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How To Grow Your Business On TikTok With Quentin Allums | Episode #32

Digital Masters: Growth Marketing Strategy, Tactics & Technology

Subscribe to the Podcast https://sgplabs.com/subscribe - Is TikTok really just a silly dance app or something to grow your business? - Tactical “tricks” people are using to grow - How do you find your own style on TikTok? - What is a good first milestone? Reach out to Quentin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tagjustq/ https://quentinallums.com/


3 Aug 2021

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65. PAST FAILURES DON'T DEFINE YOUR FUTURE w/ Quentin Allums, Content Creator & Tedx Speaker

IGGY Sports Talk

Quentin Allums is a storyteller and content creator and is best known for his inspirational content on TikTok and Linkedin. In this episode, Quentin explains his journey from having -$900 in his bank account and not being able to afford power, to finding his purpose in content creation and helping professional with their personal branding. Quentin is a perfect example that your failures don't define your future since he had 3 businesses go out of business and was able to learn from those failures for the future. Check out more of Quentin at quentinallums.comSee Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.


31 Jul 2021

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Thinker Talk 28: Storytelling & Experimentation with Q (Quentin Allums)

Eureka by Baronfig

Quentin Michael Allums (Q) is the marketing lead at Greatness Media, a TEDx speaker, podcaster, writer and Esports geek.Please leave us a review wherever you are listening! Consider leaving your Instagram handle so we can thank you personally!Discovery and explore tools for thinking >> baronfig.com _Producer & editor - John BalderstonMusic - Chandler Reed


19 May 2021

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Map Out Your Interview Flow With Quentin Allums

Podcast Town Throw Down

Throwdown Podcaster:Quentin Allums, host of Stupid DeepShow notesReach out: hello@podcasttown.net


17 May 2021

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Episode 26: Personal Branding Is A Journey with Quentin Allums

The Unwritten Playbook

This podcast episode is what it is because enough people agreed that it should be this way. Right? This is only one of the existential paths this conversation takes between our host, Megan Bowen, and Quentin Allums, Marketing Manager at Greatness Media. They dive deep into the journey of building your personal brand, creating content, and having a better relationship with yourself.


19 Apr 2021

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#70: Quentin Allums x Aida Tleel - "Is Entrepreneurship as exciting as it looks?"

The Creative Minds

Meet Quentin Allums, Quentin shares a whole new perspective about entrepreneurship. What we usually hear are stories, like I quit my 9-5 job to start my own thing. Well, this story is different. Quentin had started 3 different companies, but this time around he went from being an entrepreneur to having a full-time job as a Marketing Lead at Greatness. That’s different. Isn’t it? Why so? (Go check out the full episode to learn more about his story) In the episode we talk more about purpose, freedom, success and question the thought of does entrepreneurship really give you freedom?  He shares more about what has happened that led him to change his viewpoint of the world, and what question what truly matters.  We also talk about content creation, where he also adds his own touch to that. As he has shared in a previous post, “I don’t want to have to create more content because I’m afraid I’ll become irrelevant or because I need to please a sponsor or whatever. I just want to create because that’s what I love to do, and that’s what I’m best at.” I mean that hits hard, doesn’t it? That is such a great reminder for content creators. Connect with Aida Tleel: Linked In: (aida tleel) Instagram:(aidatleel13) Connect with Quentin on Instagram: tagjustq, Linked In: Quentin Michael Allums


9 Apr 2021

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SISD #49 - Being A Misfit with Quentin Allums

Self Improvement Daily

The one thing we all share is how different we are. Let's find ways to embrace who we are at our core so we can connect and live together like never before! This week's guest Quentin Allums has given a voice to so many misfits, and he has incredible stories to share! Want to stay in touch with Quentin? - Sign up for Quentin's Weekly Newsletter - Watch Quentin's TedX Talk


4 Apr 2021

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Being Different with Quentin Allums

Self Improvement Daily

We all have a little misfit in us, it's just a matter of being comfortable letting it shine! Are you liking the short tips and practical advice on this podcast? You can find more ways to build a fulfilling future and take action toward your potential at www.selfimprovementdailytips.com!


2 Apr 2021

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New Job — Quentin Allums (Bonus)

Stupid Deep

Hey! I accepted a fulltime position (it's the first time I won't be working for myself in 5 years) and I'm super excited about it. I'll be working with Lewis Howes & Team Greatness, who was the first episode of this show. That being said, I do want to make some changes to this show.   1. Format. I'll be making some tweaks starting with the next episode. I want to focus more on the guests.2. I am going to hold off on releasing episodes until first week in February. This will allow me to stockpile episodes so I'm not rushing each week while also getting acclimated in my new position.


15 Jan 2021

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Quentin Allums on Power

What Happens In Between

Quentin has accomplished incredible feats, but we dug more into his vision for the future rather than his work in the past. What I appreciate most about this conversation is that Quentin is the type of person who, like myself, can move through disparate topics swiftly and seamlessly. We lot have to stick together! Follow Quentin at @tagjustq across platforms and check out his site: quentinallums.comIn this episode, we discuss: Quentin’s relationship to entrepreneurshipGetting paid to be yourselfTackling big, exciting problemsSpeaking to be understood by the massesThe aesthetic of powerHow one or both of us will live to be 1000 years oldQuestion of the Week: What is your greatest ambition? Send me your answers @athenasayaka on IG! See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


2 Sep 2020