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Finding product-market fit through user interaction, with David Shim

Go-to-Market Radio

Key talking points:The power of pulling off the “product-decision bandaid” all the way.Why you should stop waiting until you have the perfect product.The importance of fitting the right product to the consumer.What a bad market fit is and how to spot it.


24 Jun 2022

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Wanderers & Wrestlers Ep 1: The Tale of Two Journeys | David Shim

Crossbridge Brickell

Every journey has a beginning, but not all has an ending. Some cross generations as in life of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Other linger in history, in every sport we find, people fighting for their ideals, wandering to find their way. Do you know what your journey is? Join us as we go through the book of Genesis in our new Series Wanderers and Wrestlers.


22 Jun 2022

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Computer Vision Tech & Analyzing Engagement Levels in Zoom Meetings with David Shim of Read

UpTech Report

How can we make virtual meetings less soul-sucking and more productive? In this edition of the UpTech Report, host Alexander Ferguson meets with David Shim of Read to discuss his computer vision tech for analyzing engagement levels on Zoom meetings. When you’re looking at twenty different faces on a screen, it’s kind of hard to get a feel for what’s going on, but Read Dashboard provides metrics that allow you to actually scientifically quantify how a meeting is going. By using deep learning, Natural Language Processing, and other exciting new technologies, we can really start to see who is paying attention and who isn't. Read analyzes facial expressions, body language, speech patterns, voice tones, emotions, and more to provide real-time stats about how engaged people are in the conversation.


11 Jan 2022

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Episode 60 - COVID-19 Special #1 (featuring David Shim, CEO of Foursquare)

Floor 9

Unpacking the pandemic’s impact on brand safety, media investments, sports media and foot trafficWelcome back to Floor 9! We are taking a break from our regularly scheduled programming on media futures and turn our attention to the present and the near-term future. Therefore, Floor 9 will be coming out with weekly episodes that provide timely information, market intelligence, and actionable insights on COVID-19’s impact on the media and advertising landscape. We are all in this together and want to make sure our listeners have the best information possible in order to make the tough decisions every company is facing during these challenging times.This week Scott and Adam are joined by Jon Stimmel, Chief Investment Officer at UM and Joshua Lowcock, US Chief Digital & Global Brand Safety Officer at UM for a conversation on the current media market, sports being canceled, brand safety and how the larger media industry is responding to COVID-19. Later in the show, special guest interviewer Huw Griffiths, UM’s Chief Product Officer sits down with Foursquare’s CEO David Shim to discuss Foursquare's latest report on COVID-19 impact on retail foot traffic.  In this episode: Jon Stimmel on the state of media investments, how media partners are responding to COVID-19, sports being canceled and the olympics being postponed and investing through a potential recessionJoshua Lowcock on brand safety, respectful content, consumer sentiment on brands appearing next to COVID-19 content and how the industry is being proactive in their response to COVID-19. Hint, don’t negative keyword target Coronavirus. Foursquare’s CEO, David Shim is interviewed by UM’s Chief Product Officer Huw Griffiths on their recent report about COVID-19 and its impact on retail foot traffic. Actionable takeaways for brands and marketersWe share our special WFH productivity hacks Warp up with relevant news of the week Additional Links: Foursquare Research Report [Foursquare] Scott’s Email: Scott.elchison@ipglab.com Adam’s Email: Adam@ipglab.com Covered News: Tokyo Olympics are postponed: [BBC]Apple Product Announcements [The Verge] Hulu added live ABC news [Variety] and extended their free trial to 30 days Sling TV Streaming Package Free for 2 Weeks [Variety] See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


27 Mar 2020

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The Road to Product Market Fit with David Shim, CEO of Foursquare and founder of Placed.

Founded and Funded

Listen to Madrona Managing Director, Matt McIlwain, and the Founder of Placed, now CEO of Foursquare, David Shim sit down to talk about the founder journey from startup employee to startup founder.  David has consistently recognized big trends and he saw the promise of mobile phones for location data early on,  building Placed around that opportunity.  He was conservative with venture capital and  he and Matt talk about how this approach helped give the company urgency to find product market fit.  David reflects on how hard it is to give up your idea of what the product is, even when the market is telling you it’s something else,  and he gives advice to would be founders.  Placed was acquired from Snap by FourSquare in 2019 and David became the CEO of Foursquare later that year.  www.placed.com https://foursquare.com/


28 Feb 2020

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Episode 91: David Shim, Lee Hanson & Riad Nasr, Jeff Gordinier

Andrew Talks to Chefs

There are no hotter restaurants in New York City right now than Cote and Frenchette, and on this week's episode, we've got the chefs behind both of them: David Shim, the soft-spoken but intensely exacting chef of Cote tells Andrew how and why he gave up aspirations of professional soccer to pursue a pro cooking career, and how he went about designing the food for Cote's unique, modern take on a Korean steakhouse. Then, Lee Hanson and Riad Nasr, the dynamic duo who brought their culinary vision to life at Frenchette, take us all the way back to their early days working for Daniel Boulud and as opening chefs for such landmark New York restaurants as Balthazar. As if that weren't enough, Esquire magazine's food and drinks editor Jeff Gordinier joins Andrew to help introduce these chefs, and to talk about his brand new book, Hungry. This is a special one--at least we think it is--enjoy! It's HRN's annual summer fund drive, this is when we turn to our listeners and ask that you make a donation to help ensure a bright future for food radio. Help us keep broadcasting the most thought provoking, entertaining, and educational conversations happening in the world of food and beverage. Become a member today! To celebrate our 10th anniversary, we have brand new member gifts available. So snag your favorite new pizza - themed tee shirt or enamel pin today and show the world how much you love HRN, just go to heritageradionetwork.org/donate. Andrew Talks To Chefs is powered by Simplecast.

3hr 24mins

10 Jul 2019

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On Target - Episode 7 - David Shim, Founder & CEO, Placed

On Target

“On Target” is the Local Search Association’s podcast exploring the intersection of technology, media and local commerce.This episode includes an interview between LSA's Greg Sterling and David Shim, founder and CEO at Placed.


10 May 2017