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#29 - Finding Flow State with Kyle Dean Houston

The Addictive Pod: How to Recover from Addiction

After being released from prison, Kyle Houston worked his way up from a minimum wage job to becoming the Vice President of a $2B publicly traded company. Today he joins me to discuss what he learned about work. We talk about the different motivations behind work, how work can become an escape and an addiction, and how flow state is different from the grind. Instagram: @kyledeanhouston Buy the book: https://www.amazon.ca/Patchwork-Junkie-Prison-Surviving-Redemption-ebook/dp/B08DRV17XD Sponsor: https://www.responsible4recovery.com use code ADDICTIVEPOD for free access


16 Jun 2021

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CMP E94: Kyle Dean Houston, speaker, author, & entrepreneur

The Cale Marker Podcast

Learn more about Kyle Dean Houston and his new book at kyledeanhouston.com This episode is sponsored by Naked Warrior Recovery. Check them out at nw-recovery.com and use code: CMP20 at checkout for 20% your order. Go to Linktr.ee/CaleMarker for more goodness.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/thecalemarkerpodcast/message

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22 Nov 2020

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The Courage to Face Yourself with Kyle Dean Houston

Guru Please

Mistakes can haunt us. The guilt, shame, and fear we may carry for decades. How do we let go and be free? Get the answers from a man who has reached the bottom of bottoms from indictment by the government and potentially facing life in prison, to creating a new way of life, a successful career, and a philosophy for self-acceptance and self-love. Kyle is a speaker and author of Patchwork Junkie: A True Story About Drugs, Prison & Surviving Redemption. He came out of prison at 35 years old with 5 felony convictions, no college degree, no network, and had never even sent an email. He then built a successful sales career and went from earning $10 per hour to becoming Vice President of a publicly-traded company in less than a decade.Quotes to remember: “I changed the way I thought and what I was filling that God-shaped vacuum with.”“Success doesn’t require that you’re complete or that you’ve got everything worked out.”“Everyone’s ultimate success is always on the other side of fear.”Takeaways:Seek truth rather than different circumstancesEveryone has opportunities; they are disguised as hard work and needing to swallow your prideYour life is so much more than to make money for investorsTelling your truth is an act of courage and strength to overcome your fearWe are not the ego/lizard brainWhat is happening to you might be happening for you; ask yourself what the thing inside you is that wants to be expressed or shifted and do itIt all comes down to how we treat ourselves, and to love ourselvesSee the child in everyoneWho you become is why it mattersWhat is more important than your spiritual philosophy?Your story will become part of many other people’s storiesWhat you’ll learn:How Kyle went from Letterman to junkie on the streets to criminal in jailThe three spiritual truths he came to after detoxing for months in solitary prison, which helped him recover without rehabAbout the emotional strain of not knowing how long he would be imprisonedThe secret sauce that launched him from working at a call center to VP of a large companyWhy he walked away from his lucrative career How to face your inner criticWhat scares Kyle now, in this leg of his journeyWhy he wouldn’t change anything looking back; what’s truly importantThe power of your story and your truthMentioned on the podcast: https://kyledeanhouston.com/Patchwork Junkie: A True Story About Drugs, Prison & Surviving RedemptionThe Edgar Cayce Primer - Herbert PuryearTwelve Steps and Twelve Traditions - Alcoholics AnonymousLinks:FacebookInstagramTwitter

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19 Oct 2020

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Moth in Black Episode 1 with Kyle Dean Houston

Discovering Myth

What would happen when you were sentenced for life?  What would happen when your very son was send for adoption?  What would happen when your parents fought with cancer and yet you were prison away? What would even happen when you finally release from jail? Will the world accept you as who you are? This is the story of Kyle Dean Houston. A story of how he was addicted to drug, cooking drug, lost contact with his son and how he manage to be successful during the course of a decade after his released from the prison. How he try to hide his past from his friends and colleagues.  Now delivering his inspiring story and aspiration into a book called: Patch Work Junkie to the world and accepting his past. 


29 Aug 2020

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After the Episode - (follow up to Steve Grant & Kyle Dean Houston's stories) - with Ashley & Christiana

The Courage to Change: A Recovery Podcast

Taking care of our mental health and finding our purpose in life.⁠This After the Episode dives into some deeper topics covered in Steve Grant and Kyle Dean Houston's episodes (#'s 59 & 60!) from these past few weeks.⁠⁠Join Ashley and Christiana for this brand new ATE! Subscribe to The Courage to Change: A Recovery PodcastApple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | SpotifyStitcher | iHeart | TuneIn | Overcast | SoundCloud Resources Mentioned:Episodes we are covering:Ep #59 - Steve GrantEp #60 - Kyle Dean HoustonBuy Kyle Dean Houston's brand new book here!Support the Chris and Kelly's HOPE Foundation hereWatch Panel #1 for National Online Recovery Day with Ashley, George Resch (Tank Sinatra), Emily McAllister and Brittney Carbone!CommUnity Support Group MeetingsSome other meetings offered (see above link)Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACA)Narcotics Anonymous (NA)Recovery FellowshipBrothers to Brothers - Men's Only AA Support GroupSober Sisters - Women's Only Support GroupOvereater's Anonymous (OA)CommUnity LGBTQ+Living Life Successfully with Cirrhosis Support Group Connect with Us:Podcast Website | Podcast Instagram | Podcast FacebookLionrock.Life Facebook | Lionrock.Life InstagramQuestions, comments or feedback?  Email us at podcast@lionrockrecovery.com

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6 Aug 2020

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Kyle Dean Houston: The 'Patchwork Junkie' Author on Cooking Meth, Losing It All and Realizing His Ultimate Purpose In Life Through Spirituality and Recovery

The Courage to Change: A Recovery Podcast

Kyle Dean Houston is a speaker, author and coach who is committed to bringing hope into the world.In the mid-1990s, Kyle Houston developed a disturbingly poetic love affair with both needles and the alchemy of creating drugs. Far removed from his small-town values, the drug underground of Kansas City was a world that turned him into first a user and then a notorious meth cook.He prayed for an overdose but instead, he got arrested. Confined to a one-man cell for 23 hours a day, he faced the reality of a 30-year sentence. When his sentence was reduced to nine years, he decided to serve his time and finally go home. Or so he thought.Kyle’s book - Patchwork Junkie - comes out this Friday, August 7th. With all the heartache and beauty of a tortured soul, Patchwork Junkie is a compelling, up-close portrait of the interior life of a young man yearning to put faith in something real. This memoir follows Kyle’s path from a powerful addiction to the violent prison world. It explores the fear of hope and the desperate pain of a mother watching her beloved child fall apart. Straddling a unique line between tragedy and humor, Kyle strikes at the core of what unites us all. Insightful and transforming, this harrowing true story is for anyone who has lost a loved one to addiction or incarceration, anyone who has lived through abuse or searched for meaning and simply aches to know they are not alone. Subscribe to The Courage to Change: A Recovery PodcastApple Podcasts | Google Play | Google Podcasts | SpotifyStitcher | iHeart | TuneIn | Overcast | SoundCloud Resources Mentioned:Buy Kyle's book - Patchwork JunkieKyle's websiteFollow Kyle on social media:FacebookInstagramJoin CommUnity Online Support Group Meetings through Lionrock Our Sponsor:  Lionrock Recovery Connect with Us:Podcast Website | Podcast Instagram | Podcast FacebookLionrock Facebook | Lionrock InstagramQuestions, comments or feedback?  Email us at podcast@lionrockrecovery.com

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4 Aug 2020

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100: Patchwork Junkie with Kyle Dean Houston

The Addicted Mind Podcast

On today’s episode of The Addicted Mind Podcast, Duane sits down with father, husband, sales executive, speaker, and author Kyle Dean Houston. They speak about being in the throes of addiction, despairing for hope, staring down your own doom, and ultimately persevering through recovery. Calming The Addicted Mind - 6 Day Mindfulness Email Series theaddictedmind.com/mindfulness Kyle openly describes trying methamphetamines and quickly spiraling into a needle-using meth user. At rock bottom, Kyle was overcome with depression and tried to overdose, but failed. He talks about spending months in county jail trying to learn to make the right decisions. Making and breaking promises to his family, Kyle eventually realized that he was powerless over his own actions and he couldn’t continue to live that way. Coming to grips with the role that the brain plays in your addiction was crucial during this time. Join The Addicted Mind Podcast Facebook Group>>> The moment that really changed everything was when he realized he could have a purpose for his life. Being alone in jail put Kyle in the position to finally start thinking about what he could actually do to change his life. His relationship with God and the spiritual goes back to his childhood, but in the moments alone in jail, his understanding of the spiritual really opened up. He began to see the full weight of his own ability to take control of his life. It struck him like a hammer, he says. He says that in the jail cell, he never felt so alone. Episode Link theaddictedmind.com/100 In transitioning out of prison, Kyle was institutionalized and he was scared to death. He knew that people were aware of his problems, his PTSD, and he felt prison would’ve been better. But only five months later, he met his future-wife, who would go on to be his rock and cornerstone. Kyle credits her for virtually all of his success. That, and his intense drive to accomplish what he sets out to do.


2 Jul 2020

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#469 - Kyle Dean Houston (Speaker & Author)

Out Of The Blank

Kyle has a story which has formed him into the person he is today showing people that you can come back from something feel worth less than nothing and still be successful. Writing a book on his life and experience in Prison from addiction to author his story is enough to show you that honesty is the best policy be you and dont forget it.


28 Jun 2020

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Kyle Dean Houston - Former Drug Addict, Convicted Felon, Cancer Survivor, Author, Speaker

The Inspired Way

Kyle Dean Houston - Former Drug Addict, Convicted Felon, Cancer Survivor, Author, Speaker “I have this sense that nothing’s impossible. For some reason that exists inside of me...I’m very lucky to have it.” Kyle Dean Houston Former Drug Addict, Convicted Felon, Cancer Survivor, Business Builder, Author, Speaker, and an extremely genuine guy with a heart to impact others with his amazing transformation story! This conversation with Kyle will blow you away! Kyle and I talk about his addiction to meth which leads him to deal and eventually become one of the most notorious meth cooks in the KC area! Served time, got clean, battled cancer. Oh yeah, this convicted felon upon release with no college education steps into the world of business and helps builds businesses at an amazing pace, becomes an executive of a 2 Billion dollar company. You’re definitely going want to check this episode out and hear how he faced, storm, after storm, after storm! He now is sharing his message to bring hope to the world. Kyle is so relentless and such a great guy and now a friend! Connect with Kyle: Instagram: @kyledeanhouston Website:  KyleDeanHouston.com Links to books mentioned in this episode: Patchwork Junkie: A True Story About Drugs, Prison & Surviving Redemption by Kyle Dean Houston Support this podcast to help us get the message out there, that we all can Face The Storm and Be The Buffalo to go The Inspired Way! You can do so by clicking this link: SUPPORT Subscribe, Review, Share! Thank you for listening to The Inspired Way Podcast ---- timdouglasinspires.com--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/theinspiredway/support


2 Jun 2020