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Episode 33 - Alison Taylor: Jane (Jane App)

From the trenches

Jane is an online platform for health and wellness practitioners that makes it simple for them to book, chart, schedule, bill and get paid. Their platform considers all aspects of private practice users: admin staff, practitioners, patients booking online and business owners. Jane is a flexible and friendly platform, designed to modernize daily workflow while respecting each practitioner's unique style of business.Learn more about Jane by visiting: jane.app.Alison's Final 4:Podcast: The Habitat. Life on Mars. Sort of.HBR IdeaCast.Masters of Scale.Best Advice: "If my actions and decisions make two people proud, one personal and one professional, I'm going to be ok."App: Slack.Restaurant: Maru Korean Bistro.For more local news impacting business, visit:Website: www.businessexaminer.ca


9 Aug 2021

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Dead Sexy! feat. Alison Taylor

Getting Lit

This week, Matt, Rio, and Reuben are joined by connoisseur of f**ked-up films, Alison Taylor, to discuss Georges Bataille's seminal (or perhaps that should be "urinal"?) pornographic opus, Story of the Eye, as well as Jörg Buttgereit's cinematic ode to necrophilia, Nekromantik. 

1hr 25mins

25 Jul 2021

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Can We Bridge The Gap?: The Neuroscience of Division and Polarization with Jonathan Haidt and Alison Taylor

Your Brain at Work

In this episode of Your Brain at Work, Dr. David Rock, the CEO and Co-founder of the Neuroleadership Institute is joined by two esteemed guests: Jonathan Haidt, a professor at NYU’s Stern School of Business and co-author of the best-seller The Coddling of the American Mind, and Alison Taylor, the Executive Director of Ethical Systems. The three shed light on the core divisions in America, how those divisions seep into professional discourse, and most importantly, what we can do to bridge divides. When the trio gets into strategies for bridging the divides we have, it’s less about deleting Facebook from your phone and more about what decades of brain science and social science research have taught us about practicing empathy, seeing others, and listening to opposing viewpoints.


15 Jul 2021

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Ethics for Aesthetics with Jonathan Haidt and Alison Taylor

The Decision Corner

In this episode of the Decision Corner, Brooke speaks with Jonathan Haidt, the Thomas Cooley Professor of Ethical Leadership at the Stern School of Business NYU, and Alison Taylor, the executive director at Ethical Systems and an adjunct professor at NYU. In today’s episode, they discuss the role of ethics and values in business, including the challenges associated with Generation Z, and the workplace culture changes that have been fuelled by the evolution of social media and increasing polarization in countries like the United States. They talk about the challenge of hearing from all members of the workforce, and not just the most polarized who are shouting the loudest. If you’re curious about whether businesses should remain politically neutral, have an interest in business ethics and the changing landscape of modern corporate leadership, this episode is for you! Some of the topics discussed include: The challenges that come with leading a multi-generational and politically motivated workforce. Should businesses take a stance on social issues? Is neutrality a viable position? Business ethics as a way of conducting business, as opposed to being a safeguard against legal action or public outcry. Fostering a safe culture where employees feel comfortable expressing their opinions without fear of backlash from the public, or their co-workers. The role of behavioral science in business - beyond the marketing department.


7 Jun 2021

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Alison Taylor and Roy Snell on ESG and Compliance [Podcast]

Compliance Perspectives

Post By: Adam TurteltaubThe Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) movement has been around for a long time, but over the last year it has hit a tipping point. In fact, according to Roy Snell, former SCCE & HCCA CEO and now advisor to Osprey ESG Software, it has hit several tipping points.In this podcast he and Alison Taylor, Executive Director of Ethical Systems, outline how strong the ESG movement has become and how important it is for compliance professionals to embrace it. They will also be addressing this topic at the SCCE ESG and Compliance Conference on June 17, 2021.As they share here, recently the EU announced it was looking to create regulations monitoring the truthfulness of ESG claims, particularly for investment firms. The US Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) has set up an enforcement working group of its own. Standards bodies are emerging and setting some very high bars, and many organizations have committed to various ESG goals.One of the difficulties of ESG is that there is a mix, Alison notes, of hard and soft obligations. In the area of modern slavery, for example, many countries already have requirements in place for, at a minimum, reporting what the company is doing to managing the risk. And in environmental arena there are already a host of laws and regulations. But, in many other areas that fall under ESG there are not yet laws. Nevertheless, a corporate commitment should be taken just as seriously and with great rigor.In sum, ESG has come of age, and with it has come the risk that organizations will start fudging the numbers to meet their proclaimed and required ESG goals. That leads to an opportunity and need for compliance teams to get involved. As in other areas, compliance should not necessarily be directly involved in the initiatives since it can create a conflict of interest. Instead, they advise, compliance should, as it traditionally has, ensure the integrity of the organization’s work by creating control processes and procedures and investigating claims of potential wrongdoing.For the compliance team to be effective they recommend working with related units in the organization: ESG, corporate social responsibility, sustainability and investor relations. Increasingly investors are demanding that organizations report on their ESG efforts, and that has caught the attention of leadership and the board.Listen in to learn more, and then join us at the SCCE ESG and Compliance Conference.


20 May 2021

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#2 Diversity, Inclusion, and Ethics with Alison Taylor

The Road to Sustainability™

What we call business ethics, whether it is compliance, sustainability, ESG, or HR, has nothing to do with ethics. Unfortunately, this is a dominating paradigm for decades, that for various reasons, no longer fit our society. I am glad to share the insightful conversation I had with Alison Taylor. Alison Taylor is Executive Director of Ethical Systems, a research collaboration housed at NYU. 
We shared approaches to strengthening ethical decision-making that incorporates both diverse cultures and business-school pragmatism. There is a global issue: we have a quite pressing need to rethink authority, a radical re-consideration of leadership assessment, professional responsibility, and above all, a call to act and commit to diversity and inclusion. Although we have good ideas of what we need to make the necessary changes, this requires a very comprehensive rethink of what we call business ethics and what we expect from our companies. There are many promising avenues and prominent business cultures that can be adopted from one culture to another.  — Alison Taylor is Executive Director of Ethical Systems, a research collaboration housed at NYU. She is also a Senior Advisor at BSR, and an Adjunct Professor at NYU Stern School of Business, where she teaches professional responsibility and leadership.  Alison has a long track record of consulting for large multinational companies, on strategy, sustainability, political and social risk, culture and behavior, human rights, ethics and compliance, stakeholder engagement, ESG, and anti-corruption. She is a 2019-21 member of the World Economic Forum's Global Future Council on Transparency and Anti-Corruption.  Alison previously held leadership roles at BSR and Control Risks, and has worked at PwC, Transparency International, and IHS Global Insight. She has a BA from Balliol College, Oxford University, an MA in International Relations from the University of Chicago, and an MA in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University. — The Road to Sustainability™ is a global network to build a more efficient, safe, and inclusive world.   Join the community on Patreon. Learn more on our website. The Road to Sustainability on Twitter. The Road to Sustainability on Instagram. Connect on Linkedin. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/theroadtosustainability/message


11 Apr 2021

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TEE Environmental Social & Governance Bonus Episode 000: Alison Taylor

The Ethics Experts


7 Apr 2021

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Bio Bytes 22: Aneuploidy and Cancer Biology with Alison Taylor

Columbia University Bio Bytes

In which Vaibhav speaks with Dr. Alison Taylor, an Assistant Professor of Pathology and Cell Biology at the Columbia University Irving Medical Center, about her research on the role of aneuploidy (abnormal numbers of chromosomes) in cancer. Among other things, they discuss the basic mechanisms of aneuploidy, the ways in which it can favor cancer development, and contemporary approaches in chemically targeting aneuploid cells. Alison explains her group's models for studying aneuploidy and their new computational genomics efforts as well. She concludes by discussing ongoing projects in her lab and some pressing questions about genome integrity in cancer initiation and progression. 


27 Feb 2021

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Lets Go Live! With Jack Kelly & Guests Eric Young, Alison Taylor, Carolyn Renzin, And Howard Plotkin

WeCruitr Podcast

Welcome to our NEW Podcast / Linkedin Live series, Let's Go Live with Jack Kelly! The goal of this one-of-a-kind series is to help you with your job search and advancing your career! Each week, host Jack Kelly will bring on educated Career Experts who will share their insights and give you inside tips on how to be successful in your job search!Make sure to use the hashtag #LGLJK​​ on social media if you have any questions or topics you want answered!Join Our Innovative Job Search Site: https://wecruitr.io/​​Visit us on our socials!Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/wecr​​...Facebook: facebook.com/WeCruitr/?ref=br_rsInstagram: instagram.com/wecruitr/?hl=enTwitter: https://twitter.com/wecruitr​​Reach Jack Kelly!Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jackkelly​​...Twitter: https://twitter.com/wecruitr_io​​

1hr 1min

26 Feb 2021

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Health with Alison Taylor

Experience: Our Ally at Work

Through her early experiences in both the family and living in Africa, Alison was inspired to study Medicine.  She went on to become a GP and did further studies in Homoeopathy.  Believing that health is about the whole person, their environment and relationships Alison has taken her learning and applied it to organisational life.  She currently leads in the National Health Service in the UK and continues to work with a systemic understanding of leadership. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/rebekah-orourke/message


3 Oct 2020