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Episode 206: Psychology of Set-Pieces w/ World-Class Sport Psych Dan Abrahams

Inside The 18 : A Podcast for Goalkeepers by Goalkeepers

World Class Live-Stream FROM THIS WEEK!🚨(RATE on Itunes  🎧  & Sub on all Platforms including YouTube! 📺 ⁣ ⬇️⬇️⬇️⁣ Segment 1: w/ Leading Sport Psych Dan Abrahams 🤯💥👀 Chatted psychology of set pieces, 🧠🚧🧤, self-talk & Omar Zeenni 's "golden slippers" proposal 😆👞 Share w/ The Community!  Video Link - https://youtu.be/XFili0t1yG4 Follow us on Socials !  @goalkeeperpodcast - IG.  @goalkeeperpod- Twitter @goalkeeperpodcast - FB @goalkeeperpodcast - Twitch  @InsideThe18goalkeeperpodcast - YouTube ------------------------------------- #NWSL #MLS #USMNT #USWNT  #goalkeepercoaching  #goalkeepertraining   #danabrahams #sportpsychology #hopesolo  #bendragavon   #performance     #soccercoaching #soccertraining  #youthsoccer #WSL  #PremierLeague       #England #Schmeichel  #ussoccer      #saskiawebber     #angelcityfc     #uclasoccer    #ucla    #omarzeenni  #michaelmagid       #standupcomedy      #bundesliga       #neuer  #terstegen  #degea       #OmarZeenni #ProGKPodcast   #SaskiaWebber #99ers #PSG #Navas  #Lloris #Endler  #moderngoalkeeping    #idealgk   #Schmeichel  #timhoward   #ESPN #ReadingFC  #collegesoccer #lagalaxy #kevinhartman #lafc #StefanFrei #SeattleSounders #conorokeefe #KansasCity #Chelsea #mendy

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20 Nov 2021

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The psychology of physical enhancement, attitude, effort and energy with Dan Abrahams (Sports Psychologist)

Pacey Performance Podcast

This week’s guest on the Pacey Performance Podcast is sports psychologist Dan Abrahams. Dan became a psychologist following a stint as a professional golfer with an interest in the mental side of the sport. After calling time on his playing career, he became a coach and followed that up by gaining a master’s degree in sports psychology. He’s been working in this capacity for 16 years now, including for England Rugby, England Golf, and numerous Premier League football clubs. Following the recent Olympic and Paralympic Games, sports psychology has been in the spotlight more than ever. Dan discusses the impact this has had on the subject, including how an athlete’s mental state can be rated on a three-stage ‘traffic light’ system depending on their current needs. He also addresses the theory that you cannot coach attitude, effort and energy - although the athlete is responsible for their own attitude, Dan explains how coaches and sports psychologists can create an environment that engages athletes and helps them maintain all-important intensity when training. If you’re interested in the mental side of coaching and sports science, then this week’s podcast is for you. This week’s topics: How sports psychology is currently split between athlete performance, wellbeing and mental health Why sporting organisations need to address all three as psychology becomes more prominent Why sports clubs on a budget could spend time educating their existing coaches in sports psychology Why it’s said that you can’t coach attitude, effort and energy How coaches can engage athletes and maintain all-important intensity during training How to create a positive training environment that gets the best from athletes Building relationships with athletes – and maintaining boundaries between the personal and professional

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23 Sep 2021

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Conversation with Dan Abrahams, Sport Psychologist and Host of The Sport Psych Show

The Coaching Puzzle

My guest on today's episode is Dan Abrahams. Dan is a registered Sport psychologist for elite and developing elite sports individuals, teams, clubs, organizations and governing bodies globally. He is also the host of the Sport Psych Show, one of the world's most listened to sport psychology podcasts We talked about the evolution of the field, some specific terms and concepts that coaches should be aware of, and some practical ideas that even the least experiences coaches can use with the athletes they are in charge of! You DO NOT want to miss this episode!

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23 Sep 2021

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Dan Abrahams | Train Your Mind To Become A Better Player

The Performance Lab Podcast

Top players set their sights on a target at the start of a new season and stay on track until they’ve completed it. This sounds simple, but we live in a world that is full of distractions making it hard to focus. Our chat with Dan Abrahams will help you create a clear plan of action ahead of the new campaign so you can take charge of your mindset and achieve your goals. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


2 Aug 2021

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Episode 188: Buzz Words w/ Sport Psych Dan Abrahams + The Player/Coach w/ Rome City's Niko Roros

Inside The 18 : A Podcast for Goalkeepers by Goalkeepers

2 Outstanding & Entertaining Pods !🚨(RATE on Itunes  🎧  & Sub on all Platforms including YouTube! 📺 ⁣ ⬇️⬇️⬇️⁣ Segment 1: Outstanding Today w/ The Sport Psych Show Host Dan Abrahams!🔥👀  Chatted Applying "Buzz" Words 🗣, why GK's were successful at Euros 🧠🧤 & Saskia Webber's Pink Elephant 🐘🤣 Video Link - https://youtu.be/l48IkKJ0H_M Segment 2:  We wrapped our week in Baltimore w/ Rome City's Niko Roros ! Chatted Player/Coaches , working w/ pros as a college player, & Michael's voice giving out cuz of hunger 🤣 Video Link - https://youtu.be/FWanNlZT3kE #NWSL #MLS #USMNT #USWNT  #goalkeepercoaching  #goalkeepertraining        #danabrahams #sportpsychology #hopesolo  #bendragavon   #performance     #soccercoaching #soccertraining  #youthsoccer #WSL              #PremierLeague       #England #Schmeichel  #ussoccer      #saskiawebber     #angelcityfc     #uclasoccer    #ucla    #omarzeenni  #michaelmagid       #standupcomedy      #bundesliga       #neuer  #terstegen  #degea       #OmarZeenni #ProGKPodcast   #SaskiaWebber #99ers #PSG #Navas  #Lloris #Endler       #moderngoalkeeping    #idealgk   #Schmeichel  #timhoward   #ESPN #ReadingFC  #collegesoccer #lagalaxy #kevinhartman #lafc

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17 Jul 2021

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A theoretical discussion about objective and subjective coaching with James Smith and Dan Abrahams

The JustKickinItPodcast

This was a discussion between James Smith, the thinker, and Dan Abrahams, sports psychologist, about whether coaches need to be more objective in their approach to coaching. Both objective and subjective or mostly subjective. The discussion was moderatored by Josh Faga. You be the judge. 

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5 Jun 2021

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Dan Abrahams - sport psychologist: people, players and performers


Dan helps people of all ages and at all levels to perform, in particular in football and golf.  Here we explore the different ways players coped with lockdown and how Dan helped them.  Dan then gets into the role of sport psychology in professional football -- I reckon much of this can equally be applied to life, amateur sport and school sport. He talks about the 3 Ps approach: people, players and performers.  Dan feels strongly that sport psychology should be an integrated part of the professional club, and explains why with his traffic light system: performance, wellbeing & mental health.  This was a fascinating conversation that begs for a part 2. Lots to take away, think about and apply.  Great for coaches, psychologists, people interested in achieving their own peak performance in life, footballers and more. I hope you enjoy. You can read more about Dan and his work on his website. On social media: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Plus, The Sport Psych Podcast on Apple and Spotify, which is well worth a listen. You can listen to us chatting about pain here. 

1hr 10mins

18 May 2021

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Episode 173: Self Talk w/ Sport Psych Show's Dan Abrahams + Movement Efficiency w/ Performance Specialist Ben Dragavon

Inside The 18 : A Podcast for Goalkeepers by Goalkeepers

2 Incredible Live Streams !🚨(RATE on Itunes  🎧  & Sub on all Platforms including YouTube! 📺 ⁣ ⬇️⬇️⬇️⁣ Segment 1 (Recorded 3/22/21) : Mind Blowing Today w/ The One & Only Dan Abrahams! 🧠🤯 Chatted the GK's Inner dialogue , psycho-social behavior , & @Michael Magid's "stage fright" 🤣🎭 Video Link - https://youtu.be/TNFjkY6l5cw Segment 2: (Recorded 3/24/21 ) Tremendous today w/  Sports Performance Specialist Ben Dragavon!  Chatted movement efficiency , Ben's GK Complete Program, & @Omar Zeenni's passport snafu 🛂😳😬 Video Link - https://youtu.be/wgBBQEI8vSw Insiders Former Florida Gator Tess Andujar ( & Good Friend of PSG Goalkeeper Arianna Criscione 's) Father is in need of a heart transplant. Surgery can't begin till family can prove can cover cost of loan. !🚨Please spread the word to the football community. Thanks & keep paying it forward! ❤️🙏  Go Fund Me Link - https://gofund.me/b04cd80b ------------- #NWSL #MLS #USMNT #USWNT  #goalkeepercoaching  #goalkeepertraining   #danabrahams #sportpsychology #hopesolo  #bendragavon #performance        #soccercoaching #soccertraining  #youthsoccer #WSL         #PremierLeague       #England #Schmeichel  #ussoccer  #saskiawebber       #angelcityfc     #uclasoccer    #ucla    #omarzeenni  #michaelmagid       #standupcomedy      #bundesliga  #neuer  #terstegen  #degea        #OmarZeenni #ProGKPodcast      #SaskiaWebber #99ers  #AngelCity        #MichaelMagid #comedians  #comedypodcasts #manutd  #Casillas  #FCPorto #Benfica #Portugal #Canada   #gknexus  #worldcupwinners #Spain   #topclassgk #mancity #ederson   #pompey    #portsmouth  #PSG #Navas  #Lloris #Endler   #moderngoalkeeping    #idealgk  #Schmeichel  #timhoward #marchmadness #seanfarnham #ESPN

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3 Apr 2021

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Man Marking - Episode 55 - Dan Abrahams

Man Marking

Episode 55  Understanding the behaviours of elite athletes.   Dan Abrahams has an impressive resume. He has worked with Eddie Howe at Bournemouth, Eddie Jones at England Rugby, as well as providing sports psychology services to footballers including Richard Keogh, and Yannick Bolasie. His career as a sports psychologist stemmed from his time as a professional golfer. The solitude of an individual sport allowed him a unique insight into the thinking required to become an elite athlete. Since that time, Dan has gone on to become one of the most renowned sports psychologists working in professional sport.  Here at Man Marking, we had long wished to speak to a sports psychologist. The position, whilst commonly accepted as an integral part of modern day sporting environments, is still one that is shrouded in mystery to most fans. We were curious to find out what exactly a sports psychologist did, how much of an impact they could have on a sportsperson or a team, and how their work improving mental performance crossed over with mental wellbeing.  We couldn't have chosen a better person to speak to than Dan. Not only extremely well qualified, and with a broad range of experiences in various sporting environments, Dan has an ability to articulate the knowledge he has acquired in his field into terms a layperson can easily understand. So grab yourself a seat, plug in, and enjoy, we promise you won't be disappointed.  If you enjoy this episode, or any of our other episodes, please pop over to apple podcasts, and give us a rating and a review. https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/man-marking/id1506661828 You can find us on Twitter @marking_man and don't forget to use the hashtag #WheresTheTalkingLads  If you have been affected by any of the themes discussed in today's episode, we have listed some organisations below who are there if you need to talk: Samaritans Call 116 132 for free https://www.samaritans.org/ Papyrus UKCall 0800 068 41 41 Papyrus Website CALM ZONE0800 58 58 58 https://www.thecalmzone.net/help/helpline/ MIND0300 123 3393 https://www.mind.org.uk/ The Kaleidoscope Plus Group0800 059 0123 https://www.kaleidoscopeplus.org.uk/

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29 Mar 2021

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Dan Abrahams – Developing YOUR mental toughness #163

Karl Morris - The Brainbooster

It is wonderful today to have on the Brain Booster one of the top sports psychologist working in professional sport Dan Abrahams. Dan Abrahams is a sport psychologist working alongside individuals, teams, coaches and organisations globally. He is known for his passion to de-mystify sport psychology and for creating simple to use performance techniques. He is the author of four best-selling sport psychology books and is the founder of both the Dan Abrahams Soccer Academy and The Sport Psych Show podcast. A former professional golfer and PGA qualified, Dan has a First Class Honours degree in Psychology and a Masters degree in Sport Psychology It was great to catch up with Dan so he could share his own story about how he developed his successful career and how his own approaches have evolved. I really admire how he has taken his knowledge and applied it to the real world in sports such as golf, football and rugby. We talk at length about the attitude of different sports to working on mental game skills. The barriers The challenges and the opportunities Dan has been working at the coal face for many years now and his wealth of knowledge really does shine through as does his passion to really make a difference to the teams and athletes he works with. From his early career as a professional golfer he shares with us how his own experiences of setbacks have helped shape his approach. It was really good to spend time with Dan. You will gain a LOT from this session. To find out more about Dan’s work go to https://danabrahams.com To become a CERTIFIED Mind Factor Coach Take ACTION during lockdown and go to https://themindfactor.net/product/mind-factor-course-video-training-2019/


12 Feb 2021