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Meet Mei Lin

Buffalo Trail

Meet Mei Lin Mclaughlin! - AISM Senior Class of 2021


18 Aug 2021

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Mei Lin Ep 23 "Badassery Incarnated"


Sucio_Talk Presents Mei Lin. She Is A Badass Chef Who Most Recently Opened Daybird, A Delicious Fried Chicken Restaurant In LA. I Had The Pleasure Of Having A Sandwich That Chef Mei Made For Me And It Was Out Of This World Delicious, Definitely Check That Spot Out. We Talked About Her Humble Beginnings Working At Her Parents Chinese Restaurant, Risking It All And Moving Accross The Country On Her Quest For Knowledge. She Details Working At Notable Restaurants Like Spago In Vegas, Then Later At Michael Voltaggios INK. All Of Her Time Spent Sharpening Her Skills Led Her To A Small(lol) Competition Known As Top Chef, Where She Defied The Odds And Beat Out The Competion To Be The Champion Of Season 12. The Story Does Not End There Folks!!!! She Was A Semifinalist For James Beard Award In 2020, And Currently Makes Small Batch XO, And Chili Oils Through Her Brand UMAMEI. Needless To Say She Is Killin The Game. Ladies & Gentleman Please Enjoy Ep 23 "Badassery Incarnated"Spreaker.com/show/sucio-talkSucio_Talk Also Available On@SpreakerPodcast@GooglePodcast@ApplePodcast@AudiblePodcastsCheck Out @david_Sucio On Instagram For News On Upcoming EpisodesI’d Love To Hear From You, Feel Free To Reach Out suciotalk@gmail.comBe Sure To Share Anytime You're Listening On Your Social Media#sucio_talk #suciotalk #suciotalks #david_sucio #davidguilloty  #chefdavidguilloty #boricua #puertorico #100x35 #420 #badassesingeneral #spreakerpodcasts #foodie #chefs #chef #cook #cooks #cooking #cuisine #history #travel #entrepreneur #food #love #instagram #breakfast #lunch #dinner #podcasting #podcaster #foodstories #cookingpodcast #podcast #podcastshow #cheflife #foodcastPEACE!


10 May 2021

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April 30, 2021: Chef Mei Lin, Top Chef Winner And Owner Of Daybird

Happy Mouth

We’re back again for another Fun Friday edition of the Happy Mouth podcast, and it’s a tasty one. On this episode, chef Nyesha Arrington and restaurateur Philip Camino sit down with chef Mei Lin -- James Beard finalist and winner of season 12 of Top Chef. Philip and Nyesha taste Daybird’s now-famous Szechuan hot chicken sando, discussing with chef Mei about what ingredients, techniques, and inspirations help to make the sandwich so special. They also talk about chef Mei’s background, her experience on Top Chef, and the difficulties of opening a new restaurant during a global pandemic. Listen to Philip and Nyesha talk to chef Mei Lin: Chef Mei Lin’s background and accomplishments Eating Daybird’s new fried chicken sandwich Chef Mei Lin’s experience on Top Chef The challenges of hiring during the worker shortage The inspiration behind Daybird’s fried chicken sandwich How chef Mei Lin makes the sandwich so crispy What goes into the different spice dips Why Daybird isn’t using food delivery apps yet How many sandwiches Daybird is selling daily What chef Mei Lin learned about opening during the pandemic Chefs Mei Lin and Nyesha Arrington’s new show, “Chopped: Next Gen” Links: Daybird LA - Instagram Daybird LA - Website Happy Mouth Podcast - Instagram We have a lot more content coming your way! Be sure to check out our other shows: Full Comp  The Happy Mouth Morning Show Restaurant Marketing School The Playbook 


30 Apr 2021

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Episode 17 : Mei Lin : Unplugged : From Champion to Daybird

Let's Talk with YuTsai

The lovely Mei Lin, chef and winner of Top Chef’s 12th season is my guest. Mei and I find that we have a lot in common, emigrating to the US from Asia and settling in the Midwest in restaurant families. She shares how growing up, her first aspiration wasn’t to work in the kitchen.


13 Mar 2021

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If What We Do Is Not About The People, We Are Doing It Wrong | A Conversation With Mei Lin Fung, Chair And Co-founder Of The People-Centered Internet

ITSPmagazine Podcasts

Many people are envisioning a better world and a higher quality of life. They know that technology can help us achieve what we want. But what do we want? Why do we want it? How can we achieve it? These are the questions.Long passed is the time when observers and scientists believed that the earth is flat, the sun and planet rotate around planet earth, and that we are at the center of the Universe. As a matter of fact, there is an excellent chance that there is not even a center of the Universe. That is, of course, if you believe in science — if you do not, then believe in it, we wish you farewell, as ITSPmagazine is most definitely not your kind of place.Once we accept the fact that our small little blue dot is nothing more than nothing in the Universe and we are, like everything else made of cosmic dust, it is very advisable that when looking at life and humanity from an earthling perspective, we are exceptional dust and we should be at the center of our own Universe.All this means that, in an ideal and perfect world, we should do everything in the function of not only preserving our own existence but also prosper. Not a few of us, but all of us.The reality is a bit different; why not look at things as they should be and figure out a way to make the right decisions to get there and not let us be guided by all that is driving us off track to get there. We are better than that — the problem is that sometimes we may not realize it.Take technology, for example. We blame it for what it does wrong as if we didn't think it, invent it, and create it ourselves. Humans are the creator of our technology, and most of the time, we are driven by the purest of good intentions, but as anything else in life, it is how we use it that makes the real difference.We should talk more about the social good that can, should, and must come from technology. Let's consider the Internet: something born with the growth of humanity in mind and keeps taking more and more center stage in our daily life, our business, and our society as a whole. But is it now what it was originally envisioned to be, and what it could really become? Is it a force for social good?Today we talk about that and much, much more with Mei Lin Fung. Mei Lin is a technology pioneer dedicated to ensuring that technology works for humanity as the next 3.9 billion people come online. In 1989 she was part of the 2-person skunkworks team that developed "OASIS," the first customer relationship management (CRM) system. She later served as socio-technical lead for the US Dept. of Defense's Federal Health Futures initiative. She is involved in so many things that it would take too long to list them, but you can find more about her below.For now, you should know that, in 2015, co-founded the People-Centered Internet with Vinton Cerf."People-Centered Internet works to make sure that the Internet is a positive force for good, improving the lives and well-being of people around the world. Through our global initiatives, we promote connectivity, fight disinformation, add to the discussion about technology ethics, support the development of people-centered applications and initiatives, advise policymakers, and leverage technology to help communities be more resilient."In this podcast, we talk about many topics and we expect you'll find it both an entertaining and an educational conversation.If you like it, stay tuned — we are planning another conversation with Mei and some other fantastic guests.Enjoy. Think. Share."I think the community should have the ability to talk about  what is good for us in our families, but not do it in a way that now you've got a big [Internet] wall and are now cut off from everyone." —Mei Lin Fung"Let's be humble about moving into a huge frontier. The universe is much, much larger than what we know in the last 30 years. And I've got a great metaphor for that—IPV4." —Mei Lin FungGuest(s)Mei Lin Fung, Chair And Co-founder Of The People-Centered InternetResourcesPeople-Centered Internet: https://peoplecentered.net/Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF): https://www.ietf.org/This Episode’s Sponsors:BlackCloak: https://itspm.ag/itspbcwebTo see and hear more The Cyber Society content on ITSPmagazine, visit:https://www.itspmagazine.com/the-cyber-societyAre you interested in sponsoring an ITSPmagazine Channel?https://www.itspmagazine.com/podcast-series-sponsorships


22 Oct 2020

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Weekends: Mei Lin Wong on implementing diversity and inclusion at work

MONEY FM 89.3 - Weekend Mornings

Glenn van Zutphen speaks to Mei Lin Wong, Managing Director of DigiB, a Brenntag Group company about the challenges of implementing diversity and inclusion at work.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


20 Sep 2020

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Leveraging The Internet To Thrive with Mei Lin Fung (CNS 008)

The Credibility Nation Show

If you are someone who would love to know how to leverage the internet to thrive, this episode is for you. Mei Lin Fung (co-founder of People Centered Internet with Vint Cerf) is a technology pioneer working to ensure that technology works for humanity in future generations.Mei Lin Fung specializes in working with people in communities to form learning networks in order to visualize, voice, take action and make their dreams come true. Her goal is to set up trading posts on the Internet frontier where people from different networks can exchange experiences and knowledge and find friends and fellow travelers. If you are concerned about the direction of the Internet and want to do something to make sure it fulfills its promise, consider reaching out to Mei Lin Fung by visiting her website https://peoplecentered.net and going to https://aha.pub/MeiLinFung.Mitchell Levy is the Global Credibility Expert at AHAthat, the first AHA leadership (Thought Leadership) platform on the market for thought leaders, experts and companies to unleash their genius to the world. His passion is helping entrepreneurs, business owners and C-Suite Executives get known as thought leaders & become best-selling authors with the AHA platform. He is an accomplished entrepreneur who has created 20 businesses in Silicon Valley including four publishing companies that have published over 800 books. Mitchell is an international best selling author with 60 business books, has provided strategic consulting to over 100 companies, has advised over 500 CEOs on critical business issues, and has been chairman of the board of a NASDAQ-listed company.Visit https://www.credibilitynation.com to learn more about the Credibility Nation community.Visit  https://www.ahathat.com/author  to learn how you can become an Amazon best-selling author in 4 months.


3 Jul 2020

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Restaurants as an Extension of Your Identity with Mei Lin

Tastemade Presents: Table Setting with Kate & Max

Join Kate Green and Max Block each week as they sit down with some of the food world's most influential and inspiring personalities to chat about how food and culture collide.


13 Dec 2019

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Can Chefs Mei Lin and Jon Yao Bring Old Memories to New LA?

Shift Drink

This week we do a City of Angels "bang bang," with LA chefs Mei Lin of the newly minted Nightshade and James Beard-nominated Jon Yao of Kato. We reminisce on childhood foods, navigate the celebrity chef limelight, compare camaraderie in LA vs. DC, and cut deep into kitchen accidents. Jon contemplates a life as a La Croix-somm, Mei prefers to cook hearts -- not break them, Mathew finds love in his coconut, and Eddie learns the art of back-to-back dining.


29 Apr 2019

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DisrupTV Episode 131, Featuring Mei Lin Fung, #OurDigitalFuture & 2018 Review


This week on DisrupTV, we caught up with Mei Lin Fung, Co-Founder of the People-Centered Internet. We discussed the upcoming event in San Jose on December 10 about human rights in a digital age & #OurDigitalFuture. Vala and Ray also did a recap of 2018 and hinted at what's in store for 2019.DisrupTV is a weekly Web series with hosts R “Ray” Wang and Vala Afshar. The show airs live at 11:00 a.m. PT/ 2:00 p.m. ET every Friday. Brought to you by Constellation Executive Network: constellationr.com/CEN.


13 Dec 2018