your Own Business

Scott interviews his guest Ryan O'Donnell, CEO, and Founder of Replyify and SellHack


5 Jun 2018

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Episode 112: How to do Automated Lead Gen, with Ryan O’Donnell

Build a Better Agency Podcast

Ryan O'Donnell is a midwest kid who moved to NYC after college and landed a job on Wall Street making 500 calls a day. He hated it, followed a passion for tech, and ended up joining a company early that eventually sold to Yahoo for $850M. He grew a business unit from $0 - $20M and left Yahoo to startup. Fast forward 3 meandering years trying to generate sales and Ryan decided to build a product to speed up the time to revenue for any business selling a product or service B2B called Sellhack. He’s successfully running this company today, helping his clients get in front of the right prospects faster and with a better close rate than they’d been doing on their own. He’s a father of 3, husband, and hobbyist prepper, and he’s in relentless pursuit of scratch golf.   What you’ll learn about in this episode: Why sales is all about automation and efficiency Using data to take the guesswork out of the prospect search Crafting compelling emails to prospects based on what you know about their competition (that you already work with) Figuring out how many prospects you need to capture every week at the top of your sales funnel in order to get the number of new leads you need at the bottom of the funnel SellHack’s algorithm for verifying the email address of a person who you might just know their name and company Replyify: a tool specifically devised for sending out cold email campaigns and building a sales process to contact prospects in other ways Strategies for crafting an email that works for cold selling B2B products and services How and when to ask to schedule time with a prospect Tiering your offerings and basing communication with prospects based on the tier Using the ideas from this podcast not only inside your agency, but also with your clients Ways to contact Ryan O'Donnell: Email: ryan@sellhack.com (email Ryan for the special offers) We’re proud to announce that Hubspot is now the presenting sponsor of the Build A Better Agency podcast! Many thanks to them for their support!


27 Nov 2017