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Mike Perry | Food Truck Diaries w/ Brendan Schaub

The Schaub Show

Mike Perry brings the Florida rains to Calabasas on this episode of Food Truck Diaries. Brendan serves up lobster rolls from one of his favorite trucks in LA, Cousins Maine Lobster, and the boys talk about what's next for Mike Perry's wild career. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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16 Nov 2022

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Mike Perry Wants Jake Paul Next | TimboSugarShow | EP.202

Timbo Sugarshow podcast

Shop Merch! Sugar - sugashop.co Tim - https://timbomerch.com IG: https://www.instagram.com/timwelchmt/ Producer: Jx Soto https://www.instagram.com/jx.soto/

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30 Aug 2022

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Mish’N Accomplished ep 83: Mike Perry

Mish'N Accomplished

We’re joined by the always-entertaining, UFC vet turned BKFC badass, “Platinum” Mike Perry! He’ll be taking on Michael “Venom” Page in the main event at BKFC 27: London on August 20th. Tune in to hear from the man himself before he heads across the pond to steal the show at this historic event. #bkfc #bareknuckle #fighting #championship #bkfclondon #platinumperry #mvp #venom #fight #fighter #mike #perry #platinum #London #bkfc27 #speed #round #mikeandmish #mishnaccomplished

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11 Aug 2022

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Eric D'Agati and Mike Perry: Principles of Program Design

Brawn Body Health and Fitness

In this episode of the Brawn Body Health and Fitness Podcast, Dan is joined by Eric D'Agati and Mike Perry to discuss the Principles of Program Design.The Principles of Program Design course was designed to help you develop systems to ensure the training programs you use with your clients are effective, efficient, safe, scalable and repeatable. PPD was created by Eric Dagati and Mike Perry, two of the world’s leading fitness and performance coaches. Eric and Mike have a collective experience of almost 50 years in the industry training thousands of clients individually and in group and team settings. They've worked with everyone from the general fitness population to high-level professional athletes. You'll come away from this course with systems (including specific checklists) to help you succeed in this industry and help your clients reach their health, fitness and performance goals. We've developed systems to help you get started with clients, collect appropriate data, communicate effectively, make intelligent exercise decisions when designing programs and keep your clients coming back for more.For more on PPD, check out Mike is the founder and co-owner of Skill of Strength. In his eighteen plus years as a Personal Trainer and Strength and Conditioning Coach, he has trained clients of all ages and abilities including athletes represented in MLS, NFL, MLB, UFC, Bellator MMA, CES MMA and other local mixed martial arts promotions. Mike is instructor with Functional Movement Systems (FMS). Mike also works for Pavel Tsatouline’s company, StrongFirst. He is a StrongFirst Senior Instructor (Kettlebell Instructor) and SFL instructor (Barbell Instructor) for StrongFirst.Eric D’Agati has spent the past 20 years in the fitness industry as a coach, trainer and instructor, pioneering his unique approach to client assessment, performance enhancement and injury prevention. His company, ONE Human Performance, provides fitness, training and wellness services in New Jersey and operated as multidisciplinary facility for 12 years before Eric moved on to focus solely on his coaching and consulting services. Eric has an incredible resume with numerous certifications and valuable mentoring experiences - he's learned from the likes of Gray Cook and Charles Poliquin and has over 8 certifications in addition to an exercise physiology degree. He teaches for the Functional Movement Systems (FMS) course series and is on the advisory board for On Base University baseball screenings.To keep up to date with everything we are currently doing on the podcast, be sure to subscribe and follow @brawnbody on social media!This episode is brought to you by CTM band recovery products - the EXACT soft tissue recovery technology used by Dan. CTM Band was founded by Dr. Kyle Bowling, a sports medicine practitioner who treats professional athletes (and was a guest on the Brawn Body Podcast!).  You can check out their website here: https://ctm.band/collections/ctm-band ... while you're there, be sure to use the coupon code "BRAWN10" for 10% off!This episode is also brought to you by Ice shaker! Use our affiliate link to help support future podcast episodes and development by clicking here:  https://www.iceshaker.com?sca_ref=1520881.zOJLysQzKeInterested in purchasing a red-light therapy device?? Use the brand Dan recommends - hooga health! You can use the coupon code "brawn" to save BIG at checkout! Check out their website here: https://hoogahealth.com/Make sure you SHARE this episode with a friend who could benefit from the information we shared!Check out everything Dan is up to, including blog posts, fitness programs, and more by clicking here: https://linktr.ee/brawnbodytrainingLiked this episode? Leave a 5-star review on your favorite podcast platform!--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/daniel-braun/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/daniel-braun/support

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29 Jun 2022

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E399 Mike Perry

This Past Weekend

Mike Perry is an American professional mixed martial artist who competes in the Welterweight division of Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship. He has formerly competed for the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Mike and Theo discuss what brought him into bare knuckle fighting and how his mindset has changed over the years. They also talk about their childhood fights, the perils of Florida and what’s next for Platinum’s career.  ------------------------------------------------ Tour Dates! https://theovon.com/tour New Merch: https://www.theovonstore.com Podcastville mugs and prints available now at https://theovon.pixels.com ------------------------------------------------- Support our Sponsors: Blue Chew: Try BlueChew FREE when you use our promo code THEO at https://bluechew.com BetterHelp: Go to https://betterhelp.com/THEO  to get 10% off your first month ShipStation: Go to https://shipstation.com  to get 60 days free with code THEO Babbel: Go to https://babbel.com/THEO  to save 60% off your subscription ------------------------------------------------- Music: "Shine" by Bishop Gunn: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F3A_coTcUek ------------------------------------------------ Submit your funny videos, TikToks, questions and topics you'd like to hear on the podcast to: tpwproducer@gmail.com Hit the Hotline: 985-664-9503 Video Hotline for Theo Upload here: http://www.theovon.com/fan-upload Send mail to: This Past Weekend 1906 Glen Echo Rd PO Box #159359 Nashville, TN 37215 ------------------------------------------------ Find Theo: Website: https://theovon.com Instagram: https://instagram.com/theovon Facebook: https://facebook.com/theovon Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/thispastweekend Twitter: https://twitter.com/theovon YouTube: https://youtube.com/theovon Clips Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/TheoVonClips ------------------------------------------------ Producer: Isaac https://www.instagram.com/theisaacabrams/?hl=en Producer: Zach https://www.instagram.com/zachdpowers/ Producer: Colin https://instagram.com/colin_reinerSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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28 Jun 2022

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#73 - Mike Perry: Skill of Strength

The Strength Connection

In the 73rd episode of The Strength Connection Podcast, Mike and our special guest, Owner of Skill of Strength, host of The Minimum Effective Dose, Mike Perry, will talk about Mike’s origin story, the origin of Skill of Strenght, and his journey with diagnosing and beating cancer.Join us in this insightful and captivating talk! In this chapter, you will discover: (0:50) Introducing our special guest, Owner of Skill of Strength, host of The Minimum Effective Dose, Mike Perry @coachmikeperry(1:40) The Minimum Effective Dose(1:45) Shout out to Brett Jones @brettjonessfg(2:10) Mike’s origin story(2:40) Mike’s original main goal(4:00) The idea of being a coach(5:15) Working with major NFL players(5:55) Getting into FMS(6:20) Getting the FMS certification (6:40) Training with kettlebells in 2006(7:15) Doing RKC(7:40) The first time meeting Brett Jones @brettjonessfg(7:55) Shout out to Mike Robertson @robtrainsystems(8:30) The biggest turning point in Mike’s career(9:10) Getting tested by Brett Jones @brettjonessfg(9:45) About Mike’s FMS journey(10:05) Shout out to StrongFirst @strongfirst(10:30) A business-minded wife and partner(13:55) Shout out to Ryan Lee @ryanleefitnessetc(16:25) Effects of kettlebell on the back(17:00) Shout out to Pavel Tsatsouline @strongfirst(17:10) Shout out to Dan John @coachdanjohn(17:15) Shout out to Gray Cook @functionalmvmt(17:50) “In fitness, there's no specific path” - Michael Kurkowski(18:20) Shout out to Fabio Zonin @x_fab_69(18:20) Shout out to Analisa Naldi @italiannna(18:35) “It is important for a coach to maintain being a student” - Michael Kurkowski(18:50) “If you're passionate, and you're curious, if you add those two things together about any topic and you're willing to just learn, you'll be successful.” - Mike Perry @coachmikeperry(19:35) “Get your hands dirty. There is no substitute for experience” - Mike Perry @coachmikeperry(20:00) “There are so many components of being a successful trainer. And it's not just about how much you can bench and how much you can deadlift.” - Mike Perry @coachmikeperry(20:10) A piece of advice for younger coaches(21:40) “When you are talking to your clients, be a chameleon.” Mike Perry @coachmikeperry(22:20) The client management analogy(22:50) Advantages of going down the rabbit hole(23:25) “Learn to speak coach” - Mike Boyle @michael_boyle1959(23:25) Shout out to Mike Boyle @michael_boyle1959(25:45) Really good coach vs. okay coach(26:25) Shout out to John Ingham(27:20) Principles vs. modality (27:45)  “If you don't understand that the principles are far more important than the implementation, then you're going to have issues” - Mike Perry @coachmikeperry(33:50) “If we're doing things that people enjoy doing, they're probably going to come back and see you a lot more” - Michael Kurkowski(34:00) “If they believe in the process, and they enjoy it, the outcome is absolutely going to be more successful” - Mike Perry @coachmikeperry(36:05) The jar Life analogy(39:05) Effects of the environmental situation(42:25) Getting a colonoscopy(42:45) The result of colonoscopy(44:35) Surgically removing tumor(45:20) Doing the chemotherapy(46:15) Beating stage 3 cancer(46:30) Mike’s experience with chemotherapy(47:50) Craving the sense of normalcy(49:10) Working while getting chemotherapy(52:50) Mike’s reason behind documenting his experience with cancer(58:15) What did Mike learn from cancer?(1:01:10) Going out of your comfort zone(1:05:55) Mike’s future plan(1:07:10) Where to find Mike Perry? @coachmikeperry

1hr 8mins

25 May 2022

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Episode 7: Mike Perry, Shannon Peterson, & Tim Hamburger

The Stoked on Spokes Podcast

On our seventh episode, we talk to Mike Perry, Shannon Peterson, and Tim Hamburger about Pelotonia! Pelotonia is the largest cancer fundraising bicycle event in the country based out of Columbus, Ohio where all proceeds go to cancer research!!! Mike, Shannon, and Tim talk about the reason why they have rode, fundraised, and supported this event every year since it started in 2009! It's honest, heartfelt, and an inspiring listen of their stories and the people who they ride because of!!! Thanks for joining us for this episode!!! Pelotonia Home Page Our guests' teams on Pelotonia: teamCOPC, Stefanie’s Team of Hope, & The Purple Tutu Society Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/stokedonspokespodcast Facebook: The Stoked On Spokes Podcast | Facebook Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stokedonspokespodcast/--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/stokedonspokes/support

1hr 11mins

13 Apr 2022

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65 - Recovering Baptist with Mike Perry

Speaking In Church

This week, we are joined by our new friend Mike Perry, who is a recently inducted exvangelical! He grew up as Texan as you can be with the most Southern Baptist Texan grandpa and the classic Baptist upbringing, toxic masculinity and all.Find us on Instagram: instagram.com/speakinginchurchFind us on Twitter: twitter.com/speakingchurchFor more of Josie: instagram.com/josietakestheworld | twitter.com/josietakestheFor more of Spencer: instagram.com/spencerose | twitter.com/snoble_ Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


13 Apr 2022

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Ep. 234: Keys to Consistent Success Hunting Big Woods Swamp Bucks with Mike Perry

East Meets West Hunt

On this episode of the East Meets West Hunt podcast, Beau Martonik is joined by an extremely successful and hard-working whitetail hunter, Mike Perry. Mike is from Pennsylvania and has proven what it takes to be consistently successful hunting big woods swamps over the years. We discuss many topics in this episode, including post-season scouting, terrain features in flat land, buck and doe bedding areas, hunting creek bottoms, stories from past successful hunts, and the top lessons he’s learned over time the years.Topics: Background and getting into hunting Post-season scouting Bedding in the winter Finding fresh sign in-season Terrain Features in Flat Land  Buck bedding vs. doe bedding areas When to take your rut vacation The story of Boss Hogg - 6 years of hunting a specific deer Hunting creek bottoms during the rut The story of Super Freak Don’t just rely on trail cameras Top lessons learned over the years Resources:Instagram:  @eastmeetswesthunt@beau.martonik Facebook:  East Meets West Outdoors https://www.eastmeetswesthunt.com/ YouTube:Beau Martonik - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQJon93sYfu9HUMKpCMps3w Shop new apparel! https://www.eastmeetswesthunt.com/shop Amazon Influencer Pagehttps://www.amazon.com/shop/beau.martonik Partners and Exclusive Deals:Spartan Forge - Check out the Spartan Forge app for deer movement predictions based on millions of data points for your area, as well as incredible GPS mapping! Save 20% with coupon code eastmeetswestGoWild - is a free social community built by hunters, for hunters. Use the code EASTMEETSWEST to save 10% off of all hunting gear on the website.Big Truck Farms - They embrace the mindset of hard work and the outdoor lifestyle on the farm with an “Earn a Beer” mentality. They support and host archery shoots, donate to veterans, and make damn good beer. Visit “The Farmhouse” in Parkton, Maryland.Heather's Choice - Healthy, great-tasting, dehydrated meals for the backcountry. Use code eastmeetswest to get free shipping. Maven Optics - Top-quality binoculars, spotting scopes and rifle scopes for your hunts from east to west. Use the code eastmeetswest-gift to get a free gift with your next order!MTN OPS - is the leader in providing science-based supplements to help you train inside and conquer more outside. Use the code BEAUFREESHIP for free shipping on all orders. TETHRD - Tethrd builds the highest quality, lightweight, and innovative saddle hunting gear on the planet. Use the coupon code EASTMEETSWEST to save 10% off Tethrd saddle hunting gear in the GoWild App Gear Shop.SITKA GEAR - Use this link to help support the podcast and build your own performance hunting apparel system.Garmin - From lifesaving devices to smartwatches, and range-finding bow sights, Garmin builds products to help you on the hunt.Treeline Academy - Save 20% off the E-Scouting Masterclass with code EASTMEETSWESTThe Elk Collective - Save $15 off the Elk Hunting virtual course to become a better elk hunter with code EASTMEETSWESTExodus Trail Cameras- Save 10% off Exodus trail cameras and gear by clicking on the link. Code automatically applied at checkout Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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22 Mar 2022

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Mike Perry breaks Muzzleloader record on Public land!

Buckmasters Outdoors Podcast

We sit down with Mike Perry of North Alabama and talk to him about his record breaking 195" public land buck. Mike's 2021 muzzleloader buck tops the state's overall muzzleloader deer. We go into detail on what goes through his mind when scouting and how he put himself into position to take such a legend of a deer. Mike gives us some great tips and insights on how he is successful afield. If you like learning how to get in front of big deer, this is a podcast you don't want to miss!


6 Mar 2022