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Episode #620: Brendan McDonough

The Big Honker Podcast

Jeff Stanfield & Andy Shaver are joined by former member of the Granite Mountain Hot Shots, Brendan McDonough. Brendan is the lone survivor of the Yarnell Hill Fire that took the lives of 19 men in his crew and it remains as one of the deadliest wildfires in US history. They discuss how that day unfolded, Brendan's substance abuse problem, living with the guilt of being the only survivor, and what changed in his life for him to find sobriety.

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30 Aug 2022

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Episode 4: Brendan McDonough

Getting Together

Brendan McDonough! This interview with the lone survivor of the fire in Yarnell that claimed 19 wildland firefighters' lives is fascinating. Brendan has overcome a lot and shares with hosts, Rae Challinor and Jeremy Brinkerhoff, what life is like these days. His humor, determination, and desire to help others are truly inspirational! Buy Brendan's book, Granite Mountain: https://www.amazon.com/Granite-Mountain-Firsthand-Firefighters-Sacrifice/dp/031630817X/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=granite+mountain&qid=1631718864&sr=8-1 Support Dancing For The Stars: https://www.dancingforthestars.net/


15 Sep 2021

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SOTF Radio: Devin Barnhart and Brendan McDonough Archive Episode


In this encore episode in memory of the recent anniversary of the Yarnell Hill Fire, Chad Gruver sits down with Burn Survivor and Task Force Member Devin Barnhart and Brendan "Donut" McDonough of the Granite Mountain HotshotsMore: https://sonsoftheflag.org/


6 Jul 2021

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APS Radio: Brendan McDonough of the Granite Mountain Hotshots


Host Jim Burneka speaks with Brendan McDonough, the lone survivor of the Granite Mountain Hotshots. This episode focuses on the aftermath of the June 30th, 2013 Yarnell wildfire in which 19 of his fellow Hotshot brothers died in the line of duty. Brendan discusses his struggles resulting from survivor’s guilt, including depression, suicidal thoughts, drug and alcohol abuse, and the post traumatic growth that has led him to create a treatment center to help others that are struggling.https://brendanjmcdonough.com/book/​ https://www.holdfastrecovery.com​More from Jim Burneka: https://firefightercancerconsultants.com/the-25-live/Sponsored by UniMac: https://UniMac.com/safety

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16 Apr 2021

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Episode 57 - Brendan McDonough, Member of the "Granite Mountain Hotshots" and CEO of Holdfast Recovery

Recovery Is Possible

Brendan McDonough is the lone survivor of the Yarnell Hill fire tragedy in 2013. Today he is a public speaker and works with numerous non-profits for veterans, police officers, firefighters, and emergency medical services. Brendan joined the “Granite Mountain Hotshots” in Prescott, AZ after being a hopeless heroin addict when Superintendent Eric Marsh decided to take a chance on him. Ultimately, Brendan became the lone survivor of a freak fire on June 30, 2013 in Yarnell, AZ that killed 19 of his fellow firemen. The story of Brendan and these brave firefighters was made into the feature film “Only The Brave” which was released by Sony Pictures in 2017 and features a cast that includes Josh Brolin, Miles Teller, Jeff Bridges, and Jennifer Connelly. Brendan is currently the CEO of Holdfast Recovery located in Prescott, AZ. Find out more at: holdfastrecovery.com


14 Apr 2021

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Purpose | Brendan McDonough

Heights Church

This weekend we have the honor of hearing from two very special guests who talk about the freedom that can be found in Christ! Join us in our conversation with our Next Steps Pastor, Bob Hoyt. Bob will be joined on stage by Brendan McDonough, who is the lone survivor of the Yarnell Hill Fire in 2013. Make sure to tune in for a great time that is filled with worship, encouragement, redemption, and family.


12 Apr 2021

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'It Was Torture': Hotshot Firefighter Brendan McDonough Faced 'Living Hell' After Being a Lone Survivor — Then He Found Jesus

Cancel This!

Brendan McDonough, the lone survivor of the Yarnell Hill fire tragedy of 2013, faced pain, suffering, PTSD and chaos after the tragic incident. But after finding Jesus and seeking help, everything changed. Today, he's inspiring others to live powerful, hope-fueled lives. Listen to him tell his incredible story of overcoming the odds, faith, perseverance and survival.


30 Mar 2021

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Brendan McDonough: The Lone Survivor of the Granite Mountain Hotshots Shares His Heartbreaking and Inspirational Story

The Courage to Change: A Recovery Podcast

Brendan was on the verge of becoming a hopeless, inveterate heroin addict when he, for the sake of his young daughter, decided to turn his life around. He enlisted in the Granite Mountain Hotshots, a crew of elite hotshot firefighters based in Prescott, Arizona. Their superintendent, Eric Marsh, was in a desperate crunch after four hotshots left the crew, and seeing a glimmer of promise in the skinny would-be recruit, he took a chance on the unlikely McDonough, and the chance paid off. Despite the crew’s skepticism, and thanks in large part to Marsh’s firm but loving encouragement, McDonough unlocked a latent drive and dedication, going on to successfully battles a number of blazes and he eventually wins the confidence of the men he came to call his brothers. Then, on June 30, 2013, while McDonough–“Donut” as he’d been dubbed by his crew–served as lookout, they confronted a freak, 3,000-degree inferno in nearby Yarnell, Arizona. The relentless firestorm ultimately trapped his hotshot brothers, tragically killing all 19 of them within minutes. Nationwide, it was the greatest loss of firefighter lives since the 9/11 attacks. After the unfathomable loss of that day, McDonough suffered from seemingly insurmountable bouts of depression, Post-Traumatic Stress, and issues with alcohol. But the light of hope that inspired him to keep living in one of his darkest moments—his family who needed him—inspired the firefighter to fight on against depression, addiction and to inspire others to find their best selves, even if that means often looking beyond the self. Building a sense of brotherhood within communities gives McDonough great joy – because it helps this fighter honor the legacy of his 19 lost, but not forgotten, brothers.  Subscribe to The Courage to Change: A Recovery PodcastApple Podcasts |  Google Podcasts | SpotifyStitcher | iHeart | TuneIn | Overcast | SoundCloud Resourced Mentioned:Brendan's Treatment Center - Holdfast RecoveryBrendan's book - Granite Mountain Connect with Us:Podcast Website | Podcast Instagram | Podcast FacebookQuestions, comments or feedback?  Email us at podcast@lionrock.life

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17 Nov 2020

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Episode 79 • Holding Fast with Brendan McDonough

Positive Sobriety Podcast

Former hotshot firefighter Brendan McDonough, lone survivor of the Yarnell Hill fire tragedy of 2013 and subject of the film "Only the Brave," talks with David about addiction, recovery, and finding purpose in life.


14 Oct 2020

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REDO -- Week 5 (Brendan McDonough)

Sundays @ Journey Church

Hear a real life story of redemption!


28 Sep 2020