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Episode 7: Kelly Manzone & Tina Morin

The Kettlebell Collective Podcast

Tune in to hear all about Kelly Manzone & Tina Morin and the genesis of Revive & Thrive Strength: Online/Ondemand Training for Strength & Longevity w/ Kettlebells, Sandbags, & BodyweightClaim a free month of Revive & Thrive Strength: https://mscstrength.brandbot.io/forms...The main site for Revive & Thrive Strength: https://www.patreon.com/reviveandthriveRevive & Thrive on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/revive_and_...Kelly Manzone on Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/kellsbells88/Tina Morin on Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/tinavmorin/ Host: Ian Gilligan @iangilligan.co & Produced by: Tiffany Longcor @tiffness.fitness

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12 Apr 2021

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#21 Strength In Motion with Kelly Manzone

Movement Made Better Podcast

In this week's podcast episode we are joined by personal trainer and educator Kelly Manzone! Kelly is the creator of "Pillars of Female Strength" and "Sturdy Athletes Program for Tennis Athletes". We talk about stigmas surrounding women and strength training, vintage strength tools, benefits of rotational training, and more! Kelly has over 17 years in the fitness industry specializing in unconventional training in modalities such as kettlebells, Indian clubs, mace training, and mobility workshops and clinics. She is fascinated by Physical Culture, an era identified with its historical tools of strength and skill-based modalities. She believes that training methods of the past can enrich modern-day life. By focusing on capability, sustainability, skill, and movement quality in her own practice, the inevitable outcome becomes strength, resilience, and longevity.  In this episode we discuss: Kelly's background... @0:11 Stigmas surrounding women & strength training… @7:40 “It’s Okay To Be Strong” - Transitioning new female clients into a strength based ideology… @10:45 Kelly's thoughts on Stick Mobility — Theory, female clients, athletes… @13:33 KellsBells private stock - Old time strength tools (Indian Clubs, Steel Maces, Kettlebells and more)… @22:51 Adapting to the new virtual health and wellness environment… @36:19 Benefits of circular/rotational training… @52:22 Sang (Battle Shield) strength training… @58:10 More from Kelly at:  https://www.instagram.com/kellsbells88/ https://www.kellymanzone.com 

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14 Sep 2020

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Episode 13: Fitness Enthusiast - Kelly Manzone

Leave it to Sievers

Check her out on Instagram: Kelly Manzone - Kellsbells88 or www.kellymanzone.com When I discovered Kelly's Page on Instagram, I was instantly fascinated by all of the cool looking tools she uses for working out. Most are unconventional type tools and great for small spaces. As you can see that she does most of her videos with in a very condensed space. Kelly loves to teach others all about Mace/Gade and Indian Clubs and is very knowledgeable as a Personal Trainer so I encourage anyone to message her and learn all about the tools she uses to train with.

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7 Sep 2020

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Kelly Manzone: Kettlebells, Indian Clubs, and Movement

Vital Metabolic: The Art and Science of Strength

During this episode of Vital Metabolic Podcast, hosts James Wheeler and John Parker speak with Kelly Manzone, who is an expert on training with kettlebells and clubs. Kelly talks about how she incorporates movement into her training, the importance of creativity, and how to get started with circular training. Episode Highlights:  What inspired you to add kettlebells into your training? Kelly was the first to bring kettlebells into the New York Sports Club she was working at. Kelly battled infectious colitis for 3 years after a severe bout of food poisoning. Kelly sees kettlebells as a way to fill in the missing gaps. Accessory training doesn’t mean you have to lose your background, whatever that may be. How do you utilize these tools with your clients? Kelly uses different tools with different clients on a case-by-case basis. John mentions that training is not just about traditional approaches, there is an art behind it. How does working on stability vs mobility look in your training? Kelly is hypermobile, so she does feel like she works more on stability. When you are training with kettlebells, what are you thinking about? When Kelly is training for herself, she does it more intuitively, but she does have days where it is really structured. Kelly also talks about how she uses kettlebells with her clients and ways to be creative. Kelly likes to work on skill-based modalities with her clients. Kelly mentions that, with skill-based modalities, clients have to be trusted to practice on their own. They can’t only practice once or twice a week.  How do people get started with circular training? Remember that your body is a moving unit. People have always been moving, pulling, pressing, etc. long before it was formatted by an industry. Kelly is more active on her Instagram. Kelly feels that there is too much comparison within the industry, and that it’s completely fine for people to have different training styles. It’s important for trainers to understand their strengths/weaknesses and areas of expertise, and know when to refer to someone else. Do you have anything else to share?  Where can people find you? 3 Key Points: Kelly believes that creativity is a very important part of the training process. With skill-based modalities, you have to be willing to keep working on them at home. There does not need to be so much competition in the fitness industry. Tweetable Quotes:  “Movement is its own language.” -Kelly Manzone “I’ve never been able to put myself in a box and describe exactly what I am. It’s because I’m constantly curious about what’s on the other side.” -Kelly Manzone “I train a lot of type-A personalities, and I want them to tap into feeling.” -Kelly Manzone Resources Mentioned:  James’ Facebook Instagram Twitter John’s Facebook Instagram Twitter Kettlebell Gains Apparel code vital20 Kelly’s Facebook Instagram Website kelly@kmmoves.com https://www.indianclubsacademy.com/


8 Jun 2020

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Kelly Manzone

Strength Diaries

Amy and Amanda have a great chat with Kelly Manzone.  Kelly has spent 17 years in the fitness industry and loves sharing her passion of physical culture by brining people together through the love of movement and creating resilient bodies with traditional and holistic training tools.  Kelly's approach to circular training methods is the perfect balance to traditional strength and athletic training.  Anyone from seasoned athletes to home-bound folks looking for a way to stay physically active can benefit from Kelly's teaching.    Kelly has collaborated with Paul Taras Wolkowinski and Kevin Rail to provide a unique education series at Indian Clubs International.  You can find out more at indianclubs.com.au as well as her own website kellymanzone.com  Follow her on Instagram @kellsbells88 and Facebook.  She is currently active conducting on-line workshops and plans to get back to her rigorous schedule of live workshops and clinics when able.

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24 May 2020

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BodCast Episode 18: Intuitive Training with Kelly Manzone

Original Strength Bodcast

OriginalStrength.net In this episode, Tim and Kelly discuss intuitive training, self-care, and foot health. They also discuss life in the "new world" (Corona Camp).    For more about Kelly, or if you'd like to learn from her, check her out on IG at kellsbells88.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/original-strength/support


3 Apr 2020

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BodCast Episode 14: Circular Strength with Kelly Manzone

Original Strength Bodcast

In this episode, Tim talks with Kelly Manzone about the importance and intelligence of incorporating circular patterns in your strength training routine. Buckle up, Kelly is full of energy, passion and great information!   Check her workshops out to learn more about circular strength training.  You can find her on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009030617079  You can find her on Instagram here:   @kellsbells88 --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/original-strength/support


6 Mar 2020

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EP 7 - Kelly Manzone | Defining Your Niche Market

The KIPS Podcast

In this episode of the KIPS Personal Trainer Application Podcast we discuss how a trainer can develop a niche market and define the product/service they are selling. Guest Kelly Manzone is a personal trainer based in Connecticut, and develop workshops for a variety of audiences.Learn more about KIPS - https://kipsonline.org/


18 Feb 2020

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Episode 12 Skill series: Pillars Of Female Strength with Kelly Manzone

Dirty Strength Radio™

Today on the show we are talking with Kelly Manzone, aka @kellsbells88 about non-traditional training methods that increase connection to movement and exercise. Kelly is a coach and trainer outside of Connecticut and travels around the world teaching steel mace/gada training, Indian clubs, stick mobility and so much more. Kelly's personal use of non-traditional training methods on top of her expertise in traditional exercise makes her a force and this force is helping to change the world of fitness for everyone, but especially women. Tune in to learn more about Kelly and the program/training philosophy that she is created, Pillars Of Female Strength.  To attend a workshop and learn from Kelly, click the link in her bio on Instagram! 

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17 Dec 2019

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Ep. 14 Kelly Manzone aka @kellsbells88

Steel Mace Nation

A fun and vibrant Kelly Manzone calls into the show to talk up our favorite ..... STEEL MACE!The Co-Creator of Indian Clubs International and personal trainer specializing in kettle bells and mace shares her story and her big plans for the future.Kelly has been doing workshops around the United States and she is known for her excellent teaching skills and her athleticism . Here is a great opportunity to get to really know her! Enjoy!.Find Kelly on IG @kellsbells88Her website is www.linktr.ee/Kellsbells88.Support the podcast!For fast energy go to OnGo Energy Spray ongoenergy.comWhen you check out just use the discount code STEELMACE25.Origin Training Academy originacdmy.com Weekly work outs via affordable subscriptionUse the Discount code SMN10 for $10 bucks a month for the 1st three months!

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16 Sep 2019