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"Jesus Heals an Official's son" | Bryan Rezen

goodshepherdkc Gladstone sermons

The key to understanding the significance of Jesus's second sign miracle is geography. An official walked by foot for two days to ask Jesus to heal his son. Across the distance, Jesus shows the people his true identity.


8 Mar 2020

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"Far-sighted" | Bryan Rezen

goodshepherdkc Gladstone sermons

As we get older we hope to mature, both in wisdom as well as spirit. As our eyes mature, they begin decrease in ability to see up close. Isn't it fascinating that our long-range eyesight stays more intact than up close? Maybe it's God's design of maturity that as we get older we begin to consider what legacy we'll leave behind for others, rather than focusing on ourselves.


19 Jan 2020

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"Death on a Cross" | Bryan Rezen

goodshepherdkc Platte County sermons

In human history there was no death more humiliating than death on a cross. Yet the very Son of God humbled himself to the point of death. How is it that we can humble ourselves to the point of having the same mind as Christ? When we are humble, Jesus is exalted


14 Oct 2019

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"The Lamp and the Body" | Bryan Rezen

goodshepherdkc Platte County sermons

Many places in the Gospels Jesus refers to a lamp and light, and this metaphor runs throughout his teaching. Jesus is known as the light of the world and in him there is no darkness. How is it that we can actually shine the light of Christ into the darkness of own hearts? How is it that we are to deal with the darkness that is in our lives?


27 Jan 2019

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"The Power of Quiet" | Bryan Rezen

goodshepherdkc Gladstone sermons

Jesus was a busy guy, preaching and healing and traveling all over the place. But even he took time regularly to be alone with the Father, to clarify his mission and priorities. If it was important for Jesus to spend quiet time with God, it is important for us as well.


15 Oct 2018

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"The Cost of Discipleship" | Bryan Rezen

goodshepherdkc Gladstone sermons

How often do you consider a potential investment before you make it? Jesus compares this to following him. In order to follow Christ we must first count the cost.Gladstone Campus • July 1, 2018


16 Jul 2018

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"Xenophobia (fear of people those who are different)" | Bryan Rezen

goodshepherdkc Platte County sermons

A pitch black room. A dark alley. The first day at a new school. We fear these things because of the unknown. It has been said that what we do not understand we worship or fear. When this fear is aimed at people it is called "Xenophobia" fear of that which is foreign or strange. How wide to we draw our circle, and how would Jesus have us treat people outside of it?


16 Apr 2018

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"Phases" | Bryan Rezen

goodshepherdkc Gladstone sermons

With life going at light speed we need to put down our phone and be present with our kids! While it is tempting to always be looking forward to whatever is next in our children’s development, we should cherish wherever they are...every day.


24 Jul 2017

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"Actions Speak Louder Than Words" | Bryan Rezen

goodshepherdkc Platte County sermons

Our actions show what we value. When we say one thing and do another, what we say doesn’t really matter. This would be considered false teaching if what we teach doesn’t match our actions.


3 Jul 2017

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"Going Deeper" | Bryan Rezen

goodshepherdkc Gladstone sermons

Jesus meets Peter on the shore of Galilee and issues an invitation (or calling) to follow him. In order for Peter to follow Christ, he will have to be obedient to a different way of living, to reorient his life, and to leave certain things behind. When he invites him to go deeper out to sea and cast his nets again after Peter had been unsuccessful all night, it required his trust in Jesus. Jesus invites each of us into a deeper calling of discipleship, to leave certain things behind in order to follow him. Are we willing to go deeper with Christ?


27 Mar 2017