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How To Change Minds - With Rob Jolles

Succeed Through Speaking

Tom Bailey, founder of Succeed Through Speaking, interviews Rob Jolles.A sought-after speaker and five-time Bestselling author, Rob Jolles has spent over thirty-five years, logging over 2.5 million miles in the air teaching, entertaining, and inspiring audiences worldwide. His keynotes and workshops have allowed him to amass a client list that reads like a Who’s Who of Fortune 500 companies, including Toyota, Disney, GE, Lilly Pharmaceutical, Bristol Myers Squibb, Northrop Grumman, a dozen universities, and over 50 financial institutions.Why you've got to check out Rob's episode:- Learn how Rob helps sales teams, financial organisations, business owners and entrepreneurs to shift their mindset around sales and persuasion.- The importance of the 'Fear of Change' when it comes to sales, persuasion and influencing. People want to address their problem, but they have a fear of change you need to help evade.- How the inability to change can hamper success, both on the business side and on the customer side. When you can't get past your fear of change it leads to a slow slog through life with a victim mentality.- Why you have to go deeper in conversations and why you need to find out what is really holding then back. People don't fix small problems, they fix big problems so you need to move past the surface level problems.- Get access to Rob's resources on his website and find out why Rob believes you should get access to a journal and complete it on a regular basis.Resources / Linkswww.jolles.com


27 Sep 2021

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Aug 2021 – Guest: Rob Jolles

Winning at Selling | Sales Leadership, Training and Development by Scott "The Professor"- Plum and Bill Hellkamp

What do you fear? In the words of our guest, “There is another fear that is a stumbling block for us all. What’s more, it is a far more personally destructive fear. I’m referring to the fear of change.” Do you fear change? Well, you are about to find out as Scott and I welcome Author and Sales Expert Rob Jolles to episode 474 of the Winning at Selling Podcast.


29 Aug 2021

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Rob Jolles - from selling insurance to world class motivational speaker and author

Follow Your Dream

This episode features Rob Jolles, Superstar Salesman who used his experience selling insurance to launch a career as an in-demand motivational speaker and Best Selling author.Robert’s song in this episode: “No One’s Fool” from the PGS 7  album by his band, Project Grand Slam. This album was not only the 7th studio album by PGS but it features a cover shot of a #7 baseball jersey hanging in a baseball locker - Robert's tip of the hat to Mickey Mantle, one of his childhood heroes Robert chose the song because his guest on this episode is certainly no one’s fool!Rob Jolles is a highly sought-after professional speaker and five-time bestselling author. He has spent over 35 years teaching, entertaining, and inspiring audiences worldwide. His books have been featured in USA Today, Harvard Business Review, Publisher’s Weekly, have spent over 100 weeks on the national Business Bestseller list, and have been translated into over a dozen languages. Some of his Best Sellers include “The Way Of The Road Warrior”, “How To Change Minds” and “Why People Don’t Believe You”. He’s been featured on over 70 radio shows. He gets hired by some of the biggest corporations in the world to motivate and inspire their employees. In this episode, Robert and Rob discuss:Early dream - basketball and acting (3:14)First job - Insurance salesman (8:10)Transition to sales trainer/performer (12:30)Eagle Scout (17:30)Persistence, persistence, persistence (20:01)Overcoming challenges (25:46) "I started out like the organ grinder’s monkey" —  Rob JollesIf you enjoyed the show, please Subscribe, Rate, and Review at Apple Podcast, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.  Get your Complimentary DREAM ROADMAP with Robert’s 5-step process to pursue and succeed at YOUR dream. Click HereConnect with Rob Jolles:Website: https://www.jolles.comConnect with the Follow Your Dream Podcast:Website: www.followyourdreampodcast.comInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/followyourdreampodcast/Facebook: www.facebook.com/FollowYourDreamPodcastEmail Robert: robert@followyourdreampodcast.comFollow Robert’s band, Project Grand Slam, and his music:Website: https://www.projectgrandslam.comStore: https://www.thepgsstore.com/YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/PGSjazzFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/projectgrandslam/Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/04BdGdJszDD8WtAFXc9skWApple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/project-grand-slam/274548453Email: pgs@projectgrandslam.comIntro/Outro song in this episode - “No One’s Fool” from Project Grand Slam’s album, PGS 7Spotify link: https://open.spotify.com/track/0foCA46DG7YY2z6M3vZikG?si=paQSf6qHRiaTYfv1dtB-Cg


5 Apr 2021

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The Art of Influence in Sales and Marketing with Rob Jolles

Marketing Mambo

A sought-after speaker and best-selling author, Rob Jolles teaches, entertains, and inspires audiences worldwide. Rob draws on more than thirty years of experience to teach people how to change minds. His programs on influence and persuasion are in global demand, reaching organizations in North America, Europe, Africa, and the Far East. And in showing clients not just “how to” but also “why to,” he stirs individuals and companies to create real, lasting change. Today, Rob’s keynotes and workshops attract many diverse audiences, from Global 100 companies to growing entrepreneurial enterprises, from parents to professional negotiators. His best-selling books, including Customer Centered Selling and How to Run Seminars & Workshops, have been translated into more than a dozen languages. He lives in Great Falls, Virginia.To reach Rob Jolles: Website: www.jolles.comLinkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/robert-jolles-8a459b12Blog: https://www.jolles.com/blarticle/*********************************************************************If you'd like to talk to Terry McDougall about coaching or being a guest on Marketing Mambo, here's how you can reach her:https://www.terrybmcdougall.comhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/terrybmcdougallTerry@Terrybmcdougall.comHer book Winning the Game of Work: Career Happiness and Success on Your Own Terms is available at Amazon. 


29 Mar 2021

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Teaching, Training, and Speaking Online: Best Practices – Rob Jolles

A New Direction

Whether you are in business, a consultant, coach, teacher, or speaker, our world has changed when it comes to doing presentations.  Whether it is a seminar, workshop, company training, education, or public speaking we are all using some sort of online platform to convey our message.  Let's be honest it is all completely different feel when it comes to teaching, speaking, or training online.  We do not have the luxury of standing before an audience, having the same adrenalin rush, getting that immediate interactive feedback, and keeping people's attention, well, that's a challenge as well.  Clearly we need some help.In this episode of A New Direction, best selling author and international training and motivational speaking expert Rob Jolles joins us to give us the best practices to give your online training and speaking a boost in effectiveness.  Based on his book How to Run Seminars and Workshops, Rob demonstrates to us that there is a process that works.  Starting with how to develop a good seminar and branding, to motivating your listeners, to paying attention to the details that will make you a more desired online speaker, trainer, and teacher.  Rob is willing to help our listeners, provide materials and insights just go to www.Jolles.com or email him at Rob@Jolles.comPlease say thank you to our sponsors!  It is there financial support that allows A New Direction to continue growing and getting great authors like Rob Jolles.Epic Physical Therapy these are the physical therapists that work with everyone from professional athletes to everyday people like you and me are just looking to recover from surgery or move a little better.  They have the latest equipment and certified staff to provide you with the customized treatment plan so that you can do the things you really want to do.  When you are looking for EPIC Relief, EPIC Recovery and EPIC Results head on over to EPIC PT  www.EPICpt.comLinda Craft & Team, Realtors for 35 years the choice of people all over the world.  They are not only experts in residential real estate, they understand that your home is more is a place where you created some of your fondest memories.  When you want a real estate professional who not only will get you the best price, but will care about your home like you would care about your home start with the Legends of Customer Service start with Linda Craft & Team.  www.LindaCraft.comAnd Please...We all know someone with an invisible disability. Anxiety, depression, dyslexia, back pain, chemical sensitivities, asthma, stress ... something they live and cope with garnering little or no sympathy because it is invisible to others. For more than two decades, the Invisible Disabilities Association has been at the forefront of helping people cope and thrive.Check out https://invisibledisabilities.org/love-ideas-summit/.  During this stressful time, the association has produced twelve hours of entertaining, inspirational, informative, and often downright funny content to help people not just survive but thrive through the stress.  If you don't think you will watch it all, register anyway, please. The $10 goes to a great cause and it is less than the cost of a movie ticket.  And if you have a bully pulpit, please spread the word. With content from some of the best experts in the world, it just might be pivotal to someone's well-being

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26 Aug 2020

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Rob Jolles – How to Transition From In-Person to Teleconference Sales

The Digital Agency Growth Podcast

A sought-after speaker and best-selling author, Rob Jolles draws on more than thirty years of experience to teach people how to change minds. Rob’s keynotes and workshops attract many diverse audiences, from Global 100 companies to growing entrepreneurial enterprises, from parents to professional negotiators. His best-selling books, including Customer Centered Selling and How to Run […]


8 Jul 2020

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Get Down To Business with Shalom Klein – 01/20/2019 – Aviv Shalgi, Allyson Scrutchens, Rob Jolles and Stephanie Hein

Get Down To Business with Shalom Klein

Join Shalom Klein on his weekly radio show, Get Down To Business with guests: Aviv Shalgi Allyson Scrutchens Rob Jolles Stephanie Hein


23 Mar 2020

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Episode 886: Authenticity and false narratives, with Rob Jolles

Onward Nation

Rob Jolles is a sought-after speaker who teaches, entertains, and inspires audiences worldwide. His live programs in and around the world have enabled him to amass a client list of Fortune 500 companies including Toyota, Disney, GE, a dozen universities, and over 50 financial institutions. He is the best-selling author of six books, including his latest release, Why People Don’t Believe You…Building Credibility from the Inside Out. To learn more, visit Jolles.com. What you’ll learn about in this episode: How Rob unconsciously excelled at his job at the New York Life Insurance Company in his first year, at just 22 years old, and why that was a problem Why not knowing what he was doing right for his career became a challenge when he started struggling with the burden of success How becoming an actor in his spare time became the third piece of Rob’s ultimate career as a corporate trainer Why Rob wrote his first book, and why he doesn’t consider himself a writer despite authoring six books Why Rob loves processes, and why he believes success isn’t really about processes but comes down to “percentage points” Why Rob began teaching people not just what to say, but how to say it authentically and effectively, and how that led to writing his book Why Rob’s publisher decided to title his book “Why People Don’t Believe You”, and how it relates to Rob’s observations on life Why the secret to sounding authentic is to be honest and absolutely believe the things you are saying Why it is important to not make assumptions and tell yourself a made-up narrative about others Why Rob believes that we should stop using the phrase “soft skills” and should start calling them “performance skills” How to contact Rob Jolles: Website: www.jolles.com Why People Don’t Believe You by Rob Jolles: https://amzn.to/2ElQ8w7


22 May 2019

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Building Credibility From The Inside Out with Rob Jolles and Understanding Entrepreneurship with Tom Duening

Take The Lead

Salespersons always want to get their word out. Author and sought-after speaker Rob Jolles says words are important, but they’re a bit overrated. He says we need to focus on some other pieces of communication because it’s not what we say, but how and why we’re saying it. Rob talks about selling, the ethical impacts of persuasion and influence, and how you can build credibility from the inside out. Having been an entrepreneur since starting his first business while in graduate school in 1984, Tom Duening has been teaching entrepreneurship for many years, a responsibility he takes very seriously. He says you have to be ultimately responsible as an educator to nudge people into this very challenging career path because it’s a hard path and it’s not for everybody. Tom speaks on the subject of entrepreneurial thinking, hiring people, and balancing an open mindset with critical thinking. Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share! Here’s How » Join the Take The Lead community today: DrDianeHamilton.com Dr. Diane Hamilton Facebook Dr. Diane Hamilton Twitter Dr. Diane Hamilton LinkedIn Dr. Diane Hamilton YouTube Dr. Diane Hamilton Instagram


13 Feb 2019

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Keyword Phrase: Rob Jolles Rob Jolles On Getting Other People To Believe In You

Cashflow Diary™

Rob Jolles is a sought-after speaker who teaches, entertains, and inspires audiences worldwide. His live programs in and around the world have enabled him to amass a client list of Fortune 500 companies including Toyota, Disney, GE, a dozen universities, and over 50 financial institutions. He is the best-selling author of six books, including his latest release, Why People Don't Believe You...Building Credibility from the Inside Out. Podcast Highlights Who is Rob Jolles? Rob Jolles was raised by a Marine and taught discipline quite early. He stumbled out of the University of Maryland and found himself working for New York Life Insurance. When Rob thinks of superheros, he sees someone that can take a punch, just like entrepreneurs. Everything in Rob’s life relates to getting knocked down and having the discipline to dust himself off and get back up. Once Rob graduated the only thing he knew for sure was that he wanted to generate income. For him life insurance was the fastest way to accomplish that goal. Since he had 36 first cousins in the state of Maryland he had a bit of a safety net to rely on. Rob says that once you get through your relatives and family, that’s when you find out who you are. One of the easiest ways to end a conversation is to tell people you sell life insurance. The reason people take a step back when you mention selling is because of bad actors that treat selling as a hiring mill. The constant churn of salespeople creates a terrible reputation for sales in general. Why is sales such a difficult subject for people? Most people are exposed to the lower end of the sales world which creates a negative imprint. Sales is more than sales though, it can also be thought of as influence and persuasion and a way to get an idea into someone’s head that allows them to take an action that’s good for them. Sales and belief are intrinsically connected. Before we can get others to believe us, we have to believe us. If you believe your product is bad, you’ve got a problem. If you honestly believe your product is good, it’s so much easier to get other people to believe it too. Belief We have a lot of negative voices in our head that tend to chirp at us and we think they may not add up to much but they have a huge impact. They accumulate and you start believing it. Take yourself to a moment where you were at your best. How do you think you felt? Train yourself to find that place where you felt powerful. The body doesn’t know when the mind is acting. People say no to the person you were being at that moment, not because of the words you used. Rob helps people that have the words but lost the tune. He started applying acting skills to his teaching methods and showing people how to be authentic. Everyone can lose their tune, some have never even heard it. It’s important to deemphasize the words, everyone has a limp. We have to come to grips with our limp and realize that it’s ok. Learning The Tune Everyone has their own tune. You will never have someone else’s tune, you have to work with what you got and trust yourself. We obsess on things that are not in our control. Play the course, not the opponent. When you realize that worrying is a misuse of your imagination and focus on your authentic tune, that’s when you win. We are born to extract the greatness that is buried inside. Be who you are when you’re not selling. People don’t fix small problems, they fix big ones. A well trained salesperson is someone that has your best interests at heart and has the passion and the skills to spare you the pain of your big problems. If you’ve ever been to a well trained therapist, you have already experienced what a well trained salesperson is like. They don’t pai


4 Feb 2019