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Activist Investing Today: Goodwin’s Sean Donahue on Universal Proxy Cards and More

The Deal

Goodwin's Sean Donahue, a top corporate adviser on activism and an ex-SEC regulator, explains why proxy contest rule changes and a market 'dislocation' could create a 'perfect storm.'


23 Jun 2022

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Sean Donahue: Herbs and Magic

Herb Mentor Radio

Sean Donahue is a traditional herbalist and poet. He has also worked as a freelance journalist, a political organizer, and a nonviolence trainer. He is proud to be a regular contributor to Plant Healer Magazine.While he has been blessed to receive amazing support and guidance from other herbalists, Sean’s primary teachers have been the wild and feral plants growing in the forests, fields, and swamps around him. He has trusted his own health completely to the plants since they first began helping him begin to heal asthma he struggled with since childhood.As a practitioner, he looks to plants as allies in helping people remember their own beauty, strength, and power and in guiding them to health.As a teacher, he encourages students to build their own deep, personal relationships with the plants around them grounded in the experience of their own senses and their own hearts. He identifies deeply with the traditions of the edge dwellers – those who live in the places where the human and wild meet, bridging the worlds.For Sean, magic, medicine, and poetry are all expressions of a deep connection to the living Earth, and personal, cultural, and ecological healing are inextricably linked. He is currently working on his first book, a guide to plants for the underworld journey.In this episode of HerbMentor Radio, Sean discusses herbs, magic and goes deep into two herbs… Hawthorne and ghost pipe.Visit Sean at http://MedicineAndMagic.com

1hr 14mins

24 Mar 2016

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