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Nathan Whitaker: Leading and Winning with Humility and Conviction

The BluePrint

Nathan Whitaker is the co-author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Quiet Strength, Tony Dungy’s memoir. Whitaker has also co-authored Uncommon, The Mentor Leader, Through My Eyes with Tim Tebow, and others. He is also the founder of Whitaker Partners, LLC, a firm specializing in the representation of coaches and front office personnel. In this episode, we learn about Nathan’s improbable journey to becoming a bestselling author. We also discuss the harsh reality of life in the NFL and the toll it takes on families. Finally, Nathan reveals some of the amazing lessons he’s learned from his time with Tony Dungy and what it means to be a man of character and conviction. ------------------ ABOUT THE BLUEPRINT PODCAST:  Dr. Erik Korem’s podcast “The BluePrint" focuses on High Performance - a science-based, holistic process of achieving excellence in every field. He explores the methods and mindsets that build and sustain High-Performing humans through his experience as a sports scientist working with the NFL, Olympians and other elite athletes. In The BluePrint, he invites athletic champions, entertainers, entrepreneurs, and other exceptional people to discuss their resilience through struggles and triumphs while educating and motivating listeners about their High-Performance Journey.  Dr. Erik Korem is a High-Performance pioneer on a mission to help The BluePrint listeners learn how to use stress to perform at their best across a number of fields. He has implemented sports science and athlete tracking technologies with collegiate and professional football teams, working with the NFL, Power-5 NCAA programs, gold medal Olympians, Nike, and the United States Department of Defense. Dr. Erik Korem is also an expert in sleep and stress resilience and the Founder and CEO of AIM7.  ------------------ If you find this episode valuable, would you please help us by providing a review at ratethispodcast.com/blueprint Follow Erik Korem on social media: Twitter Instagram Facebook Hot Pie Media is an on-demand digital audio/video entertainment network with interests primarily in the creation of original, relevant and entertaining podcasts. ------------------ QUOTES: John Danaher on high performance mindset and resilience:  “Whenever you are sparring, your mind will have a given direction of focus. The most basic division is between self focus and focus on the opponent.” - John Danaher on high performance mindset and resilience Blue Print host Dr. Erik Korem on high performance mindset and resilience:  “In sport, our goal is to develop the most adaptable athletes with the most resilience who can consistently obtain their high performance mindset and potential.” - Dr. Erik Korem on high performance mindset and resilience, host of The Blue Print John Danaher on high performance mindset and resilience:  “Philosophy was crucial because it is among the best means of developing a problem solving mindset.” - John Danaher on high performance mindset and resilience Blue Print host Dr. Erik Korem on high performance, performance mindset, and resilience:  “The key is using that stress and being able to adapt to it to improve. That's what high performance to me is: the ability to adapt rapidly so you can achieve your potential.”  - Dr. Erik Korem on high performance, performance mindset, and resilience, host of The Blue Print John Danaher on high performance mindset and resilience:  “The greatest determinant of the outcome of your matches over time by a landslide is your training and lifestyle mentality. This is the high performance mindset you carry every day as you train and progress.” - John Danaher on high performance mindset and resilienceSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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24 Aug 2020

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Jul 19, 2020: Fish Care: How to keep your bass healthy in a live well; Capt Bill on the Malihini; Nathan Whitaker in Boise, Idaho – Hunting in Idaho focus on hunting wolves; James Goughnour fishing storms; Conservation with Doug: Recapping 2019 highlights

Don McDowell Outdoors

Jul 19, 2020: Fish Care: How to keep your bass healthy in a live well; Capt Bill on the Malihini; Nathan Whitaker in Boise, Idaho – Hunting in Idaho focus on hunting wolves; James Goughnour fishing storms; Conservation with Doug: Recapping 2019 highlights of the year.

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19 Jul 2020

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"Uncommon Marriage" by Tony and Lauren Dungy with Nathan Whitaker

Success By The Books: The Bev and Cliff Notes

Tony & Lauren Dungy have been married 36 years.  They have 9 children, a life in the spotlight, lots of triumphs and losses, and through it all they know how to stay connected and communicate.  They believe an uncommon marriage is built on biblical principles of love and unity.  Join us as we learn from a couple that's doing marriage God's way. Music - "How the Future Used to Look" (music only) by Bev and Cliff Nelson.  "Let's Ride" (full song) by Bev and Cliff Nelson, Marc-Alan Barnette.


15 Jul 2020

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PodUp July 2nd Nathan Whitaker & Terry Norvelle

PodUp with Matthews in the Morning

Today on the show we had New York Times bestselling author Nathan Whitaker & Terry Norvelle of College Sports Today. Enjoy! All this and more on today's episode of pod up!  Follow us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/PodUpwithShane/ Follow on Twitter https://twitter.com/MatthewsMorning or @MatthewsMorning


2 Jul 2020

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"The Mentor Leader" by Tony Dungy with Nathan Whitaker

Success By The Books: The Bev and Cliff Notes

Tony Dungy was the Coach of the Super Bowl Champion Indianapolis Colts, so he knows something about being a successful leader.  His book, "The Mentor Leader" gives secrets to building people and teams that win consistently. Music - "Goodyears" (music only) by Cliff Nelson and Josh Rush.  "I Can Do Bad On My Own" (full song) by Bev Nelson, Nancy Anthis, Marc-Alan Barnette.


13 May 2020

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Nathan Whitaker

Write it Down

Have you ever tried to convince an NFL Head Coach to write his first book? Me neither! Nathan Whitaker revisits his time working with the Jacksonville Jaguars and Tampa Bay Buccaneers which eventually led him to work with the great Tony Dungy. The book "Quiet Strength" may have been an overnight success becoming the #1 New York Times bestseller, but Nathan's aspirations to write this book required a 3 year waiting period. It was during that time that God molded him for His ultimate plan. I think we can all relate when it comes to waiting and feeling forgotten. I am excited for you to hear the rest of Nathan Whitaker's unique story. Sit back, relax, and get your pens ready because this is Write it Down.


15 Mar 2020

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Nathan Whitaker: Small Encounters, Big Impact

The Activate Podcast with Eric English

Nathan Whitaker: Small Encounters, Big ImpactIt would be easy to assume that being intimately acquainted with big names like Tony Dungy and Tim Tebow would either make a guy proud and cocky or it would have the opposite effect and make him feel small and insignificant. So it seems like a pretty special case when the guy is level-headed, inspired, and inspiring all at the same time.You may already know the name Nathan Whitaker. He co-authored Quiet Strength: The Principles, Practices, and Priorities of a Winning Life with Tony Dungy and then Through My Eyes, co-authored with Tim Tebow. But Nathan didn’t start out as an author. He was a two-sport college athlete in college, then studied law, and eventually he found himself working in Tampa for the Buccaneers on legal, salary cap, and scouting matters. It was there that he got to know Dungy, who would later remark that if ever a biography were to be written about him, it would be authored by Whitaker. But Whitaker wasn’t even a writer then! Still, the idea fell on fertile ground. The project took three years for Nathan to complete, and along the way, he lost his job with the Buccaneers and worried he wouldn’t be able to provide for his family.In today’s episode, Nathan reflects on his journey to authorship and motivational speaker. He believes that what some might call “coincidences” are actually Divine Appointments that God uses to steer, instruct, and encourage us. Nathan shares stories about both Dungy and Tebow. We discuss the self-doubt and questions he faced at various twists and turns of his life. Nathan shares some powerful thoughts about impact. When we look back on our own lives and think of the people who have helped us get to where we are today, we rarely credit star athletes or “influencers” for our success. No, it’s parents, siblings, extended relatives, friends, colleagues, coaches, etc. who have had the greatest impact on our lives. So Nathan exhorts us to strive to make “small” impacts on the lives of those we encounter daily as those “small” interactions tend to be the most impactful ones. Quotes:“Often, some of the greatest opportunities and most exciting things come when you change up things.” – Nathan Whitaker“And Tony said, ‘Nathan, I can’t help but think that there are times when God wants there to be a circus so that people can see how we behave, that we believe in something bigger.’” – Nathan Whitaker“There are a lot of God-ordained moments, and we don’t often realize those.” – Nathan Whitaker“We underestimate the small interactions.” – Nathan Whitaker“A lot of times we’re not where we want to be, but I’ve learned to try to own the role that I’m in.” – Nathan Whitaker“I’ve been more intentional about doing small things that are in the direction that I want to go, and those have made outsized impacts on me.” – Nathan Whitaker“If I can impact the person next door or the people under my roof, that’s really my purpose, and that’s where I’m supposed to be having an impact.” – Nathan WhitakerSome Questions I Ask:When thinking about practicing gratitude, who would you want to thank for your success today? (03:11)What can the listeners and I learn from your “changed careers”? (04:44)Share about the process of enduring through tough times while hoping for something better. (06:30)Tell me about your various degrees and how they relate to the three years of darkness you mentioned previously. (11:23)How did you meet and grow your relationship with Tony Dungy? (13:57)What do feel – or what are you reminded of – when you’re in Tony’s presence? (17:43)Would you consider Coach Dungy a mentor? If so, why are mentors crucial? (18:58)Tell about your work with Tim Tebow. (22:31)Do you believe in coincidences? (27:30)What type of groups do you like to speak to? (29:42)Why is having an impact important? (34:13)Why is practicing gratitude important? (40:32)What are you looking forward to? (43:05)What’s one weird thing that most people don’t know about you? (46:24)Is there a belief, behavior, or habit that has improved your life? (48:28)Besides working in the yard, where do you find peace in life? (50:11)What do you believe to be your purpose? (51:33)In This Episode You Will Learn:Why change can be hard but can also bring opportunities (05:06)Why “all things working for your good” won’t necessarily look attractive (7:21)How persistence paid off for Nathan (08:16)About Nathan’s background (11:53)How Tony Dungy was in inspiration to Nathan (4:05)The value of mentors (20:24)About Nathan’s relationship with Tim Tebow (24:29)About the groups Nathan speaks to and what he speaks about (30:09)About the impact everyday interactions can have (35:30)About the importance of living in the now (39:08)How being grateful can change your perspective (41:12)Connect with Nathan Whitaker:NathanWhitaker.comNathan’s booksNathan on TwitterAlso Mentioned on This Show:Romans 8:28Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones by James Clear


14 Oct 2019

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When One Door Closes.. with Nathan Whitaker

Ignite! Stories of Leadership

Best-selling author, Nathan Whitaker, shares his story of triumph over changes in his career, setbacks along the way and obstacles that tried to hold him back.


12 Aug 2019

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Episode 36 Nathan Whitaker and Creating a Winning Family Team

Build Your Best Family

The definition of a team is “more than one person working together toward a common goal.” The dictionary makes it sound easy, but I know from experience that teamwork in a family can be difficult. Today we will be talking about why teamwork is vital to a healthy culture plus we'll be interviewing someone who has had a front row to watch how teamwork can change the game.Everything we talked about in this episode can be found here: https://www.thefamilycultureproject.com/podcast/episode-36


6 Feb 2019

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Nathan Whitaker | New York Times Bestselling Author and Speaker

Rich Take On Sports

Episode 98: Nathan Whitaker | New York Times Bestselling Author & Speaker Subscribe on Apple Podcast | Google Play | Stitcher Rich Take On Sports Show Notes: Rich Spotlight: Nathan Whitaker Has always enjoyed speaking and when he worked for the Jacksonville Jaguars and Tampa Bay Buccaneers he was involved in speaking within the community He feels that its energizing to speak and really likes connecting with people Has always loved sports and as a kid, he would ride his bike to watch University of Florida Gators games Recruited by Duke for baseball and walked-on at Duke for football Went to law school and graduated cum laude from Harvard Law School Never thought he wanted to have a career in sports and went to law school because he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do #1 trait is competitiveness Felt convicted to write Tony Dungy’s book and always appreciated Tony’s witness during times of the circus but Tony didn’t want to write a book and it took about 3-years to convince him Jamie’s death was the tipping point for Tony to agree to write the book with Nathan Took him 24 days to write the first book, “Quiet Strength” with Tony Tony told the publishers that either Nathan writes the book or there’s no book Nathan still has a lot of self-doubt during every project Billy Donovan is someone he would like to write for and he would also like to get out sports Words of Wisdom from Nathan Whitaker attributed to former Pittsburgh Steelers Head Coach Chuck Knoll: “Stubbornness is a virtue if you’re right.” “Leaving the game plan is a sign of panic and panic is not in our game plan.” “Champions are Champions not because they do the extraordinary things but because they do the ordinary things better than anybody else.” Social Media: To Follow Rich Take On Sports on Twitter: @richtakesports To Follow Richmond Weaver on Twitter: @richmondweaver To Follow Rich Take On Sports on Instagram: @richtakeonsports To Follow Richmond Weaver on Instagram: @richmondweaver93 To Follow Rich Take On Sports on Facebook: @richtakeonsports To Follow Nathan Whitaker on Twitter: @NathanWhitaker To Follow Nathan Whitaker on Instagram: @nwhitbooks To Learn more information about Nathan Whitaker: Nathan Whitaker Featured Image Photo Credit: Nathan Whitaker


18 Jan 2019