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Can't Stand Jeremy Corbell

Tape Eaters

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12 Aug 2022

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The Boo Crew

On an all new episode of your Boo Crew, join us for an absolutely FASCINATING conversation with acclaimed researcher, truth seeker, and one of the leading UFO documentarians in the world, Jeremy Corbell! Sit in as he weaponizes your curiosity discussing the footage and facts that have lit up headlines everywhere acknowledged by the Pentagon as authentic recordings of UAP or Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. Explore his extraordinarily well made documentary BOB LAZAR: AREA 51 & FLYING SAUCERS and hear the in depth story of the man who claims he was tasked to reverse engineer the propulsion systems of extraterrestrial technology for the united states government. Hear about the hundreds of craft that swarmed U.S. Navy warships off the west coast in 2019 and what happened, the pentagon report released that links radiation burns, brain damage, paralysis and amnesia to ufo sightings, and the impact surrounding the first congressional hearing about UFO’s in over 50 years. We are absolutely thrilled to bring you Episode 330 with Jeremy Corbell… now slaying! Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

1hr 6mins

21 Jun 2022

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Jeremy Corbell

The Official Concept

Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell is a modern artist, documentary filmmaker, and ufologist from the United States who works out of the city of Los Angeles, California. Mixed media is the focus of Corbell's shows, which also include elements of fashion and cinema. In addition to that, he is a fashion designer, photographer, and novelist.


17 Jun 2022

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Edition 641 - Jeremy Corbell And Mark Olly

The Unexplained With Howard Hughes

Two guests from the tv show - Acclaimed film-maker and investigator Jeremy Corbell on the recent UFO/UAP hearings - And Mark Olly on his new Flying Disk Press book "Human Heads and Crystal Skulls"...

12 Jun 2022

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Congress and UFOs: A Conversation with Jeremy Corbell

Stuff They Don't Want You To Know

As speculation over multiple reports of bizarre phenomena in the sky grows at an unprecedented pace, the United State Congress recently held a public hearing on the nature of UFOs. In today's interview, the guys sit down with returning guest Jeremy Corbell for an insider's view on the nature of the hearing, the substance of the things Congress did (or did not) address, as well as what this hearing may mean for the future of UFO research. They don't want you to read our book.: https://static.macmillan.com/static/fib/stuff-you-should-read/See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

1hr 9mins

25 May 2022

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Disclosure with Jeremy Corbell

Astonishing Legends

One question we often receive is, do we think the US Government will ever disclose the existence of UFOs? We believe the answer is, they've already begun. Since the groundbreaking, front-page article appeared in the December 17, 2017 edition of the New York Times with a title exclaiming "Real UFOs," the world has seen drips and drops of Pentagon-authenticated video clips and statements publically disseminated and officially validated. Add to this the testimonies of some of the most credible sources willing to come forward, such as Luis "Lue" Elizondo, former director of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program or AATIP at the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence in the Pentagon, Christopher Mellon, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, and retired veteran US Navy fighter pilot Commander David Fravor. The claims become hard to dismiss as goofball flights of fancy. On June 25, 2021, the release of a report titled Preliminary Assessment: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena by the Office of the Director Of National Intelligence was considered anemic by many who wanted FULL disclosure of what the government knows. However, it was another official admission that these encounters are certified and remain a mystery to our military. At least on the surface. And what is known currently by the general public above this surface owes a great deal to the efforts of our guest tonight, a field researcher and documentarian Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell. Jeremy's pursuit and publication of unclassified video from Naval electronic warfare targeting systems like the now-famous "Tic Tac" clip have stirred public imagination and debate. They may have even spurred congressional inquiry resulting in that preliminary report and future disclosures. But we owe our access to Jeremy to the facilitation from a long-time listener and now friend Adam. Adam and Jeremy became friends while investigating a cattle mutilation near Adam's storage property in the Texas panhandle region. Tonight, we'll discuss Jeremy's journey to becoming a clearinghouse for genuine UFO footage, his documentary work on the subjects of Bob Lazar and Skinwalker Ranch, and he and Adam's findings from their cattle mutilation case, and all the implications thereof. One curious and ironic conclusion when trying to connect all the dots is that the specific governmental disclosure on alien life, their motivations, abductions, and cattle mutilations seem like it could be another matter altogether. Visit our website for a lot more information on this episode.

1hr 43mins

15 Aug 2021

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Ep. #227 - What If Jeremy Corbell Saw Some Planes?

The What If? Podcast

HIIIIIIIIIIIII! Surprise! We're (very briefly) back to talk about UFOs, Jeremy Corbell, and our weekly joys.


30 Jun 2021

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446: Jeremy Corbell

Duncan Trussell Family Hour

Jeremy Corbell, UFO documentary filmmaker, re-joins the DTFH! Check out Extraordinary Beliefs, Jeremy's investigative film series, and check his Youtube for his latest UFO releases! Original music by Aaron Michael Goldberg. This episode is brought to you by: Candid - Candidco.com/Duncan and use code DUNCAN and receive $75 Off your Candid Starter Kit. Feals - Visit feals.com/duncan and get 50% off and FREE shipping on your first order. My Sheets Rock - Visit MySheetsRock.com/Duncan and use offer code DUNCAN for 10% Off and Free Shipping!

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19 Jun 2021

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Jeremy Corbell – Episode 57

The Greg Kelly Podcast

Jeremy Corbell is a Mixed Martial Artist turned documentary filmmaker. His topic of exploration: UFOs. Corbell has been on the forefront of the recent calls for the U.S. Military to come forward with the truth regarding confirmed sightings captured on video and radar by Naval and Air Force pilots. Now, with the coming report on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) from a Defense Department Task Force designed to look into these sightings, Corbell's work is finally paying off.In this chat with Greg Kelly, Jeremy Corbell covers the long history of military and political officials reporting sightings of unidentified aircraft. Plus, Corbell discusses his work in bringing forward the now-famous story of Bob Lazar, a government worker who claims to have worked in Area 51 on alien technologies. Follow Greg Kelly on:Twitter: https://twitter.com/gregkellyusaInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/gregkellyusa/Find out more information at:https://gregkellypodcast.com/


7 Jun 2021

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Jeremy Corbell | 5-25-21

Frank Morano

Jeremy Corbell, contemporary artist and documentary filmmaker, who has released the most recent round of UFO videos, which the Pentagon has confirmed as authentic Topic: Newly leaked video shows UFO disappear into the water


25 May 2021