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3 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Richard Field. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Richard Field, often where they are interviewed.

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3 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Richard Field. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Richard Field, often where they are interviewed.

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Ep 122: Richard Field with Adam Hooks

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When William Shakespeare first began his career, we see evidence in his plays as well as life decisions that he was an ambitious man, almost constantly trying to secure connections with the right people in the right places to move his reputation upwards in society. One very key way we see Shakespeare intentionally seek out forward motion for his career is by his connection to Richard Field. Field is a printer who grew up in Stratford Upon Avon, likely going to the same school as William Shakespeare, and at the same time. The men both grew up to establish professional careers in London, and it seems William Shakespeare sought out Richard Field to publish Venus & Adonis as well as Rape of Lucrece which under Field’s direction, connections, and influence would go on to become the most popular poetry in all of Renaissance Europe. Today our guest Adam Hooks, the foremost expert on Richard Field, and author of the book Selling Shakespeare: Biography, Bibliography, and the Book Trade, and he joins us to introduce us to Richard Field, John Harrison, and their bookshop, The White Greyhound in London that would form the foundation for William Shakespeare’s success as a poet. 

Adam G. Hooks is an Associate Professor in the Department of English and the Center for the Book at the University of Iowa. He us currently the editor for the Arden Shakespeare 4th series volume of "Poems."

Aug 17 2020 · 34mins
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Episode 16 Richard Field of All Star Constrictors and the Paradise Gene

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Join us this week as Carlos and Sergio talk with Richard Field of All Star Constrictors. Richard is a top notch boa breeder known for his work with Sharp complex boas and his knowledge of the European Boa Market. We will talk about how he got involved in the Boa Game, his life in pro basketball, and his plans for the upcoming season. Finally, we will talk about what its like to import boas from Europe. Check us out today on Spotify, GooglePlay, Stitcher, and iTunes. #boarackradio #morphsunleashed #reptilepodcast #boamorph #boamorphsofinstagram #boamorphs #reptiles #snakes #snakesofinstagram #boagame #boaconstrictor #boas #VPIBoas #sharpboas #indiboa #richardfield #pastelboas #purplesharp #purplealbino
Apr 30 2020 · 1hr 36mins

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Richard Field - the jaws of a lion

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Richard Field is a professional safari guide, leading family groups, and sometimes celebrities and billionaires, on African adventures to places like the Okavango Delta in Botswana. In 1999, Rich was attacked by a lioness protecting her cubs. She mauled his head, nearly scalping him and he almost bled to death. In the years after the attack, Richard realised he would only be able to heal once he started to tell his story.

Mar 25 2020 · 50mins