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Not Shaken Week 1 | Jason Graves

Daybreak Church


26 Sep 2021

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Level 154: Jason Graves (The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope)

Level with Emily Reese

We love getting caught up with Jason Graves to hear what he's composed lately! He's been working on The Dark Pictures Anthology, composing for the first chapter, "Man of Medan" and now for "Little Hope." It was fun to speak with him about the stark differences in those 2 soundtracks, and how he created the spooky soundtrack for "Little Hope." Support Level with Emily and see a playlist on Patreon!


20 Aug 2021

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Jason Graves Interview: Composer (Dead Space, Moss)

The Loot Chest

A classic interview Morgan did with legendary composer Jason graves ! Jason Graves won a prestigious BAFTA award for DEAD SPACE !

1hr 2mins

30 Jul 2021

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#98 - Jason Graves Interview (Dead Space, Far Cry:Primal, Tomb Raider, Horror, Royalties, The Dark Pictures Anthology, The Order 1886 etc.)

Kiwi Talkz

Jason Graves is a video game composer who is known for composing a number of high profile video games from Dead Space, Until Dawn, Tomb Raider, Far Cry and more....he has also won a number of academy awards for his composing. #tombraider #farcry #untildawn SOCIAL MEDIA WEBSITE - jasongraves.com TWITTER - jgmusic FACEBOOK - Jason Graves Music INSTAGRAM - jasongravesmusic YOUTUBE - @Jason Graves Music TIMESTAMPS 00:00 - Intro 01:39 - How Jason Formed His Style/Creating Scary Music/How Jason Got Into Music 05:38 - Working Under Jerry Goldsmith/Elma Bernstein/Christopher Young 07:57 - Order 1886 Score/Strings Ensemble 10:18 - Coming Up With New & Unique Music  11:35 - Aftermath Of Deadspace Success/Developers Contact Jason Far Before Development 13:20 - Having To Be Secretive About Composing New Projects 15:28 - Implementing Music For A Jump Scare 17:35 - Creating Music For Dead Space 21:30 - Implementation Of The Music In The Game 24:23 - Collaborative Process Of Game Design 25:58 - Working On Music For Television 28:10 - Working On Music For Far Cry: Primal 31:37 - Being Brought On Late In Far Cry: Primal Development/Jason’s Assistant For Far Cry:Primal 33:35 - Being A Drummer Influenced Far Cry: Primal Music 35:00 - Vocals Of Tribes Were Based On Jason’s Music 35:39 - Working On Tomb Raider/Not Referencing The Older Tomb Raider Games 38:04 - Gameplay Capture Is Imperative To Composing/Finding Time To Play Games 39:53 - Being A Good Listener In Meetings 41:21 - Initial Tomb Raider Demo/Discussions With Directors 42:30 - What Game Director’s Style Doesn’t Gel With James 44:21 - AAA Games & Indie Games Comparison 45:07 - Working On Until Dawn & The Dark Anthologies   47:30 - Being Typecast To Do Scary Games/Graves Being Jason’s Real Surname 49:53 - Working On Moss/Breaking Through Scary Composer Stereotype 52:29 - Staying Grounded Despite Success 54:24 - Jason’s Drama Background/Award Speeches/Presentations 55:44 - Composers In L.A./University Of Southern California 57:39 - Library Tracks Used For Television 59:08 - Royalties 1:00:36 - Jason’s Work Was Never Affected By Covid  1:01:45 - Jason Would Love To Work On Fantasy And Work On Naughty Dog 1:03:27 - Jason Wouldn’t Want To Compose Middle Earth Games Due To Howard Shore’s Music Being iconic 1:04:30 - Where To Follow Jason On Social Media

1hr 5mins

9 Jul 2021

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Curtis Mayfield vs. Rush (feat. Jason Graves)

CrossFade: The Dueling Album Review Show

Jason Graves has composed for games, movies, TV (including Dead Space, Until Dawn, Tomb Raider, The Order: 1886, The Dark Pictures Anthology, and a lot more) for decades, and now he’s on CrossFade! Jason discovered Rush sometime in high school – just the right age to be listening to new, weird stuff. A drummer, he naturally gravitated toward Neil Peart’s meticulous, mathematical rhythms on “2112,” many of which still amaze him today. We spend a good bit of time unpacking the virtuosity and paradoxical openness of Rush’s landmark odyssey. Matt’s pick, Curtis Mayfield’s film soundtrack record “Super Fly,” is way more about the steady groove than the switch-up, but it’s still full of surprises. And man, just get a load of that fat bass tone! Even when it’s not telling a story, “Super Fly” is on a journey. A hip, funky journey. Come along with us. Follow Jason on Twitter at https://twitter.com/jgmusic and find his work at https://jasongraves.com/ Support MinnMax on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/minnmax/ Listen to the CrossFade Community Playlist of our community’s favorite music: https://spoti.fi/3aRRgox To jump to a particular discussion, check out the timestamps below… 0:00 - Curtis Mayfield vs. Rush (feat. Jason Graves) 1:59 - Jason’s background in music 7:58 - Rush’s “2112” 16:11 - I. Overture 24:20 - II. Temples of Syrinx 28:29 - III. Discovery 32:14 - IV. Presentation 35:12 - V. Oracle: The Dream 38:09 - VII. The Grand Finale 40:09 - A Passage to Bangkok 44:19 - The Twilight Zone 48:00 - Lessons 56:08 - Curtis Mayfield’s “Super Fly” 1:01:28 - Super Fly 1:04:19 - Little Child Runnin’ Wild 1:08:51 - Junkie Chase 1:10:54 - Freddie’s Dead 1:15:07 - Pusherman 1:19:41 - Eddie You Should Know Better 1:22:34 - Community Questions: Abandoning art, songs that make you feel cool & more 1:41:34 - Slipknot - “The Heretic Anthem” (suggested by MinnMax supporter Mike Lynch)

1hr 45mins

4 Jun 2021

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Jason Graves' Unsettling Soundtrack For 'Little Hope' Offers Little Comfort

Music Respawn

Little Hope is the latest chapter in The Dark Pictures Anthology, created by Super Massive Games. There have been disturbing events in the small Massachusetts town of Little Hope ever since the 17th Century, and the latest people to experience them are college students and their professor who are stranded there when their bus crashes. Jason Graves says the time-span of the game and its story origins in early New England guided his choice of a hammered dulcimer and hurdy-gurdy to provide the backbone of his soundtrack.

1hr 10mins

19 Mar 2021

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Mobile Home Park Funds with Jason Graves and Rudy Curtler

Passive Wealth Strategy Show - Real Estate for Busy Pros

Welcome back to The Passive Wealth Strategies show. Today our guests are Rudy Curtler and Jason Graves from Sawgrass Capital Partners. Rudy is the Principal Partner and CEO, with 14 years of experience in real estate and 25+ years of executive leadership experience with $1B+ companies. Jason is a Strategic Partner at Sawgrass with over 26 years of real estate investing experience. In this episode we talk about Mobile Home Park Funds, specifically, we get into the funds that Rudy, Jason, and their partners’ have started. We also discuss how and why Jason made the shift from Apartments to Mobile Home Parks. [00:01 – 07:38] Getting to know Rudy and Catching up with Jason I talk briefly about great values that await you in this episode I welcome our guests, Rudy Curtler and Jason Graves Rudy talks about his backgroundInsight on his real estate investing experience Jason gives an update on his real estate investing journeyWhy he made a shift to mobile home parks [07:39 – 24:07] Mobile Home Park Funds The Mobile Home Park Fund model Getting the underwriting done correctly Making use of contracts to help mitigate risks Rudy and Jason’s view on the energy market Rudy and Jason talk about exit strategies Depreciation and Cost segregation [24:08 – 32:22] Closing Segment Quick break for our sponsors What is the best investment you've ever made other than your education?Rudy - Buying best buy stock Jason - Investing with Rudy and this team What is the worst investment you ever made?Rudy - Buying a small mobile home park without having a clear strategy with it Jason - Buying a condo in Vegas back in 2005 to bail out a family member What is the most important lesson that you've learned in business and investing?Rudy - Almost everything is fixable. It depends on the level of your persistence. Jason - Real Estate is a team sport Connect with our guest. See the links below. Tweetable Quotes: “There are still lessons to be learned, even in bad investments.” - Rudy Curtler “Almost everything is fixable. Almost every problem has a solution, and it’s a question of what level of persistence you want to put behind to figure out the answer to that problem.” - Rudy Curtler “It’s a team sport. You can be successful on your own, but if you can reach out and leverage people who are experts, you can learn a lot faster together.” - Jason Graves Resources Mentioned: Bigger Pockets Sawgrass Capital Partners Connect with Jason and Rudy, visit https://www.sawgrasscapitalpartners.com/ LEAVE A REVIEW + help someone who wants to explode their business growth by sharing this episode or click here to listen to our previous episodes.


18 Mar 2021

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Enjoy | Pastor Jason Graves

Daybreak Church


15 Mar 2021

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Episode 29: Composer Jason Graves (Tomb Raider, Dead Space, The Order: 1886, Far Cry Primal)

The Music Buds

Acclaimed composer Jason Graves joins me to chat about his extensive work in video games including Tomb Raider, the Dead Space franchise, Far Cry Primal, The Dark Pictures Anthology, and The Order: 1886. Thanks again to Jason for taking the time, it was an honor! 0:00 - Intro 3:08 - Interview: Jason Graves 1:06:35 - Outro Follow The Music Buds: Patreon: Patreon.com/TheBuds Website: TheMusicBuds.com Email: TheMusicBudsPodcast@gmail.com Twitter: @TheMusicBuds Instagram: @TheMusicBudsPodcast The Film Buds: TheFilmBuds.com You Don't Need Anyone: YouDontNeedAnyone.com

1hr 8mins

29 Jan 2021

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United | Pastor Jason Graves

Daybreak Church


19 Nov 2020