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25 of The Best Podcast Episodes for James Hoffmann. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about James Hoffmann, often where they are interviewed.

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25 of The Best Podcast Episodes for James Hoffmann. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about James Hoffmann, often where they are interviewed.

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The Daily Coffee Pro | #322 James Hoffmann & "The Man in the Arena"

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Oct 21 2020 · 12mins
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#125 | James Hoffmann (Coffee Youtuber)

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Oct 14 2020 · 2hr 5mins

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242 : A Conversation with James Hoffmann

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OK! Today we get to talk with coffee legend James Hoffmann! On top of being the 2007 World Barista Champion and Co-owner of Square Mile Coffee Roasters, a renowned roastery in London, James is also the author of the World Atlas of Coffee, and runs one of the world's most popular and fun coffee YouTube channels where he dives deep into everything from coffee equipment, coffee science, brewing, extraction, agronomy, taste, and really anything to do with coffee.

In essence, James is a purveyor of ideas for and about coffee that, over the years, have helped us all to better navigate the landscape of specialty coffee either as enthusiasts or professionals. 

James is an excellent teacher and has a gift for clearly articulating his thoughts and ideas around topics and his approach to questions that can be at first a bit confusing, both disarms and welcomes people into the world of coffee.

In this fantastic conversation we get into a number of those questions that are at the heart of what we do in specialty coffee and the cafe. I believe James' thoughts here will be of great value as we seek to build a better industry and better businesses into the future. 

We cover:

  • What makes specialty coffee special
  • How accessible should it specialty be
  • What it means to be inclusive of customers
  • What are good mindsets to have for business
  • The role does the cafe plays
  • When differentiators become a barriers
  • Winning the trust of customers
  • The problem of low barriers in starting a coffee business
  • How cafes have contributed to problems in the industry 
  • Good business models post-COVID



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Sep 26 2020 · 1hr 9mins
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Beers with Chad | Doctors James Hoffmann and Melissa Davis

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Chad is joined by Dr. James Hoffmann (PhD in Sport Physiology) and Dr. Melissa Davis (PhD in Neurobiology) to talk about their experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic and their impending move to the Montana wilderness. 

All things Juggernaut at JTSstrength.com
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@virusintl JTS10
May 08 2020 · 38mins
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Episode 45 - James Hoffmann

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Fearless Training Roar Knowledge Podcast Episode 45: Dr.James Hoffmann - Strength, Conditioning & Periodization 

Welcome back to the Fearless Training "Roar Knowledge" Podcast where we talk everything; Training, Nutrition & Lifestyle.

Dr. James Hoffmann holds a PhD in Sport Physiology and is a coach for Renaissance Periodization.

He is also the former Program Director of the Exercise and Sport Science program and the women’s Rugby team coach at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. While at Temple, James taught courses in strength and conditioning theory, strength and conditioning practice, exercise physiology, and biochemistry.

James earned his PhD under Dr. Mike Stone at ETSU, where he focused on the application of sled pushing to sport performance enhancement in Rugby players.

As the team’s assistant coach and Head Sport Scientist, James has coached numerous Rugby players at ETSU, where he was also the head strength and conditioning coach and weight room manager.

Originally from Chicago, Illinois, James is a lifelong athlete, who has achieved high ranks in competitive Rugby, American Football, and Wrestling, and is currently pursuing Thai boxing.

Website: https://renaissanceperiodization.com/team-member/james-hoffmann-phd

Follow Along For More Here:

Fearless Training United Academy : http://fearlesstrainingunited.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fearless_training_/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FearlessTraining/?ref=bookmarks

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFaAxEHPYiM2ucqUs4-z54A?view_as=subscriber

Coaching/Business Inquiries: alex@fearlesstraining.org

Stay Fearless!

Apr 28 2020 · 1hr 30mins
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James Hoffmann on Capturing a Moment of Magic [102]

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This was not the episode I intended to share. 

My guest today is James Hoffmann, the 2007 World Barista Champion, co-founder of Square Mile Coffee in London, author of the book The World Atlas of Coffee, YouTuber, and overall one of coffee's most recognizable superstars. James has been on other shows. He's been interviewed a hundred times and honestly, I wasn't super interested in having the same conversation with him as I've heard on other platforms. 

I almost didn't have him on the show, but when I started talking to James—we had emailed a few times before we recorded—something strange kind of happened. James talked to me like no other guest ever has. He kept asking for my opinions and I gave them to him. I sort of realized as folks making media in the coffee industry we have a lot in common—and share a lot of the same struggles. 

This episode is an interesting dialogue exploring how you build on something like a particular moment. Maybe you make it into a career, maybe not. But there's also this tension with what you do with something that was so pivotal to your life—like winning the World Barista Championship—after over a decade of trying new things and finding what works and what doesn't. The struggle is never over, and we talk about ideas of perception versus reality, especially when you live a public life and folks have ideas already formed about you. We also talk like, a lot, about money and in general just kind of touch upon what it's like being human. So I'm going to keep it as is, without interruption. I hope you enjoy. 

Feb 23 2020 · 58mins
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Optimize Your Running with Integrated Periodization: Dr. James Hoffmann

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When done properly, periodization allows for creating calculated major goals, and measured improvement in short, mid, and long-term objectives.

Today Dr. James Hoffmann will break down some of the details of an integrated, annual training plan that can help you peak when you need to by coordinating the three big parts: body, mind, and spirit; that unique individual who comprises YOU!

Nov 20 2019 · 55mins
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042- INTERVIEW: James Hoffmann

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Matt talks with former barista World Champion, coffee book author and beloved YouTuber James Hoffmann about his recent endeavor, the world's largest coffee tasting. The two chat about logistics, how it went and a touch on the the coffee supply chain. Enjoy!

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Oct 18 2019 · 38mins
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Ep. 322: Maximizing Recovery with Dr. James Hoffmann of Renaissance Periodization

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Today we're giving you a throw back, going back over 100 episodes to pull out one of my favorite podcasts to date - also one of the most informative. In this episode, we have Renaissance Periodization's very own, Dr. James Hoffmann. James is the lead author in the book "Recovering From Training" which is by far the most comprehensive and straight forward guide on recovering. 

In this podcast, you'll hear us go into each and every chapter of the book - covering the hierarchy of recovery, so that you can make the most out of your training. Follow James on instagram @rpdrjames


(5:35) - How Did You Start Or Get Into RP (Renaissance Periodization)?

(7:39) - What Made RP Decide To Dig Into Recovery?

(11:35) - What Exactly Is Fatigue? What Signs And Symptoms Should Someone Look For To Know They Need To Focus On Recovery?

(15:47) - What Is Your Opinion On Over Training?

(23:00) - How Do You Find Where Your Volume Spectrum Is Personally? Do You See A Huge Variance In People?

(28:35) - How Do We Make Sure We Are Still Maintaining Muscle Everywhere Else, While Specializing In "Arms" For A Phase

(31:54) - If Someone Is Planning On Going Into A Mass Phase, Do You Guys Typically Recommend Muscle Specialization Or Just A Balanced Approach?

(34:39) - Hierarchy #1 - Breakdown Of Primary Recovery Hierarchy

(40:43) - Could You Define Passive Recovery And Explain Each Stage Of The Pyramid?

(47:47) - Do You Believe That You Can Still Quantify Relaxation With Having Stimulants From Light, Electronics, Etc?

(49:69) Hierarchy # 2 - Breakdown Of Active Recovery Hierarchy

(57:59) - Do You Find That Active Recovery Hierarchy Is More Intuitive?

(1:00:35) - Hierarchy #3 - Breakdown Of Nutrition Hierarchy For Recovery

(1:04:50) - Hierarchy #4 - Breakdown Of Therapeutic And Supplemental Hierarchy

(1:14:15) - Where Can Listeners Find You And Find Your Content?


> The RP Recovery Book


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Oct 02 2019 · 1hr 16mins
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038 - James Hoffmann's World-wide Cupping Event

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Matt & Mike try to figure out how to make a podcast of James Hoffmann's World's Largest Coffee Tasting Event!

NOTES: There was some audio recording issues due to multiple computers running and maybe a background app - the issue has been noted, and while the 'popping' is annoying we felt like there was still some value in sharing this.

Additionally, the broadcast of the cupping is a recording of the live feed, and while we did not get written confirmation to use this audio we feel like James would be ok with it.
Here's a link to the original kickoff video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5uCK3OhlKM

and you can buy coffee at: https://shop.squaremilecoffee.com


Sep 21 2019 · 1hr 6mins