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Avoiding the Whirlwind and 10Xing Your Business w/ Ross Morel of Frogslayer

Aggie Growth Hacks Podcast

Ross Morel ‘10 of Frogslayer, joins us today to talk through his journey as an accidental entrepreneur, the whirlwind of business, and how his company 10x’s businesses. Some ingenious ideas like ad-testing and self-improvement show up today as well as Ross’ unique leadership style and the bond he shares with his employees. We hope you enjoy the episode and urge you to check out Ross and his team at frogslayer.com. Thanks and Gig ‘em!  Contact: frogslayer.com / (979) 900-3023 howdy@frogslayer.com Ross Morel Podcasts: Revisionist History with Malcolm Gladwell Books: Great Mondays by Josh Levine Timestamps & Show Notes:  0:00 - 1:28 Intro/ Ross Morel of Frogslayer 1:29 - 2:03 Favorite Aggie Memory (Dorm Life)  2:04 - 3:52 Accidental Entrepreneur (Great Mentor) 3:52 - 6:16 Lesson from TAMU (Leading 25 bedrooms) 6:17 - 8:30 Biggest Challenge & Hack (Handling Insane Growth) 8:31 -  9:02 Developing on All Fronts (The Whirlwind) 9:03 - 10:40 BHAG (Market Breakthroughs) 10:41 - 11:30 Lightning Round - Ad Testing 11:31 - 12:09 Podcast: Revisionist History - Book: Great Mondays 12:10 - 12:51 Challenge w/ Aggie Help 12:52 - 13:55 Aggie Network Help & Contact 13:56 - 14:22 Wrap Up  14:23 - 17:58 Takeaways (Developing Yourself and Others & Ad Testing)


28 Apr 2020

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When the Fat's in the Fire, Spaghetti Covered Walls & Slaying Frogs w/ Ross Morel

Mays MasterCast

Please welcome the CEO of Frogslayer LLC, Ross Morel! Ross joins us today to talk about leadership, principles and guiding "his people" at his 5 time Aggie 100 recognized company. Beyond that, Ben and Ross discuss the process of naming a business, the origins of Ross' path as an accidental entrepreneur and where he plans to take his team next. We hope you enjoy the episode!  (0:27-5:21) Intro & the Ordinary Miracle  (5:22-6:04) Ross' Weekend  (6:05-9:04) Super Power & P2P Business (9:05-9:42) Backstory (9:43-11:04) Different Childhoods & Tough Love (11:05-12:22) Lawn care & Dodging Golf Balls (12:23-12:57) Challenge as a Child (12:58-14:14) Hardworking Rents (14:15-16:16) Working too hard/Seasons of Life (16:17-20:59) Accidental Entrepreneur  (21:00-23:16) Origin of Frogslayer (23:17-24:54) How to Name a Business (24:55-25:45) Aggie 100 (25:46-28:49) Entrepreneurship (28:50-29:53) More right over wrong  (29:54-33:27) Generalist and Specialist (33:28-38:20) Being a Consistent Leader  (38:21-40:44) Best Moment  (40:45-44:20) The Power of Principles (44:21-49:15) Rapid Fire  (49:16-52:01) Outro- Right and Wrong Choices (52:02-58:56) Naming a Business & RGD (58:57-64:08) Processes vs. Relationships  (64:09-End) Closing Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson

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18 Nov 2019

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