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The Death of Thomas Merton

Stuff They Don't Want You To Know

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27 Aug 2021

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The Spiritual Brilliance of Thomas Merton Parts 1 & 2

Common Threads: An Interfaith Dialogue

These episodes, from 2008, are conversations with Morgan Atkinson. He wrote the book & TV special "Soul Searching," an in-depth discovery of Thomas Merton and his pioneering spiritual work. Sometimes for the heck of it, I tune into EWTN, the hardcore conservative Catholic radio network. Recently on a call-in show someone asked a priest about Fr. Merton. One might guess that his take on Merton was less than favorable. While he is often regarded as a "patron saint" of the Catholic contemplative movement, there are many in the Church who would wish him to be excommunicated posthumously. But as you'll hear here, this was a flawed, but deeply spiritual giant.


20 Aug 2021

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Listener Mail: Backmasking, the Death of Thomas Merton and the Hideo Kojima Conspiracy

Stuff They Don't Want You To Know

Can backmasking really brainwash people who hear it? Did the CIA assassinate an American monk? Why are some gamers convinced legendary game creator Hideo Kojima is conspiring to work in secret on a new game? All this and more in this week's listener mail. Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.com

1hr 8mins

1 Jul 2021

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Author Hugh Turley discusses his book The Martyrdom of Thomas Merton: An Investigation

William Ramsey Investigates

Author Hugh Turley discusses his book The Martyrdom of Thomas Merton: An Investigationwww.themartyrdomofthomasmerton.com https://www.amazon.com/Martyrdom-Thomas-Merton-Investigation-ebook/dp/B07XPLJSVM/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=the+martyrdom+of+thomas+merton&qid=1624573727&sr=8-3


24 Jun 2021

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50. Theses, Thomas Merton, & Trauma: Spiritual Updates

The Fifth Element

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24 Jun 2021

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Jim Forest - An Army that Sheds No Blood: Thomas Merton’s Response to War

Tuesdays with Merton Podcast

Clement of Alexandria, in his Protreptikos (Greek for “persuasion”), defined the Church as “an army that sheds no blood.” This phrase struck Thomas Merton with special force. It greatly distressed him that so many of his Christian contemporaries were advocates of war and even saw nuclear weapons as enjoying God’s blessing. This session will discuss Merton’s engagement in peacemaking and his close ties with Dorothy Day and others who were at war with war. Jim Forest has spent a lifetime in the cause of peace and reconciliation. Among his personal acquaintances were some of the great peacemakers of our time, including Thomas Merton, Daniel Berrigan, Henri Nouwen, and Thich Nhat Hanh. He worked with Dorothy Day at the Catholic Worker in New York and then went on to play a key role in mobilizing religious protest against the Vietnam War and served a year in prison for his role in destroying draft records in Milwaukee. He is the author of over a dozen books on spirituality and peacemaking, including The Root of War is Fear: Thomas Merton's Advice to Peacemakers.

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11 Jun 2021

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The Martyrdom of Thomas Merton: An Investigation

The Opperman Report

1hr 16mins

29 Apr 2021

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Kathleen Deignan - Overshadowed: Thomas Merton and the Cloud of Unknowing

Tuesdays with Merton Podcast

Every wisdom tradition describes in its own way a cloud of unknowing that veils the utterly ineffable source and force coursing through this universe as its very life. With paradoxical lucidity on matters of darkness and unknowing, Thomas Merton shared his experience of being "overshadowed" by the Cloud of enveloping Mystery. His desire to live into its Presence has become a well-scripted legacy of post-modern spiritual emergence, written in an idiom that continues to speak cogently to the spiritual pilgrims of the second millennium. This session explores Merton's "familiarity" with the anonymous 14th century master of The Cloud, and his own transmission of its still emerging wisdom. Dr. Kathleen Noone Deignan of the Congregation of Notre Dame is founding director of the Deignan Institute for Earth and Spirit at Iona College, New Rochelle, NY, where she was Professor of Religious Studies for 40 years while guiding The Merton Contemplative Initiative and co-convening The Thomas Berry Forum for Ecological Dialogue. Past President of the International Thomas Merton Society, she is a regular presenter at its meetings.  Her book-length publications include When the Trees Say Nothing: Thomas Merton’s Writings on Nature and Thomas Merton: A Book of Hours, including an audio-book that includes her sacred songs and psalmody.

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15 Apr 2021

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Jim Finley - Turning to Thomas Merton as a Trustworthy Guide in the Gentle Art of Contemplative Living

Tuesdays with Merton Podcast

In our time together I will share aspects of Merton’s life and teachings that had a profound and lasting effect in my own life and in my attempts to pass on to others what Thomas Merton has passed on to me. These foundational aspects of Merton’s life and teachings include our own unfolding life with all its blessings and broken edges embodying the presence of God that protects us from nothing even as it unexplainably sustains us in all things, as well as Merton’s vision of the hidden wholeness where everything connects as realized in the con­templative depths of the world’s great religions and in all of life. Dr. James Finley received spiritual guidance from Thomas Merton as a novice at the Abbey of Gethse­mani. He is a contemplative teacher and writer and a retired clinical psychologist. He leads the weekly podcast “Turning to the Mystics” in his role as core teacher in the Living School for Action and Contemplation founded by Father Richard Rohr. James is the author of Merton’s Palace of Nowhere, The Contemplative Heart, and Christian Meditation: Experiencing the Presence of God.

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14 Jan 2021

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"The path that is my duty now" - Thomas Merton

Church Historia

This week we join Thomas Merton in his hermitage at Our Lady of Gethsemani Abbey, in Kentucky. (Our Lady of Gethsemani happens to be about an hour’s drive from the Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill from episode 2, and two hours from Cane Ridge which we talked about in episode 1.)


11 Dec 2020