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Ed Kressy - My Addiction & Recovery | Ep 79

Own Your Success

Ed Kressy is almost certainly the only person ever who was once arrested by the FBI, then recognized with a community service award—by the FBI director! The path he took and depths from which he rose shatter stigmas and blaze new trails in the struggle against mental health challenges. https://www.amazon.co.uk/My-Addiction-Recovery-Because-Doesnt/dp/1950367169


31 Mar 2021

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A Second Chance: “My Addiction and Recovery” by Ed Kressy

Wellness, Inc. with Dr. Mike Moreno

The Covid-19 lockdown has led to severe social and personal breakdowns. Parents struggle to work from home while helping their children meet academic expectations in a virtual learning environment. People dealing with illness, disease, addiction, and mental or emotional issues are further stressed.  Substance abuse and alcoholism are at an all-time high. Today I am addressing these issues with someone who knows first-hand how to deal with them successfully, author and speaker Ed Kressy. As a young child, Ed was bullied by other kids for his love of reading and writing. He started drinking at age 16 and gradually moved on to heavy drug use to escape from pain and reality, leading to an arrest by the FBI. He struggled for years with a dissociative disorder that forced him into addiction recovery and a life of sobriety. Ed's story is now an inspiration for many people around the world.  “My Addiction & Recovery” inspires readers with an amazing story of transformation and rebuilding one’s life. A timely reminder that people can overcome addiction, mental health challenges, and criminal histories to make solid contributions to society. Through one recovered addict’s firsthand account of how incredible people motivated him to do the hard work of making positive changes, readers will glimpse hope for the lives of others and for their own lives as well.For more information: https://www.edkressy.com/My Addiction & Recovery: https://www.amazon.com/My-Addiction-Recovery-Because-Doesnt/dp/1950367169https://www.facebook.com/edkressyhttps://www.instagram.com/stage29podcastshttps://twitter.com/stage29podcastshttps://www.facebook.com/Stage29Podcastshttps://www.facebook.com/17daydiet/https://www.instagram.com/17daydiet/https://www.youtube.com/drmikediethttps://www.pinterest.com/17daydiet/ Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


24 Mar 2021

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E158: Dealing With The Root Cause Of Addiction With Ed Kressy

Life Well Lived.

To fully grapple why an individual is addicted to something especially substance abuse, it's important to know the root cause of the addiction.This is where a solution,perhaps the breakthrough lies. Addiction is a mental health issue; one which should be treated without levity. Research has found out that out of the many addictions there are,substance or drug abuse takes the highest lead. Addiction to substance abuse can be very dentrimental to an individual's health,and recovery may or may not be as easy as one expects. There are many sides to this important subject. Ed Kressy is just a perfect fit for the subject of discussion on today's show. Ed is an addiction-recovery coach and an author. He has real life experiences with substance abuse. How he was arrested by FBI,and so much more. His deep insights is profound and Omobola can't wait to get the show started. Welcome to Life well lived.


19 Feb 2021

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Ed Kressy, Finding Your Purpose in Service to Others - InnovaBuzz 355


In this episode, I’m really excited to have as my guest, Ed Kressy, who says he's almost certainly the only person ever to have been arrested by the FBI, then turned his life around to receive a community service award from the FBI director! As a person addicted to methamphetamine for 11 years, Ed threw away a career with Genentech, later named Fortune magazine’s “Best Company in America to Work For”. He threw away his home, life savings, relationships, his beloved dog, and much more. He spent months in jail, nights in homeless shelters, years in destitution, and drug-induced psychosis. Yet through being of service to others, he rebuilt his life and inspires others to do the same. As a socially conscious entrepreneur, he's worked with clients including Cisco, Google, LinkedIn, and Slack. He has delivered a guest lecture for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He volunteers inside maximum-security prisons and jails, coaching entrepreneurism and employment. In our discussion, Ed talked to me about: Finding new meaning in your work and your life through second chances Confronting your fears and getting out of your comfort zone Finding your purpose in service to others Listen to the podcast to learn more. Show Notes and Blog The PodcastsSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


19 Nov 2020

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Ed Kressy - Second chances

THE ARENA - Living a Courageous Life

Ed's memoir, called My Addiction & Recovery – Just Because You’re Done With the Drugs, Doesn’t Mean Drugs are Done with You.  It is available at: https://www.edkressy.com or Amazon. Ten percent of profits go to Defy Ventures, a nonprofit providing entrepreneur and employment training to currently and formerly incarcerated men and women (Ed graduated from Defy’s program).Ed is a motivational speaker, has appeared on stage at the Moth, and for Cisco, Google and LinkedIn. He volunteers inside maximum security prisons and jails, helping incarcerated persons develop skills for employment, and entrepreneurism, and self advocacy. He volunteers for law enforcement, helping them better serve communities affected by incarceration and addiction. Next week's episode, November 8th, is with Tarek Mounib, creator of the documentary film, Free Trip to Egypt which he created in response to the anti-Arab, anti-Islam policies following the 2016 US election. We'll be speaking the day after the  US Election in 2020. 


1 Nov 2020

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#005- Ed Kressy: From FBI Arrest to FBI Award, a story of addiction and redemption

Not in a Huff with Jackson Huff

In this interview I speak with Ed Kressy who offers an open and very real look into the world of addiction as a former addict himself. Ed speaks about how his addiction started and the terrible path it took it him down. We talk about recovery, his book detailing his life, his current work in prisons, and his FBI Community Service Award----Ed's website: https://www.edkressy.com/


7 Oct 2020

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Ep. 52 Walked Into An FBI Building With A Weapon with Ed Kressy

#INFORTHEKILL with Ruben Alvarez

Ed Kressy may be the only person once arrested by the FBI, then recognized with a community service award from the director of the FBI.  His story proves: Despite the most hopeless-seeming circumstances, redemption is possible. Second chances benefit givers as much as receivers (if not more). It’s possible to unify even the most polarized groups, such as cops and communities affected by incarceration/addiction. During 11 devastating years of meth addiction, Ed threw away his life savings, biotech career, home…even his beloved dog. He sunk into meth psychosis, hearing disembodied voices and believing vast FBI conspiracies targeted him because he’d inadvertently befriended a 9/11 hijacker. Ed puts it all down on the line. He has gone through too much to sugar coat any of the present issues he sees that need to be fixed. 


16 Sep 2020

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Ed Kressy on Achieving Recovery and the Power of a Second Chance

The Unobtainium Podcast with Oz Khan: Strategy, Achievement and Personal Development

Ed Kressy is probably the only person ever to have once been arrested by the FBI, then gone on to receive a community service award from the director of the FBI! Ed threw away many opportunities: Career with Fortune Magazine's "Best Company in America to Work For," home ownership in San Francis­ co, many loving relationships. He spent years in psychosis and destitu­ tion, months in jail, nights in homeless shelters. Yet today Ed achieved a lifelong dream by publishing a book, My Addiction & Recovery: Just Because You're Done with Drugs, Doesn't Mean Drugs Are Done with You (Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press) as well as articles in The Washington Post. He appeared on stage for The Moth and delivered talks for MIT, Cisco, Google, and Linkedln. About the Guest:  Ed volunteers inside maximum-security prisons and jails, helping incar­ cerated persons develop skills for employment, entrepreneurism, and self-advocacy. He volunteers for law enforcement, helping them better serve communities affected by incarceration and addiction. We discuss:  ADDICTION RECOVERY Escape is possible, from the most hopeless-seeming circumstances: inspiration, insights, and practical tools SECOND CHANCES (CRIMINAL JUSTICE REFORM) Second chances benefit the society that gives them, as much as they benefit persons with histories of addiction/incarceration who receive them MENTAL HEALTH Overcoming severe mental health challenges without medication: A proven path of spirituality, self-improvement, and service to others ABOUT THE HOST Oz Khan is a strategist, passionate about personal development, coach and general all round business person. You can find more on his linkedin profile.  www.ozkhan.com

1hr 4mins

29 Jun 2020

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13. Ed Kressy | 11 Years as a Meth Addict

Dreamology | Turn Dreams to Reality

Ed Kressy was born with every opportunity in the world. He found early career success, had everything he needed, and all signs pointed towards a good life. Meth changed this. For 11 years, Ed was a meth addict. He lost his job, lost his house, lost everything. Despite years of hardship, Ed was able to change his life. He dove into spirituality, transformation, and service, which provided him a new path and purpose in life. In this interview, we talk about: 11 years as an addict, How drugs are the solution not the problem, The power of the human mind, Finding your path, and His new book. This story highlights perspective and the power of the human spirit. Please REACH OUT with any questions you have, any topic you want to discuss, or any support you need! We are here to help make your dream life a reality. Instagram link https://www.instagram.com/dreamersinitiative/ . Linkedin link https://www.linkedin.com/company/dreamersinitiative/ . Twitter link https://twitter.com/dreamersdaily_ . Facebook link https://www.facebook.com/dreamersinitiative1/ . If you want to reach out to me - Tim Bishop - personally, hit me up at 612-710-4605 (this is my real number!) Go make those dreams a reality.


29 Jun 2020

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Ed Kressy: He Beat Meth Addiction and Psychosis Through Spirituality, Self-Improvement and Service - #20

Beyond the Crucible

For 11 harrowing years, Ed Kressy descended deeper and deeper into the madness of methamphetamine addiction. From believing the FBI was trying to pin the 9/11 attacks on him, to not bathing or brushing his teeth for months, to considering himself married to the voices in his head that tormented his thoughts, his grip on reality slipped away a little more each day. It was a far cry from the life he had known, he tells Crucible Leadership founder and BEYOND THE CRUCIBLE host Warwick Fairfax: a college education, a good job, home ownership in San Francisco. But then the alcohol he turned to in his teens to feel like "there was something I was good at" finally caught up to him, fueling his hellish cycle of helplessness and hopelessness. It was only after actually getting arrested by the FBI that he found his way back through the combined power of spirituality, self-improvement and service. Today, he gives back to his community by volunteering with the police and California jails and prisons -- truly significant work that has, ironically, earned him a community service award from the FBI he once so feared. "Being a value to others," he says, "was ultimately serving my own dreams."


12 May 2020