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32. Distracted to Delighted: How to say NO without guilt with Melanie Sodka

Into The Wild

Joining me today is Melanie Sodka, an award-winning speaker with an energizing and perspective shifting style from Niagara, Ontario. She has 15 years’ experience as a business professor, executive coach, author and podcaster and created Capacity Creator Corp. The aim of Capacity Creator Corp is to allow female entrepreneurs to understand and assess their capacity and if they are operating within it. Capacity relates to all aspects of life, from career to spirituality. Melanie’s goal is to help her clients achieve life-changing transformations through understanding of their own capacity boundaries. In This Episode, You Will Learn About: Learning to communicate your message without overwhelming your community Valuing your community: Why you need to listen more than you talk How burnout led to the creation of Capacity Creator Operating from self-awareness The physical toll burnout took on Melanie Being rewarded for overworking: Deprogramming yourself from expectations The Capacity Matrix: A self diagnostic tool for understanding your capacity How capacity impacts female entrepreneurs specifically Societal expectations of women and how they contribute to overwork Taking advantage of lockdown to assess your pace Living in a state of indulgence and creating frustration Learning how to say yes with discernment and no without guilt What do Lego and capacity have in common?  The aspects of capacity: Career Health Intellectual Emotional Financial Fun Auditing your capacity and creating space where needed Why spirituality is so difficult to make space for The 3 core values of capacity: Passion, Energy, Fulfillment Moving through guilt to come from gratitude The pervasiveness of ‘mum guilt’ for female entrepreneurs Changing your language to focus on capacity Allowing space for creativity Recognizing the need to set parameters in work and life Resources: Website: Capacity Creator Facebook: Capacity Creator Instagram: @melaniesodka TEDx talk: Burnout: How Addiction to Distraction is Eroding our Capacity Podcast: Capacity Podcast Shout outs: VivaVideo -------- Renée Warren is an award-winning entrepreneur, a 7-figure business starter, and the founder of We Wild Women, a business dedicated to helping women launch their dream business. She previously founded an industry-recognized PR agency that worked with funded technology startups from South Africa to San Diego. She's a mom to Irish Twins (not planned), a published author, and a drummer. Rate, review, and subscribe on Apple Podcast "I love Into The Wild, and think it's the best thing since sliced bread." <-- If that sounds like something you might say, then leave a rating and review for my show today! By having a good rating, it helps me reach more ambitious women who are aching to start their dream business but don't know how. Click here, scroll to the bottom, tap, and rate -- 5 stars will do -- and select "Write a Review." Make sure to highlight your favorite bits, and I'll be sure to give some public shoutouts! Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE! Follow me on social media @renee_warren and @we.wild.women and check out www.wewildwomen.com.


24 Aug 2020

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Melanie Sodka: How to manage your time to create Capacity

The Rock Star Today Podcast

Melanie Sodka is an award winning speaker, Podcaster, Author and TEDx Speaker.  She is the founder of Capacity Creator which helps individual fight the overwhelm of being over committed.   In this episode, we talk about the traps to being over committed, discuss the best way to say no, and share ideas on how to help musicians. Connect with Melanie Sodka:Watch the TEDx TALK HERE!Visit her HERE!Check out her Podcast HERE! LinkedIn Facebook Instagram TwitterThanks for listening.  Please share this podcast and leave a review. Join our Rock Star Today Backstage Pass Facebook Group to continue the discussion. Show notes can be found on RockStarToday.com/podcast


17 May 2020

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Melanie Sodka: Capacity Creator

The Empowered in My Skin Podcast

Melanie Sodka, founder and CEO of Capacity Creator Corp., speaker, writer, capacity creator, award-winning professor of entrepreneurship, podcaster, 40under40, TEDx Speaker.Capacity Creator is an education and consulting company focused on helping individuals and teams harness and leverage their greatest asset, personal capacity.Based on the principles of the 4 states of capacity as well as her Egocake framework, Melanie has helped thousands overcome distracted and fatigued mindsets to optimize their capacity for a a more fulfilling life.This conversation with Melanie is noteworthy, so make sure to grab your pen and pad of paper.Find Melanie online at:Website: https://www.melaniesodka.com/IG: https://www.instagram.com/melaniesodka/


23 Apr 2020

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612: Do You Know What it Means to Create Capacity? {Interview with Melanie Sodka}

Mom Is In Control Podcast

"I think my capacity to change has given me tremendous happiness, because who I am today I am completely content to be." -Jamie Lee Curtis Melanie Sodka is the founder of Capacity Creator Corp. an education and consulting company that transforms high achieving individuals from over-commitment and overwhelm, to thriving in their current environments. As a an award winning Professor and Entrepreneur and TEDx speaker, Melanie is also pursuing her dream of writing a book where she shares true stories and a suite of tools, including her very own Egocake™ Framework, intended to guide people through the discovery of their personal capacity and ultimately how to respect it. Features and Professional Highlights: 40under40 award, Featured in Forbes and Training Industry, Co-author Dreaming Big Being Bold, Producer of Capacity Creator Podcast. Co-founder of GoLearn. In this episode, Melanie and I talk about: How to create capacity in your life How to recognize when you have capacity How to grow capacity without burning out Check out Melanie's work at: www.capacitycreator.com Sign up for the ALIVE event in February: www.heatherchauvin.com/alive Continue the conversation on Instagram @momisincontrol


25 Nov 2019

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AE #52: Entrepreneurship and Creator Capacity with Melanie Sodka

The Authentic Entepreneurs Podcast

This week on The Authentic Entrepreneurs, Nick and Stu discuss entrepreneurship with Business Professor, Speaker, and Capacity Creator; Melanie Sodka. The Authentic Entrepreneurs 2-02 Show Notes: - Welcome to the second episode of Season 2! [0:17]- Our guest this week is Melanie Sodka. [0:41]- Melanie is the founder of Capacity Creator and EGOCAKE [1:40]- Welcome to the podcast, Melanie. [3:11]- “Where did little Mel start?” [3:35]- The Capacity Creator brand was born out of burn out. [4:14]- How does Capacity Creator work and how does it benefit entrepreneurs? [5:00]- What are the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs are making when it comes to their capacity? [6:44]- How do older entrepreneurs adapt to the new world of Social Media and Hustle Porn? [8:50]- Melanie talks about EGOCAKE. [11:45]- Stu recalls his time with Dr. Greg Wells and how to stay focused. [13:36]- What did Melanie want to do when she was in Grade 12? [15:04]- A word from our sponsor; The EPIC Community 2020. [16:02]- It’s time for Nick and Stu’s: 4 BIG QUESTIONS with Melanie. [18:15]- “What are you reading or learning at the moment that is having an impact on you as an entrepreneur?” [18:33] - “What was a failure you had early in your career that had a positive impact or change on your life?” [19:41]- “Who are some of your biggest influencers?” [21:05]- “What is one piece of advice you would give to an entrepreneur who is just starting out?” [22:08]- Turning on our random question generator! “What’s next for you?” [23:08]- How can people reach Melanie? [25:22]- Stu’s takeaway from the interview with Melanie. [26:56]- Nick’s takeaway. [27:57]- Next week’s guest is: Clare Kumar. [29:35]Links:- EPIC 2020: theepiccommunity.com [16:02]- Melanie’s podcast: https://www.melaniesodka.com/podcast/ [19:30]- Page 2 Publishing: https://pagetwo.com/ [25:07]- Melanie’s Website: capacitycreator.com [25:22}- Melanie’s Instagram: @melaniesodka [25:22]- Melanie’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/capacitycreator/ [25:22]- Melanie’s email: melanie@capacitycreator.com [25:22]- Stu’s email: stu@ylcc.com- Nick’s email: nick@nickfoley.ca- The Authentic Entrepreneurs on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSstjvhjhozofDCBfdnRpiw- The Authentic Entrepreneurs on itunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/the-authentic-entepreneurs-podcast/id1436525987?mt=2- The Authentic Entrepreneurs on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/0ac3FW4ZovRubCFwcpzNdd


30 Sep 2019

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023: How to go from over-commitment and overwhelm, to thriving! Conversation with Melanie Sodka

The Limitless Life Podcast

Are you addicted to multi-tasking? Feel like you are burning the candle at both ends and just feel like you are totally overcommitted? Did you know that our addiction to distraction is making us dumb?  In this episode you will meet Melanie Sodka, Melanie Sodka is the founder of Capacity Creator Corp. an education and consulting company that transforms high achieving individuals from over-commitment and overwhelm, to thriving in their current environments. As a an award winning Business Professor and Entrepreneur as well as TEDx speaker, Melanie is also pursuing her dream of writing a book where she shares true stories and a suite of tools, including her very own Egocake™  Framework, intended to guide people through the discovery of their personal capacity and ultimately how to respect it.  Features and Professional Highlights: 40under40 award, Featured in Forbes and Training Industry Corp., Co-author Dreaming Big Being Bold, Producer of Capacity Creator Podcast Connect with Melanie Watch her TEDx Talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1eOcpZXrq-E Website: https://www.melaniesodka.com/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/melaniesodka Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/capacitycreator/ ___________ Connect with me on Instagram: http://instagram.com/_brendajohnston


18 Jul 2019

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068 - Free Your Schedule by Creating More Capacity - with Melanie Sodka

The Fulfillment Project

Today I’ve got a guest with me who I know is going to help you in your personal life and in business: Melanie Sodka. We recently met at an event in downtown Toronto and connected instantly. That’s the power of going to events! Melanie is a capacity creator, which she explains is a concept about helping people understand their commitment tendencies and their overindulgent behaviours. She says that humans have a difficult time selecting from the abundance of opportunities that are presented to us daily. Creating capacity and creating time are different, and Melanie provides us with an explanation of the differences between the two. She also shares the tools and frameworks she has come up with to help business owners create more capacity in their life. Learn more about Melanie - https://www.melaniesodka.com Sign up for my webinar on March 12 - https://www.ilaunch.vip/webinar


11 Mar 2019

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AMB 052: Melanie Sodka On The Tools And Frameworks That Allow You To Find The Right Tension Within Your Capacity.

Wealthy Teachers

Lindsay and Melanie discuss how we have elasticity within our capacity but that it's possible to snap it, kill your capacity and have to start over again if you don't have the right tools and frameworks to help you. Join Melanie, Lindsay, and all your favorite guests in the AMB Facebook Community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/AMBcommunity/ About Melanie: Melanie Sodka is the founder of Egocake, a framework and coaching platform to transform high capacity individuals from over committing to thriving in their current environments. As an award winning Professor of entrepreneurship and international business, Melanie is also a speaker, podcaster of 'Capacity Creator' and writer, where she shares a suite of tools intended to guide people through the discovery of their personal capacity and how to respect it. www.capacitycreator.com https://twitter.com/melaniesodtka https://www.instagram.com/melaniesodka https://www.linkedin.com/in/melanie-sodka-7093188/ https://www.facebook.com/capacitycreator/

1hr 15mins

4 Dec 2018

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Caffeine, capacity and conjurers with Melanie Sodka | AOTF - S2E5

The Art of the Fail

This time on the podcast we had the pleasure of sitting down with Melanie Sodka, entrepreneur, professor, speaker, author and (if that wasn't enough) host of the podcast "Capacity Creator". We have some good laughs while Melanie helps us navigate around the topic of capacity, and her journey from the corporate world to entrepreneurship and beyond.Book Melanie recommended:https://www.amazon.ca/What-Do-You-Idea/dp/1938298071Melanie's Website:https://www.melaniesodka.com/Season 2 of The Art of The Fail is proudly sponsored by Stones & Hustle, the ultimate lifestyle brand for entrepreneurs and hustlers.Get your gear: http://www.stonesandhustle.com


6 Sep 2018