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Keep Your Eyes On Christ - Jeremy Sanders

Bible Baptist Church (Fairfield, OH) Sermon Podcast

10-21-20 Wed PM


27 Oct 2020

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Lead Yourself. Lead Your Station. Crew 1st Culture w/ Jeremy Sanders.

The 24/48 Podcast

Captain Jeremy Sanders is an 18-year fire service veteran and is the host of the Crew 1st Culture Podcast. High performing crews and successful fire departments are built upon culture. Culture is not what you say; it's what you do. And Captain Jeremy Sanders is focused on the doing. Check out his show, find him on social media, and get engaged in creating a thriving culture within your fire station:Crew 1st Culture on FacebookCrew 1st Culture on Instagram 

1hr 31mins

15 Sep 2020

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Weekly Scrap #43 - Jeremy Sanders of Crew 1st Culture

The Weekly Scrap

On this episode of the Weekly Scrap, Jeremy Sanders sits down  to discuss Fire Nugget One Liners, and his thoughts on the modern fire service culture.  We then talk about what books he believes every firefighter should read, and his answers to the Five Questions for Firefighters.


14 Aug 2020

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Mental Health: Jeremy Sanders Shares

Asbury Deep Dive Podcast

Jeremy sat down with me to share some of the times in his life he has worked through depression and what he learned out of it. 


9 Jul 2020

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Do What You Can Do - Jeremy Sanders

Bible Baptist Church (Fairfield, OH) Sermon Podcast

7-1-20 Wed PM


7 Jul 2020

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Fire Captain Jeremy Sanders on Crew 1st Culture

Enduring The Badge

Fire Captain Jeremy Sanders talks about how he turned his frustrations into creating a culture where everyone can succeed. The Crew 1st Culture comes from a passion for creating a Fire House environment like he's never been a part of! It all starts with getting to know your crew members on a deep and personal level to help create a successful team. He discusses the different dynamics of being on a good crew and a crew you can hardly stand to be on.  During one point of his life while dealing with difficult times at home, he felt the thing that saved him was going to work at the fire station. He explains the balance between work and home life and it how fluctuates throughout your career. He has seen a big shift during his 18 year career and how mental health issues have been dealt with.  Jeremy is married to a full-time nurse and has 7 kids total with 5 of them living at home on the farm. He discusses what it takes to make his home life as successful as his career. Their lives are lived very intentional with everything they have going on each day. You can find Crew First Culture at www.instagram.com/crew1stculture and www.facebook.com/crew1stculture.Instagram  www.instagram.com/jerryfireandfuel or www.instagram.com/enduringthebadgepodcast. I can also be reached at 801-376-7124 or email at enduringthebdagepodcast@gmail.com. Please give my information to anyone that may need it or you anyone you would like be on the podcast. Please  subscribe, leave a review or share the show and join the online community at www.instagram.com/enduringthebadgepodcast.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/endurngthebadge/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/endurngthebadge/support

1hr 12mins

28 May 2020

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Blind Faith - Pastor Jeremy Sanders

Free Indeed Church Podcast


19 Jan 2020

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Access to Freedom - Pastor Jeremy Sanders

Free Indeed Church Podcast


2 Jun 2019