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51: What You Don't Know is Killing You... Or At Least Holding You Back with Brian Buck

The Own It Show

Today on the show Justin and Purdeep welcome Brian Buck, Performance Analyst at Sparta Science &  Former MLB Strength & Conditioning Coach at the Rockies, to talk about what is secretly holding you back. There are many takeaways from this episode that you’ll want to have a notepad ready to take notes as topics like making adjustments, setting boundaries, and owning your calendar are discussed. ----------------------------------------------------------------------2:14 How to make sense out of the massive Data7:00 Where to start to make adjustments?12:30 Sorting through the claims of the Marketing14:04 What is holding most people back? 18:36 Setting Boundaries22:46 Mastering the Calendar24:38 Setting goals Outside of Business28:24 Setting Checkpoints to Check-up----------------------------------------------------------------------More from Brian Buck:LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brianwbuck/Twitter: https://twitter.com/brianbuck6Website:https://spartascience.com/----------------------------------------Follow Us on Instagram!Justin @justinroeth - https://bit.ly/3hLUgqFPurdeep @purdeepsangha - https://bit.ly/2AMcTdD----------------------------------------Reach us through our website - https://coaches-council.com/And be sure to follow Coaches Council's Instagram @coaches_council - https://bit.ly/2Nh1163Podcast Produced by Perfect My PodcastLearn more about Perfect My Podcast here: www.perfectmypodcast.com


15 Feb 2021

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Episode 11 - Making moves and betting on Black with Brian Buck

Let Me Introduce Myself (LMIM Show)

Brian, a member of the LGBTQ community and sports lover that originally came from a Southern Baptist family in Minneapolis  is making a big transition during this pandemic of pandemics. Across the US, Portland to Atlanta, from working with the NBA ticket sales to medical device sales, and from almost a decade of relationships as well. He navigates all of his change while still trying to balance how all Black people can win. He shares all parts of himself and how he manages his evolution. Connect with him: instagram (@MplsBuck83), twitter (@Mplsbuck)


21 Nov 2020

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Episode #18 - Brian Buck - Director of Sports at Sparta Science


Adam sits down with Brian Buck of Sparta Science and they discuss everything Tech, AI, strength & conditioning!

1hr 12mins

12 Nov 2020

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Brian Buck "Technology in Pro Sports"

The DubBle Up Podcast

This week we connect with Brian Buck, Director of Pro Sports at Sparta Science. We discuss his journey from growing up in Portland playing baseball, to joining a company that is bringing innovative technology to sports so that they may empower the athletes. Tap in! 


11 Aug 2020

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TNT ESQ: Episode 44 with Brian Buck - PLAN-DO-KICK-ASS


Our guest today is Brian Buck, from Buck Enterprises, who joins us from Tacoma Washington in the United States. Brian Buck is a keynote speaker and coach who blends personal development, productivity, and masterful communication skills to help great leaders perform at elite levels. His two decades of improvement experience across multiple industries has touched hundreds of people in a positive way. If you are looking for more FREEDOM, PASSION, & CONNECTION in your life then he would love to help you! For today, Brian is going to help us explode the status quo on his take of the LEAN formula: Plan-Do-Check-Act. Plan - Do - Kick - Ass! Brian takes us through pivotal moments in his own career which whispered, quite loudly, that it was time for him to impact on a larger level how leadership behaved within an organization. Leading people...rather than managing people. We explore everything from Brian's lens of GEMBA - putting yourself in the action to actually see what's going on, to a few emotional intelligence skills, to excuses like 'I used to be in the job so I don't really need to see what it's like for employees now', to the need to focus on improvement as the excitement instead of change as the barrier. Want to connect with Brian? LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/brianbuck Website: improvewithme.com Email: brian@improvewithme.com Twitter: brianbuck


2 Aug 2020

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Brian Buck - Data Driven Strength

The Essential Strength Podcast

On Episode 2 of The Essential Strength Podcast, David & Mike sit down (virtually, of course) with Brian Buck, Director of Sports at Sparta Science. The conversation starts with an exploration of Brian's path to his current position; his education, his time as an outfielder in the Major League Baseball system, his mentors in the field of sports science, and his work as a Strength & Conditioning Coach in the pro sports industry.From there, the conversation shifts specifically to Sparta Science - what they do, and who they aim to serve. Sparta Science is a data collection company that creates predictive models for injury risk and performance enhancement. They work with professional and collegiate sports teams, the military, and the general population to advance our understanding of why we get hurt, how we get hurt, and what we can do to reduce our risk while improving our performance whether that be on the field as an NFL Linebacker, or off the field as a mom who wants to play with her kids pain free.Mike and Brian discuss the future of Sparta Science, and sports science in a greater sense, where Brian sees people truly "owning their data" and being empowered to adjust their risk factors without the need of a coach in many situations.Finally, as the first guest on The Essential Strength Podcast, Brian gets the be the first to answer the closing question - "What is one weakness you are currently working to improve?"RESOUCESFor more on Sparta Science, check them out here - https://spartascience.com/Brian was particularly excited about their blog, which is chalk full of resources primarily targeting the general population, those of us who aren't pro athletes - https://spartascience.com/resourcesTo connect with Brian, find him on Instagram and Twitter - @brianbuck6 on both platforms, or e-mail him directly at brian@spartascience.com.Enjoy the Show!


30 Jun 2020

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NSCA’s Coaching Podcast, Episode 75: Brian Buck

NSCA’s Coaching Podcast

Brian Buck, Director of Sports at Sparta Science, talks to the NSCA Coaching Program Manager, Eric McMahon, about the new roles that data and technology are playing in the weight room. Topics under discussion include what young coaches should know getting into the field of strength and conditioning and the importance of building relationships and developing people. Find Brian on Twitter: @brianbuck6 | Find Eric on Instagram: @ericmcmahoncscs or Twitter: @ericmcmahoncscsShow NotesShow Notes Coming Soon!

10 Apr 2020

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Brian Buck on the Intersection Between Sports Science and Coaching

Physical Preparation Podcast – Robertson Training Systems

Brian Buck grew up a huge sports fan. The love of sports eventually parlayed itself into an opportunity to play college baseball in Southern California, and eventually, play in the minor leagues. This experience in professional baseball led him to the field of sports performance, working as a coach and trainer for several teams and organizations such as the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Boras Sports Training Institute, and Nike. Today, Brian is the Performance Analyst and Director of Sports for Sparta Science, an organization dedicated to the application of diagnostic software for athletes. Brian joins me today to discuss the processes and methods they use at Sparta Science. He shares his experience working in professional baseball and explains why coaches should not evaluate their athletes using a single metric. He explains how to determine if an athlete has enough strength, and how monitoring data can help expedite a player’s recovery time. Last but not least, we chat about the current state of the return-to-play process, and how that fits into his training and coaching philosophy. Data doesn’t only help coaches look at movements differently. It also helps athletes know if they’re improving and celebrate those small victories and outcomes. – Brian Buck This week on the Physical Preparation Podcast: Brian’s background and how he pivoted from professional baseball to sports science The injuries Brian sustained during his baseball career The evaluation and assessment process at Sparta Science How Sparta Science uses its force plates and software to evaluate clients How Sparta Science determines if an athlete or client is at risk Why you shouldn’t assess an athlete using a single metric Brian’s training and coaching philosophy How Brian assesses if a baseball player has enough strength How data changes Brian’s coaching methods How monitoring data can help the return-to-play process Areas of improvement in sports rehabilitation The biggest lesson Brian has learned while working in professional baseball Connect with Brian: Sparta Science Brian Buck on Twitter Brian Buck on Instagram Brian Buck on LinkedIn Momentous: The Cleanest Recovery Products in the World Momentous is a world-renowned sports performance and recovery supplement. Preferred by top-level athletes in the NFL, NBA, NHL, and NCAA, Momentous is NSF and Informed Sports Certified. Experience the best-tasting, cleanest recovery products in the world and take your performance to the next level. Choose Momentous. For more information on Momentous or to place your first order, visit www.livemomentous.com/robertson – use the coupon code: Robertson20 at checkout to receive 20% off your first order or receive a free 3-pack sample. Subscribe, Rate & Share! Thanks for tuning into this week’s episode of The Physical Preparation Podcast – your one-stop-shop for fitness trainers, coaches, and athletes. If you enjoyed this episode, be sure to subscribe on ​iTunes​, ​Stitcher​, and ​SoundCloud ​and leave your honest review. And don’t forget to connect with us on Facebook​, ​Twitter​, and ​Instagram​ or ​visit our website​. Thanks for your support! P.S. – I realize times might be tough right now, but if you’re still committed to making 2020 your best year EVER, here’s a couple ways you can do that…. 1 – The Complete Coach Certification. My Complete Coach Certification is a sure-fire way to level up as a trainer or coach. I’ll be opening the doors again in September, and if you get on the Insider’s List, you’ll have the opportunity to save $200 when we open back up! 2 – Private Mentorship. If you’d like to really level-up your skills as a trainer or coach, consider my private mentorship option. Here we can take a deep dive into where you’re really at, identify the roadblocks and obstacles, and help you take your career to the next level! If you’re interested, just shoot me an email with the words “Private Mentorship” 3 – Private Online Coaching. As a coach, you know how powerful it is to have someone holding you accountable to your goals. But who is holding YOU accountable? If you’re stuck in a rut, or not seeing the success you’d like in your workouts, simply email me with the words “Online Coaching” and let’s see if we can work together to make 2020 your best year ever! The post Brian Buck on the Intersection Between Sports Science and Coaching appeared first on Robertson Training Systems.


27 Mar 2020

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Brian Buck On Training Smart And Elevating Performance With Sparta Science

HNL Movement Podcast

Listen in on this episode as Brian Buck, the Director of Sports at Sparta Science, joins Andrew in an interview to discuss the innovative technology of Sparta Science and how it works.  Brian shares his own story of beginning with baseball, and a host of injuries throughout his career inspired him to work with Sparta Science later on.  Sparta Science is a technology used to assess movement holistically through three simple scans, which include balance, plank, and jump.  In this episode, Andrew and Brian will be breaking down the ways that each scan works and why they are so effective at optimizing the way a person trains.  Sparta Science is for anyone, athlete or not, who wants to understand how to improve their mobility and optimize their human performance.  Many athletes who are recovering from specific injuries use this technology to assess their progress.  Brian talks about how people recover at different rates and not always at the predicted rate.  He uses this technology to assess whether or not an athlete is ready to return to play or if the injury is still in the process of healing.  The advantage of using this system is the accuracy of the measurement.  This is a system that cannot be cheated or manipulated.  Sparta Science has become a system used by many facilities to assess what needs to be improved and what progress needs to be made with each individual’s training.  Listen in on this episode as Brian Buck speaks about this truly innovative technology that is bringing athletic assessment to a whole new level.Learn more about Sparta Science at www.spartascience.comDid you enjoy this episode?Please subscribe and leave a review on:AppleSpotifyGooglePandoraiHeartRadio


24 Mar 2020

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BE#12: When you make decisions own it says Brian Buck

BE-Bonfire Entrepreneurs

I am your host KK certified Yoga Therapist, Massage Therapist, Nutritionist and a Reiki Healer. I am very passionate about helping entrepreneurs achieve their desired goals faster by using tools and techniques which will help them stay energized, focused so they can feel good with their body and mind and take better business decisionIf you enjoyed the episode, if it helped you in any way, or if you had ONE aha moment, please let me know, hit the subscribe button, rate the show and leave me a review. You will make my day :)Let me know what topics you want me to cover in my future episodes at info@bodymindsolution.comOr visit my website: https://bodymindsolution.com


18 Mar 2020