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Awake Not Woke with Noelle Mering - Part 3

Bible Answer Man Podcast with Hank Hanegraaff

On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast (10/05/22), we pick up where we ended on our previous broadcast and present more of an episode of the Hank Unplugged podcast. Hank is talking with Noelle Mering, author of Awake Not Woke: A Christian Response to the Cult of Progressive Ideology. Hank and Noelle discuss how the medical establishment has capitulated to woke ideology, abortion and the eradication of the foundational understanding that we have duties to one another, the difference between transgender and transracial, the Black Lives Matter movement, why wokeism has a supply and demand problem, how the sloganeering and mantras of woke ideology mimics cultic behavior, and the dangers of idea laundering.


5 Oct 2022

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Awake Not Woke with Noelle Mering - Part 2

Bible Answer Man Podcast with Hank Hanegraaff

On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast (10/04/22), we pick up where we ended on our previous broadcast and present more of an episode of the Hank Unplugged podcast. Hank is talking with Noelle Mering, author of Awake Not Woke: A Christian Response to the Cult of Progressive Ideology. Hank and Noelle discuss the primary dogmas of wokeism, how the woke use the weapons of the muzzle and the megaphone, intersectionality and the identity crisis that it creates, the rejection of natural law, how the basis of woke ideology is despair and destruction, ESG (environmental, social, and governance) and the implications of social credit scores, how the woke are prowling for innocence, and how the medical establishment has capitulated to woke ideology.


4 Oct 2022

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Awake Not Woke with Noelle Mering - Part 1

Bible Answer Man Podcast with Hank Hanegraaff

On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast (10/03/22), we present an episode of the Hank Unplugged podcast. Hank’s guest is Noelle Mering, author of Awake Not Woke: A Christian Response to the Cult of Progressive Ideology. Hank and Noelle discuss the definition of woke, the role of language in woke ideology, Nadia Bolz-Weber and the dangerous future of woke Christianity, the origins of woke ideology, critiquing Critical Theory, and the primary dogmas of wokeism.


3 Oct 2022

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Ep 294: Awake, Not Woke: Noelle Mering Helps You Respond to Progressive Ideology

The Libertarian Christian Podcast

How can Christians love their neighbors (especially members of family and church) who are falling into the progressive ideology of so-called wokism? Noelle Mering helps you respond to progressive ideology in her new book, Awake, Not Woke. Noelle Mering is a Fellow at Washington DC based think tank the Ethics and Public Policy Center where she co-directs the Theology of Home Project. She is an editor for Theology of Home, co-author of the Theology of Home book series, and the author of Awake, Not Woke: A Christian Response to the Cult of Progressive Ideology. She studied philosophy and theatre at Westmont College in California and did graduate work in philosophy at the Franciscan University of Steubenville. Noelle and her husband live in Southern California with their six children. Mering joins Doug Stuart to discuss her work in navigating the intricacies of and foundations for the social implications of woke / progressive ideology. They discuss the characteristics of the woke movement, what it means to be woke, the role of language and why the pronoun issue is so central to change. Mering also explains some of the more philosophical foundations including Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel's influence on Karl Marx, and why it cannot be denied that wokism is a cultural twist on Marxism (ie. Cultural Marxism). Mering also explains why this isn't movement isn't actually new, but has been hidden in plain sight through a generational lag. The apparent ubiquity of woke ideology because the fruit of seeds planted decades ago. Mering also offers quite a bit of helpful perspective when interacting with well-intentioned people falling for this ideology vs the "militant true believers" of wokism, as well as the fact this really is, at its core, a deeper spiritual battle concerning our religious beliefs, meta narratives that inform our lives and provide meaning, and why capitulation is no longer an option. Mering brings some clarity of terms like "whiteness" and "white supremacy" and that these things have very little to do with skin color. If you've had questions about these ideas, this is a great episode which parses out the very Christian idea of love of neighbor and walking along the suffering, while not giving into the destructive ideologies that are attacking our society at its very roots. Main Points of Discussion: 00:00 Introduction 01:50 What does it mean to be “woke?” 03:08 What the characteristics of the woke movement? 05:52 The role of language and power dynamics in the woke movement 09:50 More than a culture war: Attack on truth and meaning 14:20 What are the philosophical origins of the woke movement? 16:17 How do we parse out working out knowledge from the danger of the philosophical foundations? 19:24 Are popular Marxists/Socialists not phased by mortality under communism because it’s “just progress?” 20:55 How does Hegel influence Karl Marx? 24:25 Generational lag and the ubiquity of the seeds of woke ideology 29:22 The difference between well-intentioned people and the militant true believers: how Christianity has fallen victim. 35:26 Tolerance is thrown out the window; it’s about division 39:08 Whiteness; white supremacy - doesn’t have to do with skin color 42:08 Is there a vantage point that “intersectionality” does provide? 47:23 Beyond the sexual revolution in the woke movement and “funneling” children into sexuality; “innocence perpetuate hierarchy.” 52:11 Is there hope in fighting against this? 53:38 Closing Resources Mentioned: https://www.noellemering.com/ https://theologyofhome.com/ https://www.amazon.com/Awake-Not-Woke-Christian-Progressive/dp/1505118425/


30 Sep 2022

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A Letter to the Woman Dreaming About the Beach // Noelle Mering

Letters to Women - Exploring the Feminine Genius

I’d just like to start this episode off with a moment of total honesty in which I reveal to you that one of my biggest fears is fish. I can’t stand them. I don’t swim in the ocean, I don’t swim in the lake, I don’t go to aquariums with my kids. Even talking about fish is making my skin crawl. But today’s episode is all about the beauty, mystery, and depth that we can encounter when we revisit the familiar—with a special focus on the sea. So you know it’s going to be good if I put aside my fish fears for thirty minutes to explore this. In this episode, I sit down with Noelle Merring. She’s the editor of TheologyofHome.com and the co-author of the Theology of Home book series—the third installment of that series just launched this summer and it’s all about the sea. We’re talking about the feminine beauty and mystery of the sea, what the sea can reveal to us about our femininity and motherhood, and the beauty that we can discover when encountering the familiar things in our lives with new attention and depth. If you want to bring the beauty, mystery, and depth of the sea into your home—and even into your soul, this letter is for you. Topics we talked about in this episode: How the most basic element of water inspired the newest Theology of Home book The beauty of friendship (rekindled and new!) in the creation of Theology of Home What the intertwining of the feminine and water reveals to us about what it means to be women—and how view of the feminine compares to the present view that we have of womanhood as a society How we can grow in an appreciation of the mystery of our femininity without falling into the cultural battle of the sexes The history of the Marian title “Stella Maris” and what it means for our own maternity today What can happen in our interior lives as women when we take a fresh look at the familiar How Noelle lives out the feminine genius in her writing on home, ideologies, and with her family Resources to check out after listening to this episode: Theology of Home III: At the Sea Theology of Home Daily Collection e-mail A Letter to the Woman Reclaiming the Title of Homemaker (ft. Dr. Carrie Gress) A Letter to the Woman Looking for Home (my first conversation with Noelle on the podcast in 2020) Visit Noelle’s website Email me at letterstowomen@gmail.com or send me an Instagram message with your questions on friendship! Subscribe to Naptime Notes, my monthly newsletter Order my newest book, Sisterhood: Giving and Receiving the Gift of Friendship  Check out The Little Catholic Box and access the exclusive bonuses for LTW listeners


15 Aug 2022

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Sun-burnt Summer Series 2022 – Noelle Mering

Afternoons with Bill Arnold

There are hidden treasures in valuing home. Author Noelle Mering  joins Bill and co-host Peter Kapsner to discuss the merits of your home life through her book, Theology of Home III: At the Sea


3 Aug 2022

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Episode 151: "Does Wokeness Mesh With A Biblical Worldview?" with Noelle Mering

Youth Culture Matters - A CPYU Podcast

A few weeks ago, a newspaper headline asked, “Is woke to be the only religion allowed in U.S. public schools?” Another headline reported that the Google search engine has gone woke, by adding an inclusive language function designed to suggest politically correct terminology. Our kids are learning that being woke is a virtue. What does it mean to be woke? How does wokeness mesh or not mesh with a biblical world and life view? How can we talk with our kids about wokeness in ways that are informed and balanced? Is there a Christian response to the dogmas of wokeness? That’s what we’re addressing today as we chat with Noelle Mering about her new book, Awake, Not Woke, on this episode of Youth Culture Matters.

1hr 13mins

6 May 2022

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7. Waking Up to Wokeism with Noelle Mering

The Catholic Woman Podcast

It's pretty obvious that people no longer have a shared understanding of principles or even reality. But did you know that this collapse of meaning is not accidental and has actually been planned for decades? Join Noelle Mering, author of "Awake, Not Woke" as we dive in to questions about wokeism. How is wokeism effectively anti-Christian Why is violence the natural outcome of this movement? Why does”tolerance,” what wokeness prides itself on, only go in one direction? Why does wokeness target the family and family structure? How can we even begin to restore such a broken society? Trust us, you do not want to miss this episode.  You can find Noelle at... www.theologyofhome.com https://www.noellemering.com Book - "Awake, Not Woke" This episode is sponsored by: Loving Philomena - a small Catholic earring business on Etsy which seeks to deepen devotion to Christ through the beauty of Catholicism. Pieta Paperie - A Full-Service Catholic Wedding & Event Stationery that communicates the sacredness of the Sacraments & the richness of the Catholic faith through Beauty. If you enjoy "The Catholic Woman Podcast," please consider supporting us financially. This show wouldn't be possible without your support. For more information, visit our Patreon page https://www.patreon.com/mariehanson/ --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/marie-hanson/support


4 Apr 2022

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#411 Woke Schools Are Indoctrinating Your Children - Noelle Mering

Catholic Answers Focus

Schools are indoctrinating your kids into the woke agenda. How did we get here? Noelle Mering, author of Awake, Not Woke, reviews the history that brought our educational institutions to their current crisis. Why did we go down this road, and can we recover?Cy Kellett:How did we get to the point where schools are actively indoctrinating children? Noelle Mering is next.Cy Kellett:Hello, and welcome to Focus, the Catholic Answers podcast for living, understanding, and defending your Catholic faith. Our friend Noelle Mering in her book, Awake, Not Woke, has a chapter on education and how edu…

2 Feb 2022

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27 Jan 22 – Noelle Mering: Awake, Not Woke

Hands on Apologetics

Today's Topics:1) Finding the Fallacy: Fallacy of Relative PrivationMeet the Early Church Fathers: Epiphanius2, 3, 4) Interview


28 Jan 2022