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Will The Commanders Play on Saturday?, Chris Russell's Credit Pie, Post Game Interview

BMitch & Finlay

Hour 3 - 00:00 - Will The Commanders Play on Saturday? & Chris Russell's Credit Pie 19:16 - Daron Payne Postgame Interview 30:30 - John Bates Postgame Interview


28 Nov 2022

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Chris Russell on Practitioners' Perspectives in Cyber Policymaking

First Watch Podcast

With a military background in intelligence, a storied career from the vendor side to now blockchain, Chris Russell is a self-described "nerd." And his appetite for learning shows no signs of abating, having recently enrolled in a PhD program.  In this conversation, we talk about what actionable intelligence looks like, how to translate security to non-technical audiences, and why he believes more practitioners are needed in policymaking decisions.


17 Oct 2022

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Chatting with Chris Russell, AA's advice to UDFAs and Pads on in Practice

Bleav in Commanders

Anthony and Brian get the chance to talk with Team 980's Chris Russell about all things Commanders and his outlook on the team so far and for the season to come.  Chris also talks about his time covering Anthony in the Burgundy and Gold. We hear some of AA's journey to the NFL and his advice to undrafted guys who are trying to make the roster in camp. And how training camp gets to be more serious once the team puts pads on.  It means football is right around the corner!


4 Aug 2022

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Episode 83: Chris Russell - The Military's Human Lie Detector

Layer 8 Podcast

Chris Russell, the CISO of tZero, is @cr00ster on twitter and https://github.com/cr00ster, joins us today to talk about his experience in the military and how he obtained intelligence during the Iraq War. Chris talks about some of the techniques used to help determine when people were telling the truth and when some might have just been looking for a payday. He also talks about his biggest social engineering concern from a CISO's perspective, and why we should focus on treating developers well. 


6 Jun 2022

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Eliminate the Question of What Your Chamber Does with Chris Russell

Chamber Chat Podcast

Chris Russell joins us to help eliminate the question of what your chamber does. Full show notes are at: chamberchatpodcast.com/episode174 Please support this podcast by supporting our sponsors. Holman Brother Memberships Sales Solutions holmanbros.com App My Community appmycommunity.com/chamberchat Chamber Nation chambernation.com Community Matters, Inc. chamberchatpodcast.com/cmi Swypit chamberchatpodcast.com/cc Izzy West, LLC theizzywest.com


24 May 2022

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How to Understand God | Chris Russell - Colossians 1:24-2:5

St Mark's Battersea Rise

Chris Russell shares a message about how Jesus can help you make sense of life when it's hard to see where God is.


16 May 2022

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Leave No One Behind with Chris Russell

Lessons from the Cockpit

Welcome to this episode of Lessons from the Cockpit! There is one thing all US service members promise to their comrades in arms... we leave no one behind! In early March of 2002 coalition forces began military operations in the Shahi-Khot Valley of Afghanistan, known now as Operation Anaconda. The start of this operation did not go well. On 4 March 2002 then Captian Chris Russell, an F-15E Strike Eagle Weapons System Operator, and his pilot Captain Kirk Reichkoff flying as TWISTER 52 took off at midnight from a base near Kuwait City on what became a very long and exhausting sortie. Chris shares with us his lessons learned while covering the downing of a 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment MH-47 Chinook, and the rescue and recovery of SEAL Team MAKO 30 and Petty Officer Neil Roberts after he fell off the helicopter. This is the famous Battle of Roberts Ridge. Chris was kind enough to send me the cockpit tapes from their F-15E flight lead TWISTER 51. I've included three clips from the cockpit audio in this episode towards the end. The video taken and commentated on by the MQ-1 Predator Unmanned Aerial Vehicle during the Battle of Roberts Ridge was used for awarding USAF Tech Sgt Chapman his Medal of Honor, the only MOH engagement recorded. A 15-minute interview with Medal of Honor recipient Navy SEAL Senior Chief Britt Slabinski describing the battle atop Robert's Ridge is found here. This episode of Lessons from the Cockpit is sponsored by Tanker Pilot: Lessons from the Cockpit. Prints of the F-15E Strike Eagle Captain Russell was flying on 4 March 2002 and The Bold Tigers flagship which participated in the opening of Operation Enduring Freedom can be purchased at Wall Pilot. Please share this and all previous twenty episodes with family and friends found on my website markhasara.com. Thanks for listening to the Lessons from the Cockpit podcast!

1hr 15mins

22 Apr 2022

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125: Nakagin, Nakagone: Demolishing an architectural dream w/ Chris Russell

Deep Dive from The Japan Times

Demolition of the Nakagin Capsule Tower — an iconic representation of Japan’s metabolist architectural movement — officially kicked off on Tuesday, with fans of the building showing up to take a last glimpse before it is torn down. On this week's Deep Dive, Japan Times editor Chris Russell joins to discuss the story of Nakagin and why he thinks it has captivated so many people over the years. Read more: Demolition of Tokyo’s iconic Nakagin Capsule Tower officially begins Nakagin Capsule Tower: Saving an urban dream from the ravages of time Tokyo’s Tearing Down an Iconic Building. That’s a Good Thing. On this episode: Chris Russell: Twitter | Articles Oscar Boyd: Twitter | Articles | Instagram Transcript: We have recently begun experimenting with transcripts for episodes of Deep Dive. A full transcript of this episode is available on The Japan Times website. Find transcripts useful? Tips for improvement? Contact us to let us know. Announcements: Get in touch with Oscar and the show at deepdive@japantimes.co.jp. Support the show. Rate, review and share this episode with a friend if you've enjoyed it. Follow us on Twitter, and give us feedback. This episode of Deep Dive may be supported by advertising based on your location. Advertising is sourced by Audioboom and is not affiliated with The Japan Times. Photo: Nakagin Capsule Tower on April 12, 2022, the first day of its scheduled demolition. | Oscar Boyd


14 Apr 2022

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Accessing the Best Talent Using RecTech with Chris Russell

The Recruitment Network Podcast

A big welcome to this week's TRN Podcast guest, Chris Russell. Chris is a RecTech thought leader, he spends his life looking at what tech is hot and what's not. In this episode, we talk about what we could and should be looking at Recruitment Business Leaders and employers. Chris also shares with us some of his predictions around what we need to be getting right if we're going to access the best talent out there. Once again another fascinating episode. Enjoy.


10 Mar 2022

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Chris Russell - CISO, tZERO, Cybersecurity Mentor, Snyk Ambassador, Advisory Council Member at NightDragon

The CISO Diaries

CHRISTOPHER RUSSELL, CISO, tZERO GroupAbout Christopher Russell:Christopher Russell is the Chief Information Security Officer for tZERO. Apart from holding a master’s degree in cybersecurity, he also has several certifications in cloud security, endpoint detection and response, SIEM, NGFWs, and blockchain. He has a background as a human intelligence (HUMINT) collector for the U.S. Army and as a combat Veteran. Christopher graduated from the Defense Language Institute with a specialization in Arabic.Christopher Russell is the Head of Information Security for tZERO Group Inc. He has a Masters Degree in Cybersecurity and numerous certifications and experience in cloud security, endpoint detection and response, SIEM and blockchain. He is a combat Veteran of the US Army, where he was a human intelligence (HUMINT) collector who graduated from the Defense Language Institute, for Arabic.Chris is also Advisory Council member at NightDragon, a venture capital firm investing in and advising late-state and growth companies, providing a platform of growth for the next-generation of cybersecurity, safety, security and privacy companies. Connect with Chris on Twitter or LinkedInEpisode Highlights: 00:00 - Background and First CISO Role Hard to leave CriticalStart / CyberOne Personal interest in blockchain and FinTech 3:03 - Path into Cybersecurity Cybersecurity is second career First career was in Intelligence - really enjoyed it, did meaningful and exciting work oversees Learned Arabic at Defense Language Institute Was in Middle East as long as they could keep me there Getting into Systems (human operations - debriefings, extracting information from people) was easy for him. He had an 'a-ha' moment that this is where it's at - Information Systems. He hit the books, self-studied, went back to school with GI bill - went through courses, spinning stuff up and tinkering to have enough of a background to function. Had basic networking skills and sensitized to it already. Got his Masters 5:59 - First Job at AT&T Low paying, but learned a lot in networkingCould make his own Cat 5 and troubleshoot a network to round out his background 6:18 - First Engineering Role in Cybersecurity Still felt like I knew nothing Stayed late, constant research, networking, put in the effort early on His military background helped him with the detect part and making it make sense to the right people - being able to articulate. Mentoring - he created a mind map with all the different stuff you can do in cybersecurity. Start with Security Engineer, then into Security Architect, then Cloud Architect, then pivot into leadership, for example. If goal is to be a CISO - yes, you can get there from Analyst 14:53 - Using Intuition in Cybersecurity (is he going to host a podcast on this topic soon)? "This is something near and dear to my heart - I feel like I get data from things and situations on a different frequency than most and can quickly address problems."In Intelligence this was invaluable and it helped him get a lot of success there In cybersecurity it's not much different - there's a lot of people like this - we have quirkiness and different personalities in cyber, high on IQ side and they have high intuition - they just know where to go and look for problems and answers. It's not something out of the text book. 33:25 - Parting Thoughts and Fear I am on the low end of the fear scale - try and take my energy and be proactive vs. worry. On a scale of 1-10, I hover at a 3. I have times where I have to remind myself to relax and I creep up to a 6 or 7. In a leadership level, bring a sense of calm - keep everyone focused and calm on the mission. As much as I understand why the fear factor is high right now, I choose to stay focused on a 3 and be proactive.


17 Feb 2022