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The Journey Back ft. Jason Hubbard

Pure Progress Lifestyle

Ever looked extreme adversity in the eye's? This man has. In today's episode Jason and I talk about some things he's gone through, and changing the mindset of feeling sorry for oneself into a mindset of gratefulness and some wisdom along the way. We also talk about some leadership principles. www.pureprogresslifestyle.com

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25 Jan 2022

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B2B Marketing Lessons Learned from a Background in Startups with Jason Hubbard, Head of Growth Marketing, Astronomer

The Life-Long Customer

“The single biggest one is test, test, test. Everything you do you should treat as a test. Go back to your grade school science classes. What's my hypothesis going into it? What are my things I'm measuring to be able to gauge success or failure? What is my post-op on that? When we're going and doing a view of what worked and what doesn't, what does that look like? Start building a sheet or a document or whatever that has those priorities of things that you want to implement and tests on it, and constantly stay on top of that and shuffle those based off of changing needs.” #growthmarketing #startupmarketing//To listen to more The Life-Long Customer podcast episodes, follow us on LinkedInhttps://www.linkedin.com/company/thelifelongcustomerpodcast/Follow the host Brad Hammond https://www.linkedin.com/in/brad-hammond#thelifelongcustomerpodcast #customerjourney #marketingleadership #b2bmarketing


29 Oct 2021

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"The Oculus Effect" - Jason Hubbard, Oct 8, 2021

Portland Bible College Podcast

Every Week, Portland Bible College students and faculty gather at Chapel for a time of worship and Word. For more information about our school, visit portlandbiblecollge.org. 


18 Oct 2021

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Jason Hubbard on the Moravians’ 100-Year Prayer Meeting

Presence Pioneers - Worship, Prayer and Revival Podcast

In today’s episode, Matthew has a conversation with Dr. Jason Hubbard, director of the International Prayer Connect.When Jason began his career as a pastor, he says they had good teaching, but no prayer or discipleship. The Lord confronted him in prayer one day and asked, “Do you think you can do this better than Me?” This led their leadership into establishing a prayer room at their church in 2007, and they saw growth by 1000 people in a year under “this canopy of prayer”, as he put it. They began drawing other churches in, and by 2009 there were 30 churches involved! Now from his international position, with 25 leaders in 17 nations around the world, Matthew asks Jason – what do you see happening with prayer around the world? To start with, the nation they had teach others about prayer at their meeting was Indonesia! They have 100 prayer towers (equivalent of IHOP-KC) going 24-7, including a strong children’s prayer network. In 2017, the network saw a shift more towards praying for the unreached and the gospel movement. During Covid, Jason said there’s been more connection built between both prayer leaders and gospel-sharing leaders than ever before. He believes this is an historic moment for the world.Moving to the story of the Moravians, Matthew asks Jason to go into the story and why it impacted him so much. To start with, Jason says Zinzendorf was a young leader. Even at university, he started prayer societies. Then at a museum, he saw a painting of Jesus on the cross and had an encounter that ended with him on his knees. This idea of Jesus as the Lamb was woven through much of his writing and the Moravians’ beliefs. Fast forward to 200-300 people fleeing persecution and landing in Herenhut, nearby where Zinzendorf was from. In the early 1700’s, there was a lot of fighting and false teaching pervasive in culture and the church. Zinzendorf goes to these families and pleads with them to forgive those who persecuted them. This led to a “summer of revival”, and on August 13th they had an outpouring of the Holy Spirit often called the Moravian Pentecost. But what Jason points out is that the night before this outpouring, it was the children of the village crying out and travailing all night. He believes this children’s prayer movement is what brought down the revival.So on August 13th, they are headed to church for a communion service – still so divided that they walk on different sides of the road from each other. Zinzendorf preaches again on the Cross and forgiveness, then does Communion. And, as Jason puts it, it started with repentance. That church is now called the Church of Reconciliation. A few weeks later, Zinzendorf preached on Revelation, and the idea that Heaven looks like 24-7 prayer, so he though it should be happening on earth too. He had people sign up for one hour to sing and then pray to cover every hour of every day.This led to a huge missionary outpouring as well. As best as they can figure it, about 5,000 missionary settlements came out of this little village. They also started the idea of being missional in the marketplace.Jason believes this is what we’re seeing today on a global scale. The prayer movement is exploding, but he believes that God is preparing the ground for the remaining harvest of souls through that. He also sees the Moravians reflected in the outpouring of spontaneous songs in the place of encounter now.As a closing thought, Jason reflects on pastor Andrew Brunson, who was imprisoned in Turkey a few years ago. He says that after 11 months, when he was sentenced to 3 life sentences and there was no hope, he began to sing a song every day in solitary confinement. The title of the song is “You’re worthy of my all”, and Jason believes it’s a message we need to cling to.Links from This EpisodeInternational Prayer Connect WebsiteTrey Kent episodeWorthy of my AllSubscribe to Presence Pioneers on YoutubeJoin our Email ListThe post Jason Hubbard on the Moravians’ 100-Year Prayer Meeting appeared first on Presence Pioneers.


16 Sep 2021

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February 28 2021 - Jason Hubbard

Haven of Rest Radio Broadcast

February 28 2021 - Jason Hubbard


28 Feb 2021

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Episode 31: Jason Hubbard Salesintel.io VP of Partnerships

The Tony Shap Show

Jason Hubbard VP of Partnerships and Alliances Salesintel.io Company Linkedin Profile URL https://www.linkedin.com/company/salesintel-io Jason has literally grown-up in startups, including helping to grow three top 100 Inc. Fastest Growing Private Companies. Most recently, Cirrus Insight was number 41. He now serves as the VP of Partnerships and Alliances for SalesIntel.io. SalesIntel is the most comprehensive contact and company data provider that helps you target your ideal prospects and accelerate revenue growth. SalesIntel is the top provider of accurate and affordable sales and marketing contact data. What does your company do in 5 words or less? Most accurate B2B data available


7 Jan 2021

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Persistent Prayer (Pastor Jason Hubbard)

River Valley Church

23 Aug 2020

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Trust & Priorities (Pastor Jason Hubbard)

River Valley Church

2 Aug 2020

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Telling the Truth & Keeping Your Word (Pastor Jason Hubbard & Daryl Messina)

River Valley Church

27 Jul 2020

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Jason Hubbard "Behold, The Ascended Lamb"

10 Days

In this powerful meditation, Jason Hubbard unpacks the significance of the Ascension.


23 May 2020