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Episode 20 | Mercola with Dr. Glen Depke

Nutrition NUTZ, with Jim Wilk C.N.C.

Number 20! Our guest on this episode is Dr. Glen Depke, a traditional naturopath since 1985. Glen has worked alongside Joseph Mercola since the early 2000s and has served in many different roles at Mercola, including chief nutritionist and wellness director, and he also played an early role in product development at the company. Since then he has been educating people about his experiences with supplementation and innovation within the industry.We discuss a number of Mercola products that many people may not be familiar with, such as liposomal vitamin formulations, molecular hydrogen tablets, and fermented food powders. 


15 Apr 2021

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Corona Virus Special Episode: Insights on Effective Natural Prevention and Treatment with Glen Depke

Conquering Stress: Taking Back Control of Your Life

What can you do other than stay inside and wash your hands to contain the Corona Virus? Medically, they got nothing except to treat symptoms when they are severe enough. In this episode, Dr Janeshak talks with his friend and colleague Glen Depke, a well known Naturopath and author of "Fat, Fatigued, and Frustrated", as he shares with us insights on the origin of this virus, and effective natural treatments you can use today to protect yourself and your family.  This is a great interview.  Resources for the advice that Glenn gives can be found right here.


22 Mar 2020

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Find out why successful people, like you, will eventually burn out - with Glen Depke

Hooked On Startups

In this episode I chat with with Glen Depke, Traditional Naturopath, Author and Speaker. Based in Newport Beach in Southern California, Glen's Depke Wellness clinic specialises in teaching people how to deal with all of the physical and mental challenges that are thrown at us from our diet choices, the stress we’re under, the habits we have and the environmental factors we’re subject to. If you’re running a business its important that you take the time to understand what you’re doing to your body each day - something that is so fundamental but so often overlooked.


8 Aug 2017

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Guest Host Cori Brackett with Glen Depke

The Power of Natural Healing

Guest host Cori Brackett interviews Glen Depke on journey from his first grand mal seizure at age 17 to his career as a naturopath and crusader for natural healing, and a passion for bringing this information to the world.


25 Apr 2016

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Glen Depke 2014 Endurance Summit

Structural Performance Podcast

Interview with Glen Depke, owner of Depke Wellness Int'l


29 Jul 2014

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Sweet Remedy and Naturopath Glen Depke

Health and Harmony Radio Network

Join Cori as she talks with naturopath Glen Depke who shares his unusual perspective on fruit as well as his insights on the thyroid

1hr 19mins

12 Sep 2012

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How to Lead a Balanced Life and Become Unstoppable with Glen Depke

The Thriving Dentist Show

Good Health is perhaps our most precious asset. Our goal with the Thriving Dentist Show is to help you develop a practice that is thriving in absolutely every regard. We want you to be able to help more patients enjoy …


23 May 2012

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Sweet Remedy Naturopath Glen Depke

Health and Harmony Radio Network

Cori talks with Naturopath Glen Depke about why he began his journey into Natural Health and what it means for you!

1hr 3mins

15 Dec 2010