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Episode 25: I'll Leave You With This (ft. Jason Scoop) (recorded 6/28/2022)

The Rocco and Travis Hour

Episode 25 of The Rocco and Travis Hour is OFFICIALLY UP! THUS CONCLUDING Season 1 of the Podcast! It was a very interesting run! And we end this season with Jason Scoop! We discuss Getting Banned at Comedy Clubs, Drugs, Jason Lying about his Mom Dying and MUCH MORE! Available on Spotify and Apple Podcast! Thank you all so much for Listening! BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR SEASON 2!Theme Music: FamilyJules


3 Jul 2022

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#95 - Impressions, Political Labels & Independent Thought | Jason Scoop

Collin Demands Answers

Jason Scoop is a Stand-Up Comedian, Impressionist, and Actor from New York, NY.  Jason's Social Media - Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/jasonscoop/?hl=en Twitter - https://twitter.com/jasonscoop Tik Tok - https://www.tiktok.com/@jasonscoopshow Full Audio on all streaming platforms Apple Podcasts- https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/collin-demands-answers/id1544121262 Spotify- https://open.spotify.com/show/3qJeWb0vdw2Wab8hFa0FSm Podcast Website- https://collindemandsanswers.podbean.com/ Follow me on my Social Media Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/collindemands/?hl=en Twitter- https://twitter.com/collinweires Tiktok- https://vm.tiktok.com/TTPdrQoTLM/ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/weires

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22 Feb 2022

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Ep 3: Guy Torry and Jason Scoop

Savage AF with Shang & Black Pedro

In this episode Savage A.F. hosts Shang and Black Pedro welcome comedians Guy Torry (@guytorry) & Jason Scoop (@JasonScoop). They discuss the history of new black comedians in Hollywood & the new documentary on Phat Tuesdays (one of the most successful urban comedy shows in Hollywood). They also discuss vet comedians vs young comedians, social media comics vs real comedians and how Trump is changing comedy in America, Follow Shang @ComedianShang, Black Pedro @BlackPedro and @ComedyPopUp for info on upcoming episodes.

1hr 56mins

21 May 2018

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105- Cocaine & Car Ads - with Jason Scoop and special guest host Ajai Raj

The Fake Outrage Report

The entire country of China gets upset when a major religious figure is used in a car ad. Meanwhile in Spain, a city releases a pamphlet on how to do drugs. Guest Jason Scoop drops in to visit Phill and guest host Ajai Raj.


17 Feb 2018

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"I Just Got Out of a Relationship" w/ Jason Scoop

3 Drink Minimum

"I Just Got Out of a Relationship" w/ Jason Scoop by 3 Drink Minimum


17 Mar 2016

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Episode 16 part 3 with Jason Scoop and Lindsay Theisen

Safeword PC

We wrap up this scintillating episode where Jason and Monica talk dating how how to keep things fresh. You'll hear Jason drop a few Donald Trump impressions in there and yes, he's the guy who got, "Trump 2016" tattooed on his arm. He made the international news circuit, bully for him. Also, stopping by is Uncle Jesse from the Dukes of Hazzard and Shirley Hemphill from What's Happening. Those 2 discuss who makes the best peach cobbler and end up tongue kissing viciously on my couch. Note: Uncle Jesse and Shirley Hemphill are dead, this is just my fantasy.


6 Nov 2015

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Episode 16 part 1 with Jason Scoop and Lindsay Theisen

Safeword PC

Poopie blast! We're back after a 2 month hiatus and boy, we cover the gamut. Louis CK, Amy Schumer, Dave Attell, and Abraham Lincoln are our guests. Just kidding, @JasonScoop and Lindsay Thiesen (@buymorefaucets) join @movida and @KevinGootee discuss gun control, hooking up during halloween, Donald Trump, and various other nonsensical items. Thanks for not giving up on us and stay tuned for the rest of the episodes. Also, follow @comicswatching and head over to www.comicswatchingcomics.com Kevin has come up with a cool idea so check out the teaser trailer. We're filming the second portion on 11/7, stay tuned! Note: Louis CK, Amy Schumer, Dave Attell, and Abraham Lincoln do not appear on the podcast, just in our hearts.


14 Oct 2015

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Episode 89 - Allan Finn and eventually Jason Scoop

The Passive Aggressive Podcast with Ben Rosenfeld and Bobby haha

Ben and Bobby welcome comedians Allan Finn and Jason Scoop to discuss SNL40, NBA All Star Weekend, The Mars One Mission, NYC Fashion Week, Biogenesis and Alex Rodriguez, the White House suing a Texas Judge, Kaspersky Lab's NSA Hacking situation, Brian Williams being suspended, Chris Brown, Lady Gaga getting engaged and user tweets.

1hr 4mins

17 Feb 2015